The Most Dangerous Game

The Most Dangerous Game The Most Dangerous Game is the popular short story originally published in which was written by Richard Connell This is the story of a big game hunter who is trapped on an island with a fellow hu

  • Title: The Most Dangerous Game
  • Author: Richard Connell
  • ISBN: 9781430451518
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Most Dangerous Game is the popular short story originally published in 1924 which was written by Richard Connell This is the story of a big game hunter who is trapped on an island with a fellow hunter, who is uninterested in hunting stereotypical prey, and instead decides that the only prey worthy of his skills is other humans This title is often required reading inThe Most Dangerous Game is the popular short story originally published in 1924 which was written by Richard Connell This is the story of a big game hunter who is trapped on an island with a fellow hunter, who is uninterested in hunting stereotypical prey, and instead decides that the only prey worthy of his skills is other humans This title is often required reading in middle schools, and has been since adapted into movies and extended versions This title is the original version by the author, and is considered one of the greatest short stories ever written.

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    1. A Pop Quiz:QUESTION: What do Gilligan, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Homer Simpson and this Star Trek alien** have in common?ANSWER (select the one that best applies):1. None of them could act their way out of a puff of smoke.2. They all starred in adaptations of Richard Connell’s famous short story “The Most Dangerous Game.”3. They are all very happy NOT to be Jan Michael Vincent.4. All of the above.Yes, it was an easy, soft ball of a question; the correct answer is 4. **Removing the last vesti [...]

    2. A man accidentally falls off a yacht at night, luckily (or unluckily) close to an ominous, dark island. He soon discovers it is inhabited by a Russian big game hunter who has become bored with his easy success, and has now taken up hunting Man as it proves to be a bigger, more entertaining challenge. Very well written and certainly deserves it's inclusion in the "50 greatest short stories" list.

    3. 5★“‘Off there to the right—somewhere—is a large island,’ said Whitney. ‘It's rather a mystery—’‘What island is it?’ Rainsford asked. ‘The old charts call it “Ship-Trap Island,” Whitney replied. ‘A suggestive name, isn't it? Sailors have a curious dread of the place. I don't know why. Some superstition—’This is why I love short stories. It’s a wonderful, well-known classic, first published in 1924. Who needs a whole novel? Who needs The Hunger Games? I wouldn [...]

    4. Richard Connell’s The Most Dangerous Game is one of the most enduring and timeless short stories ever penned. Its reputation is well deserved, as Connell grabs the reader instantly and spins a tale that while exciting, has broader implications than a simple adventure tale. It is probably most famous today due to the film starring Joel McCrea and Fay Wray, which was shot around the same time as King Kong and used many of the same sets. The short story, while not having the feminine character or [...]

    5. My favorite part of this 1924 story was a brief but satisfying cameo appearance by BORSCH, as in "the rich, red soup with whipped cream so dear to Russian palates". Excuse me for a second while I salivate."Great sport, hunting.""The best sport in the world," agreed Rainsford."For the hunter," amended Whitney. "Not for the jaguar." Rainsford is a hunter who (very conveniently for the plot purposes of this very compact story) utters statements such as, "The world is made up of two classes—the hu [...]

    6. The Most Dangerous Game, by Richard Connell. A very short classic story published in 1924. Regardless of the length, I don't think I have been more scared by any book. The story begins as 2 friends, skilled big game hunters, are sailing in the Caribbean on their way to hunt jaguar along the River. One of the men loses his footing and falls overboard while on a moonlit stroll around the deck. What happened to him is for you to find out. I don't do spoilers! Leave it to say that you should read t [...]

    7. You can listen to this story on YouTube.I've seen many film adaptations of The Most Dangerous Game, but I've never read it until now. I liked it and I think the ending was befitting of General Zaroff. He had never slept in a better bed, Rainsford decided.

    8. If you're out there for short stories, this one is for you!Short but raised a lot of questions in my mind like what makes human different than animals?Is it the desire that one hunts for fun rather than for food?And the lines of psychopath Zaroff, There is no greater bore than perfection! Oh my![image error]

    9. I read this in college, in a "Lit" class. It was one of those exercises where the Professor gives you two stories and your supposed to compare them "qualitatively". I don't remember what the second story was, I found this one vastly superiord really "ticked off" the prof. You see, I was 30 when I went back to school to get a degree and apparently didn't have the "proper deference" for the professor's.position. The man was an elitist snob who was impressed enough with himself for all of us anyway [...]

    10. I loved it!!! One of my favorite stories. Very memorable and has stuck with me for years. First read it when student teaching in 1996 in a 9th grade literature class. What a thrilling story. It has some really beautiful writing. Some of my favorites are:"Ugh! It's like moist velvet." (Rainsford speaking of the night.)"The best sport in the world," agreed Rainsford."For the hunter," amended Whitney. "Not for the jaguar.""Don't talk rot, Whitney," said Rainsford. "You're a big-game hunter, not a p [...]

    11. An excellent short story of about 8000 words that I read every decade or so & still get a thrill out of. It should be well known by everyone after all the movies, acknowledgements, & outright rip-offs of the plot. If you don't know it, it is a must-read & is available for free here:ensource/wiki/The_MosThere is a scary amount of realism to the story, especially in the time that it was written. Best - or possibly worst - is how easy it is for me to understand the General's POV. His lo [...]

    12. I read this little short story when I was about 12 or 13 years old, in what we called grammar school, some 50 years ago. It has always been in the background of my memory as a story that gave me the desire to read and explore the world of literature. I had to reread this again, and thanks to Bobby Underwood I remembered this great classic and found it. Thanks Bobby, it was a fun read, one I'll probably read again sometime if I live long enough. It is a masterpiece of classic literature IMHO. May [...]

    13. The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell5 stars (Originally 4.25 stars) Update: It's been almost five years since I read this short story as a freshman in high school and recently I read Zodiac by Robert Graysmith. Since becoming familiar with the killings the Zodiac executed, as well as the possible ones he may have committed, I wanted to reread this short story. Zodiac pretty much copies all of Zaroff's obsession with hunting humans. It's quite fascinating to read such an old short story tha [...]

    14. Definitely a very intriguing and thrilling read for me! Though it could've been a little longer because it took me only 10 minutes to read this XDRecommends It For: Someone looking for an extremely short read with a bit of horror, thriller, excitement, and just a whole lot of awesomeness!

    15. This was not a new story for me. I read it years ago, probably in high school. I cannot recall the reaction I had then, and this is one of those tales that you cannot react the same way once you know the outcome.It does spark some interesting thoughts about putting yourself in someone else's shoes. I liked this line:Sometimes I think evil is a tangible thing--with wave lengths, just as sound and light have. An evil place can, so to speak, broadcast vibrations of evil."I'm not sure an evil place [...]

    16. Oddly enough, this morning my husband and I were watching a show on Robert Hanson, the serial killer that hunted and murdered women in Alaska as if they were prey. That led to a discussion about a book that he remembered reading (I use that term loosely, since he is not a big reader, but more of a skimmer) back in high school. He couldn't remember the name of the book, but he swore it had something to do with games (he even suggested The Hunger Games at one point - lol) and there was a picture o [...]

    17. Classy and chilling at the same time - a fast paced adventure full of atmosphere and set on a claustrophobic setting. Also an interesting commentary on how man without God--living with an evolution based mindset--sinks into the sickening mindset of viewing humans as animals and prey to be hunted down and destroyed. Because of the intense subject and some violence - this short story is best for older readers.

    18. It's been awhile since I've seen the 1930s movie version with Joel McCrea, but I think I like the story better by virtue of the lack of padding that was done to make it a feature film. The story itself is a lean and mean little tale of terror, with a simple moral of hunter becoming the hunted and a final sentence that caps it off brilliantly.

    19. I always loved the 'pulpy' type stories we had to read in school more than the serious, cerebral ones. This is a favorite. I loved the irony of the situation faced by the characters in this book: the hunters becoming hunted. Really thrilling, yet short read.

    20. So. Many. Short. Stories.Sometimes these kinds of weird, old school, random books really hook me, but I can't explain why. This is one of them. This story has the most simple of plot lines, yet it does so well to inflict fear and excitement into the reader.I loved the writing. I loved the tension. I loved the plot. I loved the psychopath. I loved the ending.

    21. So, the hunter becomes the hunted….What we have in ‘The Most Dangerous Game’ is a fun, old fashioned, boy’s own tale. A big game hunter (who, in an opening more comic than its supposed to be, leans too far over the rail of a boat and drops into the ocean – which hardly suggests the steely-eyed precision we’re supposed to expect from this character) finds himself the prey of a madman on a deserted island. The dialogue is clunky and the prose can be kindly called basic, but the sense o [...]

    22. The Most Dangerous Game is a short story by American journalist and author, Richard Connell. Rainsford is on a boat with Whitney, headed south to do some big game hunting in the . But a slight accident sees him swimming for shore, and shore is an island known on old charts as Ship-Trap Island. There, encounters a strange fellow and soon finds himself in an unenviable position. A classic short story with quite a twist at the end.

    23. This was a very interesting book, and a quick read. The book was slowly getting more interesting page by page which made me want to read more each time. Richard Connell could have wrote the book a little farther back to give the story more details but it was good none the less. I did enjoy the ending, it was unexpected and had you wanting to read more. Very good book if you are looking for a short read!

    24. Short stories are an underappreciated art form. Most people praise long novels for their ability to hold a reader's attention and create a graceful story arc, but I think it's just as challenging to tell a fully developed story in a small number of pages. "The Most Dangerous Game" is one of those short stories that stays with you for years after you have read it. I put it in the same class as Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery," which is another story you can never forget. Connell's story is one you [...]

    25. I don't often read things in one sitting, but this was an excellent half hour. The classic story that has been done to death since it's publication in 1925, but it still packs a powerful punch. Very clean, sparse prose with nothing wasted. Apparently this is popular required reading in middle school (according to Wiki, anyway) which is odd considering the subject matter even though it isn't violent in the slightest. My public library cataloged this as a children's book, so I was somewhat confuzz [...]

    26. This book is a very good book. It is quite interesting because of the way it ends. It stats that Rainsford has never slept in a better bed. This makes us infer that General Zaroff has lost the "duel" in between Rainsford and him. He says that the person that loses the duel will be fed to the hounds and the winner will sleep in the most comfortable bed imaginable.

    27. I wish that I could have experienced this book with the same sense of surprise as someone reading it when it was first published. Although, I don’t think that I’ve read it before, it is so much a part of pop culture that the story didn’t heighten my senses or give me a feeling of anticipation. I bet this story was a delight in 1924.The Most Dangerous Game is certainly worthy of its distinction of being an outstanding short story. It tackles timeless themes. General Zaroff is a colorful vil [...]

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