Viking Bay

Viking Bay The thrilling second installment in M A Lawson s critically acclaimed Kay Hamilton series Kay Hamilton the beautiful fearless and audacious DEA agent who went rogue in Rosarito Beach has paid the

  • Title: Viking Bay
  • Author: M.A. Lawson
  • ISBN: 9780399165740
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The thrilling second installment in M A Lawson s critically acclaimed Kay Hamilton series.Kay Hamilton, the beautiful, fearless, and audacious DEA agent who went rogue in Rosarito Beach, has paid the price for her subversive behavior As Viking Bay begins, Kay has been fired by the DEA and needs a job to support herself and her teenage daughter.Kay moves to Washington D.The thrilling second installment in M A Lawson s critically acclaimed Kay Hamilton series.Kay Hamilton, the beautiful, fearless, and audacious DEA agent who went rogue in Rosarito Beach, has paid the price for her subversive behavior As Viking Bay begins, Kay has been fired by the DEA and needs a job to support herself and her teenage daughter.Kay moves to Washington D.C and connects with the Callahan Group, a shadowy quasi governmental agency with an enigmatic agenda For her first mission, Kay is told only a few facts that the U.S government wants Sahid Khan, a provincial Afghan governor, to become the nation s next president, and that Khan s daughter Ara a Western educated former party girl is her father s key political advisor Kay Hamilton is the perfect undercover operative to learn Ara s secrets and sway her thinking in line with America s interests But when things go horribly wrong at a clandestine meeting in Afghanistan, Kay emerges at the center of an international plot that makes her question those she loves, those she works for, and her own faith in justice.Suspenseful, lightning quick, and endlessly entertaining, Viking Bay is the pitch perfect new adventure in the Kay Hamilton series.

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    1 thought on “Viking Bay”

    1. Thrillers, I always think that I should like this genre and I do dip my toe in from time to time but there is usually something in the story that is missing for me that I tend to find in other genres.The underlying crime thriller plot line is pretty solid. Kay Hamilton goes to work for an unusual agency that may or may not be tied to the government in some form. I mean they claim to be but at the same time no one is giving her the full story and it is a bit covert. The Callahan group can go plac [...]

    2. The Callahan Group is the cat’s paw of America’s Executive branch allowing an arms deal here, a change of government there, acquisition of critical materials, etc. with plausible deniability. Or is it? Kay Hamilton is damaged goods: a product of questionable upbringing whose stints in local and federal policing have left of string of frustrated superiors. Her boss at The Callahan Group: “I was told before I hired you that you would disobey orders if you thought you were right – and that [...]

    3. I received this book in a Giveaway.I enjoyed the book. It was a quick read and hard to put down. However, I did not care for the protagonist. She was a tough woman who was hard to relate to. She killed without qualms or remorse. Near the end of the book, I began to detest her because (view spoiler)[ she didn't know when to stop punishing someone. She deliberately ransacked a house and I saw no reason for this vindictiveness. (hide spoiler)] I did not care for the constant crude language of the [...]

    4. "Viking Bay" M. A. Lawson, not my typical read, but an excellent read. Agent Kay Hamilton returns (I didn't read the first one (Rosarito Beach)- there is a little "background" but you don't need to read the first one, but I think I will, because I enjoyed Kay Hamilton who one tough woman.) No longer employed by the DEA (too rogue-ish for our government), Ms. Hamilton is recruited by the Callahan Group. There is a lot more to this series - more questions to be answered and more mysteries to solve [...]

    5. I really liked the idea behind the main character but found the plot and character development choppy and uneven. Almost like a partially completed outline. I haven't read the first book in this series so perhaps that would fill in some of the holes. As is, this one didn't grab me.Provided by netgalley

    6. I had to stop reading this book because I got bored with the plot and the "flat" characters. I loved the first book as the characters were more developed and the plot kept moving.

    7. Viking BayA Kay Hamilton novel by M.A. LawsonKay Hamilton used to be a DEA Agent, but they fired her. That happened after she went rogue to rescue her daughter Jessica from Caesar Oliveros, noted and now deceased drug cartel kingpin. Funny how breaking a criminal out of jail and causing an international incident will upset bureaucrats. Anyway, Kay now has a new gig with The Callahan Group. The Callahan Group is a shady, semi-governmental agency that does black ops for the POTUS, or so says her b [...]

    8. I received this book from Penguin for free in return for an honest review. I would like to say it was great but I thought this book was mediocre at best. It took 100 pages to even get interesting. The next 150 pages were good and I actually enjoyed the story. Then the story went off on a tangent for 50 pages just so the main character Kay could justify her brilliant idea on how to locate the "villian". In the last 50 pages the author wound up the story. Do you really want to buy a book that has [...]

    9. I cannot read a series book without reading the ones leading up to the new volume. Which means I read "Rosarito Beach" before tackling my review copy of Viking Bay, and wish I hadn't.I despised Kay throughout RB - she was selfish, short-sighted, egotistical, and generally unpleasant to almost everyone. I suspect Lawson realized this, since he toned down the selfish a LOT for book two in this series.This is a bubblegum thriller -- the plot is all over the map (literally and figuratively), with th [...]

    10. I won this book in a giveaway in exchange for an honest review. Exciting story with a lot of action. Kay Hamilton loses her job with the DEA only to be recommended for a high paying job with the Callahan group. Kay is told only what she needs to know not the answers she wants or hopes to hear from her employer. Kay's first job is to befriend Ara Khan, western educated daughter of Sahid Kahn of Afghanistan. The Callahan Group hopes that through Ara to mine lithium and get a US stonghold with her [...]

    11. I received this e-galley from Penguins First To Read program in exchange for an honest review. Here is my review. When I first received this book, I was so stoked. I heard of this author and couldn't wait to start. Unfortunately, it was after I started reading the book that I realized it was the second in the series and I had the first one on my TBR pile. No matter, however, it did not deter from my enjoyment in reading this one. I absolutely love the main character, Kay Hamilton. She is one tou [...]

    12. I like the idea of this author naming each book he writes for a place - the place for this book happens to be in England. However, most of the book centers around a fired DEA agent, Kay Hamilton from the United States, who finds ways to right international wrongs in a new firm who found her - The Callahan Group. Rumor has it that this covert group works directly for the President of the United States, outside of the other mainstream intelligence organizations. Only a few know the truth. Kay find [...]

    13. I am such a fan of Mike Lawson and the way he tells a story. After reading all of the DeMarco books, I couldn't wait to read about a new character. Kay Hamilton is one tough lady. She is smart and always finds unique and interesting ways to solve problems. This story takes you around the world to different places and more interesting characters. I enjoyed reading about Kay's struggle with the morality in handling the bad guys. The ending is great, and her solution was perfect. I hope Mr. Lawson [...]

    14. I now have a new favorite author, M.A. Lawson. I am so glad I won this book from First Reads, and was introduced to the character Kay Hamilton! This book was well written and very fast paced, kept me interested from beginning to end. I would highly recommend this book to those that love suspense, thrillers, and international intrigue. I could not wait to get to the next page and finally the end to see what happens. I have to read the first book with Kay Hamilton, just love her strong relentless [...]

    15. Kay Hamilton went rogue when working for the DEA so she was fired. She now has the perfect job. She works for the Callahan Group, a top secret agency that does the government’s dirty work. Mike Lawson has found the perfect vehicle for Kay’s dare devil personality and her no holds barred action when she is trying to right a wrong or bring someone to justice. A rogue agent in a rogue agency suits Kay to the tee and makes for non-stop action and one of the most entertaining reads I have had thi [...]

    16. A fast paced novel with a kick ass heroine. I not only love the authors writing style that is easy to read and entertaining, but I love that the cast of characters is full of strong women. I also like that the women and men are equals, one gender is never seen as better or worse than the other, but rather seen for the strengths each genderbbrings to thw table. The writing is not vulgar as some in this genre tend to be. There is also a welcome lack of sex scenes that are completely irrelevant to [...]

    17. Viking Bay was a page turning thriller that kept me wondering what was going to happen next. I loved the main character Kay, and cannot wait to see what she does next. Kay Hamilton went rogue when working for the DEA to save her daughter Jessica, so she was fired. She now has the perfect job thanks to some help from her friends. She works for the Callahan Group, a top secret agency that does the government’s dirty work.The plot of this book keeps you guessing and wanting to turn the next page. [...]

    18. I absolutely loved this book. The plot is great. The characters are great. I was kept guessing throughout and couldn't wait to keep reading to see what would happen next. I loved the way the author took some "side trips" with the plot, which were quite interesting themselves. The author's writing is excellent and he injects just the right amount of irreverent "fun". I will definitely be looking for his other books.

    19. Kay Hamilton is a kick ass secret agent that was fired from the DEA in book one and is now working for a "private security" firm that deals in international problems. I did not read book one but I had no problem getting into this story. As Kay deals with multiple crisis she has a unique way of solving problems. Can't wait for book #3. Well written, timely and world wide locations.

    20. Just love the Kay Hamilton character. She is a bit of a lone wolf who has no respect for authority. The best part of her character is the fact that she has some self acknowledged flaws, is hard headed, strong and quick witted. The plot is very fast moving and keeps you guessing about WHO DONE IT.

    21. I received this ebook from Penguin's First To Read program in exchange for an honest review. When I began reading, I didn't realize that this is the second book in series. However, the author did a good job of summarizing the plot of the first book so that I never felt I was missing something. I loved the protagonist and the fast pace of the novel. Can't wait for the next book in the series.

    22. I enjoyed this book in spite of it not being at the top of the mystery genre. But it was a pleasant book to read, funny at times, overly dramatic at others but at an acceptable level. Not a lot to say about the book other than that it was a pleasant past time.

    23. I liked this story but had a hard time liking most of the characters. It is hard for me to like people that have so few scruples. I will probably read the next in the series to see what goes on next. I received this ebook from first to read for a fair and honest opinion.

    24. This was a fantastic book in the thriller, mystery genre. It was action packed and I really like the main character Kay. I haven't read the first book in this series, but I will certainly get it now.

    25. Very Good; Continuing character: Kay Hamilton; fired from the DEA, Hamilton takes a job with a shadowy outfit called the Callahan group, dealing with espionage, spies, and assorted other threats to national security

    26. Not one of Mr. Lawson's best works. I've read all of the books by this Author and I enjoyed every one. I especially like it when the name of a Co-worker pops up and we can see what he really thought about that person. Maybe too many books cranked out by this point.

    27. This a great second "Kay Hamilton" series book. M.A. Lawson did a fine job writing and I enjoy how he took it out of Washington D.C. to other parts of the world. Also, he made Kay more human like. I am looking forward to more "Kay Hamilton" books.

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