Illegal Fortunes

Illegal Fortunes If she was such a good fortune teller she should ve seen it coming But part time Tarot reader Selena Moon is as surprised as anyone when Jim Bishop the bad boy she left behind returns from who know

  • Title: Illegal Fortunes
  • Author: Sabrina Stark
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 353
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  • If she was such a good fortune teller, she should ve seen it coming But part time Tarot reader Selena Moon is as surprised as anyone when Jim Bishop, the bad boy she left behind, returns from who knows where to reclaim the one girl he could never forget Torn between her new life down South and family obligations up North, Selena has no time for love, romance, or any otheIf she was such a good fortune teller, she should ve seen it coming But part time Tarot reader Selena Moon is as surprised as anyone when Jim Bishop, the bad boy she left behind, returns from who knows where to reclaim the one girl he could never forget Torn between her new life down South and family obligations up North, Selena has no time for love, romance, or any other complication And who can blame her The first guy to claim her heart, along with her innocence, spoiled her for the safer, easier guys who came after Armed, dangerous, and still smarting from Selena s teary rejection years earlier, Bishop vowed never to return to the city of his youth, where he excelled at two things inviting trouble and making a mess of things, particularly his relationship with the only girl he ever loved She s fearful of repeating the past He s never been afraid of anything until now Because with murder and mayhem surrounding Selena, fate, along with an unwelcome rival, might steal her away before he finally has the chance to win her back for now and always This standalone new adult novel of over 120,000 words features mature content, sexual situations, and adult language It s not advised for underage readers.

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    1 thought on “Illegal Fortunes”

    1. OH MY First Lawton Rastor and now his brother Jim Bishop. What can I tell you about this book besides I want both of these men in my life like right now!! We don't get to see much of Lawton so I would say you could read this book without reading Unbelonging and Rebelonging first but WHY would you want to do that? In the end of Rebelonging we find out Bishop is carrying around a tarot card from a girl he can't forget, well we meet Selena Moon and let me just say she is one special female for many [...]

    2. Bishop and Selena have been through a lot in the 2 years they were together. They both loved each other passionately. But when Bishop lies to Selena endangering their future together and the future Selena wants for them Selena has to choose to move forward without Bishop.5 years later Bishop has popped back into Selena's life and rescued her once again. Selena has no idea why Bishop is back in town or what he wants. Selen soon finds out the Bishop just needs a favor but Selena is still skeptical [...]

    3. I loved the Belonging books, and when the second one hinted we might learn more about the mysterious Bishop, I couldn't wait to read the third book by Sabrina Stark. Needless to say, I was not disappointed! A longer story, which always makes me happy, a sexy hero and a spunky and hilarious heroine, all added to the enjoyment I got from this book. The fact that it was a more sophisticated plot, with twists and turns and red herrings made it even better.I loved Selena's quirky mother ('call me Cry [...]

    4. Have to be honest and admit that I was confused for more than half of this book, but I did enjoy it.There was history between the two main characters that had to be sorted, legal dramas for the heroine and her fruit cake Mum and a few mystery deaths thrown in as well.The one thing that stayed consistent through the whole story was my love for the hero Bishop. He just sucked me in with his whole bad boy with a big heart persona.This book was described as NA which is not normally my favourite, but [...]

    5. 3.5 - 4 NEVERENDING STARS!I really enjoyed listening to this book, it took me two days to finish it, the first day I listened to and loved every word, loved the suspense storyline and the romantic storyline, then day two I listened to it and I had moments of floating off into my own little glittery, bubbly, marigold wearing world, then the bubbles would pop and I'd be like 'oh shit where am I up to'. Also I had several tut tutting, eye rolling moments when the h was oooh-ing and arr-ing over wha [...]

    6. I loved this book as much as I did the first two books. I love the mystery of the book and the back and forth commentary between Selena & Bishop. Selena's knack for always trying to be the level headed one but ending up being the one making the news just cracks me up and made the book just more entertaining. Great read!

    7. Really goodI enjoyed this book just as much as the previous two but towards the end I must confess I thought to myself "Is this ever going to end?". I really thought it could have wrapped up a lot sooner than it did.

    8. I would have enjoyed this book quite a bit more had it been shorter, it was far too long and over detailed at times. I nearly stopped reading it as it was dragging and frustrating however I needed to know how it all ended. I wish there had been an epilogue as well.

    9. Great read!Selena and Bishop story was good but Selena drove me crazym I would have given it 5 stars if Bishop had turned her over his knee and beat some sense into her. Her mom Crystal was the funniest and flakiest character I've every read. This is the third book I've read by this author and I will continue to read anything she writes.

    10. Fantastic fun story.I loved Jim Bishop's quest to reclaim the only girl he ever loved, Selena Moon.I adore everything Sabrina Stark writes, the plot and characters are always intriguing.Hugely enjoyable.

    11. There's this bit at the end of Rebelonging that's says:“Now Available: Bishop's Book Illegal Fortunes”Which IMO, is a load of flaming BS. This was not Bishops story. This was his heroines story with a few guest appearances by Bishop. He doesn't really have a solid presence till the last fourth of the book. I was looking forward to his book, and if this really had been his, I feel like I probably would've enjoyed it more. As it is, I sorta want someone to run over Selena ( the heroine) so tha [...]

    12. You say you want to read something with• A fascinating story line• Well-drawn, sympathetic characters• Romance• Mystery• And a sense of humor?You say you haven’t read Sabrina Stark’s books? Well, there you go.The author has done something very few writers can do. She has created a set of unique stories about the members of one family. They are all different and completely separate, stand-alone stories without the needless intrusion of characters from other books seen in so many ser [...]

    13. I enjoyed Unbelonging, Rebelonging, and Lawton so it was a logical next step to read Illegal Fortunes. I enjoyed the characters, the humor, the mystery, and the intimacy (although I wish there had been more). I'd love to get a "his POV" version, like we did with Lawton. It was a little complicated switching between the different time periods since you had to pick up on the changes through context instead of a callout in the chapter name/title. Spoiler ahead: I thought it was a little out of char [...]

    14. JIM BISHOPOK, I loved Bishop in the Belonging books and couldn't wait to read his story. Unfortunately it started out very slow, all about Selena in such details that it was boring. Finally at 40%, sexy times with Bishop began and it was somewhat better but didn't get really good until 65%. It didn't have enough about Bishop and how his relationship with Lawton began or about his other brothers. It should have been Selena's story and I just wasn't interested. Especially when I waited forever to [...]

    15. I got a bit of Bishop in "Unbelonging" and he was a jerk. I can't say he is any better at the beginning of this book but by the end he redeems himself. Selena may be from Michigan but she is not a fan of the winters. For this reason she splits her time between Michigan and Alabama where it's warm. She hasn't seen her first and only love, Bishop in years, not since she left after he altered her future and backed her into a corner. Now he's back in their hometown but why? Selena doesn't have time [...]

    16. Jim Bishop is tall, dark and handsome but is also menacing, stoic and intimidating. He returns home after many years away and just so happens to be there at the same time as his old love Selena Moon. Selena lives and works away from home but every so often she returns home to help her mum out at her cafe/shop and do some tarot readings. However this trip home is plagued by incidents that make it hard for her mum to keep her business going. The town have decided to enforce some long forgotten tow [...]

    17. This baby had everything I needed at the moment: Comedy, mystery, crime solving and steamy romance. Many a time did I find myself wanted to bitch slap lil miss Selena for over complicating things with Bishop. Don't even get me started on his name. Is the author a marvel comic's fan? Cause she could not have picked a better name! There really is something about a romance starting when the two are teens or I'm their early twenties. Even better when this people know they are it fir each other. The [...]

    18. The mystery throughout the book was nice, even though I had a hunch who was behind the whole murder plots. But Selena got on my nerves. She always seemed too immature. The whole conflict between her and Bishop was because she was an little immature child who had no idea what communication was. I mean, don't get me wrong, what Bishop did was just plain stupid and controlling but if she would have just talked to him. And I just felt like that came into play as adults as well. He kept asking her to [...]

    19. Illegal Fortunes was ok. In all honesty I had a hard time getting through the book, it just didn't grab me like the other stores from Sabrina Stark. Loved Bishop, he is mainly the reason I finished the book. It took forever to get to the really good parts, the story started off slow, but got slower and slower. About 30%-40% in some action did happen. If your into this author, which does have really good book, then I would still suggest taking a peak.

    20. Loved it!This is the third installment of the series and let's face it the third is not usually very good but I loved this stand alone. Serena had spunk and the family dynamics kept it interesting. I. It was well-written written, the author actually shows and doesn't just tell you what happened. I hope there will be more books in this series but just like this one where the storyline relates to someone previously in the story but is not a follow up. Great read!

    21. FortunatelyThis book was not full of the annoyances the others had! The plot had mystery, twists, and less over done drama! Secrets were plentydamn secretsey do make for and interesting plot but you really want to shake Bishops sexy as*, "just spill already"!Bishop and Selena, are magnetic but more time with them would have been good! More details, please

    22. Bishop and Selene story I read to the end but really struggled to finish it. Too much trivial information which I found boring; I ended up speed reading. crystal the motherwas she a believable character . I didn't think so in fact the plot was far fetched. I really wanted to like this book but it didn't do it for me.

    23. This is my favorite book from this author so far. It was more than just a romance story. I really liked how the author emphasized the heroine's quest to find answers. The plot had mysteries and twists which I enjoyed. The characters were all well developed. The best part was the relationship between Bishop and Selena.

    24. Love story with a twistI love this story from teen love to adult love with twist in the story but one thing I have to say about the style is the word "said" was too many to keep counting.

    25. At first I couldn't stand how it kept jumping back and forth in time, but after I got used to the chapter transitions the story was fantastic. I loved the characters and it's not often a book repeatedly makes me laugh out loud.

    26. EnjoyableThis was a good read. Kept me thinking about who was involved in what, a few twists and turns along the way. So far I am liking the bad boy mysterious m a true of the bishop boys.

    27. This was a really good continuation of the first two books, it was good to learn some more about the Bishop, who was such a mysterious character in the previous books. Looking forward to the next installment.

    28. Highly recommendThis is a great read!! It's got a everything, Great storyline, mystery, romance, sex, totally hot man, really smart woman, loyalty, o my the list goes on and it is incredible

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