Burned Too Hot

Burned Too Hot A SERIAL ARSONIST Someone is setting fire to the town of Lake Loyal Wisconsin one building at a time And Police Chief Valerie Ryker and her former love Assistant Fire Chief David Lund have a hunc

  • Title: Burned Too Hot
  • Author: Ann Voss Peterson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A SERIAL ARSONIST Someone is setting fire to the town of Lake Loyal, Wisconsin, one building at a time And Police Chief Valerie Ryker, and her former love, Assistant Fire Chief David Lund, have a hunch who s behind it A SPECTER FROM THE PAST Serial Killer Dixon Hess almost destroyed Val s life, along with everyone close to her He s vowed revenge But how can his influenA SERIAL ARSONIST Someone is setting fire to the town of Lake Loyal, Wisconsin, one building at a time And Police Chief Valerie Ryker, and her former love, Assistant Fire Chief David Lund, have a hunch who s behind it A SPECTER FROM THE PAST Serial Killer Dixon Hess almost destroyed Val s life, along with everyone close to her He s vowed revenge But how can his influence of evil still be spreading when he s safely locked up in the county jail AN INNOCENT CHILD The link is a kidnapped toddler Hess s son And some people will stop at nothing to see father and child reunited Even if that means burning everything to the ground From nationally bestselling romantic suspense author Ann Voss Peterson comes the second novel in the Val Ryker thriller series, following her hit Pushed Too Far Burned Too Hot is a superior follow up to Pushed Too Far, a gorgeously rendered portrait of a perfect little town shaken to its core by the evil that men do Peopled with characters you ll love, villains you ll fear and hate, this book has it all A stunning and simmering summer blockbuster Blake Crouch, bestselling author of the Wayward Pines series Burned Too Hot is approximately 77,000 words long.

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    1 thought on “Burned Too Hot”

    1. This is the second book in the Val Ryker series. A small town detective is hiding a big secret – MS. She is facing a firebug, a serial killer, and a search for a missing child. All the while she’s trying to deny her feelings for David Lund and her current symptoms.Now she has to find a missing child, and protect her niece from the man who claims to be her father. At the same time, the firebug keeps burning buildings, each one more deadly than the last.The series is definitely a thrilling rea [...]

    2. This book was good and interesting, and the plot was quite complex, but it didn't seem forced. It did keep the reader interested and anxious to see what was going to come. It kept the reader guessing. There was some inconsistency in speaking of "Emily's" "boss", in that the "boss" was sometimes referred to as "he" and sometimes "she". I expect that that was intended to keep the reader guessing, but I think it would've been better to use different verbiage. I do wish that we had an unsexed pronou [...]

    3. A FIVE STAR T H R I L L ER!!!WOW.is is a super sit on the edge of your chair THRILLER.tion never stops, so get your drinks, snacks, comfortable chair, and get ready for non stop action, page after pageLove this series

    4. Again -excellent, and I didn't guess the perp! I do think, though, that Chief Valerie should have been a bit more suspicious of her ex claiming to be her niece's father Dixon Hess continues to be a monster Just starting book 3

    5. I am loving this series. Interesting characters. Plenty of mystery, drama and a romance in a thriller. I like the envolment of all the citizens of this small town to help solve the events thst occur in each book. Will be starting book 3 tonight to see how they get the killer.

    6. An arsonist is running around setting fire to different places throughout the town of Lake Loyal, Wisconsin. While Val and Lund are attempting to restore order, Val receives a cryptic threat from Dixon Hess who is behind bars. All this culminates into a police thriller where Lund and Val work entirely too hard and should probably take a vacation. So yeah, I didn't find this one too suspenseful or thrilling. I could see the elements there and I was blitzing through pages at certain points but it [...]

    7. Spine-tingling, on the edge of my seat, leaves me breathless. However, while it is all these and more, I should have realized that it is really a trilogy or more. The antagonist continues on and on. Somehow, this super psychopath manages to make women fall for him so he can then torture and kill them. They risk their lives to serve him in what ever way they can. He does not disabuse them, until it is too late. Then, Police chief Val Ryker has problems of her owndical, family, and love life all s [...]

    8. Raging FiresLake Loyal Police Department hired their first female police Chief of Wisconsin, Valerie Ryker who finally succeeded in the capture of a horrific killer, Dixon Hess. Grace her young but very intelligent niece, worked with her on his record, and came across information that led to his convictions of murder and maybe rape. An interesting mystery that has several twists including Val and the Assistant Fire Chief have a romance that can't continue, the main problem to solve of someone is [...]

    9. The second book in the Ryker/Lund series. Dixon Hess, who has been found guilty of the murders from the first book, is in the local jail awaiting sentencing. At the same time someone has been setting fires in the town, one of which proved fatal. A two-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl have gone missing, someone from Ryker's past has shown up unexpectedly, and her niece Grace has been the subject of a chilling promise sent to Hess by an unidentified fan. How many will die before those responsib [...]

    10. The writing was good and the characters seemed pretty real, but far too many people died, and that was really quite disturbing. Some of the "bad" people were also not credible. The book doesn't even hint at how devastated the small Wisconsin town at the center of the story will be by the wholesale slaughter of so many of its townspeople. In the real world, death of even a few friends or neighbors is shocking. So many deaths, mostly murders or collateral deaths would be overwhelming.

    11. Ugh! Why do they even bother publishing these worthless books that don't have a conclusion? It was a passable story, but not one that gave you any reason to pick it up once you put it down based on the 12 days it took for me to read. Then it ends with the villian getting away. Sick of reading books that are just setup to force you to buy next book in series.

    12. Excellent bookFull of action and suspense, it's like a silence of the lambs on steroids. The characters are wonderful and every page you read, leaves you wanting more. I can't wait to read the next in this series.

    13. This is the type of book I strongly dislike.1) There was not ending. It is just another bit of the story that doesn't end.2) The bad guy is too perfect. I got this book was free and might have gotten my money's worth. I did finish it, but I will not read any other books in this series.

    14. I'm continuing to enjoy this series. In this second installment, we get some insight into Val's past. But her present is more dangerous to both her and her loved ones. She finally manages to make a big revelation which makes me curious and anxious to read book #3 to see what happens as a result.

    15. BURNED TOO HOTVery good story, but I don't think this book would read well as a stand alone. Val, Grace and Lund are great characters and there is the bonus character of Harry from the Jack Daniels books.

    16. GreatEven though I read the series out of sequence, and I knew what was in the third book, it didn't detract from my enjoyment whatsoever. I thoroughly enjoy this author. She knows how to captivate the reader's interest throughout. I can't wait to read more of her work.

    17. Nice continuation from the first book. The only weird thing was how the author kept changing POV. Just seemed unnecessary and very different from the first book. Still, good read. Would certainly recommend.

    18. This was a fast-moving action-packed mystery. Liked the characters; enjoyed the book. I rated it 4.8 stars.

    19. Well done, taut thriller. Unfortunately, there are a LOT of errors in here, which I found distracting.

    20. GreatExcellent read. I can't wait to read the next one. I was totally engrossed and could not put it down.

    21. IntenseI enjoyed this book but it's leaves you hanging. I wish there was no profanity but thankfully there wasn't a lot.

    22. OkNot supper impressed. You have to read book 1 or book 2 is hard to follow. I doubt I will I buy more of her books

    23. Anti-climatic end.Likable characters filled with doubts, insecurities. Unsatisfying end, arson, murders and evil that should be killed long ago controlling small town.

    24. Burned Too HotThis is the second book in the Val Ryker series. It is a thrilling series. I highly recommend this series. Worth reading if you enjoy a good thriller.

    25. Great!Another great book by Ann Voss Peterson. Lots of times the second book is a disappointment. This meets the same high standards of the first.

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