Lock All The Doors Behind You

Lock All The Doors Behind You Sterek fan fictionHe has no idea what you re supposed to say when you find one of yourwerewolf acquaintances completely out of their mind growling like they re about to see what your insides taste l

  • Title: Lock All The Doors Behind You
  • Author: entanglednow
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 378
  • Format: ebook
  • Sterek fan fictionHe has no idea what you re supposed to say when you find one of yourwerewolf acquaintances, completely out of their mind, growling like they re about to see what your insides taste like There s no handbook for this Stiles is thinking that if he survives he might write one.Words 25959 Complete

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    1 thought on “Lock All The Doors Behind You”

    1. Andre wrote: "I really have to ask this:What is the appeal of Sterek?"Why I read Sterek.Actually, it’s Stiles. It’s all about the Stiles.Firstly, I have never seen an episode of Teen Wolf. My love for Stiles is based purely on fanfics. I actually prefer Steter (Peter/Stiles) over Sterek, because Peter brings a nice edge of sociopathy and non-con to the storyworld. But I guess the question is why Teen Wolf fanfics at all? I’m speaking only for myself. Other people may have a completely diff [...]

    2. Loved. I loved this.The quality of the writing, the nuances, the snark, the fucking toneThis has to be a professional writer who wrote this. If not, they need to look into it. This is a gem to me. I hit the jackpot.I gave up sleep for this one. I didn't cry but it touched my feelz cavity (which right next to the heart, on the right upper quadrant to be exact). The pain from Derek was subtle but there.Damn it.Snarky ass Stiles was dedicated and patient to help with Feral!Derek, I didn't even noti [...]

    3. 4.5Something happened to Derek and now he's gone feral. He doesn't let anyone near him except Stiles .I loved this. It was funny and kinda sweet. Stiles was at his snarky best.But I wanted more. I thought the thing with Peter was going to be something and it wasn't. I wanted more non-feral Derek time. And an explanation as to WTH happened, who was it that did this to Derek? So this needs a sequel. Preferably one with lots of smut.

    4. Totally open-ended Sterek with an intense hurt/comfort theme. Oddly enough, there's a lot of humor to offset the tragic. The pants don't survive the experience, and it's pretty humiliating for everyone involved."

    5. 3.5Short review: Great. Very much liked the idea of a feral Derek only trusting Stiles Wanted more time with unferal Derek. And more of an ending.Gif:

    6. Ok, ok. This shit, wow, ok. I dunno.Feral Derek choosing Stiles? That is basic instinct and totally just raw. Pure even.So, I could have done with a few more pages of normal wolf Derek but I get it. It ended and I get it. Use your imagination and all that.This book rocked.

    7. A simple tale about a feral wolf and the guy who looks out for him and helps bring him back to the real world! Derek has been tortured for 3 weeks and shows up a little cray, cray.The only person he will let near him without trying to rip limbs off is Stiles.Stiles isn't all that pleased about having to Derek sit but he soon comes into his own.This is a strange one. It's not really about anything but Stiles looking after Derek. There is no real romance or story but it is sweet and you get to see [...]

    8. An amusing touching short story. Well-written fanfic. Derek is reduced to the state of a feral child following torture. Only Stiles is able to reach him and try to draw him back to himself.'Derek's face is scrunched in the rain, running wet, and he looks so stupidly happy. Like biting Stiles on the face, and standing around in a freakin' thunderstorm was all it took to make Derek happy, and honestly Derek has never been happy. Stiles didn't even know Derek knew how to be happy. This is the sadde [...]

    9. Derek has been missing for quite awhile. When he finally shows up with evidence of being tortured, he is stuck in his werewolf beta form. His humanity has been overtaken by his feral side and he won't allow anyone to help. Well… anyone that's a werewolf.Huh. So what's the pack to do when Derek is hostile and unresponsive? Luckily human Stiles is not a threat and the only one that is able to get close enough to care for him.This was often sad and touching as Stiles slowly coaxes Derek back to h [...]

    10. There are reasons why this is a cult fic in the fandom.It's plausible (in the context of TW), it fits with the characters and their history, it's tender and funny and yeah, the romance is less than prominent, but what happens in this story is, in a way, more of a love story than some romance novels.

    11. 3.5 stars.This was a REALLY good, well written story, I guess I just prefer stories where both MCs are in their right minds most of the story. Derek spent most of this one out of his mind feral, with Stiles charged with taking care of him until he's back in is right mind. Not much opportunity for personal bonding when one of them is out of their heads feral, so I missed that aspect in this story.

    12. This free "Sterek" novella (Teen Wolf fan fiction) is a nice hurt/comfort story. No one knows who Derek fought, or what happened, but he seems to have become permanently lost in his 'wolf', at least mentally. He won't allow any other wolves to get close, so it's Stiles who must patch him up, get him clean and fed, and basically care for him for several weeks. Derek becomes very attached to Stiles.If you like hurt/comfort, Sterek, or wolf/shifter stories, this is a fun quick read.

    13. This was excellent. I really enjoyed reading it. And some of the scenes in this would make hilarious scenes for the show. I love when I can find a really amazing Sterek fic.

    14. 4.5 I actually read this a while ago, so I'm not going to attempt a detailed review. It's excellent--for more see Emma Sea's review on the joys of Sterek.

    15. This was brilliant! How many jokes and how many stories has compared Derek with a dog? It was a small step to actually write about it.And what a neat little story this was. It seemed closer to the show in the first pages (or what I think is the atmosphere in the show) with Stiles barely caring about Derek, just being his carefree self, knowing Derek can take care of himself. And Derek seeming aloof and self-reliant.Then Derek goes missing. Nothing is detailed about what happened to him in the 3- [...]

    16. Derek all wolfed out and feral, choosing Stiles and only Stiles to trust.Loved the two building an understanding with everything reduced down to basic instinct.Scott (as most often) was largely self-involved and happy to let Stiles deal. Sterek time was good.Felt at the end it could have done with some more aware Derek time but at the same time that would have watered down the impact - Derek is always a surely untrusting type, his little talk was big deal his instinctive behaviour towards Stiles [...]

    17. 3.5 stars This was really good and I loved seeing Stiles take care of a feral Derek. But like everyone else, I thought this needed at least one more chapter so we could get more of non-ferel Derek. I didn't love that conversation they had, I wish Derek hadn't been so angry and they had actually been able to communicate after everything that had happened.

    18. This fic was fascinating in that it managed both to thoroughly entertain me and make me extremely uncomfortable. A lot of it reminded me of other fics I've read where Derek is a wolf for much of the fic: he's gone completely feral, so he's basically an animal, just in human form. That's the part that made me uncomfortable.If I could block that out, then the interactions between Stiles and Derek were adorable, and Stiles was every bit as entertaining and hilarious as he should be.Some Favorite Qu [...]

    19. Derek is found after being tortured and reverts to his wolf self (acting like a wolf instead of human). Stiles is there for him. Very man’s best friend type of relationship. It is a completed work, but ending made me want so more, a sequel or epilogue, something. What I liked is how it emphasizes Stiles' willingness to always help Derek. Just like in the show, it is Stiles who always steps to the plate to shelter or assist Derek. And it has great lines:(In reference to Derek growling at his pa [...]

    20. Feral!Derek is everything. This is another fandom classic and it's also one where you get the most out of the story if you understand the culture of the fandom. I loved this the first time I read it and I love it still.

    21. Not for me. (view spoiler)[ wasn't in the mood for a story, in which a kiss on the very last page is all you get. (hide spoiler)]

    22. 4.5 stars. but HOW COULD THIS FINISH LIKE THIS?! I totally need more of this gritty, slightly bizarre but heartfelt Sterek-ness.

    23. Pero qué monada de fic por favor, no quería que se acabase! Feral!Derek mola! Y Stiles, qué genial 😍

    24. I am THOROUGHLY disappointed that the story didn't develop any further, I was hoping for some romance between Stiles and Derek to be developed with actual Derek, for them to realize there is something there and end with a Happily EA, but I got nothing, zilch, nada, zero, FUCKING NOthing!It was a good story, well told, well written, very entertaining, page turning (if it was a physical book, which it is not) but the fact that I am so very disappointed in the book means it gets two stars. Seriousl [...]

    25. Come onjust 1 more chapter! Loved this. Wish there was a little more, after Derek becomes Derek again.But that would just be icing on the cake, because this was good even without it.

    26. Reread 11/23/15, still really good, I was in the mood for this one.3.8 I think I <3 feral Derrick. Not a solid 4 since I needed way more after the story ended

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