Cousins The story of eleven year old Cammy who must come to grips with the sudden death of her cousin and rival Patty Ann Another wise beautifully written book from this well established master KirkusBeing

  • Title: Cousins
  • Author: Virginia Hamilton
  • ISBN: 9780590454360
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Paperback
  • The story of eleven year old Cammy, who must come to grips with the sudden death of her cousin and rival, Patty Ann Another wise, beautifully written book from this well established master KirkusBeing cousins doesn t mean you ll be friends.Cammy loves her family except for her cousin Patty Ann Though she knows she shouldn t feel this way, she can t help it PatThe story of eleven year old Cammy, who must come to grips with the sudden death of her cousin and rival, Patty Ann Another wise, beautifully written book from this well established master KirkusBeing cousins doesn t mean you ll be friends.Cammy loves her family except for her cousin Patty Ann Though she knows she shouldn t feel this way, she can t help it Patty Ann is too perfect to like, too perfect to be a friend.Then one day something terrible happens, something that can t be changed That s when Cammy learns the truth about Patty Ann, and about family love and forgiveness.

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    1 thought on “Cousins”

    1. I am currently reading Virginia Hamilton's Cousins. The book Is about an eleven year old girl named Cammy. She has a dying great grandmother that she calls Gram Tut. I am at the part when Cammy runs away from her cousins house because of an argument . Their argument was about how Patty Ann was so beautiful and good at everything she did. Finally Cammy broke into tears and ran out the door. It was thundering and raining and Cammy was scared in the cold rain. Cammy hates thunder and found some she [...]

    2. Don't recommend the book but I honestly did not like it. Not my type of book, and sorta hard to read, and some grammar errors. Cammy has a family that does not get along, her cousin Patty Ann is perfect and is good at everything. But pattys brother richie is bad. Cammys brother Andrew is a nice kid and her mom is awesome. And her grandma Tut which she loves and is very old. But after Patty Ann died, Cammy felt blamed and haunted after her death. But then she overcame and learned how to love and [...]

    3. I was wondering what was going to happen to stir up the cousins! I could not relate to this aspect of the book; I never was close to my cousins or grandmother, but I thoroughly enjoyed the humor in the family relationships in this book. The book touches on a lot of issues that would lead to great book discussions – dealing with death, under-age drinking, unemployment, language, caring for elderly family members, and prejudice. Central to the book is dealing with death – both of the inevitabl [...]

    4. ThemeThe theme of the book "Cousins" is to always love and forgive your family no matter how they act and what they do. I say this because Cammy and Patty Ann where two cousins that never got along. They would argue almost every day. I know this because in the book Patty Ann tells Cammy on page 31 “You are jealous just because I can sit on my hair and I get all straight A’s.” They argued and criticized each other.Until one day when Patty Ann died because of Cammy. The book says that’s wh [...]

    5. I enjoyed while I read this book,because I like how the author illustrated the relationship between the main character and her cousin; the way the author use details to described the characters' feelings. Cammy loves her family but her cousin Patty, because of her appearances and actions to others. I agreed with Xiao Wen, she said being cousin doesn't mean they are be friends. Yeah! Cousin is part of the family, and their relationship can't be deleted. this reminds me about my cousins. My relati [...]

    6. This is not a hard book to read, but just sometimes, I don't get use to the oral words and sentences. I like the sentence that shows on the cover, which is "Being cousins doesn't mean you'll be friends." I like this sentence, because I agree with it. Sometimes, I think that friends are more important than cousins, because cousins are just kind of like the family relationship, it can't be erase it out, and it doesn't mean anything. But friends are different, friendships can be erase it out, and i [...]

    7. The protagonist of “Cousins” name is Cammy. At the beginning of the story Cammy showed jealousy toward her cousin Patty Ann. Cammy felt that Patty Ann was perfect because she was older, she had long curly hair, her clothes were all brand new, she earned straight A’s in school, and she never got in trouble with her mom the way Cammy does. Cammy thought it was no reason to like Patty. Cammy is a dynamic character in this book because at the end she learned to love Patty, when Patty saves Cam [...]

    8. I liked itI felt the author handled every issue with honesty and grace was at times difficult to understand because of the language used however one was able to insert themselves into the story therefore making the language obstacles less noticeabled you are totally able to see the world through this little girls eyesI recommend this one for your fourth and fifth grade readers

    9. I read this book over twenty years ago as a child and the sadness this book evoked still lingeres whenever I remember reading the story. It's the kind of book that I am going to have my daughter read as soon as she is old enough. It was a heart wrenching book that caused me to truly think at such a young age.

    10. i loved this book. It was actually amazing how Gram Tut comes home from the nursing care. I just finished reading and i really enjoyed it I recommend this book to those people who haven't read this book, they should read it. Try reading a couple pages in this book. it's a little boring in the first couple pages, but i would give it a *4* :)

    11. what I thought about this book is generous/amazing.I love to read good books like this I'm 10 years old andi like to read .My parents buy me good and amazing books like theses.So i like to read books.

    12. It is a very mysterious book. Two things are very mysterious in this book. You will love this book if you are into historical fiction. It has many sad and happy moods at different time and pionts in the story.

    13. I remember reading Bluish at some point in my child/teenhood, but didn't remember it very well. After reading this lyrical and moving book, I feel like I've discovered a new favorite. I also have M.C. Higgins, the Great and will be reading that soon.

    14. More of a 3.5 star for me. Poignant and tender--I love Cammy's love for her grandmother and how Cammy's family comes together to support her after she witnesses a horrible accident befall one of her cousins.

    15. Three cousins set out on an emotional journey over a summer, in which there is rivalry, deep hostility, and a death.Death, cousins, grandmothers -- Juvenile fiction.Hardcover challengeUnrated

    16. *SPOILER* Cammy’s big family reunion is approaching when she meets second cousins Fractal and GiGi. Cammy’s world is turned upside down when she learns Fractal is her half-sister via her father.

    17. Unexpected and really gripping. Loved it. Hamilton won the Newbery Award for "M.C. Higgins the Great." I found "M.C." too dragging and anti-climactic. Not so "Cousins." Read it!

    18. This was a little hard to read (yes, I know) but once I got into it, it was great and didn't put it down until I finished it!

    19. This book is very, VERY touching to the heart and mind. It's basically a life lesson to read/talk about. Virginia did an awesome job writing this book.

    20. Um livro da minha juventude que reli rapidamente para recordar. É uma história de amor e perda pelos olhos de uma menina de dez anos.

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