Calling Maggie May

Calling Maggie May A dark and edgy first person cautionary tale about how one girl s seemingly minor choices quickly spiraled into a life as a sex worker in the tradition of Go Ask Alice and Lucy in the Sky She had a no

  • Title: Calling Maggie May
  • Author: Anonymous
  • ISBN: 9781481439015
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Paperback
  • A dark and edgy first person cautionary tale about how one girl s seemingly minor choices quickly spiraled into a life as a sex worker in the tradition of Go Ask Alice and Lucy in the Sky.She had a normal life, until one small decision changed everything Suddenly, there were new possibilities and new experiences.But not all of those experiences were good.Read her shockingA dark and edgy first person cautionary tale about how one girl s seemingly minor choices quickly spiraled into a life as a sex worker in the tradition of Go Ask Alice and Lucy in the Sky.She had a normal life, until one small decision changed everything Suddenly, there were new possibilities and new experiences.But not all of those experiences were good.Read her shocking story in the diary she left behind.

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    1. o stars from meUm what did I just read???? This book was a complete mess, but that editors note has totally left me speechless!First why is this book titled Calling Maggie May? Was that the main characters real name?? This is really bugging the poo out of me! We never learn the main characters real name so I have no idea if that's her name or not so I am left just wondering why in the world this book has this title. I could see it being Justine since that's her call girl name, but Maggie May???? [...]

    2. Make sure to check out betterbooks.tumblr/!"What does it matter? We give them a fantasy and they give us money. Everyone is happy that way.” The nameless protagonist (probably Maggie but her name is never given properly) starts the novel out feeling stifled. Studying and extra-curricular activities rule her life and her mother is disappointed in anything less than perfect. Frustrated with her lack of freedom our protagonist becomes friends with a fashionable girl, hoping she can become more li [...]

    3. Having read many of the other Anonymous books, I am familiar with the series - both goals and style. To me, Calling Maggie May just doesn't fit with the series. It feels more like an adult piecing together the stories of several teens to make up one story that would scare teens away from prostitution. There is not an emotional connection between Maggie and herself much less the reader - she looses her virginity to a john after knowing him for only a couple of hours with little reaction, she gets [...]

    4. I have read all of the books in this series and have found them captivating, scary and very, very intense - I love them.However, I found this book was slow, very slow. We also don't really get a good feel for the main character - yes, I get that she feels stiffled and controlled, but the author really painted her as very one dimensional and frankly, not very bright. It took away some of the pleasure for me. I know that these books are intense and while I found myself invested in the book, It jus [...]

    5. I have always loved these kind of books, I have always found the true life stories to be interesting and compelling. "Calling Maggie May" is told in a diary format about a young girl named Maggie. This is truly someone's real life. I hate not knowing what transpired between her last entry and the editors note. The book shows a very interesting look into the world of prostitution. The ending leaves you wondering. I would definitely recommend to friends.

    6. Honestly? I know this stuff happens all the time and that makes the book that much more believable. What i had a hard time understanding is Maggie's/Justine's reason for wanting to be a sex worker. NO teenager in their right mind would be like, "yeah! I'll do that! I want to be JUST like you! You're mysterious!1!" - unless you had some sort of mental disorder going on in your head to begin with. I don't buy that for a second. She was naive at times, which i definitely understand and could relate [...]

    7. Huh. Weirdly enough, this book features a pretty well-written main character. The characters are fairly sympathetic and their motivations sensical. The only thing I don't like is that she dies at the end. If this were actually a diary, it would be one thing, but it's trying to punish the character for her actions, rather than allowing her to learn from her mistakes.Unfortunately, this story is clearly meant as a “don't be a prostitute, or you will die” cautionary tale. The character actually [...]

    8. **I don't review favorite authors**But I will say that this story seemed highly unlikely (yes, it is a work of fiction). I love the idea of tackling teen prostitution (I loved Ellen Holpkin's 'Tricks') but I feel like this book did not make it seem realistic enough.

    9. I have finished reading Calling Maggie May, a realistic fiction book by an Anonymous author. This book is not really a "book" because it's more of a diary or journal that Maggie had to write her accomplishments which lead to being recording her secrets of what was happening in her life. Maggie & Ada became friends, but little did she know that Ada lived two lives & that she wasn't like she seemed. Later on Maggie decided to join her & got into the same "life" as Ada, which lead them [...]

    10. Going into this novel I was excited because I had read others like it, but this one fell very flat. I did not like our main character at all as she was very flat. There was not a justified reason for her getting into prostitution, and I felt as though her relationship with her parent’s was an extreme form of a “first-world problem”. This book took me forever to read - the plot moved very slowly. I have read the other books by Beatrice Miller or “anonymous”, but this one felt so disconn [...]

    11. I know all of the "anonymous" books are fake, and truthfully I don't care if a Mormon psychologist fabricated diaries to write cautionary tales; however, it is clear that Beatrice Sparks is dead and whoever took on the legacy is far more incompetent. I could mildly believe a teenager wrote it, as the vocabulary is seriously lacking, but Maggie's filter is almost comical ("they made me do things and stuff I didn't want to do). If we're reading this book, we obviously want to know what the "things [...]

    12. I have read all of the books that have been written under this anonymous writer. They are a guilty pleasure and I will proudly admit it. None of these books are written masterpieces, but they are interesting. Personally, my favorite genre of books is contemporary books that cover darker topics. In this genre, it's a little difficult to find well written stories mostly because a lot of people don't want to discuss suicide, drug abuse, mental disorders, or, in this case, prostitution. Some points [...]

    13. This book speaks the troubles that "hanging" with the wrong crowd can get you in. It brought about emotions of sadness, anger, confusion, and the many more emotions the girl felt. She found herself in the worst situation and it took hitting rock bottom and below before she could find a recovery foundation. Even then, according to the editor's note she possibly fell to her old routine which cost her a horrible death.

    14. This book didn't take very long to escalate. It was of course predictable and, obviously if true at all, was greatly exaggerated. It was however disappointing because just when things start to look better, she's found dead. That seems to be a reoccurring theme in these books. The person starts off fine, falls in with the wrong crowd after one slip up, things get crazy, they start to get better, then they die. It's insane. Great book though. Lucy in the sky is next for me.

    15. Yes, it was a wee bit slower then other of the Anonymous books.This is someone's real life, so it's really not up to me to judge. I hate not knowing what transpired between her last entry and the editors note but what can you do?

    16. I almost gave this book 3 stars, because it kind of was an interesting story, but then it had the same stupid ending that all of the books in this anonymous series do, which really annoyed me. Why couldn't one be different for once?

    17. Left Speechless, From Typical Girl to Call Girl!Imagine this: the smart, pretty, athletic, shy girl you sit next to in math class, goes outside and takes a call. She leaves class early because she has a doctors appointment, little do you know she just sold herself to a 63 year old man and is about to meet him at a motel room a couple streets down. Maggie May lived a double life and became someone she didn’t even recognize. Shocking to think that this book, is a real girls journal, full of real [...]

    18. Maggie May, a fake name for a fake person. The book that I read was Calling Maggie May by, Anonymous. People who might be interested in this book are teen girls. This book was a diary of a girl named Maggie that was left behind. Maggie goes through many problems ever since she made a huge mistake. During this book a young girl, who is a junior in high school, wants to be just like Ada. Ada was also junior the only difference was that boys liked her. Ada was a popular girl who was considered “p [...]

    19. Calling Maggie May was definitely an interesting read. I think that the book was alright. I enjoyed it at some parts, but was left confused at other parts. I think this book does give an in-depth perspective into the teenage mind and it is definitely awkward reading this book, especially being a teenager. I think that the author could have done much more with the story because the plot is really good. I also wish I got more from the main character, such as her name.One thing I really loved about [...]

    20. So I decided to go on an Anonymous Diary/Beatrice Sparks spree because morbidly curious. I think I'm gonna regret this.Narrator: Waaaah my life sucks my mommy's evil and oppressive because my brother's perfect weeeehhhBitchmother: DO EVERYTHING I SAY OR YOU'RE A BAD GIRLNarrator: I wanna be a whore! Then I'll have freedom just like my sexy new friend!Reality: LOL NOPEYeah, this was a very, very annoying book. The narrator was a whiny brat who stewed in her misery and her only show of defiance wa [...]

    21. The thrilling journal of a girl caught up in a crazy world. Calling Maggie May is about a teenage girl who is tired living to her mother's every word. When an opportunity strikes to give up her planned academic focused future, she takes it, and things may never be the same. Along the way the narrator meets some amazing new friends, one will stay by her side while others flee. When her new irresponsible life crashes, she is forced to consider living at risk, or going back to her parents. This jou [...]

    22. I enjoy reading book that are in journal entries. This was really interesting. I enjoyed it. The way that the journal starts just sets how strict her parents are. She’s Asian and they expect her to be smart. She has even more pressure because her older brother is really smart. She was doing pretty good in school ,but the stress got to her. She decided to be a rebel. This led her to having some risky consequences. Overall I think this book was good and if you think your parents are strict then [...]

    23. So I've already read a few of these type of books and I have to say this was my least favorite so far. It was kind of slow to get into and I just couldn't quite understand some of the thoughts that the main character was having. I truly do love the 'Anonymous' style books and any main topic of drugs, alcohol, or addiction of some sort is always my style of reading, but it just didn't reach the bar that Go Ask Alice and Letting Anna Go set for me. It was completely horrible. I think it had some c [...]

    24. I love books like this, they're such a junkie, dramatic guilty pleasure for me, but this one was actual garbage.The characters path was totally unbelievable, were expected to believe she had literally 0% common sense? That she would jump into such a lifestyle with no hesitation or shyness? And the ending that came out of nowhere. There was zero sense of threat in the entire book, and zero chance she would have returned to the lifestyle, justwhat?It was just, terrible.Go read Letting Ana Go inste [...]

    25. I couldn't put this book down!!!! I loved every single page. This story just drew the reader in and wouldn't let you go until the end! SPOILER ALERT ********Speaking of the endI did not see that coming at all! Maggie May had her life turned around. She was back home with her parents and was going back to school. She had quit prostituting herself and everything, but she still got killed. I personally think Shawn either killed her or had her killed after the way she left him.

    26. When I first got this book I was very excited to read it, since I had read a book like this one called Lucy in the Sky. The beginning was very slow and at some times boring and hard to get into. The main character was being controlled and forced to try to be someone who she’s not, and I get that, but it seemed that all the issues that were being caused could have been solved with communication. Although I know that this story is a real life story, so you can’t change it. But one thing that y [...]

    27. It kept my attention. I still consider Go Ask Alice the best one. I was a bit annoyed at the main character because in so many ways the main character was a very unrealistic depiction of a teenagerbut again it keeps your attention and it's a very quick read.

    28. this book is amazing! if you like self conflict books, this is a great one. you really feel like you can relate to the things the author says and it kept me on the edge of my seat. and the ending had me shook af

    29. *3.5Addicting. I couldn't put it down. But the story seemed to happen very quickly and the ending was too abrupt. I wanted a more detailed ending. In my opinion, the ending was a cop out and doesn't finish the job it started.

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