Rock Candy Kisses

Rock Candy Kisses Librarian s Note Alternate cover edition for ISBN ISBN Annie Edwards was born deaf but she s never let that define her She s settling in as a freshman at Whitney Briggs Un

  • Title: Rock Candy Kisses
  • Author: Addison Moore
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Paperback
  • Librarian s Note Alternate cover edition for ISBN10 1508491836 ISBN13 9781508491835Annie Edwards was born deaf, but she s never let that define her She s settling in as a freshman at Whitney Briggs University, loves her dorm, her roommate, her classes, but something feels as though it s missing enter Blake Daniels He s everything Annie is not a rocker, a player, a cLibrarian s Note Alternate cover edition for ISBN10 1508491836 ISBN13 9781508491835Annie Edwards was born deaf, but she s never let that define her She s settling in as a freshman at Whitney Briggs University, loves her dorm, her roommate, her classes, but something feels as though it s missing enter Blake Daniels He s everything Annie is not a rocker, a player, a college dropout Her friends want to sleep with him, her brothers want to kill him, and all Annie wants is a chance to see where her heart takes her.As the lead singer of 12 Deadly Sins, Blake has had his fair share of rock candy But Annie has taken over his body, his mind, his heart three things he s never lost control of before.Often first love and first heartbreak go hand in hand.Sometimes the thrill of one is worth risking the other.

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    1 thought on “Rock Candy Kisses”

    1. I think this is one of those books that proves that tastes change. When I first started this series a year ago I read the first four books all together and I really liked them, but with Rock Candy Kisses I just didn't like it as much as the others. I think I may have grown out of this type of story so I'm not sure if I'll be continuing with this series like originally planned. The overall premise was good and I liked the idea of reading about Annie, who was born deaf, finally branching out on he [...]

    2. When Annie Edwards is pulled to safety by a gorgeous knight in shining armor, she has no idea how it will change her life. Blake Daniels takes a blow to the gut when he first lays eyes on Annie, not realizing the change that is about to take place in his life as well. Both these characters swept me off my feet instantly. I loved Annie’s vivacious spirit and her outlook on life. Blake was far more than just a gorgeous bad boy who also happens to sing and play a guitar. He and Annie both had mou [...]

    3. This is the story of Annie and Blake Annie is a freshman at Whitney Briggs. She came expecting to meet new people, make friends and of course, go to class. What she didn't expect was meeting bad boy rocker, Blake, the lead singer of the 12 Deadly Sins.He's wild, confident and sexy as all get out. And he sees her like no one ever has before. Going up deaf, Annie knows how people see her, their shy away or flat out avoid her. But somehow, Blake makes her feel whole. Her deafness doesn't deter him, [...]

    4. Out of all the books in the 3:AM Kisses series, I was most looking forward to reading Annie's story. Annie has just been a little sweetheart the whole way through the other books, and I loved how protective Holt and Bryson were of their little sister.Annie is deaf and she has attended a special school most of her life. Determined to break out on her own, she enrolls in Whitney Briggs, and is ready to kickstart this next stage in her life. She bumps into rocker Blake on her first day and he is im [...]

    5. This one is my favorite so far in the series. There was some drama but not over the top. I really enjoyed both characters. They weren't perfect but they were still good people. The next book should be good it involves her friend and his brother.

    6. Annie is an amazing girl. Sweet. loving, and independent (At least trying to be). Independence is tough with two older brothers around fending off the boys.Blake is a mess. Blake is the lead singer for 12 Deadly Sins. Blake used to be a player. He has girls still lining up to get into his pants. But Blake does not want that life anymore. Since his brother died he has been looking for something more and unsure of what his future will hold.Blake meets Annie on campus the day he is dropping his cla [...]

    7. 3.5 stars. I didn't like how everything was wrapped up at the end. Too Perfect if you know what I mean.

    8. Annie has been deaf her whole life. She's been protected and sheltered by her parents and her two older brothers, Bryson and Holt along with the women in their lives, Baya and Izzy. She's excited to be going to Whitney Briggs University. She attended a school for the hearing impaired and hasn't been in a mainstream school since her first failed attempt as a child. Her parents have been urging her to have an Excel implant, they are convinced she is a good candidate and if she had the surgery, she [...]

    9. 4.75 stars almost a 5 stars. The more and more I reflect on this book, after a couple hours of finishing and marinating on it, the more and more I love it. It was near perfection. It was amazing. There were just so many things that went right with book in how it was written and how it was developed from beginning, middle, and end. It was engaging and very hard to put down. I took my time and savored it not wanting to rush on this journey of Annie and Blake's love story. It was just fantastic wit [...]

    10. I had the honor of beta reading Rock Candy Kisses. I absolutely love the Kisses Series, then again I love everything Addison writes. If she wrote a phone book I would be the first in line to read it. She has a way with words that makes the story real and it sticks with you. All her characters are intertwined in the series and in every book we get an update on characters we know and love. Now on to Rock Candy Kisses.I knew that Annie’s story was going to be emotional. Annie is not your typical [...]

    11. Rock Candy Kisses. I actually enjoyed this, it was very different and I liked the scenario of a deaf girl dating a musician, not your average love story. The antagonist (a stuck up drunk slut?) was a little typical and been done before, and I thought the climax was over dramatised and just a little unbelievable. Like why would Blake make you think that the baby was his when all he had to say was 'oh uh actually my brother knocked her up before he died and I want to take care of the baby as it's [...]

    12. Love love Love it!5* isn't enough for Addison Moore! I have read every one of her books and each one is better than the last.Beautifully written and will draw you in from the first paragraph guaranteed. Rock Candy Kisses is Annie and Blake's story. Annie was born profoundly deaf and had a very sheltered life growing up. Now19 and in college her world is flipped upside down. Her first day at school she's saved from being ran over by a gorgeous stranger. The sparks start flying after they connect [...]

    13. “Don’t laugh”—she holds up a finger—“but, for some reason, I thought when you whispered into my ear you were going to say something dirty.” Her face reddens a neon shade of pink.“Knew it.” I tip my head back. “You’ve got a naughty streak a mile wide.”“Do not!” She swats me.“Let’s see about that.” I lean in and whisper the dirtiest sweet nothings into her ear for the next two songs. Annie groans and grinds her hips into mine like a promise. It’s pretty evident [...]

    14. Not many notes or highlights for this book as I was too busy really getting into the book. Annie she's a curious girl and I'm not sure our boy Blake really minds, "Annie sinks down over my lap and my boxers come to life trying to salute her. "Annie," her name hisses out of me slow as death." Blake is a hands on sort of man and I'm sure Annie appreciates that fact, "Blake unhooks my bra and it sails across the room. We share a laugh as he pins me with his limbs. "I think I know first hand what yo [...]

    15. I started out quite liking this story, particularly since it is unusual to have a profoundly deaf romantic lead. However, I found it maddening that no one, including Annie, seemed bothered about the lack of close friends and family learning even a little bit of ASL to communicate. Not even a little bit. And to then round off the story with that ending, well, that is the reason why this had 2 stars. Why does the world seem to think that being able to hear is the be all and end all - why can't we [...]

    16. A beautiful story that had me hooked from the start. I loved Annie and Blake, I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

    17. 3.5 Stars!Book five in the 3:AM Kisses series by one of my faves, Addison Moore, is Annie and Blake's story. It is a sweet romance and far less snarky than the other books in the series. Annie is the younger sister of twins, Holt and Bryson Edwards, and she is now a freshman at Whitney Briggs U. She is also profoundly deaf. Blake Daniels is the sexy, lead singer of The Black Bear's house band, 12 Deadly Sins. Blake never hurts for female attention. He is also reeling from the recent loss of his [...]

    18. This was a great read. Romantic and with sweetest love scenes.Blake and Annie form what might want to say an unlikely pair.I think it was written with taste and brilliance.Setting: 4Characters: 5Family: 4Romance: 4Conflict:3.5At First I really thought the baby was Blake's. However as i read on i started to see it might be his brother's. Though that didn't make me dislike Blake even if it would have been his. The book's tone tells he is a good guy choosing to turn his life around from a series of [...]

    19. Loved the story. Blake and Annie are a sweet couple. Blake always treated Annie like a woman not an invalid. Annie is deaf. Blake is a lead singer. They met when a truck almost hit her while she was walking to class on campus. Blake pulled her out of the way. She didn't know who he was until that night when he was singing at the Black Bear which Annie owns along with her brothers. Blake used to be a rock candy whore but since his brother's death he has been to himself until he met Annie. Blake a [...]

    20. ReviewsThis is a great book but it had some sad parts. Annie is deaf and started college. Blake saves her from getting run over. Blake brother wrecks his motorcycle and dies. They are attracted to each other. Blake's sign paper to legally take the brother baby by. The girl is Black ex girlfriend she tells everybody that it is Blake's but testing show that it is his brothers. She has surgery and can hear and they get back together

    21. I have read most of the books in this series. I really enjoyed this story. Annie and Blake's story was really touching. You can always count on Addison to provide us with some steamy scenes as well. I love this group of people. If you don't want to get caught in a series don't worry. Each book stands alone enough that you don't need to read the others. However I think you'll want to.

    22. A cute story with some tensions. This was too sweet to be true: a bad boy who isn't it any more and turns to be a sentimental loyal and someone to trust, a super nice girl who always forgives everyone and everything. Anyway, this is so sweet to read and gives light in a grey day, so - five happy stars.

    23. Back and forthI was back and forth, the book seemed slowed at times and confusing. Other times it had the right pace. The ending however was spot on for tying the rest of the book together. Usually I ditch a book 3 chapters in if I'm not captivated but I'm glad I held on through this one.

    24. Sweet!This is such a sweet story that tugs at your heart strings will pull with every page. Blake is truly amazing and you know it even when the characters are not so sure. Annie is so adorable and you just love her and are frustrated for her when her brothers get a little over protective. Must read addition to the4am series

    25. Amazing storyThis book was my first by Addison Moore, but now I'm going to go added them all. It was so good I cried laughed fell I love. A must read such a heart warming love story.

    26. Kisses!!!!I love this book and this series so much!!!! I loved Annie's story I've not read a book about a person who couldn't hear and Blake was a true hero for his brother Loved it!!!!!

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