Penniless Hearts

Penniless Hearts It s almost Christmas and Penny is not at her desk Feeling as if she s taken for granted by everyone in her life Penny itches for adventure and the unknown Enter Captain Dan Losegg On a whim Penny

  • Title: Penniless Hearts
  • Author: Eve Gaal
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It s almost Christmas, and Penny is not at her desk Feeling as if she s taken for granted by everyone in her life, Penny itches for adventure and the unknown Enter Captain Dan Losegg On a whim, Penny abandons all responsibilities and dashes off to Hawaii with the charming pilot But before she can say Aloha, trouble is brewing faster than Kona coffee, and Penny finds heIt s almost Christmas, and Penny is not at her desk Feeling as if she s taken for granted by everyone in her life, Penny itches for adventure and the unknown Enter Captain Dan Losegg On a whim, Penny abandons all responsibilities and dashes off to Hawaii with the charming pilot But before she can say Aloha, trouble is brewing faster than Kona coffee, and Penny finds herself caught up in misadventures and misunderstandings Full of surprises and unexpected twists, Penniless Hearts is a delightful and romantic comedy of errors.

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    1. “Well, it’s a long story, but generally if you listen to the National Geological surveyors, we are safe over here in Kauai. However, if you listen to Hawaiian folklore and the legends involving meles and chants recited by the islanders, you will learn that this area is the home of the restless goddess Pele. When her toes start tapping, I guess everyone has to watch out.” He smiled when he said the last part, almost as if he thought it seemed funny that modern day Hawaiians still believed s [...]

    2. I loved this book all the way through. There was nothing I didn't like. It was a fast paced and delightfully hilarious read. Every chapter had an unexpected surprise. The characters were true to life with unique voices and perceptions of what was going on. Eve Gaal did a fabulous job revealing what was going on in each of the characters' heads, even the insignificant ones.Penny: She's the star of this book and is bored with her life, her job, and her boyfriend. So she takes off to Hawaii with Ca [...]

    3. "Nice, reliable Penny takes care of her aging father, works her tail off for her demanding boss, and keeps up a lovely and suitable relationship with her longtime boyfriend. She's solid and dependabled suddenly missing from her life"For a full review, visit the July/August 2013 double issue of InD'tale Magazinedtale/reviews/pennil

    4. We all love bad boys, and Penny was no exception. Whilst her normal life is nothing but a well of boredom she decides to leave everything behind and follows her heart. And for a while the excitement and novelty really kicks Penny’s feet off.But sometimes the man of your dreams is not the one you think he is and your prince charming can be found closer than you think… This story was full of twists and turns. It was a fun and easy read, something I’d definitely enjoy reading again on a beach [...]

    5. Penniless Hearts will sweep readers off their feet into an intriguing romantic adventure to the Hawaiian Islands where the main character, Penny Himmel, meets an attractive pilot who promises romance; however, the romantic allure does a tailspin when the true intentions of her suitor are revealed, spiraling Penny into a dangerous encounter with drug smugglers. But, being the resourceful woman that she is, Penny takes charge and rules the day. For readers wanting to escape to Hawaii, ride along w [...]

    6. Penniless Hearts is a wonderful read by author Eve Gaal. Penny is searching for the right man to fill what she thinks is a void in her life. Her job seems unfulfilling and she takes care of an aging father. She's dating a very nice man, John but he is a downhome type, not looking for adventure, so on a whim she decides to vacation in Hawaii with an airline pilot that she just met.That's when all the fun begins. Unfortunately for Penny, Dan is married and his wife surprises him at the hotel. Penn [...]

    7. Penniless Hearts, by Eve GaalI must begin with the fact that is out of my genre of preference (science fiction) and the first few pages had me wondering what I'd gotten myself into, committing to read a book I wasn't sure I'd be interested in, in the first place.That said, I found Penniless Hearts completely engaging! As the story unfolded, all of the characters (whether major or minor) were completely fleshed out to the point where I felt I knew them personally, cheering for some, laughing and [...]

    8. Take one extremely talented female artist with a reckless heart, a brief encounter in a pharmacy and the magical islands of Hawaii; mix in drug smuggling, a confused boyfriend, some really bad guys and throw them in the pot and what you wind up with is a really delicious little romance/mystery entitled "Penniless Hearts." The story follows graphic artist Penny Himmel on what might be the wildest adventure of her life (and that's saying something for a woman who once dated a biker and, oh yeah, l [...]

    9. Penny has reached a point in her life where she feels some spontaneity will do her good. When Penny leaves her family and job behind to chase a good looking pilot to Hawaii, she finds herself in some seriously hot water. Things don't turn out as she expected, and she gets caught up in a humorous morass that makes her reconsider the wisdom of her knee-jerk decision to fly out to Hawaii.The book has its funny and romantic moments, plenty to keep the reader entertained. But it also has depth -- Pen [...]

    10. Escape with Penny Himmel to a tropical island where, while on vacation, her life becomes filled with adventure. Penny had been a mischievous (honors) art student who impressed her teachers, but now she works in the art department at the Globe where she has put together an impressive ad campaign. After she's been on her own for a while and working hard to increase her employer's business by 35%, she's looking for a normal vacation and enjoys sipping on a glass of wine. Her personality has a wild [...]

    11. Is grass greener on the other side? Many times we're all at a point in a life and wonder about the choices we've made. We try to explore the possibilities that maybe we made the wrong choices and perhaps grass is greener on the other side.In Penniless Hearts, Penny is her father's primary caregiver. She has a wonderful boyfriend who absolutely adores her. But Penny is exhausted and bored out of her mind. She goes off seeking for adventures and wonders that maybe there's something more out there [...]

    12. Penniless Hearts by Eve Gaal is a fantastic romance full of glorious characters, wonderful humour and adventure. The author really knows how to hook her readers with excellent narrative and dialogue.Penny is in a love rut. John is boring, her life is boring. Boring! Her fantasy is to drop everything and have an adventure in Hawaii. So that's exactly what she does and has a fling with dashing airline pilot. But Dan is married which complicates Penny's precarious life. Also, John's romantic side k [...]

    13. 5.0 out of 5 stars Romantic Fun, November 20, 2014By KAREN INGALLSVerified Purchase(What's this?)This review is from: Penniless Hearts (Kindle Edition)A wonderful and imaginative story sure to delight any reader. It is well written with a balance of humor, romance, and the magic of fairy tales. I could picture each character and delighted with their varied personalitieseven enjoyed the bad guys and their antics. Thank you, Eve Gaal, for entertaining me on these recently cool and cloudy days in F [...]

    14. I have been to Hawaii 10 times and this made my 11th! The book is so descriptive that you can almost feel the ocean spray and smell all the aromas Intertwining as Kilaua is exploding in the distance An unraveling mystery and yet full of romance that will capture your heart and show you levels of helplessness and heroism along with shady and traditional characters that will keep you engaged in all the upcoming action that ensues in the air and on the road I couldn't put it down it down once I beg [...]

    15. Penny's bored with her life and relationships. It's time for an adventure so that's when the artist decides to have an innocent fling with a pilot. They head to the Hawaiian islands. Her impulsive move results in a seeming disaster, however, when she loses her money, discovers that her lover is married and gets enmeshed with a group of druggies. There's also the issue of mistaken identity around the goddess Pele. I found the book light hearted and hilarious. If you like a little adventure with a [...]

    16. What a fun summer read! Ms. Gaal's book is highly entertaining. I just finished reading the Steve Jobs book and needed to unwind with something light and humorous. I savored the fun element of this wacky romance set in Hawaii. Made me want to pack my flip flops and buy a ticket. As a life coach the coaching the main character Penny gets from another artist near the end of the book touched my heart. Great advice! Great read! Grab it and your sunscreen and head to the nearest beach!

    17. Are you looking for fun, romance and excitement? If so, Penniless Hearts by Eve Gaal is for you. I couldn't put it down. Penny leaves her dull life in search of more more excitement and more romance. What she gets is one, hilarious adventureI recommend this book for anyone who needs a good laugh.

    18. This is a wonderfully written book that I enjoyed tremendously. I recommend it and say to you to go buy it because it is worth every penny. Eve Gaal has done a wonderful job of this storyline.Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi, therapist and Author

    19. Penniless Hearts was a very sweet story. Well written, and the plot was well planned out. I thoroughly enjoyed the journey Eve took us on.

    20. I almost never read romance novels, but author Eve Gaal is a terrific writer, who drew me in to the very end with skillfully crafted characters and enthralling descriptive phrases. A talented novelist, she has spun a tale of romance, adventure, and drug smuggling mayhem that made for a richly entertaining read. Our heroine, Penny Himmel, is persuaded to leave her Southern California surroundings and follow a "prince charming" airline pilot on a short vacation to Hawaii; leaving behind her dad an [...]

    21. Eve Gaal has penned a cute and even thought-provoking holiday romance and thriller, with a variety of colorful characters and a touch of humor. It’s an intelligent read and, like “Shirley Valentine,” involves a woman’s search for meaning in life. Most of the action occurs in Hawaii, on the Big Island, and on Kauai, my favorite destination in the world. We see Penny evolve from a young woman who takes no risks and is entrenched in a lacklustre lifestyle, to a free and courageous spirit wh [...]

    22. There are many threads in this story. We get numerous, short chapters exploring the point of view of almost all the characters that show up more than five times in this book. While interesting, the story does have a lot of work to tie everything together into a story arc. Also, characters here are easily persuaded and will do almost anything when it comes to being asked to do adventure or to see someone. While this is fun for a "what if" character did this or that, we will need to treat it as a [...]

    23. 2.5/5.0While the narrative is wonderfully descriptive, the plot to Penny's story is much too complicated to follow. Read full review in the 2013 July/August double issue of InD’tale Magazine.

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