A Brief History of Portable Literature

A Brief History of Portable Literature An author a version of Vila Matas himself presents a short history of a secret society the Shandies who are obsessed with the concept of portable literature The society is entirely imagined but in

  • Title: A Brief History of Portable Literature
  • Author: Enrique Vila-Matas Tom Bunstead Anne McLean
  • ISBN: 9780811223379
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Paperback
  • An author a version of Vila Matas himself presents a short history of a secret society, the Shandies, who are obsessed with the concept of portable literature The society is entirely imagined, but in this rollicking, intellectually playful book, its members include writers and artists like Marcel Duchamp, Aleister Crowley, Witold Gombrowicz, Federico Garcia Lorca, Man RAn author a version of Vila Matas himself presents a short history of a secret society, the Shandies, who are obsessed with the concept of portable literature The society is entirely imagined, but in this rollicking, intellectually playful book, its members include writers and artists like Marcel Duchamp, Aleister Crowley, Witold Gombrowicz, Federico Garcia Lorca, Man Ray, and Georgia O Keefe The Shandies meet secretly in apartments, hotels, and cafes all over Europe to discuss what great literature really is brief, not too serious, penetrating the depths of the mysterious We witness the Shandies having adventures in stationary submarines, underground caverns, African backwaters, and the cultural capitals of Europe.

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      345 Enrique Vila-Matas Tom Bunstead Anne McLean
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    1 thought on “A Brief History of Portable Literature”

    1. ‘Only because the past is dead are we able to read it.’There is a hole in the literary heart that has not, cannot, be filled since the passing of Jorge Luis Borges. Never has the metaphysical universe been more aligned with our own to where a reader will wonder which reality they walk and breathe within. Luckily, we have the Enrique Vila-Matas to abate the agony. Originally published in 1985, A Brief History of Portable Literature has finally surfaced to the English speaking world in brillia [...]

    2. What is 'portable literature'? There is no clear answer to that question.It is somewhere in the intersection of 'The Lost Generation', Surrealism, Symbolism, Dada, Futurism, and all the political -isms. It is a caravan of movements and collectives, each defying the reality which the First World War had imposed. 'A Brief History' discusses a members of a fictitious art movement, the Shandies, named after that dazzling novel Tristram Shandy. Their 'portable literature' is of course experimental, i [...]

    3. Tenho uma dúvida recorrente que, às vezes, é quase um problema de difícil resolução: - Que livro vou ler agora?Olho à minha volta e vejo cerca de oito centenas de capas lindas que me acenam e suplicam: - Eu, eu, eu,Como não posso ler todos de uma vez (bem que gostaria) recorro a alguns truques. Desta vez pedi ajuda a Enrique Vila-Matas que já me acudiu noutras alturas, dando-me a conhecer grandes obras e seus autores (embora, algumas vezes, me tenha feito correr para a livraria mais pr [...]

    4. enrique vila-matas, spanish writer extraordinaire, has done it again: weaving literary history into a fictional exploration of some of the previous century's most accomplished creative minds. a brief history of portable literature (historia abreviada de la literatura portátil) imagines a secret society of writers and artists, the shandies ("a society of gratuitous and outrageous heroes in the lost battle of life, lovers of writing when it becomes the most enjoyable experience possible, and also [...]

    5. I really enjoy Enrique Vila-Matas. He's one of those authors I read everything by. So I was delighted to come across A Brief History of Portable Literature. This brief, playful book is a pleasure, even though I spent as much time looking up the writers mentioned as I did in reading the actual text. And that's even with the fact that I seem to have similar tastes to Vila-Matas and had read more than half the writers mentioned.Portable literature seems to take its life from Marcel Duchamp's Box in [...]

    6. ¿Qué pretende Vila-Matas con este libro?¿Qué sentido, finalidad, objeto persigue con ésta novela? Su inteligente prosa nos presenta un desfile interminable de personajes históricos en algunos instantes de sus vidas. Instantes imaginarios en muchos casos pero verosímiles y absurdos por igual. La sensación de desconcierto se desgrana página tras página en un laberinto imposible cuyo único hilo de Ariadna es el reconocimiento geográfico de las ciudades donde se desenvuelven los personaj [...]

    7. This is dense as hell and I need to read it at least once more before I can feel like I have anything resembling a handle on it (so the four star rating is just provisional). It's dense in its references and allusions, which fortunately aren't just for show and actually contribute to the reader's understanding of the book (like with Kafka's odradeks). But a lot of them (most of them?) went flying over my head and I spent a lot of time looking things up while I read (though there's a reference to [...]

    8. Another superb book by Enrique Vila-Matas. At the moment, he can do no wrong. This short little novel is the 20th century version of Marvel Comics 'The Avengers or DC comic's "The Justice League of America." What we have here is a secretive group called the Shandies, that consists of Marcel Duchamp, Georgia O'Keefe, Man Ray, and other great "modern" literary figures who meets up in distant cities as well as even in a submarine, to discuss literature. Literature that is based on the assumption of [...]

    9. Λέξεις-κλειδιά για το βιβλίο: Μπορχικό, μεταμοντερνισμός, διακειμενικότητα, λογοτεχνία περί λογοτεχνίας, εξ ορισμού για λίγους και εκλεκτούς, παιχνιδιάρικη διάθεση, οργιώδης φαντασία, χάλκευση της πραγματικότητας, κουλτουρέ χιουμοράκι, ασκήσεις ύφους, φορμαλισμός. Ομορφ [...]

    10. Acredito que EVM fez um trabalho de investigação digno de Sherlock Holmes para montar este livro de culto, mas a nível de interesse como leitor, este ensaio sobre a literatura portátil não capta muito a atenção, ao contrário doutros estudos do mesmo autor. No entanto, aprende-se sempre algo de novo com o EVM.

    11. I finished this book yesterday and decided not to give it a star rating because I honestly don't know what to rate it! What a strange little fun book- full of literary and historical references. Some sections were downright hilarious, while others flew right over my head! This book was almost like a fan fiction- imagining how these authors and artists interacted with each other and the world they lived it!

    12. [english below]Este História Abreviada é provavelmente a melhor introdução possível para aqueles que desejam se aventurar no mundo de Vila-Matas. Não se trata de ser mais simples que seus volumes maiores, mas a parca duração, que muito dialoga com o encantamento que seus personagens nutrem por tudo aquilo que se diz minúsculo, compacto e, porque não, efêmero ajuda na hora de enfrentar o texto extremamente cerebral do autor.Como é de costume, Vila-Matas abraça personagens e momentos [...]

    13. If ever the form of a book mirrored its subject--in this case, the fictional secret society of the Shandies--it's this slim but dense novel by Vila-Matas. Full of in-jokes, allusions, and subtle (many of which, I'm certain, were lost on this reader) references, A Brief History of Portable Literature is an ingenious and playful secret history/spoof of early 20th-century artistic movements. This is Vila-Matas at his best, dispensing with the conventional trappings of narrative to give us, in a ser [...]

    14. Una obra considerada clásica de los ochenta. Pero que si habéis leído las últimas obras de Vila matas, quizá no os impresione especialmente. Se lee en dos días. Merece la pena.

    15. Entiendo el papel que juega esta novela en el universo Vila-Matas (el Vila-Matas más vanguardista, sin duda), pero prefiero por mucho la etapa que sucede a "El mal de Montano".

    16. En la escena literaria actual, pocos escritores españoles han llamado mi atención. Así que, cuando vi que autores y críticos como Sergio Pitol, Juan Villoro, Álvaro Mutis, Augusto Monterroso, Álvaro Enrigue y Christopher Domínguez Michael celebraban y seguían con asiduidad la obra de Enrique Vila-Matas, decidí que era tiempo de echarle un vistazo a sus escritos. Y un libro que atrapó mi atención, por lo irreverente e interesante, fue “Historia abreviada de la literatura portátil” [...]

    17. 3 1/2 stars Witty, playful and light as a feather. Vila-Matas (or, rather, his fictional doppelgänger) narrates the comical but oddly plausible history of the Shandies, an imaginary secret society made up of just about everyone* who ever dipped a toe into the early 20th century's Dadaist and Surrealist movements (with a wee foray into occultism). Weaving his fictional and frequently hilarious escapades into everything from the group's origin story to the final scholarly bibliography, it's impos [...]

    18. ¿Qué tienen en común Scott Fitzgerald, César Vallejo, el satanista Aleister Crowley, Georgia O'Keefe, García Lorca entre otros? Al parecer tenían muchas cosas en común, y por eso pertenecieron a la sociedad secreta de los portátiles o conspiración llamada Shandy para comienzos del siglo 20. 2 requisitos eran imprescindibles para formar parte de la sociedad: Su obra artística debía de ser compacta y nada pesada para que se pudiera llevar en un maletín y el otro que debían ser soltero [...]

    19. Un complotto senza scopi, un viaggio senza mete. Un parlare in silenzio che rende la conversazione tra le più interessanti che si possano immaginare. I congiurati devono avere spirito innovatore, massima sensualità, mancanza di grandi propositi, nomadismo instancabile, forte convivenza con la figura del proprio doppio, simpatia per la negritudine, esercizio dell'arte dell'insolenza. Ecco, shandy."i shandy non si considerarono mai importanti, così come non si portarono mai niente di serio nei [...]

    20. Vila-Matas escribe una novela fundada en los principios borgeanos de la falsificación y las atribuciones apócrifas. Se sirve de los elementos discursivos del ensayo para tramar una narración compuesta en base a una serie de "postales" episódicas, escenas breves que constituyen los hitos del movimiento portátil. Historia abreviada, entonces, para no traicionar el espíritu de la conspiración shandy, fenómeno de vanguardia que renuncia a toda seriedad y todo rastro de gravedad para arrancar [...]

    21. A high wire act of literary misappropriation, intertextual gameplay and utter nonsense. Quite brilliant but certifiably mad.

    22. really fucking enjoyable, I like Vila-matashis play, his irony, the way he knows art should neve set out to be capital a Artbut knows that sometimes it does, he's mystified I believe too, just as many of us aregood company

    23. Great idea; middling execution. Perhaps it is the fault of the translator? Perhaps not. I did not enjoy it as much as I thought I would, but finished it nevertheless.

    24. This slight (86 pages) book is a playful survey of a secret society of writers, called the "shandies" (the name derives from Lawrence Sterne's TRISTAM SHANDY), who are obsessed with carrying their creations around with them, presumably because if they were permanent or located in one place, they could be identified and would no longer be secret. Besides, by carrying them around, they appear non-existent and untraceable.As you can see, this is an absurdist exercise on the part of Vila-Matas, a Sp [...]

    25. Hidden between the close readings and thematic analysis that drive any scholarly work there seems to always exist tidbits of bonkers biography full of surprise cameos, whimsical acts perpetrated by serious men and women, and other entertaining glimpses into the worlds that created works great enough to warrant book-length analysis. Take this terse moment from Alex Ross's biography-heavy history of twentieth century classical music:The after-party for Les Noces took place on a barge in the Seine. [...]

    26. This is the review in which the Shandy life is a drawing of death.Frustrating and appreciated in its misquotes, its luxurious allusions and simple plotting make it delightful to carry around with you at any pace of reading. "You are opening the door to one of those pavilions that , since I was a child, has undergone fewer changes than other kinds of quarters. But that isn't the only reason I still feel attached to them: it's the solace, too, emanating from the fact that they are uninhabitable fo [...]

    27. Vila-Matas's latest to be translated into English provides a history (indeed a brief one, just 84 pages in the ARC, plus an "essential bibliography") of portable literature, a literary movement turned secret society of the author's own invention. Members of the group are both real and imagined; Marcel Duchamp, Paul Klee, Tristan Tzara, Max Ernst, Georgia O'Keefe, William Carlos Williams, Walter Benjamin, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Aleister Crowley, Man Ray, Garcia Lorca, Witold Gombrowicz, and others [...]

    28. Seperti biasa, dan seperti kawannya Bolano, cerita-cerita Vila-Matas seringnya mengisahkan soal penulis-penulis kesusasteraan. Kali ini tentang suatu lingkaran rahasia, Shandy, dengan 'portable literature'-nya, dengan para penulis dan seniman ternama dari Cesar Vallejo, Walter Benjamin, Salvador Dali, Jacques Riguet dan banyak lain, yg saya belum kenal apakah tokoh asli atau rekaan. Ada bab soal fenomena bunuh diri para penulis dan seniman. Dan soal 'portable literature', saya sendiri belum nger [...]

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