Eden High: Series 1

Eden High Series This ebook contains the following works Eden High Book Sian Claiborne is not a happy camper Just when she was getting into the groove of high school hijinks her parents decides to pick up stakes No

  • Title: Eden High: Series 1
  • Author: Jordan Silver
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This ebook contains the following works Eden High Book 1 Sian Claiborne is not a happy camper Just when she was getting into the groove of high school hijinks, her parents decides to pick up stakes Now the popular cheerleader is off to the ritz and glamor of the Hollywood Hills, where her new school is home to the offspring of Hollywood s elite Determined to hold her owThis ebook contains the following works Eden High Book 1 Sian Claiborne is not a happy camper Just when she was getting into the groove of high school hijinks, her parents decides to pick up stakes Now the popular cheerleader is off to the ritz and glamor of the Hollywood Hills, where her new school is home to the offspring of Hollywood s elite Determined to hold her own, she befriends one of the school s outcast on her first day, thus drawing a line in the sand between her and the ever popular Mean Girls Little does she care, until she claps eyes on Jace Saunders and almost loses her pompoms Of course the head cheerleader already has her eyes among other things set on Jace and lets Sian know in no uncertain terms that he s off limits What s a girl to do when the first guy to make her heart go pitter patter seems to already be taken Eden High Book 2 Jace Saunders has taken one look at the new girl and this son of Hollywood royalty wants what he see But Jace has history with the most popular girl in school, a girl who has already warned off Sian, and what about Sian s parents Are they going to allow their daughter to date someone as high profile as Jace Eden High Book 3 Now that Jace has staked his claim, will things settle down for him and Sian or will rumors come between them And what is going on with little Cassandra, what secret does she share with the school s heartthrob Eden High Book 4 Now that he has staked his claim Jace and Sian are the new It couple and there s love in the air , not only for these two lovebirds, but their friends seem to have been bitten by the bug Not everyone is thrilled at the sight of the rock on Sian s finger, that everyone knows is a sure sign of Jace s love and commitment to her, something that at least one member of the student body had always thought would be hers What happens when Mandy starts to unravel and her secret lies get out of hand How many people will she hurt to keep the truth from coming out Eden High Book 5 Sian might have seen something she shouldn t have How will she deal with her suspicions and who can she share them with If what she suspects gets out, it can destroy a lot of lives, but she s tired of spending so much time on her arch enemy Should she dig deeper on her own, or was it just a figment of her imagination Eden High Book 6 With Sian in a coma, Jace is torn between looking for answers and staying by her side Meanwhile her enemies, unaware as yet that she s been found are celebrating their good fortune Mandy is sure that the way is now clear for her to get Jace back in her clutches and has all intentions on getting started on that right away But soon word of Sian s return gets around and things start to unravel for some of Eden Heights most influential families.

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    1 thought on “Eden High: Series 1”

    1. Sian Claiborne is not happy about the move her family is making to the Hollywood Hills, but she will deal. She finally has permission to date now that she has turned sixteen, but at a new school she has to start over. She was a lead cheeleader and plans to make the school team again, but when she sees the hierarchy she changes a few of her plans. She makes friends with the girls that get bullied and she doesn't put her goals aside, she plans to cheerlead too.Jace Saunders, the school quarterback [...]

    2. Jordan Silver's books are a bit hit and miss for me but I enjoyed this one. She definitely knows how to write a crazy OTT alpha like nobody else. Overall a fun read.HEA (view spoiler)[No. Cliffhanger but not a bad one. Just not everything resolved (hide spoiler)]Cheating/OW (view spoiler)[Safe (hide spoiler)]Angst Level: Medium 4/10Heat Level: High 7.5/10

    3. 3.75 starsI want more Tammy/Shane & Jared/Belle. This OTT unbelievable drama is fun. I'm currently re reading. I wish Jace wasn't such an ass. I enjoy when he's alpha sweet.Eden High are my favorite books by JS. Characterization is lacking & so is plot development but I could care less. I have fun reading.

    4. 4 'It's so bad, it's good' STARSThis series is like a literal version of a TV Soap Opera. It's ridiculous, everything is unbelievable, the characters are full of themselves, too beautiful for real life, and capable of EVIL - and the whole thing was completely addictive to read!! It's like my new guilty pleasure.There's everything I usually despise, including insta-love to the EXTREME! But for whatever reason, I just didn't care. A sixteen year old gets engaged to a guy she's known for less than [...]

    5. Great series! Lots of ups and downs. Suprisingly mature considering it revolves around seventeen year olds and holy moly, what an ending! Looking forward to series two.

    6. I will be continuing my review, but I had to share what I've read so far. It's like when something is so unbelievable that you're telling everyone, "You've gotta hear this." I feel confident that my rating will not change, because the story is becoming progressively worse.The book starts out with the love interest asking the girl's dad for permission to date her. No such permission is needed from the girl herself. He simply tells her that they are now dating. I could have enjoyed this premise if [...]

    7. DNF. Horrible characters, depressing and disgustingly abusive relationship between so called hero and vapid heroine. I stopped reading after the so called hero uses sex to punish the heroine for flirting with another guy. He deliberately hurts during sex (explicitly stating this is her punishment for her actions and that he doesn't like hurting her but she needs to learn her place) Terrible misogynistic attitudes to women. What makes this even worse is it is set in a high school may be read by i [...]

    8. Well I actually like this series a lot :) I wish it was just 1 or 2 books instead of 6 novellas. I thought the books were written really well for being novellas no major time gaps or anything and not really any angst. I also like how the author gives everyone's point of views especially Mandy's because you see how nuts she really is. Mandy needs to die a horrible death. I LOVED Jase I love how bossy he is with Sian and I love Jared and Belle and even Shane and Tammy. I can't wait to find out wha [...]

    9. Re-read the series again (the boxed set instead of individually) and still really liked it so I gave it 5 stars. Jordan Silver books are my guilty pleasure.

    10. I'm glad I read all 6 at one time. It's also a cliffhanger. This is crazy bad but that's what I expect from this author.Sian and her family move to So. Calif for dad's new job. She thought was already wealthy, but not like the wealth in Eden. There's lots of high school drama about who's who on the pecking order. There are also no teachers to be spoken of. Jace, the quarterback, is instantly in love and within two weeks has proposed (kind of -- there's a big ring but no real romantic words).Ther [...]

    11. Wow, this series really turned out to be terrible. I find it hard to believe that Jordan Silver is a woman, it reads like a man wrote it. A completely abusive, sexist, and condescending man. I suppose the author was going for an Alpha hero but he came off as obsessive and controlling. I should have DNF it but had to finish to see if the hero is redeemed - he isn't. I can't believe this is a YA series. It is sad, I really hope that girls do not read this and believe it is okay to be treated like [...]

    12. I don't know why the author chose to break the story up like she did, the full 6 parts were barely enough for a full novel. The story didn't get interesting until the 5th part. The characters had potential but fell flat. If you want insta love, this is the book for you!

    13. An alpha male that's possessive and talks to Daddy first?? RAWR. Lots of side characters, kinda distracting, two alpha jocks (who seem way too much like Jace) that like BBW that are social outcasts cause they're "fat". And everytime Shane calls Tammy, "Tam", I visualize my Vietnamese friend, TAM. I love when alpha men warn the men off the skanky girls. Sigh, so very Mason-like.I'm having a hard time labelling this. Is it New Adult? Young Adult? Erotica? Cause there is some seriously hot, naughty [...]

    14. Yikes!Though I love the idea of a plus-sized teen protagonist, I could not finish the story due to excessive grammatical errors. Here are a few (verbatim) from the novel:1) "Nothing's going to happen bro don't worry about me, see ya."--> It should be: Nothing's going to happen, Bro. Don't worry about me. See ya. (Bro is capitalized, because it's being used in the same way as Mom or Dad is: as a name rather than an occupation.)2) "No I'm not pregnant what's wrong with you?"--> It should be: [...]

    15. 3.5 StarsIt's a good series to be honest, BUTTTTT1) Jace is already bordering on the line of becoming an abusive male.2) Who let's their 16/17 year old child get engaged??? I don't care how much in love you are that's justh! Which brings me to my next point3) What kind of parents let's their 16/17 year old girl spend the night with her boyfriend/ "fiancee". That stuff would not fly with my parents and it sure as hell isn't gonna fly with my children (when I have them)4) Who in the world would ha [...]

    16. Are you fu**ing kidding me now with this I mean from the overly confident teenage girls to the overly possessive male charachtersAll of a sudden the main charachter's love interest starts giving her ordersand dictating alllll aspects of her life and she thinks he is being sweet and treating her like a queen WTF And he actually punishes her by using sex and not in a role playing kind of way . it was in a i will fuck you and won't show you i am enjoying myself so you feel worthless and agree to ev [...]

    17. Fell shortNow here is the thing this plot could have made a AMAZING series. I mean something that even went to a tv show. My only problems are one highly highly unrealisticriously something would never happen like this and the other issue was rushing. I just wanted to scream at the author SLOW DOWN! The story jumped,rushed and too much happened at one time. It was hard to keep up with ad the fact that the dialogue would change between people and not different paragraphs sucked for me because I w [...]

    18. WARNING. CLIFFHANGER!!! I mean there were 6 books in this series that I purchased as a box set. If I'm going to devote myself to that many pages again, I might as well give 'War and Peace' another try. So in a way I could post this as a DNF as well Actually, I almost stopped after book 3 and basically skimmed books 4,5, and 6. I needn't have bothered.It's really just a copy of half of the other books I've read by this author with slight and slightly silly additions to the plot. There are also si [...]

    19. FABULOUSOMG, I LOVE THIS SERIES!!! I love all Jordan Silver's books and can't wait for more!! Jace and Sian are so perfect for each other and Mandy is a total nut case!! I hope the next season had more Jared & Belle and Shane & Tammy, I'm loving the dynamic of all the relationships

    20. This should come with a warning.This is not a YA book. It's full of all kinds of sex and bad language.So kids be warned. Do not read this thinking it's some light teen read. Nobody below 18 should read this.And aside from this, it was really bad: the writing was bad, the plot was bad, the characters were bad, and the narration of the first times was very unrealistic.

    21. All three of the men in this series are great however I love Jace. He is so young yet so mature at the same time. I love how he loses his cool when it comes to Sian. Look forward to read where the series is headed next.

    22. Oh yes! 5 Stars!!!! Not what I was expecting AT ALL Jace comes in and blows everything out of the water The characters the multiple stories going on simultaneously was great!

    23. DramaThis serial is so full of high school intrigue you can't help but be pulled in. What I like most is the author didn't shy away from the sex. We know kids have sex and being real about it made me interested in the characters.

    24. Oh wow So I was worried about reading about "high school" love buttttt it was so much more than that. I loved it. Jace is so hot and I loved how dominate and alpha he was at such a young age ( 17) and sian was adorable. I loved her!!! Good job Mrslver

    25. This was a fantastic series even though it ended on a huge cliffhanger I can't wait for series two so I can find out what happens lol

    26. AwesomeI really enjoyed this book and I hope she starts the next part soon. I love the heroes I. Ms silvers books.

    27. Omg I loved this series and can't wait for the next one!! The love and the passion along with the drama were just perfect.

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