Kissani Jugoslavia

Kissani Jugoslavia Lahjakkaan nuoren kirjoittajan maaginen esikoisromaani juuriltaan revityst perheest mahdottomasta rakkaudesta kuolemanpelosta ja kauniista kissastaTytt varttuu Jugoslavian maaseudulla miss naisen

  • Title: Kissani Jugoslavia
  • Author: Pajtim Statovci
  • ISBN: 9789511269786
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Lahjakkaan nuoren kirjoittajan maaginen esikoisromaani juuriltaan revityst perheest , mahdottomasta rakkaudesta, kuolemanpelosta ja kauniista kissastaTytt varttuu Jugoslavian maaseudulla, miss naisen arvo mitataan ty nteossa ja kyvyss miellytt miest H iden j lkeen h nen asemastaan ei ole ep ilyst k n Kun koko liittovaltio hajoaa perheen ymp rilt , el m uudessaLahjakkaan nuoren kirjoittajan maaginen esikoisromaani juuriltaan revityst perheest , mahdottomasta rakkaudesta, kuolemanpelosta ja kauniista kissastaTytt varttuu Jugoslavian maaseudulla, miss naisen arvo mitataan ty nteossa ja kyvyss miellytt miest H iden j lkeen h nen asemastaan ei ole ep ilyst k n Kun koko liittovaltio hajoaa perheen ymp rilt , el m uudessa kotimaassa alkavat hallita pelko ja h pe.H nen poikansa kasvaa kylm n maahan, miss muualta tullutta k sket n tyytym n v h n ja olemaan kiitollinen H n ostaa itselleen kuningasboan, ja baarista l ytyv oikukas kissa johdattaa h net vavisuttavalle matkalle menneisyyden kerroksiin.

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      136 Pajtim Statovci
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    1 thought on “Kissani Jugoslavia”

    1. I would really like to thank the publisher for sending me a copy of this book! Translated from Finnish and set in the backdrop of the Yugoslav war, it follows two narrative that intertwine of a mother and son, where we get to know the rest of the family. Emine, who is married off to someone she barely knows and Bekim, her son, who's a gay Muslim and keeps a boa constrictor and cat for company. This book was extremely thought-provoking. Honest and raw. I loved how the author delved into and explo [...]

    2. Years ago I remember wishing I could experience a bit of what immigrants experience, or that some could communicate their experiences in ways I could understand. They’d started out somewhere I’d never been, and they’d arrived somewhere they’d never imagined. Like Finland. Cold, white, communal, with few racial or religious tensions. I was eager to hear it all, but such stories, if they existed, were rarely published in the U.S. All that has changed now and I couldn't be happier. This rem [...]

    3. Pajtim Statocvi kertoi tarinan, jonka lähtömaa oli Jugoslavia. Sellaista maata ei enää ole, sillä se on hajonnut. Sota, vainot, pakolaisuus, maahanmuutto, maahanmuutajana asuminen vieraassa maassa, nuo ilmiöt tulevat hyvin esille Kissani Jugoslavia teoksessa. Rinnan oman erilaisuuden hyväksymisen kanssa kulkee seksuaalisuus, johon fantasia antaa oman lisävärityksen Bekimin tarinassa. Äidin ja pojan tarinat ovat sävyltään erilaiset, mikä on juonellisesti hyvä asia, sillä heitä er [...]

    4. Shame on the publisher for inflicting this unripened novel on the world. The Kosovar mom's story is heart-rending and realistically told, but the interleaved narrative of her gay son, a refugee in Finland, is simply awful: he is nothing but a conglomeration of resentments, ideas, and neuroses. His pet is a boa constrictor; in the most unenjoyable, unreal, bizarre section, one of his boyfriends is a talking, racist, homophobic cat. Need I say more?

    5. Loved this book! I'm not sure if I would describe this as a book for cat lovers, though people who love cats and snakes will find it engrossing - this is a book for lonesome souls, of people who are struggling to build a life, a home.

    6. Stavoci is remarkably confident. The writing zings. The novel begins with a gay hookup that was very well written, just a stunning use of a scene to create the inner life, very quickly, of an alienated gay man--who happens too to be a literal alien--from Yugoslavia to Finland. The smells in this book are brilliantly rendered. A snake and a cat figure prominently in the story and the relationship that the protagonist has with each is weird, unsettling, and perfect. I'm respectful of this author a [...]

    7. Definitely pulls you in. I finished it in one day. Both the Finns and the Kosovans take hits, but the core story is how hard it is to be an immigrant. There is a lot of humanity, but also a lot of violence and misogyny (in the characters; it clearly appalls the author). I would definitely read more by Statovci.

    8. I struggled with this book at the beginning and then grew to love it. I wasn't sure what to make of it, especially when Bekim seemed to be talking to cat who was talking back. It felt like this part was out of the blue completely and that maybe I was reading a Murakami story. That part ended quickly which only made it even more strange.But This story is about a family who moves from Kosovo to Finland for a better life, a better home and away from the war that was happening back there. It's narra [...]

    9. Huh, mikä esikoisromaani. Tarina oli koskettava ja se vei mukanaan jo heti ensisivuilta lähtien. Yksi tähti lähtee siitä, että osa tapahtumista oli hieman liian outoja minulle tai sitten en vain ymmärtänyt niitä tarpeeksi.

    10. Recommended by the estimable (unless you're the Cheeto in Chief) New York Times, this debut novel by Kosovo-born Finn Pajtim Statovci is just plain weird. Odd, and uneven, which might mean the same thing, but in fact counts as two criticisms.The plots, following Mom and son, stretch out over time. Mom's, the more pedestrian narrative of the two, is more conventional and slower paced. It's simply the tale of a young bride who marries a fellow Yugoslavian who is strong, handsome, and the worst kin [...]

    11. Alltså VAD VAR DET HÄR? Hur läste jag ens ut den? Fattar jag inte synbolik? VAD VILL DEN HÄR BOKEN?!

    12. Alkuun tahmannut esikoisromaani vei äkkiarvaamatta mukanaan kissoineen ja käärmeineen. Statovci kuljettaa kahden kertojan tarinaansa kauniisti, kaikkea en ehkä ymmärtänyt, mutta ei ehkä tarvitsekaan. Komea, väkevä, kaunis kirja.

    13. I was so conflicted rating this. I couldn't decide between 3/5 and 4/5, so I'll give it a 3,5. It's so hard to be objective about this book, because it's by a Kosovan author (from Finland), and I can't decide if I'm excited about the book because it's good or because it's cool that Albanians in the diaspora are finally writing novels and getting them published. I give it a 4 for all the relatable material and reading about familiar places, things and traditions. It's also well written. The use o [...]

    14. Olipa hieno esikoisteos! Parasta kotimaista nykykirjallisuutta, melkein uskallan väittää! Tiheä on tunnelma ja kovin ihanasti taipuu suomen kieli. Aiheet liikkuvat naisen asemassa, Suomeen muuttamisessa, kulttuurieroissa, perheessä, rakkaudessa ja stereotypioissa. Symboliikkaa paljon ja tulkittavaa riittää. Kukaan ei ole vain yhtä – ainakin näin itse minulle kirjan kissa ja käärme tuntuvat avautuvan.

    15. There are good bones in this book, but in the end it's unpolished. I was set to give a higher rating, because of the strong storytelling when the author describes the refugee experience especially in the Emine storyline. The Bekim storyline was so discombobulated and I kind of hated the ending.

    16. Kissani Jugoslavia is a weird book that gets you thinking. It's well written and interesting - so very different to what Finnish books usually are. It was extremely great to read about the mother especially. Her narration was better than her son's. It's also more concrete as the son's was cryptic and full of secret metaphors. The mother was the reason, really. The Albanian culture was something that I wasn't familiar with and how it clashed with the Finnish culture was priceless. The mother is v [...]

    17. Odd. Simply a little too weird for me - I've always found it difficult to accept that there are no answers to be found, that I just shouldn't try to analyse something I can't be sure about.While I liked to learn about Bekim's problems assimilating in Finland and the culture, I preferred her mother's parts, at least those made sense.Undoubtedly very skilled and impressive, just a little too weird for me. Can't give it a three so a 3.5 rounded up. Hopefully Tiranan sydän will be more coherent and [...]

    18. Someone could tell me that this book is a work of genius, snakes represent this and cats represent that, and I would say, yes, of course, I see. Or someone could tell me that it makes no sense and I would say, sure, of course.I enjoyed reading the two stories of mother and son, although it was about the 2/3 point that I realized I would most likely end the book as confused as I was at that moment. I'm planning to read some reviews to try to make sense of it, although that feels a little bit like [...]

    19. Kaksi tähteä siitä, että toinen puolisko oli hitusen mielenkiintoisempi kuin ensimmäinen, ja jaksoin taistella loppuun asti. Ei sytyttänyt.

    20. I enjoyed the book even though I didn't quite understand it. Maybe I'm just not the type of reader this book was meant for? Nonetheless, it was an interesting and enjoyable read.

    21. I'm not really sure how to describe how important this book felt, except to say that each relationship points to how we can both respect and loathe, dream and relinquish hope- and at every moment feel torn between obligation to family and yourself. I loved it and mourned its ending.

    22. It’s good to read about non-tragic queer characters, books with Muslim and refugee protagonists, books that document the cost of war on women, books that come from countries I’ve never read anything from before (Finland and Kosovo). Also it’s great to read really honest and realistic depictions of romantic love - how it flips and changes and includes multiple conflicts all at once.

    23. ”Kissani Jugoslavia” on 24-vuotiaan kirjallisuutta ja käsikirjoittamista opiskelevan Pajtim Statovcin vahva, vivahteikas ja maaginen debyyttiromaani. Kirja voitti Helsingin Sanomien esikoiskirjapalkinnon erityisen vahvassa palkintosarjassa. Muun muassa Tommi Kinnusen tyylikäs hitti ”Neljäntienristeys” ja Antti Holman huikea ”Järjestäjä” olivat ehdolla. Näistä kolmesta lukemastani erinomaisesta ehdokkaasta preferoin itse ”Järjestäjää,” mutta Statovci vakuutta myös.Rom [...]

    24. I honestly don’t know how to review this book. There are two story lines. One is told by Emine, a young Muslim girl in Yugoslavia. The other line is told by her son, Bekim. Emine’s story is horrifying, but it’s realistic. When a young man notices her on the road, he requests her hand in marriage- basically, his family buys her with new clothing for her family, food, jewelry, and enough money to finish building their house. In installments, we follow her wedding and life with him through th [...]

    25. Tämä on näitä kirjoja, joita en oikeastaan edes uskalla lähteä tulkitsemaan. Se herättää mielikuvia ja ajatuksia, mutta selkeä ymmärrys siitä, mistä tässä kaikessa on kysymys jättäytyy loppua myöten vähintäänkin käsivarrenmitan päähän. Kirjan kaksi tärkeintä motiivia, kissa ja käärme, ovat kiehtovia ja etenkin käärmeestä, joka kietoutuu milloin mitenkin ja milloin mihinkin, välittyy vahvoja kuvia. Yksi parhaista kohdista on heti kirjan alussa, kun päähenkilö h [...]

    26. Uskomattoman kauniisti kirjoitettu ja sopivan kryptinen kirja koko elämän läpi läsnäolevasta ulkopuolisuuden tunteesta, käärmeistä, kissoista, sodasta ja kuolemasta."Toistelin itselleni, että niinhän se on, asenne ratkaisee, asenne ratkaisee, ja minä jäin bussista pois siksi että halusin kävellä loppumatkan enkä siksi että se oli täynnä ja jouduin seisomaan sen käytävällä, eikä ääneni värissyt kun hoidin asioita puhelimitse, enkä edes vetänyt hartioitani kumaraan kun [...]

    27. At first it was confusing. Then it was slow. Then at part II things started happening and the story was put in motion, and part III was my favourite part. I'm still not quite sure what exactly happened, though, but I do know what I think of the characters now and that'll do.It's more of a 4 star book, but I'm still giving it three.Helmet reading challenge 2017 42: A debut

    28. Honestly? Was not a fan of the writing style nor the story itself either. Reading this book was a chore, and not a very enjoyable chore. I kept pushing and pushing, hoping for it to get better. Hoping for the story get more engaging for me, but I fear that the opposite happened. The more I read, the less interested I was.Maybe I'm not intelligent enough for this award-winning debut novel full to the brim of metaphors as I felt a lot of the context went over my head.Like a lot of other readers, I [...]

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