Destruction From the author of The Slaver Wars comes a new military science fiction series To the Kleese the Earth is nothing than a planet full of conscripts to fight in their numerous wars of aggression The Kl

  • Title: Destruction
  • Author: Raymond L. Weil
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • From the author of The Slaver Wars comes a new military science fiction series To the Kleese, the Earth is nothing than a planet full of conscripts to fight in their numerous wars of aggression The Kleese are one of three large Galactic Empires that control the majority of the galaxy To them, Earth is an extremely dangerous planet due to the aggressiveness of the hFrom the author of The Slaver Wars comes a new military science fiction series To the Kleese, the Earth is nothing than a planet full of conscripts to fight in their numerous wars of aggression The Kleese are one of three large Galactic Empires that control the majority of the galaxy To them, Earth is an extremely dangerous planet due to the aggressiveness of the humanoid species that inhabits it The humans that inhabit Earth will make excellent conscripts, but something must be done to prevent them from expanding out into the galaxy To the Kleese the solution is simple, take the conscripts they need and then destroy the planet.Mason Randle controls the Smithfield Mining Corporation His main headquarters is inside the asteroid Vesta The Kleese know nothing about what resides inside of the asteroid and the role it will play in saving the human race Lieutenant Wade Nelson is a marine taken as a conscript by the Kleese His primary goal is to find a way back to Earth In the meantime, he will fight in the wars the Kleese are involved in until he knows enough to take the fight to the Kleese themselves He will bid his time in the hope that someday he will find a way back home for himself and his marines.

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    1 thought on “Destruction”

    1. Wow.I enjoy scifi, aliens and technology, but this book is so poorly written and planned out, that I could not finish it. The concept is good, very interesting if executed in an intelligent way, but this author seems to be turning out sub-par material on a quarterly basis. I bought I would give him a chance given his reviews on here and , but this was a mistake. I will not be buying his books again.

    2. I am so glad that I didn't pay for this book.I listened to the first 15 minutes of the audio and quit. The dialogue is stilted, the writing is choppy, the logic is slack, and the sexism is rampant.Points that jumped out already: exposition much? What ever happened to "show, don't tell"? Why is the second in charge so surprised that the CEO managed to accomplish what he'd been off to do (namely arrange delivery contracts)? Why does the CEO not know what the stock levels are on the minerals he jus [...]

    3. I loved this novel! A great beginning to a fantastic military space opera sage pitting humans and their alien friends they can get to join their Alliance, vs the meanest, nastiest types of aliens I've come across in a long time, a race that feels all other races in the galaxy are vermin who deserve to be conquered and destroyed, or serve as their slaves, wearing "obedience collars" around their necks that explode if they don't immediately do or say what is demanded of them. Needless to say, thei [...]

    4. Spoilers! An ok novel, but no more than that. The story idea is interesting enough but the writing is very unexciting and workmanlike, and also very predictable. Characters are never properly fleshed out, the alien races never really described in sufficient detail. Lots of events happen that seem a little too easy and convenient (inventing magic weapons and building ships and buildings in a matter of weeks). There are no villains other than the alien Kleese race, who aren't properly developed an [...]

    5. I like to read several different ways. Of most interest, standalone books that approach science fiction in different ways. These are hard to find. In the interim I enjoy reading authors that are interesting and fun to read. Those that write series can provide entertainment for long periods of time and are valuable. This author is just such a writer and these first three books of the series were interesting to read. They're not great works of art but lots of fun.

    6. I was in the mood for a space opera adventure and had this book out on my kindle. It took me a while to get to read it but I am glad I did. It was an enjoyable book with an interesting premise. I am certainly planning on getting the next book in this series.

    7. I've read worseI've read worsePlot is okay but too much is covered without enough detail. Magic weapons get built in weeks, political situation is ignored as is half the world. This should be three books with more character development.

    8. Excellent book - I've played a lot of grand strategy games and mmo's like eve and this is awesome. the narrator of the audio book could be a little better- but the book is so good it doesnt matter

    9. In the not too distant future, we have started colonies on the moon and Mars, and converted a huge asteroid to a huge base. Good for Earthens, right? Yes, it is, because an alien race abducts about 60,000 military personnel from Earth and launches a planet-killer bomb into the Earth's mantle.As Earth begins it's descent into uninhabitability, the leaders of the colonies begin working out how to save as many people as possible. Considering billions of people were killed in the first few days afte [...]

    10. I like science fiction with a futuristic military bent, especially if it involves future tech that I am able to wrap my head around conceptually and the author delivers on this front. The battles between the good guys and the bad guys were good and not the over-the-top detail prevalent in many sci-fi stories and the action appeared to be just right.There are a few typos here and there in the Kindle version that are annoying and make you stop, but it doesn’t bring down the series as this was on [...]

    11. After a rather lengthy start, the story really takes off. Very good, if you hang in to the middle of the book.

    12. This book was great. I don't know why there haven't been many reviews or ratings of the book. It is definitely worth reading.

    13. Pretty goodOkay one major question? Gravity. Where the heck did the gravity, particularly on the asteroids come from? Otherwise this is a decent read.

    14. decent space opera, horrible editingThis is a decent space opera. The storyline is pretty good, and the character development is also good. However, the copyediting is among the worst I've seen. When I first started reading it, I wrote down every error that I encountered, but there were so many that I had to change my methods. I started writing down trends, instead. Below are a few examples.The author uses the terms 'race' and 'species' interchangeably. A race is a subgroup of humans, while a sp [...]

    15. Raymond L. Weil is another one of my favorite authors. This is the first book in what appears to be a new series from Mr Weil. I would say that this book is indeed my cup of tea. It pretty much starts of with a bang. Actually the start is almost a wee bit to apocalyptic, even depressing, but the rest of the book makes up for it.For most of the book we get to follow two groups of humans. The survivors back in the solar system trying to make sure that the human race does not become extinct and the [...]

    16. My rating system:1 star= a book I just could not finish, either poor writing, or just stupid plot, characters, poor science, whatever.2 stars = I finished it, then wondered why.3 stars, = average, could have been better, could have been worse.4 Stars = damned good.5 stars is a masterpiece.This one gets 3, possibly should be a little less. Should I go fractional, then 2.75.Pros: Good story line, though a bit of rehash in using Earth soldiers as mercenaries. Fast past, though maybe a little too fa [...]

    17. I got the Audible version of this book. It's about 6 hours long felt more like 6 days.The idea here is one we've seen before. better. The reader/narrator isn't horrible (that is he didn't actually drive me away from the listen or make my ears bleed). The book however is rather, poorly written. The narration is stiff and frustrating. The story itself while having possibilities is rife with logic holes, repetition and annoyingly faulty details Marine squads are not led by a lieutenant and 2 corpor [...]

    18. Loved this book! Never really read books and am out of good tv shows to watch so been reading tons of sci-fi and the top 25 books like hyperion , fire upon deep , dune ect ect , are good but i like alien invasion books , especially first contact alien books like vaughn hepners lost starship series and dietmar wehr's synchronicity wars AND MY ALL TIME FAVORITE oLD MANS WAR!!I find the older classics of the alien genre from the 70's too late 90's technology too oudated and find sci-fi writers imag [...]

    19. I rarely fail to finish a book, and I'm sad to say this is one of those. As a Sci fi fan I really wanted to like this book. Unfortunately the narrator was mediocre, with little variation in voices, had pitiful sounding female voices, and wasn't very emotive. But that alone I could handle. What I ended up not being able to handle are the holes in the story (things were not developed and just glossed over entirely), the sexism (female characters described sexual but not males at all), the weak fem [...]

    20. Okay, my problem was not the book itself. It was the audiobook. It was horrible. I mean, David Rheinstrom is the worst narrator I had ever heard. There were no change in tone, accent, voice, tempo, anything. He was literally reading it with an almost manic speed, as if he wanted to finish the assignment as fast as he could. It sounded the same if the person was a man, a woman, a child or the narrator. After hearing Simon Vance, Kate Reading, Michael Kramer, Jonathan Cecil; this was honestly pure [...]

    21. Slow start but I don't see the issues others moan about. Not a classic but a good developing story that's makes a good read. Looking forward to book 2

    22. Raymond L. Weil can destroy the planet Earth like nobody else! His descriptions of the end of life as we know it seem plausible. The only issue I have is that the psychological damage experienced by the survivors is not dealt with in much detail. People sort of pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and continue trying to survive - which under the circumstances is a great idea but seems a bit emotionally flat.It's nice to see the human race so highly regarded as being among the most aggressive [...]

    23. I was tempted to give this book four stars but did not because things came together just too easily. I really enjoyed reading the book and was satisfied with the ending mainly because I like a happy ending where characters I care about survive and eventually win the day. Just too easy. Now I know it is because the author wants some "wrap up events" that allow humanity a hope in the follow up. I will probably continue the series depending on the reasonable nook price. I've dropped quite a few gre [...]

    24. Well, I bought this book by accident but it was such a small amount I decided to keep it and read it. Good decision on my part. Interesting story and plot. Great detail on rebuilding civilization.Here is what I thought it lacked:Not enough character development. Especially with the evil aliens. I thought a lot more could have been done with the Kleese and their motives, the conscripts and so forth.Although not as bad as some of the Kindle titles I've read, this one would have benefited from some [...]

    25. Aliens and war in robots whats not to love? I really enjoyed this book it has a bit of everything i like in my sci fi books. War, destruction and some revenge all while in space equals a good type of story telling to me. I really liked all the different views in this book, i think it really helped give the story a full feel of dimensions. The characters were likable and i thought the aliens were well createdyou hated the ones you were supposed to hate and liked the ones you were supposed to like [...]

    26. Galactic Empire Wars: Destruction by Raymond L. Weil was a good sci-fi novel which I found interesting and east to read.The storyline was different which made the book enjoyable to for me. The plot and story development was a little slow but still came together as the book progress. The characters developed by Raymond L. Weil needed more depth. I found them hard to get behind and follow. This hurt the story.Galactic empire Wars: Destruction by Raymond L Weil is a good book and most people who lo [...]

    27. A great new series!Galactic struggles, tactics, and a little romance! I can't wait to dive into the next book and see how the beleaguered humans come out on top!

    28. Very entertaining book if you're into military SF. Not so sure about the writing. I wouldn't consider myself a literary snob but there were some lines I would come across that broke the whole immersion in what was going on. However, the story itself was very good and will definitely keep reading the next one.

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