The Jewelled Snuff Box

The Jewelled Snuff Box Impoverished Jane Spencer is amongst a group of travellers who are forced to delay their journey due to a snowstorm Their stage coach is unable to continue its journey through the storm and its passen

  • Title: The Jewelled Snuff Box
  • Author: Alice Chetwynd Ley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Impoverished Jane Spencer is amongst a group of travellers who are forced to delay their journey due to a snowstorm Their stage coach is unable to continue its journey through the storm and its passengers are forced to get out and walk to a nearby inn Jane comes across a unconscious man, the victim of a beating, lying half dead in the snow The events that follow will chImpoverished Jane Spencer is amongst a group of travellers who are forced to delay their journey due to a snowstorm Their stage coach is unable to continue its journey through the storm and its passengers are forced to get out and walk to a nearby inn Jane comes across a unconscious man, the victim of a beating, lying half dead in the snow The events that follow will change Jane s life.What is the significance of the ornate jewelled snuff box

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    1. 3.5★As I have said (many, many times!) I'm a big Heyer fan, but I don't normally care for other Regency romances.I'm happy to make an exception for this book.An original plot and intriguing beginning had me hooked immediately (although a minor caveat - I think a ruby & emerald snuff box would be really ugly!) I loved both Richard & Jane's character. In spite of the minor issue of well realised villainess Celia using mostly eighteenth century language, this book was going to get 4★ fr [...]

    2. 2.5 stars, rounded up. It's a C- rather than a D+!I’m always interested when older romances make their way into digital format, so when I saw this one was a freebie for Kindle I picked it up, having vaguely recognised the author’s name as someone who wrote Regency Romances back in the 60s and 70s (and into the 1980s, according to her bio.)Knowing that The Jewelled Snuff Box was likely to be a quick and fairly simple read, I picked it up one evening planning to whizz through it before bedtime [...]

    3. Well, I'm glad to say that after the 60% mark this improved a bit as far as plot. What I liked was that the language wasn't too modern, the manners felt right and the heroine, hero and other characters were likable, (Excuse me, MOST of them).I did not like Celia, who Jane was a paid companion to. I was pleased with how the author turned things and will because of it considered reading something else by her. The nasty little Celia got her just deserts and in a realistic way. I'd feel sorry for he [...]

    4. I read this many years ago and was very glad to see it offered for kindle. This is a delightful historical romance with a well plotted "cozy" mystery thrown in for good measure. Those who like the style of Jane Aiken Hodge will enjoy this as both authors wrote in a similar vein. An easy and engaging read with well presented characters. A nostalgic read.

    5. A very traditional regency, interesting characters (the sweet and the nasties), touching at times, but predictable.

    6. Prime Kindle Freebie2.5 starsJane Spencer is on her way to a new post as companion in London when her stage coach is forced to stop at a wayside inn during a snowstorm. Jane is shocked to come across a body lying in the snow. Luckily, the man isn't dead, merely unconscious. With a fancy many caped greatcoat and a jeweled snuff box lying in the snow nearby, it is obvious this is a gentleman of Quality. Jane spends the night nursing the man and when he wakens, he can not remember who he is or how [...]

    7. Overall it was a cute book, however I did skip through most of it because it got a bit long winded. I did read this was a novella then turned into a full length novel, but I think personally it would've been suited better as a novella.It was also a bit strange how they eventually got together in the end (sorry for spoiler, but really.). I don't know why she didn't tell him straight away that she was the one that rescued him. Oh well, it was okay none the less.

    8. I really liked this book. It's very "old school" and reminds me, to some extent, of novels I've read by Jane Austen. What I mean by that is Ms. Chetwynd Ley keeps the characters conduct and speech very true to the times, thus the characters behave in a rather reserved manner and speak in a rather formal manner. Then there is the fact that the dialect is so authentic that at times I had a hard time deciphering what characters of the "lower orders" were saying. LOL For example when the coachman ad [...]

    9. I hadn't read any Alice Chetwynd Ley since I was a teenager, and recently had the urge to read her again - and I'm glad I did! Jane Spencer is employed by Lord Bordesley as a companion for his spoilt wife, Celia, who knew Jane from her schooldays and had little respect for her. It is on her way to take up this position that Jane finds an unconscious man lying in the snow"The Jewelled Snuff Box" is a sweet, fun, well-written read with an interesting plot that fair skated along. I really enjoyed t [...]

    10. Old school adversaries collideThis is a sweet, clean Regency romance written as though it were an old novel. It's language is complex and old-fashioned, which makes it unusual for a modern Regency novel. It all revolves around a snuff box with a secret compartment and the letter it contains. Lost memory, lost family, lost friends, all play a role. "She had never believed in love at first sight. That surely, she told herself, was an invention of novelists, whose business it was to make everything [...]

    11. Very wordy, had to do a lot of skimming. Also, the males in this book are very dimwitted and will fall about and compromise themselves for a very pretty face. They all seemed very shallow. Our heroine took stoic and independent into martyr territory. There were some plot threads left dangling at the end. Not my thing.

    12. this novella stars Jane Tarrant Spencer, an impoverished sensible young lady whose path crosses several connected people on the way to new employment as a companion in London. I like the Jane was eminently sensible in everything she does yet with a bit of humor than endears her to many.

    13. A very nice, traditional regency romance, similar yo Georgette Heyer (but not as long or as fully developed). Still a fun and light read.

    14. Loved it, wish there was an epilogueI loved the book but it ended right on the climaxI always wish for a little winding down. If not for that I'd give it 5 stars.

    15. A delightful taleThe Jewelled Snuff Box is a charming romantic story with a surprising twist! Read it yourself to learn what it is.

    16. Alice Chetwynd Ley is an author whose name was completely new to me when I came across this book on NetGalley a while ago, but seeing it described as “an intriguing regency romance, perfect for fans of Georgette Heyer and Jane Aiken Hodge” made me both curious and wary. I love Georgette Heyer and enjoyed the one Jane Aiken Hodge book I’ve read (Watch the Wall, My Darling), so I hoped the comparison would be accurate. My verdict, having now read The Jewelled Snuff Box, is that there are def [...]

    17. Originally posted HERE.These vintage Regency romances hover somewhere between Jane Austen and the genre as we know it today. You must adjust your mindset to read them, but I really do enjoy them.The Jewelled Snuff Box (first published 1959) is my second read by Alice Chetwynd Ley. I really enjoyed the other one I read, and so was excited to start it. I think it takes a couple of chapters to adjust to the different, older style, but I appreciate Regency stories that feel more like they really b [...]

    18. Jane Spenser - or Jane Tarrant - is traveling to London to see her lawyer and then start her job as a lady's companion when the coach she's riding in has to stop unexpectedly for the night due to a heavy snow storm. As she's walking up to the inn, Jane spots a man in a ditch and gets the men in the party to carry him into the inn. She tends his wounds because the innkeeper's wife says she's too busy due to getting dinner and the few rooms they have in order. When he awakes, he has no recollectio [...]

    19. Please don't be put off by my one star rating of this book. There wasn't necessarily anything objectionable about it. It was just boring. The characters, especially the H (if you can even call him that since he hardly played a role in this book), were undeveloped, the plot was far fetched and silly, and the conventions of the time were haphazardly thrown out the window. The actual writing wasn't that great either. The author switched from a particular character's pov to omniscient and back again [...]

    20. Somebody compared this book to Georgette Heyer and I can sort of see it. The WTFery is a little lower (a little) but it is a historical with very little physical interaction but a story that is continuously on the go. We start with a poor, but moral, young woman, Jane Spencer. She is on her way to London via public conveyance when the stage is stopped by snow. Lo and behold, she stumbles over a body in the snow. It's a man who has lost his memory. When she finally gets him to London, he apparent [...]

    21. E-Reader RomanceJane Spencer Tarrant her Mother died when she was very young. Her Father is in the Navy & away a lot. She is sent to Miss Leasome's Seminary. Jane meets Celia Walbrook & Letty Carisbrooke. Letty becomes her best friend. Unfortunately her Father dies fighting for the Navy against Napoleon,as a Captain. Jane has to leave early from Miss Leasowes. She no longer is in the higher echelon of society. She doesn't have the finances now to stay. She'll receive a small monthly amou [...]

    22. This is a typical regency romance of the type that were popular in the 70s and 80s. It does not contain any sexual scenes. This one is about a governess who falls in love with a unconscious lord who she happens upon on the side of the road. They spend all of about one day together and he promptly forgets who she is. Then she takes a job as a lady's companion and the lady just happens to be the mean girl from her school days and the woman the lord was in love with. Are the two carrying on a torri [...]

    23. I'm going to start with the end - it was a relatively satisfying ending, although it felt like it stopped, rather than finished. Things are explained, and most characters get what you wanted for them.That said, the rest of the book, I found slow and unsatisfying.The sheer repetition of the words 'my lady' (in lowercase), throughout the story was annoying and jarring. It felt incorrectly used in many places and should have been replaced with other words like, she, her, Celia (the name of the char [...]

    24. Good, quick read.Good plot, a character you love to hate and a happy ever after do the good guy and girl. Just desserts for the wicked character. Be kind and have courage.

    25. Oldie but a goodie! One thing I absolutely adore about the old historical romances, they are mostly clean but have wonderful plot lines and developed characters. Many would say they are not hot enough but to me a great read is about what holds your attention and keeps you captive as well as guessing and being a part of the story. This book is definitely well written and a good companion for those nights you want a good read. The author is truly talented and if you do not mind it not being erotic [...]

    26. This book was very formulaic, and neither the writing nor the characters redeemed it. The plot moved a little too quickly, and the characters felt shallow. I couldn't really connect with the book. There is nothing that really stands out about this book compared to other regency romances. It just felt very 'blah'.This book was very predictable, and I wasn't invested in the great mystery of the snuffbox all that much. Still this was an okay beach read, especially since I was coming down from a boo [...]

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