Discovering April

Discovering April April Landau thinks she has everything she s ever wanted Her high school sweetheart a house she can t afford her bipolar tabby cat and she s all set to begin her Junior year of college Just when sh

  • Title: Discovering April
  • Author: Sheena Hutchinson
  • ISBN: 9781508642220
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Paperback
  • April Landau thinks she has everything she s ever wanted Her high school sweetheart, a house she can t afford, her bipolar tabby cat, and she s all set to begin her Junior year of college Just when she least expects it, her life gets thrown for a loop When things between her and her long time boyfriend unravel, she becomes stuck in a downward spiral of emotion Finally,April Landau thinks she has everything she s ever wanted Her high school sweetheart, a house she can t afford, her bipolar tabby cat, and she s all set to begin her Junior year of college Just when she least expects it, her life gets thrown for a loop When things between her and her long time boyfriend unravel, she becomes stuck in a downward spiral of emotion Finally, opening her eyes to the fact that she may have given up than she ever could have imagined in this relationship She finds herself struggling to keep her head above water Enter April s next door neighbor Jared Hoffman He s her complete opposite A high school drop out who was forced to take over his parent s business after their untimely death It s no surprise this tragedy affected him greatly, causing him to recede almost completely from society But he has one secret A secret he s been carrying around for years What happens when their worlds collide Can an old friendship be the one thing that brings these two back to life A new adult love story filled with drama, sex, death, and the complications of all of the above.

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    1. 2.5 stars(Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Xpresso book tours, and author Sheena Hutchinson)“No we aren’t… it’s time we face facts, April. We aren’t working anymore.”This started out okay, but I lost interest. The characters annoyed me a bit in this book, they both make split second decisions on little information, and then wondered why their lives went tits-up. Why not wait until you have all the information to fly off the [...]

    2. “Sometimes you have to kind of die inside in order to rise from your own ashes and believe in yourself and love yourself to become a new person.”----Gerard WaySheena Hutchinson, an American author, pens her new contemporary romance novel, Discovering April that is all about taking the road to self-discovery, falling in love, and all the issues attached with it. Centered around a college junior, named April whose perfect life turns imperfect with just one stroke of a mistake.Synopsis: April L [...]

    3. *I received an e-ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.*Review is also posted on Let’s Say It’s A BlogTHE ENDING, oh God, the ending…Okay, I know I’m being a tease, lol, can’t help it really.Discovering April is a new adult contemporary romance by Sheena Hutchinson with first person POV (heroine). I always found it interesting to read a book by author who belongs ‘new’ to me. Writing style is always my first anticipation. I began by reading one chapter f [...]

    4. 3.5 starsOh lordy is April high maintenance. She has a high maintenance boyfriend and we all know what’s going to happen there – fireworks and not the good kind. Just about every conversation has her screeching or screaming and it was starting to wear me down. For the majority of the book, I wanted to throttle April. Love it when a character gets under my skin. She was super annoying but I wanted to know what was going to happen to make her face facts that she had to change. For a woman who [...]

    5. Won a free copy of this book from the Giveaway and I was happily surprised that I really liked it. The story follows April Landau who is currently in an unhealthy relationship with her on and off again boyfriend Hunter. She doesn't know who she is without him so she rather be in this type of relationship than to be on her own. But when she is forced to deal with a world without him, her neighbor Jared pops back into her life and she may get another chance to find herself and experience true lov [...]

    6. Actual rating - 2.5This started out okay, but I lost interest rather quickly unfortunately. The pacing was too slow for me, and when things started happening, I still felt bored. The characters weren't ones I could love either unfortunately, they were pretty annoying at times.

    7. *I received a copy of this from Xpresso Book Tours for review.*Review can be found at The Fox's Hideaway.My Review!Minor spoilers.I can't even with how upset I am at this book right now. It started off fine, I was enjoying it. But then little annoyances started to add up, until I was slogging through the boring drama in the book. I mean, it wasn't all dramatics. There was a fair bit of cheesiness involved, as well as very little IMPORTANT and EMOTIONAL dialogue between the couple. And it all add [...]

    8. **I received a digital copy of the book via Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.**OH MY GOD, THIS BOOK WAS EPIC! I was so thrilled when I got the email late at night telling me that they had approved my request. I got so exited that I couldn't sleep at all. And after finishing this book, it was totally worth it. I enjoyed every damn moment of this roller coaster emotional ride.It's a story about April who is a college student struggling to pay her bills and maintain a relationshi [...]

    9. 4 1/2 Stars! Discovering April is a sweet, feisty, fast paced romance that pulled me in.We meet April who's life quickly starts changing right in front of her, and she's left to pick up the pieces of all of the events that have happened. Everything seems to be going to crap for April, and then her childhood best friend, the guy she hasn't talked to in years, who is also her neighbor, helps put her back together again.I instantly loved Jared, and understood his reservations about April, but the w [...]

    10. I was given an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.First I have to say I truly loved this book. It is well written and the characters are well developed and easy to relate too. I mean who among us hasn't been hurt by someone we love?April is a college student struggling to pay her bills and maintain a relationship with her boyfriend Hunter. Hunter is pretty wealthy and a football player and a jerk. April's parent's have moved to Florida and left their house to April.April work [...]

    11. *Copy provided in exchange for an honest review.*3.5 stars! This was the first book I read by Sheena and I enjoyed it for the most pat. I thought it to be a little too corny at times and a little immature. The way the characters interacted would've been appropriate for somebody still in high school. The only thing making this a NA romance was the sexual content and their living status. There were also some things that were left unanswered. Like the author forgot where the story was going, maybe? [...]

    12. I received this for an honest review I have to say OMG I absolutely fell in love with this book. April is with Hunter who treats her horribly but she stays because they have been together for too long. Can I just say I really felt the need to DROP KICK HIM IN THE HEAD!!! Then thankfully they breakup and April goes through breakup unhappiness all the while right across the street is Jared who she used to be friends with but they grew apart and Jared has been biding his time waiting!!! OMG I loved [...]

    13. I recived an arc of this awesome read in exchange for a reviewI give it 5 fun filled angsty stars I'm officially In love with Jared and April I could have just kept on reading there story and been perfectly happy !!! This romance starts with childhood friends who grow to young adults April has lost herself lost her fire because of her cheating ex hunter .enter Jared Hoffman who has always loved herald wants to see that fire back in her eyes but when tragedy strikes and Jared is landed in a coma [...]

    14. * I received a copy of this eBook in exchange for an honest review. * This is a great book and a perfect beach read. Who doesn’t love a happy ever after romance. It is sweet, sexy and fun all in one. Jared, the hero is a tough, self-made man who has had to overcome a lot of lifes curve balls however he never loses his first love. April, the heroine is a college girl who is convinced that she must fit into a mold. I loved seeing the romance between April and Jared bloom all while he brings her [...]

    15. I had the pleasure of getting an ARC copy of this book in return for a honest review All I can say is I am in LOVE! Seriously. I am just head over heals for Jared and he has officially replaced my past loves and become my new book boy friend! Sigh The story is so sweet and sexy. It leaves you wanting to fall in love, be loved and to reconsider how you look at love. There are lots of twists and turn in the story line that kept you guessing til the very end. This was an amazing book that I literat [...]

    16. I just received an advanced copy of Discovering April a couple of days ago. Needless to say, I was totally blown away with the story line. This book had so many twists to it, regarding a childhood friendship that turned into an ever lasting love. They conquered their past fears and a tragic accident that could destroy their future. I'm excited to read other books tied to other characters from this book. This is a great book and a must read if you love romance!!!!

    17. I LOVED Discovering April!!! It was such a sweet romance! April is a wonderfully complex main character going through some major life issues. I liked that it wasn't about abuse or cancer, or more depressing issues. The author developed an intensely emotional plot with an epic romance that unraveled in a steady pace. This was a new adult book worth checking out! I look forward to reading the next book by Sheena Hutchinson! Five glittery stars!

    18. I found this to be an amazing read that once I started I could not put down no matter what. It moved along at an amazing pace, has awesome characters and a story that wont let you down. This is a must read.

    19. I really like this book had the angsty feeling to it straight away but it had me hooked from the start.Jarad & April have been Neighbor's since they were 10 then life started to drift them apart, then the unthinkable happens Jarad's parents die and he totally shut April out.Years later there paths cross again even thou they still live next to each, then you go on a roller coaster from there.

    20. Reviewed by Dawn Vickers on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever.April Landau thinks she has it all. Her high school sweetheart; Hunter, her own home and her cat! April’s about start junior year at college. Hunter and April’s relationship wasn’t perfect and their little arguments were often witnessed by an amused Jared. But after discovering her boyfriend has cheated, April ends it for good and descends into a spiral of emotions and despair.Jared Hoffman is April’s next door neighbour. They [...]

    21. ******Nic's Review*****I was given this Arc for an honest review.WOW! All I can say is this book was an emotional rollercoaster. The first few chapters had me in tears. April is a college student in love with Hunter. Things are not going well with their relationship. The struggles she endures is gut wrenching. I could so relate with this character and understand her feelings and the utter despair she felt. For April the worse thing was that she lost herself. Jared her childhood friend and next d [...]

    22. This was an enjoyable read. This is the story of April and Jared, friends from childhood and next door neighbors, although we know the book starts with the fact that they haven't talked to each other for over 7 years, since the death of Jared's parents. April has been dating Hunter for a long time but starts to wonder if he isn't seeing someone behind her back. Hunter seemed like a jerk from the beginning and I wanted to shake her and tell her not to take him back after each of their fights and [...]

    23. April Landau is about to begin her Junior year of college. She doesn’t have many friends but thinks she has everything she ever wanted. Her high school sweetheart, Hunter, the house her parents signed over to her when they moved out of state, and her tabby cat. She works part-time in the local coffee shop to help pay the bills but that is struggle. During the school year, things start to fall apart with Hunter. They aren’t as close as they use to be and everything seems to revolve around wha [...]

    24. I received a copy of this book from the author in rxchange for an honest review. April and Jared have lived next door to one another since they were just kids. As children they were the best of friends. In high school they started to drift apart and then Jared's parents were killed in a car accident and he withdrew from everyone around him. Years later they are still neighbours, though they haven't truly been friends since the accident. When April's boyfriend breaks up with her she struggles to [...]

    25. Where should I start? Maybe I should just say that I had a hard time with this book. Bear in mind, I really, really want to love every single book that I read, and I'm always so let down and disappointed when a book just doesn't do it for me. Reading all the glowing reviews left on by other reviewers, I had to wonder if they were reading the same book as me. But to each their own. What works for me may not work for them, and vice-versa.This book was a DNF for me. I got about a third of the way [...]

    26. In the cover the author show us the real lesson behind this love story.“Sometimes what you are searching for is right in front of you.”The book tells the story about Jared and April. They have known each other since they where little kids and they grew up as next door neighbors. When they become teenager a terrible event harper and they stop talking for more than 7 years. Although they both missed each other they grow in their own life. Now that April is in collage and dating her high school [...]

    27. **I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review**The book description for Discovering April immediately caught my attention. I love friends to lovers stories and the fact that they were neighbors, even better. Jared and April had been best friends until Jared's parents died and he closed himself off to everyone. Years later, when April's heart is broken, Jared is there to help her pick up the pieces. For the most part, I liked Jared and April and enjoyed the story. The connection between th [...]

    28. Rating 4.8 starsI’m so lucky honor won out against preference. When I discovered this book was written in the first person and that it was a young adult, I wanted to stop reading. Especially since I thought the lead female was an immature twit. But for some reason, which I couldn’t remember I had not only agreed to read and review the book. I had actively made the choice. So I forced myself to read on. And was rewarded!Discovering April is the journey of a young woman named April, finding he [...]

    29. I received this book from the author as a gift in exchange for an honest review.April has completely lost her identity and doesn’t even realize it until it’s too late. After years of dating Hunter she has become no more than his girlfriend, she doesn’t know how to be her without him. When she catches him with another girl she tries to leave him, but his kissable lips draw her back in every single time. There were parts that I just wanted to slap April silly, all the signs were there that s [...]

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