Cockatiels at Seven

Cockatiels at Seven It s time for outrageous and feathered fun in the award winning laugh out loud Meg Langslow series When her old friend Karen drops by with two year old son Timmy Meg Langslow reluctantly agrees to b

  • Title: Cockatiels at Seven
  • Author: Donna Andrews
  • ISBN: 9780312377151
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It s time for outrageous and feathered fun in the award winning, laugh out loud Meg Langslow series When her old friend Karen drops by with two year old son Timmy, Meg Langslow reluctantly agrees to babysit just for a little while But when nightfall comes, the toddler is still in residence and Karen isn t answering any phone calls Meg decides she must find outIt s time for outrageous and feathered fun in the award winning, laugh out loud Meg Langslow series.When her old friend Karen drops by with two year old son Timmy, Meg Langslow reluctantly agrees to babysit just for a little while But when nightfall comes, the toddler is still in residence and Karen isn t answering any phone calls Meg decides she must find out what s happening, so the next morning, with Timmy in tow, she retraces her friend s footsteps and begins to suspect that Karen s disappearance is tied to at least one serious crime Has Karen been killed or kidnapped Is she on the run from the bad guys Or is she one of the bad guys The police don t seem to care, so Meg once again plays sleuth this time with a toddler as her sidekick.As usual, Meg s extended family adds to the complications in her life What covert animal welfare project are Dad and the curmudgeonly zoologist Dr Montgomery Blake working on and will Meg have to make another late night trip to bail them out of jail Why does Meg s brother keep disappearing is he merely trying to avoid babysitting, or is he involved in something mysterious Will taking care of Timmy dampen newly married Meg and Michael s enthusiasm for starting a family of their own And are any of Meg s relatives reliable enough to be trusted with a two year old especially a two year old whose whereabouts might be of interest to some very dangerous people Donna Andrews once again proves her skill as one of the funniest, most entertaining mystery authors around.

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    1. In Cockatiels at Seven by Donna Andrews, Meg and Michael have returned from their honeymoon and back to the real world. Just as Meg is getting started again in her blacksmithing work while Michael attends orientation at Caerphilly College where he teaches in the drama department, an acquaintance she hasn't seen in over a year, Karen, stops by with her toddler son and begs Meg to take care of Jimmy for just a short while. Then she proceeds to give Meg a whole notebook full of instructions on Jimm [...]

    2. An enjoyable cozy, if a little heavy on the quirk. Not the best of the series, but a decent introduction nonetheless. Suitable for cozy fans, although bird enthusiasts will be less pleased with this entry than most.

    3. Another nice cozy. I enjoyed watching Meg cope with a two year old and think about her feelings about kids. I happen to really love them at that age, but they can be a handful and I appreciated that Meg was actually trying to work out her feelings rather than just having a knee jerk reaction to love them or hate them. And the little boy was cute but not too much so. I missed seeing more of Michael, he's probably my favorite character. If all of the plot threads came together exactly the way I ex [...]

    4. You know that expression, "Don't judge a book by its cover?" Unfortunately, that was just what I did. But who could blame mee cockatiels on the cover are so cute, it's like a bucket of squee!Turns out, this is a cozy mystery. Since it's a popular genre, but one I just can't warm up to, I'm not doing an in-depth discussion here. It's like someone who hates science fiction complaining about all the spaceships and aliens.Instead, I'll focus on the two things I really hated.One, there are no cockati [...]

    5. I love this series, but this one touches on my nightmares. Meg is trying to settle in and get some blacksmithing done when a friend she hasn't seen in a couple of years shows up and drops off a toddler for "a little while." A little while turns into several days as murder and missing persons once more intrude on the theoretically quiet life of an artisan blacksmith. I don't do kids so much myself, so having a friend leave their child with me for an undetermined amount of time is nightmare fuel f [...]

    6. What fun this series is turning out to be! With Meg Langslow as the main character anything and everything will surely be written in her notebook that reminds her when to breathe and her endless to-do lists. What can I say the murder, madcap madness, and mayhem continue being the thread that draws you in keeps you laughing and loving the author Donna Andrews and her small town tales. The Langslow family and all the eccentric residents of Caerphilly, Virginia will not fail to entertain you.

    7. A former friend of Meg drops off her son with Meg and disappears. Meg and Michael have been thinking of starting a family, and keeping up with the very active Timmy gives them a chance to decide whether they are ready. Timmy cramps Meg's style as she tries to find the missing mother and disentangle an embezzlement case with murder attached.

    8. I think Andrews is so clever coming up with plots that are not only fun and interesting, but also apply to the over-arching story of Meg, Michael, and their families. This story starts off with Meg working at her forge when a friend (Karen) whom she hadn't seen in a couple years unexpectedly stops by and desperately asks for meg to watch her young son Timmy for a little bit. Meg says yes, Karen disappears, and soon Meg realizes there is a big problem when Karen doesn't come back and doesn't answ [...]

    9. Meg and Michael are just married in this one, and have moved into their rambling old Victorian house outside the college town of Caerphilly, where Michael teaches drama. The drama this summer, though, is (as usual) with Meg and her wide extended family. First, there’s her father, who is spending a lot of time with his own just-discovered father, a famous and eccentric naturalist with his own nature TV show that sometimes lands him in jail (it’s a long story). When Meg starts finding terrariu [...]

    10. This is a cozy mystery. Meg Langslow is a blacksmith who lives in a small Virginia town. She is the amateur sleuth who keeps stepping into trouble. In this book an acquaintance that Meg hasn't seen a couple of years shows up unexpectedly and asks her to babysit her toddler. Meg is not a mother and is baffled why Karen would think of her as a babysitter for her son Timmy. When Karen disappears Meg not only has her hands full with Timmy, but tries to track Karen down. As always, she is surrounded [...]

    11. #9 in the professional blacksmith Meg Langslow mystery series. Newly married Meg, husband and family are settling into the large farm house farm they recently purchased. Her all ready hectic life is turned upside down when an old friend drops by with two-year-old son Timmy, asking Meg to babysit “just for a little while” and promptly disappears. Meg’s extended family adds to the complications in her life turning the home into a mini zoo with her grandfather's covert animal welfare projects [...]

    12. I enjoyed this! It might seem a little frivolous to some by the title, but who really cares about that! I thought it was interesting with the characters well drawn. I found it suspenseful and I was quite entertained. I am looking forward to reading the entire series and to the continuing escapades of the characters.

    13. Meg ends up practicing being a mother when a friend she doesn't know very well leaves her with their two year old. Of course, Meg also stumbles across a murder and must solve it with a young one in tow. Hilarity ensues. I really love this series.

    14. Best one So far. Enjoyed the twists and turns, plus has Meg discovered she would probably be a good mother? Maybe Michael, plus both mothers, will get his wish.

    15. Meg's old friend Karen drops off her two-year-old with Meg 'for a little while'. It's annoying, but no more so than Dr. Blake still hanging around getting her dad in trouble and borrowing her new hot tub to store a molting boa constrictor. But when 'a little while' turns into two days Meg realizes she'd rather have the snake. A search for the missing mom turns up nothing good, and more police than anyone would prefer. Finally tracking down the ex-husband only to stumble over his corpse forces Me [...]

    16. Series Easily Read in Any Order I am rereading Donna Andrews "Bird" Cozy Mysteries. It took me over a year to read all that she had and I read them out of order at that time, too. I thoroughly enjoy the stories. I picked up the first one ("Crouching Buzzard, Leaping Loon") because of the picture on the cover and the title. It just made me laugh and I had to read it. It was fun from beginning to end. So I had to read the rest of her books. She has 2 books coming out, one in August and one at Chri [...]

    17. Cockatiels at Seven by Donna Andrews was a good cozy mystery to me but I don't understand why she has cockatiels on the cover and the title is about cockatiels. Cockatiels are mentioned in this book but there are no individual cockatiels connected to this story. That is my main complaint.I liked the main character, Meg Langslow. She was smart,witty and funny.A friend from the past makes her promise to take care of her son, two year old, Timmy. Karen says that she will be back soon. The friend, K [...]

    18. This one wasn't as eccentrically crazy and laugh out loud funny as the previous entries, so I was a little disappointed. I read this series for the light, fluffy fun and this one had a bit of a disturbing premise. An old friend drops off a toddler for a "little while" and the boy ends up staying with Meg and Michael for a couple days. Perhaps it's all my child abuse advocacy experience but I kept feeling unsettled about the premise. The mother did it to protect the boy from the bad guys who were [...]

    19. Again great story. Very funny as usual. So witty. Threads come in about real trade in exotic animals. Lots of fun side plots.

    20. #9 of the Meg Langslow series. I've read through #11, wherein Meg is trying to get pregnant. It's a sad thought that if she succeeds, subsequent novels may have a taste of this one. With a two year old in tow, the action drags. Meg can't jump into a car and go somewhere, there is interminable description of loading diapers, snacks, child safety seats, and then music acceptable to the toddler. Even leaving without the kid is delayed by having to find a babysitter.Meg Langslow series - When her ol [...]

    21. I've enjoyed all the Meg Langslow Mysteries and this latest one is OK but not as laugh-out-loud funny as a few others. I did like the addition of the Timmy character but there just wasn't the quirkiness in this book as in the previous ones. Having a toddler in the story was either a change of pace or preparing readers for an upcoming pregnancy for Meg. With Timmy being so well-portrayed it might be an interesting addition to the story for Meg & Michael to have children. I don't care for "gra [...]

    22. As usual, Meg Lanslow gets unwillingly involved in a murder mystery, but this time with a new sidekick--a two-year old toddler! When Meg's distant friend asks her to take care of Timmy for "just a little while," Meg gets concerned when she does not return for days. Meg goes on a search for her friend, Karen, only to discover Karen's slain husband. Adding to the complications in her life are Meg's family members who bring snakes into her basement, rare finches to her bedroom and who cleverly disa [...]

    23. The 9th book in the Meg Langslow series finds Meg babysitting a friend's toddler. When the friend does not return as expected, Meg tries to solve the disappearance. Is there more to the disappearance than meets the eye? Will babysitting help or hinder in any decision of Meg & her husband Michael to start a family? Of course, Meg's zany family is ever present in the story but, in this book it is mainly the immediate family involved and not the whole eclectic crowd. Although there was an under [...]

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