Haunting Secrets

Haunting Secrets Victoria Fawson desperately needs answers about her father s death When she visits the Maitland Manor to discover those answers she finds only secrets haunting secrets that leave her wondering who sh

  • Title: Haunting Secrets
  • Author: Marie Higgins
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Victoria Fawson desperately needs answers about her father s death When she visits the Maitland Manor to discover those answers, she finds only secrets haunting secrets that leave her wondering who she can trust Should she trust her feelings for the one man who hides from the world the man who might put her in danger Justin Maitland hasn t been human for over a year HeVictoria Fawson desperately needs answers about her father s death When she visits the Maitland Manor to discover those answers, she finds only secrets haunting secrets that leave her wondering who she can trust Should she trust her feelings for the one man who hides from the world the man who might put her in danger Justin Maitland hasn t been human for over a year He knows things about his family things that could destroy Victoria The only way to help her is to send her back home without learning anything Yet, how can he let her go when he s given her his heart

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    1 thought on “Haunting Secrets”

    1. I started reading this, excited about a Kindle freebie by Marie Higgins, only to feel like the story was very familiar. Twenty minutes later, I knew that I'd already read this book. It was previously published under the title Secrets after Dark. Some character names changed, which I usually don't remember anyway, but the plot stayed the same. A good read, a regency kind of retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

    2. WitchyThis story started well but soon became scattered. It took awhile for me to unravel it. Not my favorite mystery/romance.

    3. Also posted on Eva Lucias blogWhere to begin? Do you know the feeling when you open a book, read the first pages and quickly realize that the book will haunt you, both awake and asleep, of wanting to know more about its characters and its plot? This is feeling that I felt while reading “Haunted Secrets”. It is one of the best books that I have read for a very long time. I didn’t know of the author, Marie Higgins, but luckily, I downloaded it as a coincidence as a Kindle version and started [...]

    4. Ooh, this was not at all what I thought it was going to be - but in a good way. It certainly was insta-love, but being together? Not so instant. Justin has an issuehe and his family are faking his death because he was turned into a werewolf by some nasty witch who is bitter, because she will not accept that he is NOT in love with her. Victoria also has an issue.her dad was murdered and she was brought to be a potential bride to Justin's brother, Johnathon. Eek. Alsoere is something fishy going o [...]

    5. This was a story filled with twists and turns but it didn't make it confusing merely made it intriguing, it was well read and so easy to read and the flow was so fluid you barely realised how many pages you were eating up or how much time had passed. The witches, curses, witchcraft, magic and myths all made this story so mysterious. The characters were well developed some of them more so than others, Justin and Victoria especially, you felt kind of attached to them both and saw things quite easi [...]

    6. Full Review at: What's Beyond Forks?Haunting Secrets by Marie Higgins is another re-telling of Beauty and the Beast. I don't know what my deal is these days, but I can't get enough of theses fairy tale retellings Beauty and the Beast in particular.The story is told from Victoria and Justin's point of view. I thought their relationship was cute. There were twists and turns within the plot that kept me wondering. I really liked the mystery surrounding the whole thing. You knew something was not qu [...]

    7. Don't judge a book by its cover!Higgins writes a very attention grabbing romancE. I was pleasantly surprised by the length of the book because of it being free at the time I downloaded it. She adds a fun mixture of historical timelines, romance, and a combination of different paranormal categories. For a free, non-Christian romance, I am very impressed with the content lacking "smut". I like regular romance books (the reason I read this genre), but get very bored with sex scene after sex scene. [...]

    8. Just by looking at a book I can tell if it is going to be a good book (without reading what the book is about or knowing anything about it) with this book I knew somewhere inside me it would be a good book but I was still on the fence about reading a book that was not on my to-read list (I am always wanting to read the books from that list then read books not on the list) but as soon as I saw the first review I knew I had to have this book and I am not regretting one second after reading what I [...]

    9. This book was free as part of a Kindle deal, so I was a bit worried that it may not be very good. That was soon proved wrong. This book was riveting from the beginning, and as the story grew I found I was unable to put it down. About halfway through my kindle broke, and I had to download the Kindle app in order to carry on reading it! The whole plot is original, simple yet somehow complex. I loved this book, and will think twice before I question a book solely based on the fact it was free.

    10. Needs some workbut good read.This book seriously needs editing. They're are some major spelling and grammar issues that should have been addressed before this was published.The book overall was enjoyable. As a free read it was better than expected. If the author will address the spelling and grammar errors she might have a good hit :)

    11. Overall, I thought this book was a fantastic read. I couldn't wait to read this and then I couldn't wait to finish it. It is the best book by far and I hope other readers will be interested in reading this book. The book picks up after a few chapters, but it's a great read. I would definitely read this again some day. Read, love and enjoy. It is a must read book.

    12. I recommend reading this book.I enjoyed reading this book. There was romance, intrigue, friendship, rivalry, anticipation, and storyline. I had a hard time putting it down. I read before bed and in the morning when I could. I read it t lunch and looked forward to finding out what would happen next.

    13. Loved it!I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was literally spell binding and I caught myself on the edge of my seat while reading. I love the characters and the twist !! I will recommend this book to anyone who wants a good, spell binding page turner!

    14. Quite a good read with some original story points. There were a few mistakes where characters changed names for a paragraph such as Francine became Francesca and Roddy turned into Ronny. On the whole a pleasant afternoon read.

    15. Mysterious funFirst book I've read in awhile that I haven't had completely figured out long before the end. I really enjoyed it and will be reading more by this author. Also, appropriate for younger readers since its not vulgar.

    16. An Intriguing StoryThere were twists and turns in the plot, which made the story very enjoyable. The characters were well thought out and easy to understand. A nice quick read that is full of surprises.

    17. this is a very good book if you like mysteries I couldn't put it down trying to figure everything out and you don't figure it out until the end of the book which I like cause it keeps you in suspense

    18. A good read. Starts out slowly but after the first few chapters it gains speed & by around 40% is impossible to put down. If you believe in scary fairytales with a happy ever after then this is the book for you.

    19. I enjoyed this book very much! it had a unique plotMarie Higgins did a super job of placing her readers in a suspenseful unrest until they finished this book! It was very well written.

    20. I found this one free on . It was probably closer to 3.5 stars. I love the slight twist on the werewolf theme. That was fun, but some of the story was fairly predictable. I did enjoy it though.

    21. Marie Higgins writes a wonderful story. Who can resist a love mystery as exciting as this story! I can't wait to explore more of her books. Enjoyed much! A must read.

    22. Excellent!!!!!I absolutely loved this book! The best book that I have read by far. Magnificent writer! Definitely recommend this book!!

    23. I liked itIt was different than regular paranormal stories and kept me entertained. It was an easy relaxing read for rainy day.

    24. Very goodThis book was great. I read it in a day or two. The secrets kept coming and I kept reading

    25. I enjoyed this story from the first chapter. It was different in that it involved witchcraft and mystery along with the romance. I enjoy this author's descriptive writing.

    26. Great readThoroughly enjoyed this from beginning to end. Definitely recommend this book. First I have read by this author and look forward to another.

    27. I read it before just didn't realize it was a new cover or something. It was good, I think there were some changes made here and there and I think they were good changed.

    28. Quaint, haunted mysteryThis is a great weekend read with suspense, mystery and romance. I wasn't aware of the ending til I read it!

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