LAST STRAW If you cheat a man out of his future be prepared to pay the price Vengeance is not always the province of the LordST STRAW tells the story of such a man tough resourceful Thomas Pickering robbed of

  • Title: LAST STRAW
  • Author: David Rheem Jarrett
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • If you cheat a man out of his future, be prepared to pay the price Vengeance is not always the province of the LordST STRAW tells the story of such a man tough, resourceful Thomas Pickering, robbed of his future by unscrupulous financiers and betrayed by an unfaithful wife who finally snaps He makes it his mission to punish those who wronged him in very creativeIf you cheat a man out of his future, be prepared to pay the price Vengeance is not always the province of the LordST STRAW tells the story of such a man tough, resourceful Thomas Pickering, robbed of his future by unscrupulous financiers and betrayed by an unfaithful wife who finally snaps He makes it his mission to punish those who wronged him in very creative and ugly ways He finds he is good at dispensing justice and begins to enjoy the game.Mike Kingman and Tess Brogan, two young police officers, themselves embroiled in an escalating affair, are assigned to investigate his crimes and discover enough evidence to arrest and convict him In the human chess game they are playing, Pickering has the advantage They have rules they must follow he does not.From the Berkeley hills, to the Ghost Fleet of ships in Suisun Bay, to the towering Campanile in the center of the University of California campus, Pickering is always one step ahead, in a race that challenges his considerable intellect and skill, and tests the relationship of the two young officers.

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    1. Read the complete review at Last Straw: Vengeance is not always the province of the Lord > Review Once a man gets cheated out of his entire future, there is no telling how far he will go to avenge the injustice. The Last Straw is an amazing thriller showing how far a man can go once he has started clutching the absolute last straw of his life.The story line and the flow is done perfectly. The story shifts between Pickering and the detectives, thereby giving us both the sides of the story as i [...]

    2. If you cheat a man out of his future, be prepared to pay the price. Vengeance is not always the province of the Lord. A tough, resourceful, middle-aged man, Thomas Pickering makes a dangerous adversary. Hammered by the Great Recession, betrayed by his new wife, and robbed of his retirement by men he trusted, he uses his experience and talent to exact his vengeance upon them in unique and creative ways. In the human chess game they are playing, his victims and the police have no chance -- they ha [...]

    3. Absolutely brilliant. Can a person be pushed too far? Can a person fake sanity? Can a seemingly normal guy in today's financial frailty snap? The author entwined all the elements to create a solid, action-packed thriller is masterful. This novel will remain on my re-read list.

    4. LAST STRAW is D.R. Jarett's debut novel, and it's a page-turner! His characters have issues, they are real people struggling with their problems, and they are believable. The plot never slows down. He writes in short chapters, and there's always something interesting awaiting. I was pleasantly surprised how adept he is, since this IS a thriller, at creating fear/suspense, almost Stephen King-like hide-in-the-closet scary scenes. It is a well-crafted, well-thought out story which I thoroughly enj [...]

    5. While reading this book I was constantly in two minds. I enjoyed part of the book immensely, but really disliked other parts. I downloaded the sample and it drew me in enough to download the rest of the book, especially the beginning. I did not expect what happened so early in the book which was a pleasant surprise.What I liked about the bookThe story line was good and the character development spot on. There were quite a few twists and turns which I enjoyed for the most part. The book was well [...]

    6. Well, the book was better than what I thought. When I read the title of the book, I wondered just what it meant. This book is about a unit of police officers, and 2 who seem to be in love, and a man on a killing spree. This man came up with some ways to knock off some folks. What I liked about this book is the way that every page was a thriller, it made me wonder just what the heck is Pickering going to do this time. I really loved the part about the chop-shop and what went down there. Haha, wha [...]

    7. A tanking economy, the death of a beloved wife and his own personal choices each work to provide the "last straw" for Thomas Pickering, making the law-abiding citizen and patriot an outlaw.Tess Brogan and Mike Kingman, police officers on loan to the detective bureau, work together to piece together Pickering's trail. Their discoveries include known and unknown attachments.A well-paced story with believable characters and strong plotting provide an excellent reading experience. Wish I could add a [...]

    8. BOTM for August, 2014 in the Group Psychological Thrillers.Strong beginning, and a cold one, like toilet-paper, use and discard.I still wonder, how they deliver the mail-order-brides, wrapped in jiffy-bag or packed in a cardboard-box?And COD? Do you have to pay customs or declare them for tax?Took me some time to get to the end, slow month reading, and me being tired.The most interesting person was Thomas the main character, but no one you could (or should) like.Despite what others think ( see [...]

    9. Thomas Pickering is a man at breaking point – his beloved wife is dead, his children have moved on, his new marriage is falling apart and his finances are in freefall. As the title suggests, all it takes is one last straw to tip Pickering over the edge – and over he goes with horrific results.Last Straw is a little like the movie Falling Down, starring Michael Douglas as a nameless wage slave who one day decides he’s had enough and makes his presence felt with a bang, or two, or three. In [...]

    10. Free book for honest review. juliesbookreviewpsot “Write what you know.” Some writers hear that and take it seriously, some do not. With David Jarrett it’s almost a religion. He grew up in Berkeley, CA. and his novel makes extensive use of what he knows. I know he knows Berkeley because I lived a couple of miles away for 5+ years and reading this novel brought back many memories.The serial killer in this novel is Thomas Pickering. He’s a retired Pacific Gas and Electric project manager. [...]

    11. Last Straw is a fast paced thriller with more twists and turns than the 11-mile Tail of the Dragon. Jarrett writes, "Pickering was not normally impulsive, except the morning he had" . . . . . "when he had simply snapped". Although you won't condone Pickering's method of seeking justice for himself, his circumstances are presented in such a way that you can empathize with his need for it. That is until his "method" becomes second nature. Jarrett tells a story that will keep you guessing until the [...]

    12. We all have a breaking point, but we don’t all seek revenge as Thomas Pickering does in Last Straw. This book opens on the day he murders his second wife with two bullets to her head. Thomas has lost everything and his young, mail-order bride is anything but loving and supportive. Once Thomas commits the murder of his wife, he goes after others he blames for his predicament. He is a cold-blooded killer who is smart enough to commit his crimes without leaving DNA or other evidence. He stays a s [...]

    13. This story gets you to wondering if there is a Last Straw in all of us. Where is our breaking point, that tender spot which when poked too many times disintegrates into an unidentifiable mass of pure anger, evident only in the bodies we leave behind? Could Pickering be any one of us; years after losing the love of your life and your life savings thanks to your financial "expert" flushing most of the money away and then walking away with the remainder, your current wife stretches all your patienc [...]

    14. I found the novel Last Straw gritty, good paced account about a questionable road undertaken by a middle aged man, cheated out of his luck, future and pushed over his limits to endure what others and not fate had served him. The work doesn't employ subtleties to seduce the reader, from the beginning it presents what it is about and does so faithfully, often in vividly merciless manner, and to the end. Language is strong, character behavior unsparing, much akin to the situation we find observing [...]

    15. Intriguing!From the moment the reader is introduced to Thomas Pickering, you feel sorry for him, his bitterness, his life, past and present. Then, he surprises you. His vengeance that he moves forward with captures the suspense of the story. I was truly engaged and even rooted for Pickering to find peace with himself. Life is not always black and white, right or wrong. The characters are brought to light with great detail, and the only thing that I could complain about is that some things were o [...]

    16. Last Straw by David Rheem Jarret is a well-written, intricately plotted, study of human beings pushed to the edge. While it is a crime novel, and much of the action concerns the commission and investigation of a series of homicides, the story revolves around the central character and his descent from respectability to murder.The story contains interesting, and mostly unpredictable, twists. The interaction between the supporting characters is excellent.I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys [...]

    17. Great read. Book seduced me. The main character experiences total loss in this down economy facing corruption, the loss of his wife, his fortune, his children etc. When he methodically begins to strike back, the author opens up a can of worms which allows the reader to ponder just how much it would take for any one of us to experience The Last Straw and just what would we do. This book is a page turner. I raced to the end but the questions I am asking of myself continue

    18. I read this book because it was the August Book of the Month for the group, Psychological Thrillers. It was quite well written, with good characters and motivation for the actions taken by the main character. Probably most readers would agree with his treatment of the victims. It takes place in Berkley, California with the bell tower playing a key role. He has lost his wife to cancer, and unfortunately picks a very poor choice for her replacement.

    19. A fast-paced, thrilling read. Rheem Jarrett really knows his stuff. He provides a lot of interesting detail about police procedure, and I feel like I already know Berkeley, CA (where the novel takes place) really well even though I've never been there. Interesting characters and plot. Highly recommend.

    20. A non-stop, bloody-good action suspense story. Sharp dialogue, strong characterizations, and a cat-and-mouse game that you will not be able to stop reading. If you are looking for a hard-to-put-down, well-written novel, LAST STRAW should be on your to-read list.

    21. I think Jarrett is the new Patterson of crime and revenge. He delves into the motives and feelings of a man driven over the edge by a series of events. The multiple twists and turns, the character development and the final pages leave you wanting his next novel. Bravo Jarrett!

    22. Interesting in that empathy and compassion for the killer is aroused in the readerHe's not just a stone-cold killer/sociopath/psychopath, but an average man who has reached his "last straw".

    23. This was a great read! It kept my interest and left me wanting more. My only regret is that it left me wanting to know what happened to the characters. There has to be a sequel!

    24. The topical content of Last Straw by David Rheem Jarrett is good. Many people can relate to the desperation surrounding the loss of financial security when the market tanks. The overall plot is interesting and Jarrett did a decent job developing his main character, Thomas Pickering.There are issues with Jarrett’s supporting characters, Mike Kingman and Tess Brogan. It was tough to swallow that an educated and ambitious officer, such as Kingman, would frequently present himself as an unprofessi [...]

    25. UnbelievableI found this book to be highly unbelievable. In a crime with a missing spouse the other spouse is always suspected until cleared. I had a hard time with the news conference being that way to much info was released by the police. Although the story line was pretty good, I had a hard time reading the whole thing because of those two salient points. I could only give this book 3 stars but it only deserved 2 1/2 stars.

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