Сын Розмари

  • Title: Сын Розмари
  • Author: Ira Levin
  • ISBN: 5170011237
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Paperback
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      103 Ira Levin
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    1 thought on “Сын Розмари”

    1. This one is short and very much to the point: take everything that made the original ROSEMARY'S BABY a classic and throw it all right down the nearest toilet. This so-called sequel gives us a Rosemary who has been comatose for years — put there by the coven from the first book — while Andy, her son by the Devil, has grown up to lead an international charity organization or something (I have thankfully not read this since it came out in 1997, so bear with me if my details are a little rusty). [...]

    2. What the FUCK? I love Rosemary's Baby. I read it twice in two days and rented the movie the night I finished it the second time.This is a terrible book. It's poorly written, the plot is ludicrous (yes, I know, it's about the son of well, you know) and the characters are so naive and annoying that it makes me want to puke. I thought there was a nice little punch at the end- not what you would think if you read it quickly, but if you realize what Levin's actually trying to do- but it didn't make u [...]

    3. One thing that always strikes me about the works of Ira Levin is the short number of stories that have been turned in to films - from Sliver to the Stepford wives (twice) so many of his works have been turned in to films. One such book was Rosemary's Baby which I remember both seeing and reading in the early days of me reading (and collecting). The book especially made a huge impression as a lot of the horror is either implied or questioned making for a very uneasy feel to the whole thing.So whe [...]

    4. One of those things that just never should have happened, like hammer pants or vomit-flavored jelly beans.

    5. In hindsight, this book has two big things working against it, which I'll assume accounts for the many vehemently negative reviews.The first is the nostalgia for the orignal, "Rosemary's Baby", which as a film and as a book, was an unexpected little gem of a horror story. It was very unconventional in that the bulk of the book was just the mundane comings and goings of a young couple living in New York City. The genius of it was that amidst all rather run-of-the-mill banality, there were hints o [...]

    6. Kakvo razočarenjePriznajem da sam od ovog nastavka imala viša očekivanja. Ako je jeza iz prvog dela proizilazila iz straha od nepoznatog i sumnje da postoji zavera, sada, kada Rozmari ima sve odgovore i kada zna ko je pravi otac njenog deteta i kakva sudbina očekuje to dete, lestvica očekivanja se podiže. Više nije borba sa samim sobom i sumnjom, već je otvorena borba protiv najgore moguće opcije.Ono što mi je jako zasmetalo jeste površnost i šupljina predvidive priče, jer nam je ja [...]

    7. You know what? Im not gonna knock this book although I've read plenty of reviews that do. Sure it was disappointing in the end, but up until the ending it was pretty good. That's just the chance u take in any bookjust hope for the best. In any case, it made me think and ponder the different endings it could have had to be an awesome sequel. It's the type of sequel you may want to visit again as there are a lot of references and going ons that are easily to miss (though i highly doubt anyone woul [...]

    8. Most people HATE this book. I loved it. I will tell you why. I LOVE thw fact that he waited so long to write it and than changed the rules with this book. I was caught by surprise. The fact that he played that sort of trick on me makes me love this book.

    9. I don't have the same complaints as the majority on this one. I LIKED the ending. I can't help but wonder if some readers aren't reading the ending carefully enough Maybe they are and they still feel robbed somehow. The ending could be taken two different ways and I'm fine with either outcome. I'm only giving this one three stars because the build up was unsatisfying and the writing sometimes felt rushed, as if the writer himself was anxious to get to the end. Still, it was hard to put down and [...]

    10. yeah. i read the other reviews of this book. some good points. but all miss the KEY issue here: flying cars. like where are they?!? if i was going to write a book set three years in the future i would totally include flying cars. and clear ties. or talking robot butlers. i mean, it's THE FUTURE. that's really why this book is so bad. it's not the wishy washy way rosemary pushes her son away for trying to have sex with her. (yeaaaaaah. because every motherwould totally be like "no, get awayop,.*k [...]

    11. Man, the ending would have nearly redeemed this book if the last few pages had been snipped. Nearly. The writing felt rushed and sketchy. The overall plot (evil scheme) was rather silly. And it really seemed unlikely that Rosemary's love for her child would allow her so often throughout the narrative to look past the fact, you know, that he was the son of Satan!Only recommended for Ira Levin completists!

    12. This book may very well be the worst book I've ever read, not just because it goes for the "Everything you've read has been a dream" twist at the end of the story, but also because he retcons that twist all the way to the beginning of the first novel, rendering them both figments. According to the afterword I read (and this was 12 years ago, so it might be a little spotty), the author disliked the negative connotations of the original novel, and wrote this to fix what he didn't like about the st [...]

    13. *1/2Ira Levi's pathetic follow-up to his classic "Rosemary's Baby." There's no way I could possibly recommend this book to any fan of that far superior novel.I'm not sure why Levin wrote this book, or why, specifically, he ended it the way he did. Most of the novel is a bore, to be certain, but then you get to the last five pages, and . . . there's just no way to describe how shitty everything turns out. I read "Rosemary's Baby" in my early twenties, and was happily unaware that Levin wrote a se [...]

    14. 2.5*Well, what to say! I loved Rosemary's baby, gave it 5* so I was expecting much more from this one. The writing is somehow confusing, the characters are flat and the story is a little bit hard to believe. The main idea of Rosemary's waking up in the "future" is great, but re-connecting to the son, without questioning the weird situations or what the son became is unrealistic to me. The story develops in the same fluid line as the previous book, which is surprising due to the fact the Ira Levi [...]

    15. All I can say is that I hope the ending of this book isn't what it seemed, that there's a deeper meaning to it.Have we learned nothing from Dallas?With all due respect, Levin should have resisted the pressure to write a sequel.

    16. EVERYTHING WAS A FUCKING DREAM. WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?!That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you ruin a book. Thanks, Levin. That was absolutely brilliant. I don't know why you even bother writing Son of Rosemary if in the end everything that had happened is going to be a fucking useless dream. Way to go, sir. Your talent bedazzled me. You should have just left Rosemary's Baby alone (which was excellent, by the way) but of course not. You came out with this crappy sequel of it instead. Totally unnec [...]

    17. Der Teufel fährt Alfa RomeoRosemarys Sohn ist die wohl überflüssigste Fortsetzung der Literaturgeschichte, erreicht den Suspense von RB allenfalls auf 5% des Gesamtumfangs dieses Buchs, dessen inhaltliche Substanz allenfalls für 50 Seiten gereicht hätte. RS ist nicht nur weitschweifig bis zum Gehtnichtmehr, sondern auch selten fade erzählt. Falls es Ira Levin bei dieser Alterssünde darum gegangen ist, die Banalität des Bösen in ihrer ermüdenden Konsequenz vorzuführern, dann hätte in [...]

    18. To be short, this book is a joke and I wish that it didn't exist.The sequel to Rosemary's Baby (a book I happen to love), Son of Rosemary is set in the year 1999. At the beginning of the book, Rosemary wakes up from a 27-year, witchcraft-induced coma to find that her son Andy, the eponymous baby from the preceding book, has become the most popular man on Earth, a messiah-like figure who everyone regards as bringer of peace and savior of humanity.I'll just let that premise sink in.Things only get [...]

    19. This is one of the worst books I have ever read. Rosemary wakes up from a 20 or 30 year coma and finds that her son (the spawn of the devil) is about to take a political position. Rosemary is a very weak leading lady and I did not feel sorry for her as she got sucked into her son's world of evil and corruption. The story tries to wow and shock by placing Rosemary in awkward situations (like being invited to an orgy with her son), but they tend to fall short and are exactly what I said, AWKWARD. [...]

    20. I'm glad I read it as a continuation of the original story, but it lacks any real action or surprises, and ultimately disappoints with a weak conclusion and too much implausibility. I would probably recommend skipping this one even if you liked the first.

    21. I was so excited to finally see a sequel to Rosemary's Baby that I actually went out and bought it in a hardcover, thinking it would be well worth the money, Silly me. I have no idea where to even start with this book. Should I start with the tremendously tedious plot? Go on to the boredom of reading it? Or maybe I should begin with the supremely idiotic ending. His writing seems to be way off from his tightly paced writing of Rosemary's Baby and The Stepford Wives. Son of Rosemary was a bit lon [...]

    22. After reading Rosemary's Baby and finding it to be one of the best books I've read, I opted to read the sequel without bothering to check reviews on it. Well, I should've. I don't expect sequels to top the original, but I expect decency. Like other people, I wanted to know what happened to Rosemary's baby? Levin's writing is still smooth and straightforward, but the let down is the story. It starts out promising with Rosemary waking up from a 27 year coma, becoming famous and trying to find her [...]

    23. Goddamn Scooby-Doo ending. Authors, directors, and script writers need to be shot for doing this. It's a cop-out, and an insult to your fan base and audience. It's immature, lazy development by individuals who don't have the stones to do something properly.I thought that the ending of the Savages film upset me, but this was a whole new level of pissed off-ery.Never read this book. Forget it exists; Rosemary's Baby is where you start and where you stop. Then you go on with your life having read a [...]

    24. I liked it until the last five pages. Come on, really? The ending is ridiculous. The lamest cop-out of an ending there ever was and done a thousand times. If I could go back, I'd leave this story with the first book. EDIT: I wrote endings like this when I was in 7th grade and thought I was being original. Yeah, no.

    25. Rosemary's Baby was one of my favorite books; imagine how excited I was to find a used copy of Son of Rosemary in the gift shop at Camp Chesterfield! Although it wasn't as good as the original, this sequel definitely held my interest. Set 33 years after Rosemary's Baby, Son of Rosemary opens with Rosemary waking from a 27 year coma. Her immediate concern is for her son, Andy, who had been 6 years old when she fell into a coma. She had divorcedher husband, Guy, for allowing her to be impregnated [...]

    26. Rosemary's Baby 33 years on. Look elsewhere for a plot summary. There is one key thing I'd like to say: the book isn't as bad as many reviews would lead you to believe. Still, there are problems, and I think their number is five. Five. Five: 1> Going into it expecting horror, then discovering that 99% of the book has no horror element. Adjust your expectations. There is more shopping, hairdressing and neck kissing than horror; the novel is darkly comic in tone. Not bad, but disappointing if i [...]

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