Use In the end did I stab him to be free of him And free to what Fuck Snort Party Or free to be normal It was a very interesting situation up there on Maundy Elliot said Nothing like it in the world It

  • Title: Use
  • Author: C.D. Reiss
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In the end, did I stab him to be free of him And free to what Fuck Snort Party Or free to be normal It was a very interesting situation, up there on Maundy, Elliot said Nothing like it in the world It s a safe place for people like me People like you Can you be specific He ran his finger on the edge of his blotter, and a chill went up my inner thighs PeoIn the end, did I stab him to be free of him And free to what Fuck Snort Party Or free to be normal It was a very interesting situation, up there on Maundy, Elliot said Nothing like it in the world It s a safe place for people like me People like you Can you be specific He ran his finger on the edge of his blotter, and a chill went up my inner thighs People like me means, I don t know Fuckers We fuck because it s what we do Bus drivers drive Accountants account Policemen police I m a fucker I fuck.

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      294 C.D. Reiss
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    1. ★★★★★! Use, part 2. Heiress & addict Fiona Drazen is torn between her master & lover and therapist & savior while digging into her past!“My darkest desires were for an inaccessible normality.”Books in Songs of Perdition series should be read in order and I recommend reading AFTER Songs of Submission:Part 1: KickPart 2: UseIn Kick (part 1) celebutante, heiress, drug and sex addict, Fiona Drazen woke up at Westonwood Acres addiction treatment center to the news that she h [...]

    2. Use is now available!CD Reiss has once again demonstrated her brilliance and given us her usual brand of elegant, unique writing that oozes feeling, action and thoughts. Use is another addictive page turner, another book love A sublime reading experience I could NOT put it down.Book Two of The Songs of Perdition series continues the story of celebutante, and addict, Fiona Drazen, her life journey, Deacon, Elliot, and the Drazen clan. It explores indulgence and how it can go horribly wrong. The s [...]

    3. 5 Serious Stars.Period * * * * * Spoiler FreeI have been thinking about how to talk to you about this book. As I have done in the past I do not believe in reinventing the wheel If I see other reviews which have the feel and better description of the book I am reviewing then I will direct you there. At this time, there are only few out due to the book just being released. My advice still holds, though, as there are many so beautiful in their artistry and feelings and I know so many more are comin [...]

    4. 5 Gazillion StarsSearching, Wanting, Needing, Hoping and DesiringI Absolutely Loved Use!! This story has kept me from reading other books. I keep thinking about it and frankly I can't get over the book hangover I am in. Hope you are happy CD for consuming my mind and soul with Fiona, Deacon and Elliot, you evil Queen you (wink wink *blowing kisses*)!!Fiona Drazen is still being held at the facility, she needs to remember what happened the night she stabbed her master, Deacon Bruce. Her therapist [...]

    5. Not enough stars to rate this installment Truly.Maybe it's because I am sleep deprived since I stayed up late into the night/early morning to finish this instalment and then lay awake for hours trying to process all I read but I have all these emotions still going as wild as Snowcone did on that fateful night.Two of strongest emotions are definitely hate & love.I hate that we got so little of Deacon and none of his POV.I love that his (Deacon's) presence is so strong and powerful that you c [...]

    6. 4 where do we go from here? STARS“Maybe one day I'd remember the sticky web of circumstances that put us both in the stables, but did it matter a fuck? In the end, did I stab him to be free of him?And free to do what?Fuck? Snort? Party?Or free to be normal?”Finally finished with the last C.D. Reiss book I had on my TBR. Feels so freeing to conquer little goals. ;DFiona Drazen is back and she is still locked up for stabbing her boyfriend/master Deacon and can't remember what exactly happened. [...]

    7. There are not enough star's for this book in my eyes honestly Cd Reiss is a genius and really her writing just gets better and better and in this next instalment you will find out how our Queen has entwined characters, times, get to see different perspectives through different eyes. I am honestly awed by CD's Mind.In this instalment we pick up where we were left at the end of Kick Where Fiona is dealing with herself and what she should be, where she should go and above all a battle in her head. [...]

    8. Holy crap did the heat turn on during this section of the book or what. I'm not confused anymore, nope things are clear as day, I'm more like shaking my head, seriously what the fuck am I reading these days and how the hell do I want to read more. I HAVE to know what happens. This story is all seriously 50 shades of all fuckedupness. It's a triangle, yet not even close to being one. It's hard to describe this book, I'm pretty wordless when trying to think of a review worthy of words to describe [...]

    9. I'm not sure where to begin with this book but to say Ms. Reiss delivered perfection. Absolute beautiful story. I'm feeling so many emotions I can't even describe them.Fiona: how I love her and want to protect her. Tell her you have self worth. You are more than just a famous celebuante. Dig deep and find yourself, realize you are a person. I also want to high five her because of her freedom. How sexually freeing she is, how she says and does what she wants. Such a complex character."The other d [...]

    10. 4.75 starsWhat a suspenseful and wicked short story this was! Fiona continues on with her deplorable and shocking actions in this book, but I can't help but still like her. It was also nice to see Elliot sitting in the hot seat for a change with his own shrink serving up the therapeutic techniques. I loved all of the drama, witty profanity, and sibling rivalry foolery between Fiona and the Drazen crew! Team Deacon all the way and on to book three!

    11. 5 "Team Elliot" Stars "Empty your heart, my kitten. Empty your mind. Open your eyes. Who do you see?""You," I gasped."Are you empty?" "I am.""Release your body to me. I have you.""What was at the front of my mind, what made me react in ways I didn't understand, was that he loved her. I couldn't pretend to understand how their relationship worked, but when he said her name and asked about her, when he looked at me as if deciding what I was in her life He cared about her more deeply than I underst [...]

    12. 5+++ Broken Stars“What happens when the child of a wire mother is given every indulgence, and then has to deal with the slightest pain? Does the pain break them? Or are they already broken from the pleasure?”This above quote from Use not only stands as my favorite from the book but also accurately demonstrates the layers of nuances in the plot and the brilliant writing of C.D. Reiss. One of the great beauties of reading Use proved to be the anticipation of finally getting the story. There wa [...]

    13. Whew That was INTENSE!!!! A lot to take in. Fiona breaks my heart. I'll tell you, this author She can write and she writes in a way that literally steals you and shreds you apart. The second part of Fiona's story is DARK! It's gritty, it's raw and the sick parts are not glossed over. There are so many dimensions here, so many layers. My gosh And the pain behind the story Jezzzz, it's so real. It slips across your skin, seeps into your veins and grips your heart. It's totally unreal! I'm a mess! [...]

    14. Use is the second part of the Songs of Perdition series from CD Reiss. Songs of Perdition is a spin off series from her highly acclaimed Songs of Submission series which starred Jonathan Drazen. Songs of Perdition stars Jonathan’s sister, Fiona and Songs of Corruption stars another of his sisters, Theresa. It is not necessary to have read the other series to enjoy this one but it is necessary to have read Kick, part one of the Songs of Perdition series before reading Use.Once again, CD Reiss h [...]

    15. Ahhhh-maze-zing!!!This story was everything thought it might be and everything I didn't think it could be. One thing is for sure, I'm more addicted to CDs writing more than ever and feeling like I'm crawling in my skin looking for the next piece to this mad, mad puzzle that is Fiona Drazen.The series is a must read for readers of the Erotic romance genre, but make no mistake, this is brilliant storytelling and taps much deeper into the human psyche than the standard erotic read.The characters ar [...]

    16. Okay so I'm not sure what I think or what I feel about this one Is that normal?I'm forgoing a review, because I just can't. I'm not even sure which H I like Deacon or Elliot? they both have something but also they don't. Does that make sense? But I find Deacon a bit more appealing than Elliot, why I just don't know maybe because the way she describes her feelings about him?This series is so NOT something for me but I just needed to know what the hell happened in that stable! Now I know that now [...]

    17. 5 MAGNIFICENT STARSThis was an awesome BR with the Canaries. All I can say is C.D. Reiss is truly a goddess of epic proportions; a beautifully gifted author!!!I'm a total wreck after having read this. I’m all over the place trying to gather the pieces and sift through my thoughts, theories and emotions.“I don’t want us to be used any more.”I love CD's writing style, each word is carefully chosen for their meaning both literal and subtle (it’s a game for me to find the double entendres, [...]

    18. Use is the second book in the Songs of Perdition series. And I have to say C.D. Reiss gave it all again. That was intense.Definition of Perdition: a state of final spiritual ruin; loss of the soul; damnation. This is where Fiona is, what she feels, what she thinks she deserves. She breaks my heart. Though she may ooze confidence and fearlessness she desperately needs to be valued as the true person she is…strong – brave – devoted. We have only scratched the surface of who Fiona truly is an [...]

    19. Can't wait any longer to start this4.5 No man in the history of my c**t had ever rendered me speechless starsUtterly sublimeI loved watching Fiona starting to understand her fucked up existence. I loved watching Elliott unravel. I loved Deaconriod. Bring me the next instalment, like tomorrow!

    20. This book is sexy!! Loved learning more of Fiona's story and finally meeting Deacon. I have to say I am on team Elliot though. I can not wait for more Elliot (glad he is turning out to be naughty ;))

    21. Use is the second book in the Songs of Perdition series and although book 1, Kick, made me quite uncomfortable, I was all too willing to hop onboard the CD Reiss train again. I’m so glad I did because this time around was better than the first and I enjoyed every moment of the fascinating, edgy journey.Use picks up right where Kick left off. Fiona is still in the posh mental institution, having essentially been abandoned by Dr. Elliott and remitted for an extended stay. As she floats in a medi [...]

    22. Okayke i need to say anything!!?? Yeah right!!! was, Wow! It was awesomef'ing perfecti'm glad it doesn't end with some: "I'm having a heart attack right now" cliffiebut i'm still biting my nails down till the next one is out!I loved how we get to see young Jonathan (from Songs of Submission series) in Fionas story and he's own battles he had, or has to fight to become the man as we know him! C.D. Reiss is one of my favorite authors and i recommend everyone to read her booksey are amazing!Fiona.D [...]

    23. 4.5 Enlightening StarsUse picks up right on the heels of Kick. Fiona is still a patient in a mental hospital, trying to put together the events that landed her there. Dr. Elliot attempts to put the story together via hypnosis but quickly is realizing his attachment to Fiona goes beyond patient/therapist boundaries. We finally meet the elusive Master Deacon. Can he break through to Fiona where medicine can't?I liked this installment better than the first book. I felt I had a better grasp on her s [...]

    24. MY, OH MY, OH MY, OH MY!!!Typically I would write the review right after I finish a book, but I waited for this one (not that it's doing me any good). Instead I read other reviews, and just kept going through the thoughts and discussion with the other Canaries in our BR. Because that's what this book encourages, a whole lot of discussion.I feel like as I'm writing here that my review will be just as long as the book just because of all the things it evoked out of me. No, of course it won't be.Fo [...]

    25. 100% Fuck, fuck, fuck! I had to go do some chores and cry out that ending. I hate it when you're crying so hard you can't breathe. Poor god-damned Fee! Why did that happen?! And boy was she wrong about Elliot. I loved Elliot's bravery in the end. Will Ethan's story continue? I love him for having the courage to say NO MORE and then to show up.And Fee was wrong about Deacon. He will be trusting that she can give him enough. Or will they end up in the same space with her not needing to be "led aro [...]

    26. J&G: 4.5 StarsUse is like taking a complete mind fuck trip into the abyss. CD Reiss uses hard hitting words like a weapon…e is able to lure you into a false sense of security using her words as a caress one minute then striking without warning the next. Her words are as exquisite as they are shocking. She manages to pull you in, tease you, taunt you and leave you gasping for more!“I don’t want to be broken.”He shook his head. “You don’t get to choose that.”This story is evolvin [...]

    27. Fantastic! This book is simply fantastic! Perfect sequel! I have just one regret: not being in Deacon's head but I think it's intentional. It's part of the mystery. Use answers some of ours questions but not all ( it would have been to easy ;p ) Once again I won't really review because they are lots of really good ones and mine won't change anything. Team Deacon or Team Elliott? As much as I want to choose between them, first I'm Team Fiona! I understand better why my friends here in GR choose h [...]

    28. Another brilliant work from CD Reiss. There's nothing she writes that I won't read but I have to say I didn't think I would connect with this character as deeply as I have. I love her serial format. At first I shied away from these bc it seemed like you wouldn't get much of a story and you might feel strung along but she packs so much in. I get so much out of what she weaves together in serial format. I often reread these and pickup new things. Her writing is flawless. I feel lucky to read it an [...]

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