Heart's Strum

Heart s Strum For a moment Jamie held the world even though it wasn t his to hold Jamie has spent his entire life playing the good twin Now he s the one standing out after signing with Guillotine Records Two yea

  • Title: Heart's Strum
  • Author: Charity Parkerson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • For a moment, Jamie held the world, even though it wasn t his to hold Jamie has spent his entire life playing the good twin Now, he s the one standing out after signing with Guillotine Records Two years of being on his own in California hasn t lessened his desire for the man who made it happen Too bad that man belongs to one of Jamie s oldest friends Fate is aboutFor a moment, Jamie held the world, even though it wasn t his to hold Jamie has spent his entire life playing the good twin Now, he s the one standing out after signing with Guillotine Records Two years of being on his own in California hasn t lessened his desire for the man who made it happen Too bad that man belongs to one of Jamie s oldest friends.Fate is about to hand him an unexpected chance.After losing everything, Hawke needs a break from reality Too many lies and heartaches have left him with nothing except nightmares he can t escape Seeing Jamie again reminds him of a different time one where Jamie made him feel a spark of something pure.Can Jamie undo the years of damage caused by his so called friend In the face of everything Maddox has done to Hawke, Jamie can t let this chance pass him by No friendship in the world is strong enough to overlook the pain Maddox has caused Jamie can t think of a thing he d rather do than pick up the pieces of Hawke s life, but will Hawke let him Sometimes the most beautiful relationships spring from the most broken places.

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    1 thought on “Heart's Strum”

    1. Well having read the last one, I have to ask, why did I bother?. Hawke and Maddox's intense and powerful love story is ret-conned and destroyed and the character of Maddox is entirely trashed despite the whole previous book (and part of Bk 1) showing us from his own POV how much he worshipped Hawke. Book 2 invested me at least in Maddox and Hawke and in Maddox/Hawke's HEA to the extent that I pre-ordered this one. Bad mistake. This book negated all of Book 2's beautiful edgy love story in favour [...]

    2. Oh well. There goes one of my recent fave MM couples. :-(So yeah. I read the first book in the series free and for me it was well enough written but a bit predictable, a bit bland, no genuine conflict, two dull, flaw-free characters. Boring for me. But then at the end, suddenly there was Hawke and Maddox and the whole thing lifted up 5 gears. Colour me startled. I bought the next book and I didn't regret it. It was a great read Hawke growing a backbone, Maddox actually having to work to get him [...]

    3. ***If you haven't read the previous books STOP NOW ***Maddox lived up to his reputation as an a**hole and Hawke has come to lick his wounds, mostly at losing Addison, in California where Jamie is now a big time rock star. So he didn't quite love Maddox as irrevocably as he thought. Life happens and we move on. Doesn't make that old love false. It just is no more and that is how we go on living. This is fantastic news for Jamie who has been waiting without hope for three years. Turns out that des [...]

    4. This series is so addicting, it's my crack!This book was too short (pouts) but AWESOME! I laughed, I cried, I rolled my eyes (seriously Maddox? WTF ugh!)I see some people are upset with the direction the author took this book, but not me. I said in my review of Book 2, I was on team Jamie. I wanted Hawke and Jamie together! And I patiently (well not really patiently) waited til midnight when the book downloaded to my kindle to see if I'd get it. Luck was on my side, or was it on Hawke's side. Be [...]

    5. DNF simply because The idea of switching the couple between Hawke x Maddox to Hawke x Jamie really saddened me. I loved the way the second book ended and I had invested my feeling for Hawke x Maddox pairing. I couldn't possibly understand the change in Maddox in this book because it was unreal. The next book would be Maddox x Joss which showed that Maddox would eventually not being an asshole so I couldn't understand the Maddox in this very book. If the author had changed him into the villain an [...]

    6. Let me preface this by saying I have LOVED every single Charity Parkerson book I've read AND that you should really read this series (Ugly Eternity) in order as this is book 3W, let me say that I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad. There was so much invested in Maddox and Hawke that I was sure I would get to read their Happily Ever After, but it's not a must, the HEA at least, which is a good thing since that's not really what we're getting!Jamie has stood in the wings long enough and dammit, it's t [...]

    7. Okay, is it petty to base a review on the misspelling of GRETNA GREEN (it's GRETNA Green, damn it, not GRETA Green). Aarrgghh However, all the misspellings, rambling sentences and incomplete phrases throughout this whole series really got to me by the end of Book Three. I'm still confused by Hawke's statement that the little girl "Slept with her foot." - huh? I really liked the plot of this book (if you totally forgot everything that happened in Book #2) and how Jaime's character was more fully [...]

    8. I do love this series and the characters in it. Hawke has been a favorite of mine since he first came on scene. There is so much packed into this story, that it's very hard to write a review that isn't full of spoilers. I will say that it made me laugh, made me cry, and made me very mad sometimes all at once! With all the lies, betrayals, misunderstandings, and miles between and around them will Hawke and Jamie even have a chance for a true Happy Ever After? You'll have to read the book to find [...]

    9. Beware-spoilers in this review. I will be honest, I had a hard time getting into this book because of the coupling in the last book. Hawke and Maddox were good together, but no, the author decides that Jamie is Hawke’s happily ever after. This books focuses on the two dancing around one another as Jamie finds out Hawke is single and pounces on his opportunity, talking Hawke into going on tour with him so they can have time to work on their relationship and see if it goes anywhere. So, two mont [...]

    10. I was totally wrong on Maddox lost all respect on him after this one. Guess he couldn't change his old ways. I'm really happy how this turned out though at first I was really turned off but as you read the story and depth it all fell into place. Well done I wonder how further books will progress. Would have rated a 5 but too many typos especially towards the end.

    11. I'm really glad I waited for Heart's Strum to be released before reading Heart's Song, it meant that I knew going in not to get attached to Maddox and Hawke as a couple.I did really love Jamie and the way he treated Hawke was sweet, there were no mind games with him which was refreshing after the Maddox merry-go-round.I've never read a series like this one, books two and three both having Hawke as a main character but with a different love interest could have been very off putting if I hadn't kn [...]

    12. I'm not sure what to say about this book. I'm really mad about what the author did with Maddox. I loved him in book 2. I don't think the switch in personality is believable in book 3. There's no way Maddox would have cheated on Hawke mostly because of Addie. Nope not buying it. I wanted Maddox and Hawke together.Having said that, I can't help but feel bad for Jamie. I really liked him in book 2. However, he should have had his HEA with someone other than Hawke. He should have met someone that wo [...]

    13. Ok, so I just pretended that this one and Heart's Songwere different story lines - kind of like an alternate reality perhaps the author should have thrown in a couple more gay men to choose from instead of having a limited pool of candidates to make this book about. And I believe the love interest in book 2 - turned villain in book 3 - is supposed to turn back into a love interest in #4 (which is also supposed to be M/M/F) ??!! Sorry Ms. Parkerson, I think I will pass, my alternate universe can [...]

    14. I am not sure that this book was all that believable! A set of twins are in love with the same man and despite their shared knowledge of that love, one brother decides to steal the man from his other brother. Then things get a bit mixed up (in my opinion) with the first brother throwing over the first lover and taking a new lover who is a pretty cruel guy. Things just get more convoluted from there and that's pretty much the spot where I lost my ability to believe in the story. However, the thre [...]

    15. I haven't read all the books in this series. I read one, and enjoyed it a lot, HAD NO INTEREST in 2, and was glad b/c 3 is the fucking best. Hawke's in it and that's just awesome. I loved the story and the travels, and the romance. Jamie is just sassy, and beautiful and vulnerable and I loved the pining between the two even though I kind of wanted to smack Hawke upside the head some times. Maddox, of course, is an asshole. LOVED this book.

    16. WowSo not what I was expecting. I am so happy though, that Hawke and Jamie found their way to each other. The way it was meant to be. I was surprised by what happened with Maddox, and my heart broke for Hawke. I also wanted to drop kick Joss until the end of the book, and now I'm happy he is getting his story. Hawke and Jamie are soul matesd it was worth the journey to get them there.

    17. I'm not sure where I sit with this book. Maddox changed that much??? And I knew Joss was up to something and there is sure to be more. Jamie well he got what he wanted and Hawke seems happy. But this book seems so far from book 2 its like a parallel universe exists.Now I need to know what the whole story is.

    18. Seriously conflicted with this oneSo after Hawke supposedly got his HEA with Maddox in the second book it all gets turned on its head and this one is the actual love story.Not sure whether I'm seriously angry at investing in the previous book's story or actually glad that Hawke finally is happy with the right man.

    19. OkwowI don't know why Maddox was such an idiot but yay for JamieI loved seeing Hawke so happy. It is completely infectious. Jamie is amazing and his love and loyalty to Hawke is deep and pure. They are amazing together! I am only sorry that he had to loose Addison in all that went down. Ok now I am off to read book 4 and hope Joss gets his happily ever after

    20. Yes,yes,yesGOOD READ! I enjoyed this book. I love the characters and story line, it's so much real. Can't wait to read the next book. I gave it five stars, it was worth it. I'd recommend the all five books to my fellow readers, you will not regret it.DB

    21. Great bookThis book was fantastic. Jamie and Hawke were smoking hot together. From the moment they meet in the airport, Jamie and Hawke are on a rollercoaster of emotions leading to a spectacular finish.

    22. I love HawkeWhat a beautiful quick love story, it certainly jumped right in there following on from the previous book A bit of a shock, I was wondering how she was going to wrangle Hawke being single.

    23. You've got to be fucking kidding me with this shit! Hawke and Maddux's hard-won HEA in book 2 was a fucking fluke and CP destroys it here?!?! I'm not down with that. No fucking way. Don't waste my time or dollars.

    24. WowWhat a twist, this book I wouldn't have imagined would turn out the way it did, what a great twist. Loved it. And I always liked Jamie more than Maddox, I'm glad it happened that way. Now to wait for the next book.

    25. My favorite of this series!I loved Hawke and Jessie so much. I am dying for the next in this series, Joss's story. And as far as Maddox goes he needs some serious redeeming. I can't wait! No really, waiting is awful.

    26. Okay I read this book out of order and I was a little lost. I'll have to read the other books so I'll have a better understanding of this one.

    27. CuteThis was a cute read. I haven't read the other books, so tired don't know if using was missing something. The sex scenes were a little blah, but ultimately I enjoyed the story.

    28. (view spoiler)[The couple from the previous two books has broken up and now someone else steps in. The couple does not get back together it seems. What the hell??? (hide spoiler)]

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