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From This Moment Before graduation I promise to take a risk For the past four years Aven Shepard has shared everything with her best friend Liam except for the secret she knows would ruin their friendship The one ab

  • Title: From This Moment
  • Author: Lauren Barnholdt
  • ISBN: 9780062321435
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Paperback
  • Before graduation, I promise to take a risk.For the past four years Aven Shepard has shared everything with her best friend, Liam except for the secret she knows would ruin their friendship The one about how she s loved him since the first time they met.But now everything is about to change.Back in freshman year when Aven and her ex friends Lyla and Quinn were still speakBefore graduation, I promise to take a risk.For the past four years Aven Shepard has shared everything with her best friend, Liam except for the secret she knows would ruin their friendship The one about how she s loved him since the first time they met.But now everything is about to change.Back in freshman year when Aven and her ex friends Lyla and Quinn were still speaking the three girls made a pact that they would do the thing that scared them the most before graduation Even then Aven knew that nothing was scarier than risking her heart.Now, with the end of high school drawing near and the seniors headed to Florida for a class trip, Aven is determined to fulfill her promise and tell Liam the truth Even though he already has a girlfriend Even though Aven s finally met a great guy who likes her back Even though Liam reciprocating her feelings is as terrifying as him rejecting her Because no matter what he says, Aven knows that once the truth is out, things will never be the same.

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    1. “Before graduation, I will… tell the truth.”This was a YA contemporary romance story, following Aven from the previous books.I liked Aven in this story, and I liked how much effort she put into trying to fix her friendship with Lyla and Quinn, even when they didn’t seem all that interested in reconciling. The storyline in this was about Aven going on her senior trip to Florida, knowing that it was time to finally tell her best friend Liam the truth – that she had been in love with him [...]

    2. 3.75 / 5 starsFrom This Momentis the third and final book in the Moment Of Truth series, focused on Aven Shepard, her involvement in the whole "Aven-Quinn-Lyla mess", and her pact to "tell the truth", aka tell Liam about her four-year crush on him. Oh boy, I was waiting so long for this book. I'm a sucker for the sweet protagonists, and an even bigger sucker for friends to lovers books. So when I read the back of the book, my heart stopped because: "Aven is determined to fulfill her promise and [...]

    3. Band 3 hat mir am besten gefallen, was vllt. auch an der 3ten Freundin lag. Aven fand ich von Anfang an (sprich seit Band 1) sehr sympathisch und auf ihre Story hab ich mich am meisten gefreut. ♡

    4. So, I decided I'm only going to make 1 single review for all 3 books.Here goes • Heat of the Moment ---I actually don't have any opinion regarding Lyla because to be honest, I found her bland and uninteresting (sorry!), then there goes Beckett who is kind of annoying, so yeah! I just kept on reading just to be done with it. But when things already started to heat up, I actually admired Beckett. I was also thinking that Derrick and Juliana had a secret affair through out the whole course of his [...]

    5. This was maybe my favourite of the Moment of Truth series, but it wasn't much different than the first two books: cute, light summer reads. I really liked how each book focused on a different girl, and that there wasn't too much overlap so we didn't have to read the same scene over and over and over.This was probably my favourite of the three, because 1) having a secret crush on your best friend is one of my favourite tropes, and 2) unrequited love is so damn relateable. Although getting near th [...]

    6. I wanted to read From this Moment because I enjoyed reading Lyla and Quinn's stories. We saw that their friendship fell apart, and some of the pieces of the puzzle through Lyla's eyes. Aven sounds like a character that I can relate to because she has been the catalyst to what seems like will be a turning point in their friendship at the end of the other two books, but she wants to do take a risk before graduation. I also liked the other two girl's character development so I hoped for more of the [...]

    7. To be honest, this last book is the reason why I started this trio. I definitely related to Aven the most with all that pent-up feelings she had with Liam and also with Lyla and Quinn. Not the best summer book to everyone but I think that if you can somewhat relate to them and to how they're feeling, you'll surely going to love it.

    8. From This Moment was quite interesting. I thought it was such an amusing book after all the action pops up and you think the conclusions have come, well then theres more that happens in the story. I thought this book was very descriptive it gave details like this one. "I got out of the car and went inside and threw myself down on my bed and stared at the ceiling for a while, and then I opened a fresh Word document and wrote the story." I love how it describes this so well, you can easily picture [...]

    9. As teenagers, we all have that high school crush for the longest time. Aven, a 17 year old girl is in her senior class learns that no matter what friends will be loyal, friends will a pain, friends will help, and a best friend is always a best friend.In the book From this moment by Lauren Barnholdt, main character Aven reveals a secret she has been keeping with her for 3 years to 2 of her best friends, Liam and Lizzy. As well as Aven, Lizzy and Liam come wit her to a school trip to Florida, ever [...]

    10. 4.5 stars because honestly, I didn't think this book was as good as the other two, but it definitely made my chest ache the entire time. I swear I felt just as much pain as Aven did whenever Liam would be intimate with Izzy, and even more so when she finally told him how she felt and he practically rejected her. God I hated him, I wanted her to move on from him. But the heart wants what it wants I guess, and after the news finally settled in his head, he even admitted that he's been lying to him [...]

    11. Follows the same plot (even more so) as the first two books, but Aven will have you hanging on 'till the very end, hoping that her dreams come true.Aven is a little crazy, but that's to be expected and tolerated considering she has no real best girl friends left after Quinn and Lyla and her broke off their friendship a few years before. And, she's harbouring a secret: she's in love with her best friend, Liam, who's dating their mutual friend. Uh-oh. I was very concerned that they weren't quite r [...]

    12. I was really looking forward to this novel, but I found it to almost be like a bad case of déjà vu; Aven's story was the one that I was anticipating the most, but was kind of a let down in the actual series of events. The better part of the novel is Aven going through the same loop of thoughts repetively about deciding whether or not to tell Liam how she feels; although I know this is realistic, it really slowed down the pace of the novel. The ending was also extremely rushed, and I wish there [...]

    13. I found this one a lot better than the 2nd one. There was of course some dull points in it, but besides that it was very good. Again if you're looking for something to get you in the summer romanc mood this is it. It even has the perfect amount of friendship in it too and building the friendship and coming together after what all happened. Which I really enjoyed! At times I was really confused only cause Liam and then Colin aha. Cause I was trying to guess who she'd end up with if anyone. It was [...]

    14. Those covers have me swooning. Basically the only reason I picked up the trilogy. *rubs the covers like Lyla rubbed her Coach wristlet*All together these three were fun quirky reads about finding good friends, good boys, and just having one last blow out before graduation.(The stories aren't bad either. Lyla's story is my fav but that could just be because I like Beckett the best out of the boys.)

    15. #FromThisMoment by #LaurenBarnholdt 4/5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 'we thought we were the only people in each other's lives who we'd never get hurt by, even unintentionally. So when it happened, it felt like a double betrayal.' I loved the end to this trilogy and I loved Aven the best out of the girls. Also where the previous two books end when they get looked in the bathroom this book carried on and I loved seeing it all play out!!

    16. 3.5 starsI found the writing style to be cringe worthy most of the time and it was so predictable. Also duh, get your act together girls. This is high-school! Seems like I grew out YA romance after all :D However, I read this book in one sitting and found it very easy-going, entertaining and strangely addictive.

    17. I started reading this book before the first two and I absolutely recommend this book if you like having your emotions toyed with. I couldn't predict what was going to happen at all with Aven but at the end I'm was just in awe with everything I read. Read this book and you will not be disappointed!

    18. Kindle. Good finish to the series. Again, a fast read. I wonder if this series was originally ment to be one book. Fairly clean cute stories.

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