Guys on the Side

Guys on the Side In the sequel to Guys on Top we meet up with the Boston boys several months later Corey has developed a close friendship with Doug who s still living in the apartment downstairs But Doug plans to le

  • Title: Guys on the Side
  • Author: Darien Cox
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In the sequel to Guys on Top, we meet up with the Boston boys several months later Corey has developed a close friendship with Doug, who s still living in the apartment downstairs But Doug plans to leave and move in with Stewart soon, and Corey finds himself feeling lost, since his own new relationship is beginning to implode Zach s insecurities over Corey s promiscuousIn the sequel to Guys on Top, we meet up with the Boston boys several months later Corey has developed a close friendship with Doug, who s still living in the apartment downstairs But Doug plans to leave and move in with Stewart soon, and Corey finds himself feeling lost, since his own new relationship is beginning to implode Zach s insecurities over Corey s promiscuous past turning from slightly annoying to downright irrational Corey s stress increases when a conflict with a massage client s homophobic family grows hostile, but through this debacle he meets Angelo, a local psychiatrist, who despite being straight, feels like a mirror image of himself But soon this friendship becomes confusing as Angelo s affection starts to feel not so platonic any And for the first time in Corey s life, he finds himself faced with a man who intimidates the hell out of him, and that he has absolutely no idea what to do with.

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    1 thought on “Guys on the Side”

    1. 4.25 Stars!You know, I feel like I didn't like Corey too much in Guys on Top, but I must say I quite enjoyed him here! Along with the rest of the gangDoug, Stewart, Dewey, Jairo!The banter among the group was at times really laugh out loud funny. I guess if I had a complaint about this one, it would be that it took almost 50% of the book for the MCs to even really go for each other. Sadly, Corey spends the first half of the book with his douche-y boyfriend Zach. I guess I would classify this one [...]

    2. Serious case of 'it's me, not the book.'This time we have Corey's drama and I'll be pretty forward with my ranting. The book starts with Corey and Zach's relationship and this is my first niggle: they spent great part of the book together. I guess this is the author's trademark. Making one of the MC being with someone else almost the whole book. Well, I'm exaggerating but I can divide this book in 2 parts, taking into account Corey's love interest: 40% Zack, 60% Angelo. Second thing I HATED abou [...]

    3. *2.75 stars*SoI'm pretty sure this was a serious case of "It wasn't you, It was me". We all have it from time to time, right?Cox is a stellar writer, I like the way he tells his stories and I love his writing. I 've read most of his books. This book though didn't work for me at all. Not because of the writing but because of the story itself. Every time I felt that, finally, I'm starting to like it just wouldn't let me. Something would happen to put me off.The first half of the book was all over [...]

    4. Enjoyed this more than I expected - this was Corey's time to shine ❤️ I liked Angelos character and was glad Corey had met his match. He may have been a little timid for my liking but he was great for Corey.

    5. Wow! I enjoyed Guys on the Side from the Guys on Top series Funny, sexy, hurtful, slutty, likeable, vulnerable, caring, hateful, gentle, spoiled, lustful, sensuous, gorgeous, manly, loyal, sadness, ridiculous, mean, horny, rough, loving, pathetic, stimulating, arousing, anger, jealousy, trusting, betrayal, erotic, giving, desperate, passionate, edgy and so HOT a must read!And did I mention sexyDarien Cox is such a creative writer, I can't wait for the 3rd book in the Guys on Top series!

    6. 3.5 stars. The first half of this book did not work for me. I put it down and almost dnf. I would rate the first half 2 stars. But if I could suck out the part with the love story of Angelo and Corey, well that would be a 5+ rating for sure. Those two are HOT. Angelo is both physically drool worthy and a total sweetheart. Melt. Their GFY sex is smoking. Meow.But wtf was with the (view spoiler)[ pyscho ex and the stalker (two different people!!) clogging up this story? The boyfriend/ex boyfriend [...]

    7. I like all of the characters in this series so far even Zach! I loved Corey in the first book and i love him even more here. The GFY part with Angelo was kinda believable since he connected with Corey in an "energy" level. :) Again, Darien knows how to write erotic scenes. The only issue i have is the the conflict with Angelo's family wasnt really resolved towards the end. I was expecting more family drama. Maybe this will happen in book 3? :) Really good read! "The unknowable is all there is." [...]

    8. Darien has done it! He once said he didn’t want to write a sequel to Guys on Top even though many many readers and reviewers begged him to write down Corey’s story, the most intriguing character of Guys on Top. I still hear utter Doug those meaningful words which picture the Corey of the first book so perfectly.I told Jairo you had a boyfriend because he was going on and on about your magic hands and your golden cock and how sparkly butterflies come out your ass when you take a dump.The Core [...]

    9. If Cox can get me to like Corey (who I couldn't stand from the first book), she just became an autobuy. This was a great story. I enjoyed seeing Corey and Angelo fall in love. I feel like Cox does the perfect amount of angst for me in his stories. Just enough so that it's realistic without being too sweet or cheesy either. If you enjoyed the first in this series, Guys on Top, you will love this one too. It can also be read as a standalone, because it features a different couple. Corey and Angelo [...]

    10. Gah! This book was soooooo good and reminded me of how much I LOVE DARIEN COX'S STORY TELLING! It had everything I love in a m/m romance: great characters, slow-building romance, an unconventional plot, hot, sensual sex scenes (Their first kiss was AMAZING!), lots of communication between characters and believable relationship drama. No eye-rolling, no wanting to throw my Kindle with frustration from characters acting illogically or stupid, the story had a lot of on-page action with very little [...]

    11. I loved this, even more than I enjoyed the first one and, considering this is about Corey, that's going some.There's the same sense of humour and community with this one as in book one, Boston is a vivid character in its own right, and all the associated guys from the first story are back.There's the same level of angsty, but this time it's tempered with a bit of homophobia and family drama for our new guy Angelo.I loved the idea of Corey and Angelo being alt universe versions of each other, the [...]

    12. THIS so good! Just. So good! Words are failing meI am so happy Darien gave us Corey's story. He wasn't meant to be the good/nice guy in Guys on Top and I guess that was all right. I didn't particularily care about him, and at some point he even annoyed me. I wanted to like him, but his position just didn't work in his favor in my eyes. So I was a bit hesitant about reading more about him. I was opening-and reading- the book faster than I could think, because I adore Darien Cox's stories- no way [...]

    13. I really love Darien Cox's writing style. I loved Guys On Top and I couldn't wait to read Corey's story.I loved this book a lot. I liked the characters, especially Angelo, because once he decided he wants Corey, he didn't let anything come between them,not even his family. I liked that to Angelo, Corey came first without any hesitation.I'm one of the few people who kinda liked Corey in the first book, but if you didn't, you're going to love him in this one. I mean, sure, you kinda want to smack [...]

    14. 5 stars!The second book in the series totally sneaked up on me. It was a pleasant surprise to see in my recommendations. So glad to see Corey get his redemption story. He grew in this story while still being Corey. Corey sure gave it a try with Zach. Angelo was a great character, maybe a bittooperfect. The GFY was nicely done.It was nice to see more of Doug and Stewart.Can't wait for the next book in the series. Hopefully it is now Zach's turn.

    15. I knew Darien Cox would make me love Corey! I'm so sad this is over, though a little bird told me there might be a book for Zach in the future. *crosses fingers* In book one every time Corey was in the scene he stole it and I couldn'twait to see what his story would be like. well, it was perfect! I thought the author made it even more interesting by giving us Zach POV. I have never read a book like that before and without it I wouldn't have sympathized with that character as muchwhich was the po [...]

    16. This novel was an amazing Sequel to the first. The story line continues to be strong and the characters' development is personable and thoughtful. I loved this story. Corey is the main character of the story, turning into someone that you start to love. You see the real Corey as his relationships change and he finds his real "Crispy Crème"!! The characters in the first novel "Guys on Top" continue to have a big presence within this one when they all seem to form a real camaraderie between them. [...]

    17. PerfectCorey has grown so much between the two books in his series. I love Angelo. He is mature and sure of himself. I really loved this book and GUys on Top. I look forward to other books from this author. Complex characters who basically want what everyone wants be loved and accepted. Unconditional love no matter your sexual preference, pay grade, or bad choices. Great series.

    18. 3.75 stars.Well-written, and I loved seeing the whole gang again.d enjoyed the bromance Corey and Doug had going on. But, while enjoyable, the romance part lacked a certain zing. Kinda expected more.

    19. I remember when Guys on Top came out many readers expressed some dislike towards Corey. I was among the very few that found his character endearing so I was looking forward to "his HEA". I think Angelo was perfect for Corey, a more calm, focused personality to Corey's wild side.I did enjoy the story, it was good to see a bit of Doug and Stewart and the other guys, but I felt like this Corey wasn't quite the same from book 1. Not a bad thing in itself, people grow and change but I was really wait [...]

    20. This was a great sequel to Guys on TopI loved how this had a completely different feel than the first book. It's more focused on the genuine friendship that has developed between Doug and Corey and also their tight knit group of friends. It's also really funny, sweet and full of sexy. It took a while for Corey and Angelo to get together but I liked how Corey's journey was complicated and a bit messy. Zach is a nut job and Brooks is all kinds of messed up and totally came out of left field, but t [...]

    21. I'm the last person to expect to be disappointed by a Darien Cox' book, but I guess there's a first time for everything. I so missed the chemistry here. I just didn't feel it till the last 10% of the book and it was definitely too late at this point. I think chemistry is what Mr. Cox does best, and I am so sorry, that it was missing for me here. Maybe it was the too-much-Zach or the unresolved family-thing, but ultimately there was not enough Corey and Angelo time for me to feel the connection. [...]

    22. I loved Guys on Top and I liked Guys on the Side. Hearing Corey's point of view was great. I wish Darien Cox had given the readers more time with Corey and Angelo and less with people like Zach, Brooks, and Jairo. (I'm sorry, but a little Jairo goes a long way and there was a little too much of him here.) I enjoyed seeing how Corey and Doug had become friends and I enjoyed the interaction with Corey and Stewart after Zach's meltdown. I did feel like the story ended on an unfinished note because [...]

    23. Read March 24th to March 25, 2015FANTASTIC AND FUN!!!Fantastic follow up to Guys On Top. Corey finds his Mr. Right but the problem is, he's straight. Angelo meets Corey and can't stop the attraction he feels. This was a wonderful, witty, fun story of discovery and learning for both men. I loved the relationship between these two characters. There was never a dull moment. I thought this was a terrific sensual, hot story very befitting of Corey. Only someone like Angelo could give him his true hap [...]

    24. I wasn't a fan of the first book because the whole cheating thing bothered me, so I had little hope for this book.I loved it! Author really redeemed Corey in this book! Angelo, loved him from the beginning, so initially I didn't want him with Corey knowing how he was in book one, but then I found myself loving Corey. The writing is amazing, you don't want to put the book down.

    25. Corey, total jerk from the first book in the series, grows a heart and a conscience. As he struggles with the way his life has gone up to this point, he connects with Angelo, Corey's mirror and complement. They're sweetly hot together, as long as they can get past their respective issues.

    26. I'm glad I waited in between these two b/c I disliked Corey a lot in the first book, but really grew to like him a lot in this book!

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