Memory Paul Nelson a military veteran home from Korea refuses to stand by and watch Kenneth Pittman a young man he s just met get beat up by a group of teens After a few chance encounters with Kenneth P

  • Title: Memory
  • Author: Doug Lloyd
  • ISBN: 9781632168153
  • Page: 232
  • Format: ebook
  • Paul Nelson, a military veteran home from Korea, refuses to stand by and watch Kenneth Pittman, a young man he s just met, get beat up by a group of teens After a few chance encounters with Kenneth, Paul questions parts of his identity he s been trying to suppress, and despite his struggles re acclimating to civilian life and his personal fears, Paul finds the courage toPaul Nelson, a military veteran home from Korea, refuses to stand by and watch Kenneth Pittman, a young man he s just met, get beat up by a group of teens After a few chance encounters with Kenneth, Paul questions parts of his identity he s been trying to suppress, and despite his struggles re acclimating to civilian life and his personal fears, Paul finds the courage to ask Kenneth on a date The two then begin a relationship But in the 1950s, cultural and societal norms threaten openly gay men Paul and Kenneth can only see each other in secret, and Paul s new boss, a former investigative journalist and proud bigot, has a habit of meddling in his employees lives After tragedy strikes close to home, the two men question whether their slice of happiness is worth the trouble or if safety is important After vacationing together in Provincetown, a gay haven, to escape the chaos, they decide to stick it out, only to return to the consequences of being outed to everyone they know Ultimately, Paul realizes the freedom he fought for should apply to them too, and he must bravely act in defiance of society s expectations to be with the man he loves.

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    1. Paul comes home from Korea to a world that seems the same, but is in very personal ways different from the one he left. His parents both died while he was overseas, leaving him at loose ends, the owner of a big, empty house, with only a brother off in college for family. He has also figured out that he's gay, although he's not quite sure what he'll do about pursuing that. And he has gained more strength to speak up about his hatred for injustice and prejudice, after seeing friends die to preserv [...]

    2. 3.5/5This was such a beautiful love story. No (dumb and unnecessary) miscommunication issues, low angst, and great MCs as well as side characters. What more could I ask for?That last chapter felt manipulative as fuck (and as cliché as they come) but I liked it anyway.

    3. I got drawn into this story because I adore historical fiction. The setting, Boston 1952, was fully accessible to me as I grew up in an urban area listening to my aunts, uncles, and father talk about their cable car adventures and soda shops. Having three uncles and a father who served in the armed forces (between Korea and Vietnam) I was also drawn to the plight of a veteran returning from war.Paul is confused. He just spent 18 months in Korea, fighting for a purpose he didn't understand. Unlik [...]

    4. The gorgeous cover by Reese Dante caught my eye and the story inside didn't disappoint.I found this to be a slow (in a good way), very detailed and well written story with descriptions that easily transport you back in time. Memory is a sweet romance without all the hot and heavy stuff. Not every book needs that and I certainly didn't miss it here. It's a lovely tale of two men finding each other in a time when it was very difficult to be gay. When one of them works for a bigoted idiot things do [...]

    5. PBA - you know where it's at! Prism Book Alliance, YODoug Lloyd wonderfully set up this story, introducing Paul Nelson, telling me so much in the first two pages without feeling muddled or bogged down in detail. I was already curious, having been grabbed by the time in which this story takes place, which is 1952. Actually, grabbed is not the right word. It was like he invited me to take a seat on a bench, warmed by the sunshine, and told me he had this story he wanted to tell.Paul and his younge [...]

    6. I thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful debut by Doug Lloyd! Memory is at once a beautiful love story, and a powerful story of bravery and being true to who you are, even in the face of bigotry and hatred. I truly enjoyed it – cover to cover. There were times – especially after a longer stretch of being more political – that I thought it could use a bit more ‘oomph’. But overall, the writing is very tight, and the character development was wonderful. No spoilers, but I will say that I went [...]

    7. Memory by Doug Lloyd: reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwid 2015 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention (5* from at least 1 judge)

    8. This debut novel is about the time when a gay romance was far from romantic, it was dangerous. Lloyd sets his love story against the backdrop of the early 1950s. They were good times if you happened to be straight, white and male. For everyone else, it was a struggle. Returning Korean war veteran Paul makes a journey of discovery, learning to be true to himself in spite of the severe restrictions of the era, learning about life and love from Kenneth, who would be the love of his life.I admit, I' [...]

    9. It's a lovely, very kind and warm book that reads a bit like a fairy tale, in a good way. I enjoyed it absolutely. For one thing, I love upstanding young men for characters, and Paul is exactly like that, strong, brave and GOOD. I was a bit doubtful one could really be this open-minded in 1950s but since it is the story as Paul remembers it, it makes sense that he might have remembered it a bit though the pink glasses. And all historical details of everyday life were delicious. Oh yes, and the b [...]

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