Protector Isabelle Brannock was adored by her children in every possible way Her ability to love reflects in each of them and to this day they remember the never ending happiness she and their father Liam sh

  • Title: Protector
  • Author: Jessica Wilde
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Isabelle Brannock was adored by her children in every possible way Her ability to love reflects in each of them and to this day, they remember the never ending happiness she and their father, Liam, shared However, life wasn t always beautiful and their magnificent mother kept her dark secrets buried away so her children would always remember that family is the most imporIsabelle Brannock was adored by her children in every possible way Her ability to love reflects in each of them and to this day, they remember the never ending happiness she and their father, Liam, shared However, life wasn t always beautiful and their magnificent mother kept her dark secrets buried away so her children would always remember that family is the most important thing.Liam Brannock has watched his children find that same happiness he knew so well and, as a father, he couldn t be prouder Knowing that the struggles each of them endured were worth the sacrifices they made to find the love of their lives, he finally feels content with revealing the secrets Isabelle worked so hard to keep.Liam tells his children the story of how he met their mother and the secrets they never suspected would be possible for a woman who lived each day showing her children that love conquers all.For readers 18 due to sexual content.Note to readers This is Liam and Isabelle s story as well as updates on Ash, Con, and Gus.This cannot be read as a standalone.Series Order Book 1 LeverageBook 2 ConnedBook 3 MissingBook 4 Protector

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    1. Wait for someone who tells strangers about you.5 golden STARS at the end of the rainbow STARSLiam and Isabelle ♥She was sad, of course he had no doubt,but her presence exuded happiness.And it's the way that we feelI've never felt comfortable like this ►♫When I first began this series I always wondered if Liam's story would be shared. Through out the novels it was incorporated but I needed more. I'm so GLAD that Jessica Wilde did indeed write composed Liam and Isabelle's story. I'm honored [...]

    2. *Received an ARC from Jessica Wilde*Five stars~I loved Protector (The Brannock Siblings #4)! It was fabulous!Since read Leverage, Conned, and Missing, I knew Liam's love toward Isabelle was so deep and beautiful that he still missed her so much after she passed away 17 years ago. This book brought us back to the day when Liam first saw Isabelle.From their each child's memories, Isabelle was always a loving mother and always taught her children to look things from its bright sides. So it was diff [...]

    3. Reviewed by Loraine Oliver Warning you must read the first three books in this series to understand what the fourth book, Protector is about. Here is a brief rundown about the first three books:In the first 3 books we are introduced to the children of William and Isabelle Brannock, and their lives as adults, and who they wind up loving. They are wonderful books! This book (4) however is the story of William (Liam Brannock) and how he met Isabelle and how she came to be his everything.Series Orde [...]

    4. Right now I'll just say I'm very sad that this book was so good I couldn't put it down. It was phenomenal. Full review to come

    5. In Leverage, Lucas & Ash introduced us to a sweet love. In Conned, my heart melted for Con & Emily. In Missing, I fell hard for Gus & Aiden ( I love them both!). Now in Protector, we get to experience the story that started this wonderful family, Liam and Izzy. Izzy is the hidden heart of the family, always spoken of with much love and reverence. She passed before any of the first books, but was never forgotten. Liam is the head of the household, a secret pushover who mourns Izzy wit [...]

    6. "Oh, my beauty. Your mother melted when I burped."As I've gone through each book in this series I have fallen in love with every character that Jessica Wilde has wrote about. But from the very beginning in Leverage when I got my first glimpse of Liam I declared he was my favorite and that I officially had a crush on an older man. Liam stole my breath from the first time he appeared. He has been my favorite through every single book even though I was just getting small parts of him. That is until [...]

    7. Protector (fourth book in The Brannock Siblings series) by Jessica Wilde is truly amazing! The story continues with the whole family after the last book in the series while Liam Brannock is remembering when he met his Izzy back in Ireland. I loved hearing how Liam and Isabelle met and what they went through to be together! Isabelle was running from a dangerous man that she is being forced to marry. Why would her parents put her through something like that? You would think it was under life threa [...]

    8. 4, "Oh my beauty, your mother melted when I burped." stars. That had to be one of my favorite lines from this book. This book is beginning of the beloved Brannock family, even though it is the fourth in the series. Don't read it first! It truly is meant to be the fourth book. The story is told through flashbacks as Liam contemplates how far his family has come as each of his children have begun to build families of their own. By now, you know Lucas and Ash, Con and Emily, and Gus and Aiden. This [...]

    9. I am so excited Jessica decided to end the series by going back and telling us the story of Liam and Isabelle. You just know from the start that Liam is an amazing father so of course he had to have been an amazing boyfriend/husband. This story goes back and forth from the present to the past. As Liam sat and watched his kids get married , have babies and get engaged he thinks back and tells the story of how he met Isabelle and how he fell for her right away. We learn of her struggles and hearta [...]

    10. Wow what an ending to this series. I can't believe this is the end to one of my favorite book families. I have fell in love with all of these characters in this series in some way or another. The Brannock family has made me laugh and they have made me cry.But I am so happy to have gone on this journey with this family. I was also really happy that Mrs. Wilde ended with Liam's story. It was nice to get to know Ash, Con and Gus's dad and mother who has passed so much better. I have always liked Li [...]

    11. Heartwarming and heartbreaking all at once. I want MORE of this couple, like every little detail of them. I love how they love each other and make each other laugh. They're best friends and lovers all rolled into one dang near perfect relationship. She just wanted to escape before a life of miseryhe had no idea he was looking for her. Their friendship was fast and so easy. You could tell that Liam and Izzy were absolutely meant to be together. I've never really seen a couple more perfect for eac [...]

    12. I HATE that this was the last book to this series but it sure was a GREAT book. To have the gang together again and still throwing jibes at each other is amazing to see. They have so much fun together and you can see that they all love each other. Great Family Times!!! Liam is telling his children how he met their mother and it really is a touching story. To see what Isabelle went through was difficult and poor Liam just wanted her to stay with him. Its great to see the love they had between eac [...]

    13. Liam Brannock and Izzy - what can I say except for soul mates. I wasn't sure I wanted to read this as I loved every other Brannock Sibling book, and throughout those I became familiar with Liam and Izzy. I didn't want a repeat in different POV. THAT IS NOT WHAT I GOT. Jessica Wilde told a story of all encompassing love- in past and present. In reading about the love story and journey of these two lovers, you gained so much insight into each other Brannock and fell in love page after page. I have [...]

    14. Love hate relationshipThis book is not a standalone!I loved the book. I loved the family. I loved the series. The one thing I hated about this book was knowing what the eventual end would be. Knowing that their HEA would end too soon. The author left no doubt about the love Izzy and Liam felt for each other. And Liam's Irish accent? I dare anyone to read his parts without using that accent in their head. Thank you Ms. Wilde for a great series. Hoping to get to know about those Irish cousins and [...]

    15. With watery eyes I'll tell you this was a wonderful story filled with love. This was not a sad story. It was touching. A love conquers all story. True love and a truly blessed family. This series was a joy to read. It will stay with me and make the reader long to be a part of the Brannock family. I highly recommend this series. Liam lives up to his position as father of this wonderful family.

    16. Love love love it!!!!!This is truly the best story! The parents love story is truly beautiful and renews my faith in the possibility of true love ❤️ I am truly in awe this beautiful love story and truly recommend it for any reader ☺️

    17. You know when you are reading a book and you can visualize the words. Yep this is that book. What a pleasant surprise learning where the Brannock family began and hearing Liam and Isabelle tale of falling in love. Excellent read. Great conclusion to this series.

    18. Jessica Wilde does it again!! This book is amazing and one that I couldn't put down. It's very well written and I loved reading about how Liam and Isabelle met. This is one book that I know I will be able to read again and again!!

    19. Jessica Wilde did it again!! This was a perfect end to a perfect series! This family is amazing, and I can't wait to read it over and over!!

    20. WowWhat a great ending to the first three books. I really enjoyed reading this book and finding out about all the family members. I would definitely recommend this series.

    21. “She was sad, of course he had no doubt,but her presence exuded happiness.”I loved this book so much. It was emotional, sweet, adorable and I just loved it! Though this book was great I still needed more, I did not like that the book kept jumping between present and past! I was so excited that there was a book about Izzy and Liam because I really wanted to read about the love that was so inspiring for their children!This book tell us how Isabelle Moore met Liam in Ireland. Isabelle did not h [...]

    22. It was sweet. This love story of the Brannock parentals was just that sweet. I had a little trouble with it, though. Liam, in the other books in the series, seems this larger-than-life, take-no-prisoners, badass cop who seriously kicks ass and takes names. Yes, he has a softer side, evidenced by his love for his his kids and his obvious love when he remembers his wife in the other books. But this one His kick-ass persona just doesn't exist. Not that I don't adore him, I just kept waiting for the [...]

    23. Like having a book long epilogue/prologue! So great.This was an excellent ending to a great series! Couldn't have asked for better for this family of characters we've come to love! Very well done.

    24. love love love this book and series. This is a very touching and heartwarming story that had me laughing and crying the whole time.

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