Шестой Дозор

  • Title: Шестой Дозор
  • Author: Sergei Lukyanenko Сергей Лукьяненко
  • ISBN: 9785170878444
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Hardcover
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      280 Sergei Lukyanenko Сергей Лукьяненко
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    1 thought on “Шестой Дозор”

    1. I tako ja danas kopam po mojim knjigama kako bih pronašla Noćnu stražu da bi mi je Sergej potpisao i vidim da mi je tu knjigu neko poklonio pre 5 godina. E sad, 5 godina i nije dug vremenski period ali svašta se može desiti. A možete i pročitati mnogo knjiga. Ali nekako neke knjige uvek ostaju sa vama, i uvek su vam fantastične koliko god puta ih pročitali. Upravo takve su knjige iz Straža serijala. Na stranu što mi je Anton jedan od omiljenih likova (njegov humor je priceless), likov [...]

    2. I still can’t believe how awesome this book is. After a bit bleak fifth installment, this one comes as arguably the best chapter in the saga. Or I’m so sucked into the world that I can't see clearly its flaws. The author made some brave moves, that might anger some readers, but I stand fully astonished. I even cried at the end, which has never happened with this series before.This time, Anton is investigating a vampire who is attacking humans but without killing its victims in order to send [...]

    3. This was an enjoyable read, although one that left me scratching my head a little bit. It's hard to know exactly what to make of it. On the one hand, the promise made at the beginning of the book that this is the final book about the mage Anton Gorodetsky was clearly fulfilled; on the other hand, one could imagine a new set of books being written afterwards.All in all, the Dozor (Night Watch) series was probably at its strongest in the first two books. Lukyanenko is a wonderful writer when it co [...]

    4. Я даже в некотором замешательстве, если честно.Что можно сказать про эту книгу? Лукьяненко исписался, именно такое ощущение возникает. Намешано все что только можно было намешать. Собрано в кучу все, что было придумано ранее. Но в то же время, написано легко и непринужденно. [...]

    5. А мне понравилось. Может быть не так интересно, как ранние Дозоры, но по мне так гораздо лучше, чем последние совместные проекты Лукьяненко. По любому было приятно еще раз окунуться в мир первоначальных, чисто Лукьяненских Дозоров.

    6. Никакви изненади тук - чудесно четиво, Лукяненко е страхотен разказвач, добра история, увлекателно написана, чете се леко, бързо и приятно. Една звезда по-надолу заради финала. Пуста руска меланхолия

    7. Очень порадовала книга. Читается на одном дыхании и автор достаточно умело "держит" напряжение, так, что отпускать книгу не хочется (хотя читаю я обычно урывками).Очевидно, что книга написана через определённую призму лёгкой самоиронии над всей серией в целом, над серьёзнос [...]

    8. Шести патрул, забравен, но адски нужен: knigolandiafo/book-review/s За разлика от предишните, Лукяненко този път не разказва две привидно отделни истории, които сетне се вливат в третата, същинската, където става голямата тепаница. Тук романът е абсолютно линеен и се започва само с една [...]

    9. i would've given this solid 4 stars, maybe even 4.5, if it wasn't for the casual homophobia and sexism. they weren't big things, but they bothered me nonethelesse story itself is really good, though. i kept putting off reading Sixth Watch, because i was scared it would disappoint me, but it really didn't. it's a very well done closing book, where all the tiny little elements from previous books suddenly click into the right places. it's fast paced and entertaining and i'd definitely still recomm [...]

    10. It's hard to give a low rate to this series of books, the last adventure for Anton, Svetlana and Nadya finds us at the edge of the end of the world once again, we have a super mature Anton which we saw at the start of the night watch as a not so relevant other, he has responsibilities and in sometimes he is even more clever than Gesar himself, the pace is already known and it works we have everything has to do vampires because of course this was how it all started and of course had to end with v [...]

    11. The last of my favorite series of books. What I loved about this book is that it truly did tie the entire series together and concluded the story. So many books try to keep a cliffhanger or end that one specific story, but not all of it. In the Sixth Watch, the author brings back a slew of characters that even I had forgotten about from throughout the series books. This story is a sort of puzzle, detective story in that Anton Gorodetsky is now involved in investigating a vampire who is attacking [...]

    12. Мир чуть не был уничтожен, а потом поговорили, разорвали договор и все разошлись. Глупо до невообразимости. И все эти "извращения" на тему половых отношений по всей книге ведьминский росток в виде фалоса и многое другое. У автора похоже просматривается серьезная озабоченос [...]

    13. Sometimes a series goes on past their prime. Not in this case - this novel was as enjoyable as any of the other entries and the series. These types of series usually require that the stakes grow each time. That is true here, but it was intelligently handled and the plot added on to what went before without merely echoing itself. Plus it managed a great ending to what is suppose indeed be the last chapter to this series.

    14. The conclusion to my favorite magical series was very surprising. After so many years and so much affection and excitement spent with these books I have not yet come to believe the ending. I really need a bit more time to understand what happened!

    15. A respectable ending to the series. it wasn't Harry Potter ending good, but definitely worth reading.

    16. osudova seria, osudovy autor. hliadku som prvykrat citala hadam este na zakladnej skole (na mobile) a odvtedy sa ku nej vraciam, ci uz k povodnym dielom alebo k novsej tvorbe. a stale je novatorska a nenudi a nuti cloveka vidiet veci trocha inak. jednoducho pre mna top topov.

    17. So good! I love this series and am sad to see it end. But what a great ending! I plan on rereading the whole series soon.

    18. Zaskakująco szybko powstała kolejna część cyklu “Patrole”. Wpierw kilka lat ciszy, a potem nagle aż dwa nowe epizody? Tom piąty niespecjalnie mnie zachwycił, więc do “Szóstego Patrolu” podchodziłem z lekką obawą. Jak się okazało zupełnie niepotrzebną, bo książka jest powrotem do formy. Co ciekawe, wciąż mógłbym tu wymienić wszystkie zarzuty, jakie miałem do “Nowego Patrolu” - dalej mamy sytuację patową, gdzie autor tak mocno wyniósł postaci w ich umiejęt [...]

    19. It was ok. Night Watch used to be a favorite series for me, but this may be the book that finally removes it from that list. At the beginning of the series, it was all about intrigue. It was about watching the complex web woven by the higher others in charge of both watches as they struggled to outmaneuver each other. It was about blurring the lines between good and evil, light and darkness. It was magnificent.By now, it's devolved into "lets see what other world-ending miracle the twilight can [...]

    20. Wait, seriously, people didn't like this book? WHAT'S WRONG WITH THEM?!?!?!? I totally started crying in the breakroom at the end, and then I was mad that I finished it right before I had to start working again and was all sniffy. But yeah! I thought it was a great ending to the series, and there are dramatic revelations (Zabulon!!!), and huge consequences, and all of the previous books are tied together here I thought it was great. I think this whole series was great. I will read it all again, [...]

    21. 3.5-4Получилось вполне увлекательно.Мне понравилось, как протянуты и логично вплетены ниточки с предыдущих книг. В духе Роулинг.Мне понравилось, как расшифровались загадки с пророчеством, составом Дозора Шести и условиями разрыва договора.За юмор автору респект, в частност [...]

    22. Книгу можно посоветовать тем, кто ненавидит Антона Городецкого. Если бы это было написано как чей-то фанфик, автора немедленно разорвали бы на шесть маленьких дозоров. Но так как это часть канона, то можно читать и получать искреннее наслаждение, видя, как немерянно крутого [...]

    23. A great rounding off of the series which seems to bring it more back to its roots.  There's magic, mystery and some fun moments with the watches as well as some sadness.The pace is good and translation seems to be done well and the story is well thought out.  It would have been nicer to learn some more about the history of the world but what was revealed was a nice teaser.If you've read the rest of the series you'll likely read this anyway but if you're looking to start the series then by all [...]

    24. A quite fitting, albeit completely unnecesary, closing to the epic Watch series.Is it bad? Not at all.I enjoyed it quite much.Is it boring, out of syled? No, by any means.So, which is the problem with the book? That id doesn't add anything new, and it is essentially a pastiche from old (and oh so LOVED) characters, situations and concepts.It feels almost as if Llukyanenko got fed with the saga and wanted to end it once for all, or that he needed the money.

    25. Wer den Wächter-Zyklus kennt, wird begeistert sein von diesem Buch.Es ist einfach das große Finale und das Ende ist befriedigend und abgeschlossen. Da gibt es einfach nichts zu beanstanden, außer eben dass es nun vorbei ist.Vielen Dank, Sergej Lukianenko, für diese einzigartige und wunderbare Buchserie!

    26. Столько всего намешано в этой книге, что сомневалась, стоит ли дочитывать и портить впечатление от предыдущих Дозоров. Но в итоге - хорошее завершение, даже неожиданное. Все ниточки сплелись в единое целое.

    27. 5 stars for the whole series. While this may not have been the strongest it was still great and an excellent conclusion. I'm a bit sad I won't be able to continue with Anton as this is the final book, I'll miss him.

    28. Just what I needed. There are weaknesses and annoyances and it's not the strongest book in the series, but I enjoy this world possibly more than any other one in urban fantasy (Gaiman's Neverwhere London being another strong contender).

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