The Gap Into Vision: Forbidden Knowledge

The Gap Into Vision Forbidden Knowledge Author of The Chronicles Of Thomas Covenant one of the most acclaimed fantasy series of all time master storyteller Stephen R Donaldson retums with the second book in his long awaited new science fi

  • Title: The Gap Into Vision: Forbidden Knowledge
  • Author: Stephen R. Donaldson
  • ISBN: 9780553297607
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Paperback
  • Author of The Chronicles Of Thomas Covenant, one of the most acclaimed fantasy series of all time, master storyteller Stephen R Donaldson retums with the second book in his long awaited new science fiction series a story about dark passions, perilous alliances, and dubious heroism set in a stunningly imagined future.Beautiful, brilliant, and dangerous, Morn Hyland is anAuthor of The Chronicles Of Thomas Covenant, one of the most acclaimed fantasy series of all time, master storyteller Stephen R Donaldson retums with the second book in his long awaited new science fiction series a story about dark passions, perilous alliances, and dubious heroism set in a stunningly imagined future.Beautiful, brilliant, and dangerous, Morn Hyland is an ex police officer for the United Mining Companies and the target of two ruthless, powerful men One is the charismatic ore pirate Nick Succorso, who sees Morn as booty wrested from his vicious rival, Angus Thermopyle thermopyle once made the mistake of underestimating Morn and now he s about to pay the ultimate price Both men think they can possess her, but Morn is no one s trophy and no one s pawn.Meanwhile, withing the borders of Forbidden Space, wait the Amnioin, an alien race capable of horrific atrocities The Amnion want something unspeakable from humanity and they will go to unthinkable lengths to get it.In Forbidden Knowledge, Stephen R Donaldson spins a galaxy wide web of intrigue, deception, and betrayal that tightens with inexorable strength around characters and readers alike.

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    1 thought on “The Gap Into Vision: Forbidden Knowledge”

    1. The main problem with this story was that the author seems to be under the impression that "rape victim" is a personality type. In the first book, the protagonist seemed to be intelligent and resourceful, despite terrible things happening to her. But her character never progressed or deepened, instead she (and other characters) were reduced to a few obvious traits or obsessions. Now, it might be believable that someone having undergone severe trauma would behave erratically, showing times of inc [...]

    2. The second book in the Gap series continues to wreak psychological havoc on its reader, I really felt depressed while reading this book, because this world does not have any normal human beings with a moral compass, but we have a large cast of characters who will use anything and everything to achieve their purpose. Although Angus Thermoplyae continues to take the crown for me, regarding most disgusting character in grim-dark so far, but Nick Suarcoso does not lag behind by much. I thought in th [...]

    3. 4.5 to 5.0 stars. Fantastic sequel to The Gap into Conflict: The Real Story by Stephen R. Donaldson. Continuing right where The Gap into Conflict: The Real Story left off, this installment expands on the intertwined stories of Morn Hyland, Nick Succorso and Angus Thermopyle. This is not your typical space opera with larger than life heroes and clear cut good guys and bad guys. In fact, there are no "good guys" in this book, only lesser evils. This book is dark, violent, depressingd brilliantly d [...]

    4. Hmmm. This is a wierd book to write about. I liked the first book more than this one, and I think that has to do mostly with it being shorter. What I do like is the setting. I like the author's vision of the future. It's interesting and seems like it would be populated with all kinds of stories. I like the ships as well. I think he really nailed how a ship would feel in these books.What I find mediocre is the plot and pacing. one big thing happens partially through the book and thats it. It seem [...]

    5. Forbidden Knowledge continues the story of Morn and her travels after she leaves Com-Mine station with Nick. At some point, we come to find the book is holding out on us. Most of the pages deal with Nick and Morn and the crew aboard the ship. Throughout, Morn is a target of abuse. Over and over. The reader is made to feel as confined as the crew. For a while, I thought the author might have a personal problem, and he probably does, but he is very good at composition, too. When you think you've h [...]

    6. Ug Stephen Donaldson is a dark bitter soul methinks. Gods, what a dark, ugly story. I don't' know why I started it, the first book left me so cold and empty. The sequel even more so. It is well written, and characters are interesting, but all just so f****d up, so violent, full of rape and psychological torture. I know I'll not continue the series. However I'm drawn to go on, the ending is so flat and empty, it pulls you in like a black hole. Ug, wanna go wash my hands now

    7. So, you made it past Rape: The Novel. You are now ready to embark on one of the great science fiction epics of all time. Continuing Donaldson's science fiction adaptation of Wagner's Ring Cycle, we now begin to get to the meat of the matter. (No spoilers here.) In "Forbidden Knowledge," we meet and get to know the infamous Captain Nick Succorso. And we will fight to survive this gut-wrenching tale, along with Nick, and Morn. This book is flavored with an interesting characteristic that appears s [...]

    8. If The Real Story was vile and disgusting, this book is so much more uncomfortable and disturbing. If you couldn't take what happens in The Real Story, do not continue with these books. I kept not wanting to read this book, but still found myself picking it up thinking that it has to get better, but the conclusion of Chapter 10 just made me think, "This guy (the author) is SICK!" Seriously. There was absolutely no point to the disgusting thing that happens at the end of Chapter 10. It is repulsi [...]

    9. OMG!!!! After reading the first book in this series I grudgingly picked up Forbidden Knowledge. Wow is all I have to say. It is like Donaldson wasn't really sure what he was going for in the first book and the decided to really let go after that. The way he shows just how low and depraved the human species can get is amazing.

    10. The second book in the Gap series moves the story from the seemingly personal (and often very disturbing) stories of Morn Hyland, Angus Thermopyle, and Nick Succorso, to the political intrigues that set up the situations in which they find themselves. Donaldson introduces the power players behind the machinations and provides some history of the world in which they live, but even so, most of this novel is really prelude to the real action that comes in the later novels. Donaldson is a great writ [...]

    11. I generally consider myself a realist/pragmatist, but the level of cynicism in Donaldson's work is crushing. Every chapter is another stone laid upon the reader's chest. Just when it feels you'll suffocate, the book ends.You ever see that movie Irreversible? I've used that movie as an example of a great-film-I-never-want-to-see-again whenever the idea comes up in conversation.Forbidden Knowledge is a lot like Irreversible. It's not quite great, but it is good, and I doubt I'd ever want to read i [...]

    12. There's a solid story to be found in here somewhere, but God, it doesn't half go on. I understand Donaldson wants to create multilayered characters by having them psychoanalyse themselves every five minutes, but I felt I had a good grasp of the characters a quarter of the way in. It mostly came off as repetitive and frustrating because I wanted to move on. 'Did I read the word aliens?''You did, dear reader, but let me tell you a bit more about how Morn hates herself, just so we're clear!''sigh.' [...]

    13. The world building in this series, thin as it is so far, is pretty great. The plot is slow but intriguing as hints and developments suggest that more is at stake than the characters personal dramas. That they might actually be unknowingly playing roles in humanity's future. But the characters and their violent, depressing interrelationships gets pretty old after awhile. And that's kind of the main focus of the series unfortunately. These people could benefit from a permanent on-ship psychologist [...]

    14. Building on the first book in the series "the real story" , the second volume gives us a much wider view of the universe if these stories and sets up the characters and larger story arcs without becoming tedious, as many "setup" books can be. There were perhaps some repetitive bit ( I've read more than enough descriptions of Morn being terrified in various ways), Vue but overall the story was fast paced and painted an interesting picture of the world it is set in. I look forward to volume 3!

    15. Och så var det över, och jag känner bara herregud andas ut! Det har tagit mig lång tid att ta mig igenom den här boken. Dels för att den bitvis har upprepat sig själv och det inte har hänt så jättemycket (men oj vad det händer mycket mellan varven). Dels för att den, precis som den tidigare delen The Gap into Conflict The Real Story, är otroligt intensiv. Det har varit mycket oro, stress och känslor för mig den här våren och ofta, ofta har jag känt att jag inte orkat läsa om m [...]

    16. I read "The Gap" series, a five-novel saga from Stephen R. Donaldson.I think Donaldson does better with SF than fantasy. The series is set in a future as created by something called the Gap Drive, an FTL travel method that sometimes drives people mad. It starts out with a complicated little minuet of a story involving the lives of three people who live on the fringes of space (the first novel), but over time the series becomes a complicated tale involving a terrible cold war between an alien rac [...]

    17. Author of *The Chronicles Of Thomas Covenant*, one of the most acclaimed fantasy series of all time, master storyteller Stephen R. Donaldson retums with the second book in his long-awaited new science fiction series--a story about dark passions, perilous alliances, and dubious heroism set in a stunningly imagined future. Beautiful, brilliant, and dangerous, Morn Hyland is an ex-police officer for the United Mining Companies--and the target of two ruthless, powerful men.  One is the charismatic [...]

    18. I'm only going to say this once for all 5 books: they are a stellar sci-fi series that any genre addict should read. They are not as great as the first trio of Covenant books, but they are a lot better than some of the recent sci-fi books churned out. That said, they are also more than a little disturbing, and, by the end, more than a little hard to believe. Even sci-fi character can't bend so far until they break, and the main villain of this "franchise" does such a personality 180 that as a re [...]

    19. Stephen Donaldson's "Gap" series is one my favorite series. My father handed me the first one, saying, "This is full of violence and rape and you'll probably hate all the characters in this first book, but the story just keeps getting better."He was right. The story begins with a space pirate attack on a police ship and the "rescue" of the last survivor on the police ship and concludes with the human race fighting the Amnion, an alien species capable of extreme genetic manipulation. Despite the [...]

    20. Like Game of Thrones, Thomas Covenant, Lord of the Rings, and others, these books don't resolve themselves to some degree at the end of each book. They just kind of leave you in the middle of the action. TR is reading them straight through (5 books at the moment.) I, however, need breaks and it will be quite a while before I get back. I love Stephen R. Donaldson's complex and very intelligent characters. Most of these are victims turned preditors and disturbingly intriguing. Stephen Donaldson,th [...]

    21. Some of this may be considered Spoilers Be forewarnedI felt this started as a four star book and ended as a three. Morn's story goes on and on. Most of the characters on Captain's Fancy felt one dimensional to me. I do like where this story is going however and will definitely continue the series. I feel like Donaldson was trying to puff up the size of the book or something. It's cartoonish how evil Nick's character is which makes it all the more frustrating the last 100 pages. I'm not sure if t [...]

    22. I will write a short review because I don’t think I liked this book enough to write a longer one. It was a better book than the first one, but…. If you are fed up with characters having dark issues, and Despair being their most prominent companion, don’t go further. In fact, I enjoyed the Covenant books despite all characters apparently living through their worst hour all the time simply because the Land is a marvelous place and I always like to read more about it, not to mention I would l [...]

    23. Somewhat less blatantly vile than "The Real Story"; "Forbidden Knowledge" begins to flesh out the reasons for what happened in the first part of the series. Morn's character becomes more interesting as she turns from helpless victim into victim that is trying to take control of her life. There is still too much rape and violence though.The hints of what is going on back at the UMC Police HQ are enough to keep one reading, but I find this a claustrophobic and nightmarish book, and one feels stuck [...]

    24. This is a dark grim and painful story about a woman gradually gaining possession and control of herself in the face of a hostile and traumatic universe. It is important but not everyone wants to deal with such harsh depictions of the ways people try to control each other. The main character of this book is a is inspiring in the way that despite being broken down, in pain, and tormented she manages to regain her sense of self ownership in the face of pressure, abuse, and having a mind control chi [...]

    25. I like science fiction that is mostly based on character actions, rather than exploring/describing places and technology. This book is definitely all action, as it follows the ongoing strategies of Morn Hyland in her very immediate struggle to survive over a few weeks. At times, I was wishing for a break from her constant post-traumatic state, but since she was still in the middle of the traumatic events causing her stress, it was hard to fault her for being a bit overwhelmed. The book ends abru [...]

    26. Continuation of the Gap Series.Here we get the fallout of the first book. Angus is imprisoned, Morn has escaped thanks to Nick.But not really I love how the relationships between the character's keep changing, like how morn (effectively) becomes the one manipulating Nick into doing what she wants, and Angus in turn becomes the helpless victim, etc.But the stakes are rising - this isn't just a personal story about a trio, but now there are greater powers who are trying to manipulate them - and we [...]

    27. I have mixed feelings about this book. Yes it is a page turner. There is action, the characters are interesting although it is sometimes difficult to understand what drives them. Also there are no good guys. There are sometimes too many characters with odd names; they appear briefly and do not add much. As to the politicians lurking in the background you are not told what they are trying to achieve; may be it will be clearer in following books. As to the physics we are mostly talking about IT st [...]

    28. Finally 8 years after reading the first novel in this series I tackle the second volume. About time, too. This is good stuff, a epic science fiction saga starts to form in this book. Larger players in the universe start getting involved, and you know this saga will encompass the human race, and not just the two main characters of the first book.Like the first book, this is brutal adult fiction. Rape is still heavily used in this book, and most of the characters in this installment have minor vic [...]

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