Unleashed The author of Tripping to Somewhere delivers his second novel of urban fantasy During his senior year smart athletic Daniel makes a mistake Guilt overwhelms him and he quickly falls in with a group

  • Title: Unleashed
  • Author: Kristopher Reisz
  • ISBN: 9781416940012
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback
  • The author of Tripping to Somewhere delivers his second novel of urban fantasy During his senior year, smart, athletic Daniel makes a mistake Guilt overwhelms him and he quickly falls in with a group of outcasts Misty, the groups leader, lets Daniel in on a secret theyve learned to shapeshift.

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    1 thought on “Unleashed”

    1. Overall, Unleashed was a much better book than I thought it would be. This isn't a book for the Twi-hard crowd (thank goodness).Unlike most readers, I wasn't put off by all the drinking, drug use and sexuality the characters engaged in. Let's be honest here, teens are doing these things. If anything this kind of moral ambiguity and grittiness makes the book and the characters feel far more real. Interestingly Unleashed doesn't take place in some hip, cosmopolitan city, but in Birmingham, Alabama [...]

    2. You know the kids in school, the outcasts. They're the kids who wear dark clothes and combat boots. They don't quite fit in, and everyone in school treats them like they are trash or don't exist. At least that's how it was when I was in high school. If you weren't a popular star football player or cheerleader you were on the outside looking in. That's what Misty and her pack are, the outcasts. They protect each other from the "hand lickers," and stand up for each other when they are in trouble.W [...]

    3. Book reviewThe book that i finished was Unleashed. Which is about a teen who has a bright future ahead of him. His name is Daniel morning who is the shooting star of his school is tired of being directed by his parents who tell him that theyu want him to get a better life.In his senior of highschool he has to work harder than anyone else but all trhe work he putup with. Are now over because he got accepted to Cornell an ivy league school but he is not all proud , he had to cheat to get there by [...]

    4. Personally, I was not offended by the fowl language or the casual marijuana use. Maybe its because I have worked with college freshman (in a southern city similar to Birmingham) for nearly 7 years and understand that this is common for many 18 year olds. In fact, I think Reisz understated the use of fowl language and sexual innuendos. In the author's defense, he was trying to paint a realistic picture of the world these young adults grew up in. He wanted us to understand that they were trapped i [...]

    5. I got to page 53 before I couldn't read anymore. Maybe it's because I am still in middle school or something, but I thought the constant swearing was WAY to much. and, we hardly got anywhere interesting in the first 50 pages, so why bother?And, do non-Mormon teenagers actually act like that? because I don't know any older seinors who do constant swearing, (I don't think there was a single page that didn't swear at least twice!)Don't read this peoples. ever.

    6. As a debut post to my specialized in reviewing blog, I am going to report my impressions from “Unleashed” by Kristopher Reisz. But first I want to brag that this is a personal copy sent straight from the author himself, the very first I have ever received without winning a giveaway. So I don’t feel like a virgin in that area anymore and after the squealing was ticked on my to-do-list I set out to read it.I was a bit skeptical with whether I am truly going to enjoy it or not since the paran [...]

    7. This book took me a while to read mostly because it disturbed me. By that I mean, it has waayy to much drugs, sex, and foul language for a YA book. While the plot and writing was good, it was not my cup of tea.Everybody knows Daniel Morning is a star. He always has been. What they don't know is how restless he feels, how he hates always living up to other people's expectations. The urge to break free is beginning to gnaw at his insides.Then Daniel meets Misty. She's smoky and tender, and she liv [...]

    8. I loved this book! I can't even tell you in detail what it was that I loved, but I just loved itAfter I read the first 100 pages, I posted on that there wasn't any drama or action, and there wasn't. But it seemed that after that things started happening.This book was about a senior named Daniel who was the star athlete, academic, popular kid-just all around shining star-and it is also about a senior named Misty, who is the complete opposite. She doesn't care about much and is about to give up o [...]

    9. Daniel’s doesn’t feel in control of his life. He is a senior in high school and seems to have everything going for him. He just received word from Cornell that he has been accepted and everyone is excited - except him. Daniel knows he doesn’t deserve the early acceptance into Cornell. He feels like a cheater. Daniels parents found a doctor that agreed to diagnose Daniel as ADHD which allowed him more time for his SATs. He has never felt comfortable with this decision, but his parents insis [...]

    10. Daniel Morning is the golden boy; popular and bright, his early acceptance to Cornell seems to seal his future. A future his parents have been pushing since Daniel was in eighth grade. Extra study sessions, tutors, advanced courses, school clubs and activities, even night courses at Samford University to give him an extra edge. And when that wasn't enough, a little harmless cheating to get the SAT scores needed to guarantee his place in the Ivy League school.Misty Sandlin and her brother, Marc, [...]

    11. I think that Reisz has the potential to be a great writer.Tripping to Somewhere was one of those books that’s flawed in ways that make it, for me, more exciting and more interesting than a lot of books that are technically better constructed. So I was half-excited when I saw Unleashed on the processing shelf - I didn’t even know he had a new book coming out. And a werewolf book at that!Misty is a poor, biracial girl who has discovered the one ray of light in her dead-end life: magic mushroom [...]

    12. Reviewed by Lynn Crow for TeensReadTooDaniel Morning has a beautiful girlfriend, an early acceptance to Cornell, and the world at his fingertips. So why does he feel so trapped? When he gets to know Misty and her friends, he realizes how much freedom lies beyond the rules and restrictions set down by his parents and teachers. Misty's group is a pack in the most literal sense of the word. At night they eat a mushroom sacred to the god of decay, and shape-shift into wolves to prowl the streets and [...]

    13. This novel is the definition of rebellion! Not just against authority, but against society, against everything you've ever known, against even yourself. This brilliant teen story is about stumbling into your future like you'd stumble into a pothole, and it has a shape shifter twist. From this book I learned that whether you're someone with the perfect life who can't help but feel smothered and empty, or someone with a crappy life who is too afraid to break free, all it takes is the courage to re [...]

    14. The story was exciting, even funny at times. Although the overall rating slipped a little due to the ending, it’s still good enough to read again. Some of the reviews for this book criticized the source of the werewolf power. There are many different stories about werewolf origins, from mutated viruses to magical curses. I give the author serious points for trying something new and making it convincing.(view spoiler)[My only complaint against the book was the end. I love werewolf stories, and [...]

    15. I enjoyed this book because through out the story the character begins to change. Daniel Morning the main character changes in such a way that I would be able to relate to. I would be able to relate because in the story he is in his senior year and feels pressured by his parents to be someone of great expectations. The authors tone of words towards the book makes it feel as if though this is what he might have gone through in his high school year. In the story line the authors talks about how he [...]

    16. This book was a good read. I read some other reviews where everyone was complaining that it definitely does not fall under YA novel and I can see why after reading it. I really enjoyed it, but there were some parts that left me wondering what if I had a 15 year old reading this book? But then I remembered how in this day and age teenagers talk and act the way Misty and Daniel did in the book. It's sad, but it is happening.I think that is what I liked about the book the most. It felt real and lik [...]

    17. I met Kristopher Reisz before I ever read any of his books (he said something about writing stories about "mushroom gods" on his website, and I was hooked). When I heard that Unleashed was being re-released by the publisher I thought it was high time I read it again.On the surface it's your typical guy-meets-werewolf story, but there's a lot more going on underneath than you'd expect and the book has guts and brains and heart to spare, along with one of the coolest werewolf origins ever. Kris wo [...]

    18. So while I enjoyed reading this book there were several things I felt were overdone and didn't really have a place.Glorifying drug use obviously I didn't really understand the whole thing surrounding it. If it was meant to make the characters more trashy and pathetic then it worked.While I think it captured the "normal" high school teen in the sex crazed department there were few times when the sexual references did anything for the book.The one thing that I really wish someone would explain to [...]

    19. The characters were one-dimensional I found myself indifferent when they found themselves in life-threatening trouble. The author tries hard to paint Daniel as the sympathetic, has-it-all-but-really-has-nothing protagonist, but there just wasn't enough information or description about him to make me care whether or not he went to Cornell or stayed a werewolf. The secondary characters have even less spark. Case in point: I have no idea what Daniel would look like other than the picture of what I [...]

    20. Ughhh. I did not like this book. I did not relate to any of the characters because I never got to know them. You know their situation but not there personality. The story was also a bit odd. They had to eat magic mushrooms and chant to become wolves and that was strange. The romance was weird. You do not see them get to know each other and slowly fall in love. It all just kind of happened. There was not really any character development. The main character did knid of change and grow but not any [...]

    21. Finally, a really good teen werewolf book! I can't remember how I found out about this, but I was dying to read it after I read all the reviews that talked about how gritty it was. And it is (largely due to the language), but the story was about more than changing into wolves and having superpowers--it was about finding your voice rather than being a "hand-licker" or someone who tries to please other people. I think the last book I read that had this kind of gritty atmosphere was City of Bones b [...]

    22. Recommended for high school and up. A couple of the characters have "hushed, fumbling, giggling sex" on page 7, and later in the book. Drug use is rampant, along with liberal use of the f-word. Drug use, in fact, is what motivates the characters. A certain "magic mushroom" allows them to shift into wolves and as a pack, they set out to mark their territory (spray cans of paint clutched in their jaws), and as they lose their human inhibitions, they carry out further damage. Shooting star Daniel h [...]

    23. The book UNLEASHED starts of good with Daniel and misty both in high school about to finish and get in to college. They both have secrets and differences but still become friends because of one thing they have in common being not normal. Daniel then starts falling for misty and they both share the only secret that was keeping them from becoming girlfriend and boy friend , they start filling more connected and start to mess around with regular people. Misty feels like what they have is a curse or [...]

    24. I don't get why people rate this book one star for the drugs, sex, swearing, etc. I mean, I go to a high school in the middle of nowhere and all of that happens. Like, seriously, those are things that teenagers do, unfortunately.Anyway, I like this book okay, though I'd have to reread it to really give details. I found the biracial couple to be refreshing and the lack of 'golden hair, perfect, porcelain skin' to be refreshing and not just cause she's not white. Neither of the characters is truly [...]

    25. I really enjoyed this book. It captured me from the first page. It's definitely written for older teens, which I didn't mind, though some probably might make a big deal of the concept of 'mushrooms' turning people into wolves. I can't say that I related to or liked any of the characters, but I still enjoyed the book based mostly on the plot. There certainly was character development, and Daniel does grow through the book very nicely, which I liked--because he wasn't very nice at first. I liked t [...]

    26. I picked this book up when I was 16 just for the fact that it was about werewolves and in my town lol. I thought it was just going to be another badly written book, but it was really good. Daniel is living the high life but he doesn't want it, so he joins up with the outcast crowd and they figured out a way to become creatures of the night. There's some drug use, some sex, and some fowl language but it is a book written about common teenagers. I found that I loved the book, and even know 4 years [...]

    27. I totally hated the characters from page one.To enjoy a book I have to like or engage with or have sympathy for the main characters so when you get so called heroes like this bunch of morons,I know it's going to be a disaster.I hate 'heroes' that are basically the kind of arses that hang about the streets of my town inflicting misery on everyone.Don't ask me dear author to love and root for drugged up,obnoxious vandals and criminals with a chip on their shoulder.I don't want to see them on my st [...]

    28. I love the mushroom take on how they became werewolves. I'm also glad that it was accurate, at least slightly. Amanita muscaria or fly agaric is actually detoxified when it's boiled, just in case ignorant readers try it for themselves. Nah, you guys are going to want psilocybin mushrooms instead.However, the original take on the werewolf myth was the only interesting part of this book. I couldn't relate or connect with any of the characters at all; in fact, I just disagreed with most of the stup [...]

    29. I was REALLY dissapointed with this book. It reminded me a lot of Blood and Chocolate (and I hated that book). It seems that everytime I find a werewolf books there's always lots of drugs and sex involved. Though the idea for how the teens become werewolves is interesting, I found the characters a bit unrealistic and completely immature. I was slightly disturbed. The author's writing style was also a bit awkward at times. I had to go back and re-read sentences because they didn't make sense.

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