Jake's Tower

Jake s Tower In real life Jake is never safe He lives in constant fear of his mother s violent boyfriend But in his imaginary tower he can dream up his own father the stranger who gave him a cuddle and a fluffy d

  • Title: Jake's Tower
  • Author: Elizabeth Laird
  • ISBN: 9780330398039
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Paperback
  • In real life, Jake is never safe He lives in constant fear of his mother s violent boyfriend But in his imaginary tower he can dream up his own father the stranger who gave him a cuddle and a fluffy duck the day he was born and went away for ever Jake doesn t believe dreams ever come true But sometimes they do.

    • Unlimited [Spirituality Book] ✓ Jake's Tower - by Elizabeth Laird Ä
      439 Elizabeth Laird
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    1 thought on “Jake's Tower”

    1. My 10 year old brother recommended me this book.I thought it was be a stupid kids book buts not. It was such a great book I'm shocked my brother read it.

    2. One of the best children's book I've ever come across. At first I was disappointed seeing that it was more a novella than a full grown novel, but then again, the 'thickness' of the book should've tipped me off, right. This was before I was aware it was a children's book but after that, I realized it was just nice =)Its about Jake, who suffers abuse at the hands of his stepdad. His mother prefers to pretend she doesn't notice anything, but still tries to comfort him whenever his stepdad is away.T [...]

    3. This is a suitable choice for a real coming of age novel for a Grade 6 or 7 class. It may be quite realistic to some students who come from abusive homes, so teachers/librarians might want to be sensitive to that. It is, however, a story told with accuracy and realism. Some might say things are a bit too tidy in the end to be true; however, the protagonist's growth is suitable for the length of the novel, the characters are well-developed and memorable. I would not hesitate to recommend this boo [...]

    4. The juxtaposition of the terror of Jake's reality with the escapism of his imaginary world was painful and in some ways saddening.Even after a 'happy' ending, Jake realises that, '[t]he fear stays in your head. It comes back to you even when things are fine, in the middle of the day, when you least expect it I'm afraid he'll be in my head forever'.Really well written.

    5. Jake invents his perfect home, a tall tower with a drawbridge, to escape from his reality of violence in the home into his head. It's not a comfortable read at all but there is hope.

    6. All Jake has from his father is a little yellow ducky that he gave Jake in the hospital right after he was born. But Jake clings to the hope that one day his father will want to see him again. Life with his stepfather, Steve, is a nightmare. After a very severe beating, Jake even thinks about stepping in front of a train to be free of his life. But then he remembers the unborn brother or sister his Mom is carrying - who is going to protect the baby from Steve? But Jake's Mom has had enough and i [...]

    7. Such a beautiful and moving story about a boy and his family and how he escapes his abusive stepfather. The power of a child's imagination and family show how bad things can be overcome.

    8. The story of Jake, who's coping as best he can with severe abuse and neglect from his mother and stepfather. An well written eye-opener for sure, which leads to a better understanding of family violence.

    9. This book is wonderfully well-written.Jakes creates his own little perfect world where he dreams and lives, protected from the cruel world he lives in. The suspense created is incredibly entertaining and you never know how the characters are going to raect. I LOVED it.

    10. Another one of those "hard to read" contemporary fiction titles because you know there are kids out there who are going through the same kind of neglect and severe abuse that Jake is. Very British, but you finish with a better understanding of family violence.

    11. A nice and well-written children book about how cruelly violence is stuck with childhood which is meant to be cheerful, happy, full of laughter but not bruises.

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