Dragon's Nest

Dragon s Nest The evil shadow lord has been banished but has left behind the seeds of death Four vile creations of sorcery are hidden in the land The companions must find them and destroy them their only clue the

  • Title: Dragon's Nest
  • Author: Emily Rodda
  • ISBN: 9781865046136
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Paperback
  • The evil shadow lord has been banished, but has left behind the seeds of death Four vile creations of sorcery are hidden in the land The companions must find them and destroy them their only clue the fragment of an ancient map, their only help the last of Deltora s dragons

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    1. همه در دلتورا فکر می‌کنند که اژدهایان ناپدید شده‌اند. اما لیف می‌داند حقیقت ندارد- و حالا زمانش رسیده که اژدهایان را پیدا کند. ارباب سایه‌های اهریمنی چهار مخلوق شوم و جادویی‌اش را چنان ماهرانه در سرزمین دلتورا مخفی کرده که تنها شجاع ترین قهرمان‌ها می‌توانند آنها را پیدا ک [...]

    2. چه فایده‌ای دارد برای آینده نگران باشیم؟ به هر حال آینده به زودی پیش می‌آید.اولین کتاب مجموعه‌ی سوم یعنی اژدهایان دلتورا داستان جذابی داشت. قلم امیلی رودا رو دوست دارم.اژدها برام تو داستان‌ها همیشه جذابیت زیادی داره ولی تو جلد اول یه سری سوالا برام بی‌پاسخ موند که احتمالا [...]

    3. Deltora é uma excelente série para quem quer iniciar na literatura fantástica. Recomendo muito todos os livros da Emily Rodda pra quem tem entre 12 e 15 anos, certamente gostarão!

    4. Welcome back Lief, Jasmine and Barda. Another adventure awaits as the three friends make one final attempt to save their land from The Enemy. True to it's name, this book (and series) is all about Deltora's dragons. Where are they now? What happened to them? And when? With crops failing and his subjects starving, Lief must set out once again, risking life and limb, to find a way to put a stop to the Shadowlord's poisonous plans. Destination; Dragon's Nest. Welcome back old friends and new, cleve [...]

    5. بسیار غافلگیر کننده تر بود و رازش رو تا آخر حفظ کرد. گره گشایی نهایی خوب بود و سعی میکرد از کلیشه های قبلیش فاصله بگیره

    6. Nick Reagan01-09-12American HumanitiesGagnon Review of Dragon’s Nest, By Emily Rodda There is a king who’s name is Lief, he wears the Belt Of Deltora which is a magical belt that has all the stones of the dragons, each stone has its own magical ability, Lief is plagued by the voice of the shadow king who speaks to him by talking through a crystal embedded in a magic table, lief and his companions Barda (Strong Tough Military advisor) and Jasmine (Strong woman with a gift with nature, who al [...]

    7. For the last year or so, my daughter and I have been reading some classic fantasy books at bedtime -- The Chronicles of Narnia, a little Tolkien, etc. They've been almost entirely my (or my wife's) suggestions. So when she came home with the Deltora books and asked me to read them, I felt somewhat obligated. This was the first I read, although (as other reviews have pointed out) it's the beginning of the third Deltora series. It's not nearly as terrible as I feared -- the artwork is weak and the [...]

    8. چهار خواهر شوم، با نفس های مسموم، آورند به سرزمین ما، مرگ تدریجی و دیرپا

    9. اولین کتاب مجموعه اژدهایان دلتورا . بهترین مجموعه از سه مجموعه دلتورا . با یک داستان جذاب . شخصیت ها که بزرگ شده اند ماجراجویی هایشان هم بزرگ و بزرگتر شده است .و جذاب تر

    10. We enjoyed this installment just as much as the others, although it's a bit more gruesomely vivid that previous installments. Looking forward to the next book.

    11. Lief is concerned for his kingdom. The Shadowlord's whisperings from the crystal in the palace are spreading a blanket of doom and dread over the land, foremost within Lief. He is sure if he weren't wearing the Belt of Deltora he would have succumbed to it long agao. He finally decides to try one final desperate attempt to destroy the crystal with the help of his friends Jasmine, Doom, and Bard. They succeed, but as the crystal is being destroyed it start leaking former conversations that happen [...]

    12. When King Lief comes up with a plan to destroy a crystal that contains the Shadowlord's voice, another mystery appeared. A piece of a map and a story of the Four Singing Sisters is told to the Lief by the librian Josef. The Four Sisters are a plan of the Shadow Lord and his black magic. He has placed them in the four corners of Deltora, north, south, east and west, and they poison the land. That is also the reason why the crops didn't trive in Deltora. The 4 sisters had brough the land to a long [...]

    13. "Dragon's Nest" is book 1 in the spinoff from Deltora Quest, the Dragon's of Deltora. In this book we follow Leif, Barda, and Jasmine on another quest, this one to find the four dragons of Deltora, meant to be the protectors of Deltora. They meet the first of the dragon's , the Ruby Dragon in this book. And in true Rodda style, the have an awesome adventure along the way.My kids love me to read the Deltora books to them every night, and we will continue to do this until there are none left unrea [...]

    14. This is a great series for young readers. I read it when I was in college, but still loved it. My favorite part of these books is that there are little puzzles and riddles that the heroes must solve in order to complete their quests and the reader can take part in solving them on their own before reading ahead. These are the third group of books in Rodda's larger series of Deltora Quest. While the reader can read these without reading the first two groups of books, I think as a whole they are mo [...]

    15. When I brought this book out for a quick read I was in for a surprise, as I quickly became addicted to the series. The main characters are easy to understand and relate to. Even though I was a stranger to the world of Deltora,I quickly picked up on the plot line from small snippets of information ingrained throughout the book. During AIMS I would have an hour or two just to read and this is how I occupied my time.The story starts outs in the capitol of Deltora, the city of Dell. Young king Lief [...]

    16. This was a great read. Leif can hear the Shadow Lord's voice inside his head day and night. It is coming from the crystal in a walled-in room on the third floor. The voice taunts Leif and tries to get him to give up. Instead, Leif finds a way to destroy the evil crystal and as it breaks apart, Leif and his closest friends hear voices recorded by the crystal talking about a plot to poison the land by way of the Four Sisters. With the help of Doran the Dragonlover's notes in Deltora Annals and a h [...]

    17. This is a children's book and is the first in the third series about the Dragons of Deltora.I was pretty confused at first because it was labeled as book one but was actually grateful that the start of the book didn't give long winded explanations for those who haven't read the other series, instead the author gave just enough to help you fall in love with the characters and want them to win! What a delightful fantasy series for young readers. It's not an adult book but there is enough there to [...]

    18. The Book the Dragons Nest is about Lief. Its Lief's story but it continued. Lief is now the prince of Deltora. It seems like something bad is going to happen in Deltora. Someone is out to get lief. I made a text-to-text connection. I can connect this series to the other one. Instead of Lief searching for all the Gems he is now King of Deltora but now he has a lot of things to worry about. The Shadow lord does he still have a grudge with them?I gave this book 3 stars. I enjoyed this book a little [...]

    19. At first I was confused - this is the first in this series but this isn't the first series about these people, so I felt like I was missing something. Once I realized I was I just enjoyed the story.I was looking for something to read out loud to the kiddos but this is a little too old for them. There's a scene involving finger removal as punishment - that's beyond what I want to explain to my kids at this point. I can see them both enjoying it when they are a little older though. It's a good sto [...]

    20. Thanks to my grandmother, I had started reading this series with no idea what I was getting myself into. She had given them to me saying no one in the house was interested in them, and I am GLAD she chose to give them to me! This book was one of those Omg-I-Cannot-Believe-How-AWESOME-This-Book-Is, kind of thing! Full of adventure, mystery, dragons and above all- CODE BREAKING! How cool is that? Imagine my distress when I learned this was the last series in Emily Rodda's books! So much for wantin [...]

    21. Okay, I read these books when I was about 11 probably. They are really great for a younger audience - but older than ten. I would recommend this to younger kids 10-11, maybe even 12? These have great adventures and wonderful, lovable characters. This is a long series, starting with the beginning Deltora books, so if you get hooked, like I did, you have a long way to read!I kind of read these books out of order, starting first in the Shadowlands series, not knowing there were books before that. T [...]

    22. This book is about a kid have to save the would. the people in the village think that he cant save the would but some people think hes the king of the villageer is a lot of dragons are comeing to the village to disstroye it.i conact this book to text to would because there are people that can save the would like the kid in the book. also i concet this book to my self because i had to save my cat from the street.i give this book 5 stars because it was inchrsting to me and was a littel funnyso i l [...]

    23. The Deltora Quest series was of interest to me in the past because of the randomly thrown riddles and puzzles that young Lief had to solve in his adventures. While Rodda's first seven books will always be better than her next set, Dragon's Nest promised an adventure just as enticing as the search for the seven jewels of Deltora's belt. Fortunately, I actually own the next book of the series. I have my brother to thank for that.

    24. My kids and I were glad to know that the adventure continues with a new quest. In this book, Leif and the gang are out to destroy the Sisters. There's a reason why the country is suffering and the Sisters seem to be the reason. The characters are constant and familiar and we enjoyed reconnecting with them. The quest was action-packed, but not quite as much as the previous series. All in all, fun and entertaining.

    25. Okay, so I'm not sure why this series appeals to me so much (maybe it's partly the puzzles) but I am whipping through these like snack food. I started this one Sat. morning (first in third quest series, so technically #12) and as of this (Wed.)evening, I'm finishing up my 11th one. They're fun, light, fast fantasy. They've probably been around the house for five or more years, but I never tried them. I enjoyed the two Rowan of Rin books I read, but I like these books of hers better.

    26. I found this book on our bookshelves, thrown towards the very back. It was ripped, bent and wrinkled, but it had a dragon on the front. I am dragon crazy and was looking for a good book, so I found myself in the world of young Lif, who is either the prince or king of his land. In a race against darkness threatening to take over the kingdom, Lif and his friends must find dragons for some reason I don't remember. I loved this book and just finished reading it for the second time.

    27. Best book in the WORLD! I am reading Dragons Of Deltora: Shadow gate right now, and it is just as good as Dragons Nest! Best book in the WORLD! [Sorry iv already said that.] Some people call me a nerd [Well, i don't know why because i do NOT wear glasses!] But if that means that i LOVE reading, than call me a nerd! My mom says "how can you read those books, there so sad!" Honestley i really like the books with adventure, and add a little blood in there and its a perfect book!

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