Hyde and Seek

Hyde and Seek Librarian s note Alternate cover edition of ASIN B UZSTI Piper Skye is rock n roll She s party all night sleep all day She s get wild and be free Or she would be if she had the time And the energy

  • Title: Hyde and Seek
  • Author: Layla Frost
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Librarian s note Alternate cover edition of ASIN B00UZSTI28.Piper Skye is rock n roll She s party all night, sleep all day She s get wild and be free Or she would be if she had the time And the energy And not being so awkward would probably help, too As the owner of a thriving dessert business, Piper spends her days at school and her nights elbow deep in batter anLibrarian s note Alternate cover edition of ASIN B00UZSTI28.Piper Skye is rock n roll She s party all night, sleep all day She s get wild and be free Or she would be if she had the time And the energy And not being so awkward would probably help, too As the owner of a thriving dessert business, Piper spends her days at school and her nights elbow deep in batter and frosting She s confident her hard work and sacrifice will pay off as long as she stays focused and sticks to the plan Jake Hyde is a workaholic with a jaded outlook on life Surrounding himself with employees he considers his brothers, he long ago made the decision that his custom garage would be his focus Fate, as it often does, has other ideas Plus, a killer sense of humor Thrown together by coincidence, the gruff mechanic and the sweet as sin baker have instant sparks Suddenly, all of their carefully made plans have taken a giant freakin left turn And they do it on the back of a Harley Warning This book is intended for adults It contains frequent adult language and situations.Don t try this at home.At least not without stretching first.Maybe keep the sneakers on for traction, too This is book one in a series, but each book will be a STANDALONE with a new couple NO cliffhanger.

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      190 Layla Frost
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    1. 2.5 I'm the Odd Man Out Again, Methinks StarsOkaySo this is one of those times where you wonder if your kindle uploaded the same book as all of your friends. Because while, based on reviews, they are all:***You are that jackass in the corner all like:***Hmmmmmm, methinks something is amiss. For serious though, at 20% I wanted to DNF this thing. But I figured, if my friends loved it so much, then the ride must be worth the wait?Right???***Suuuuuuuure. Quite frankly, this book had a whole lotta ri [...]

    2. Wow…and this was her first release**4.5 stars**I really enjoyed this story about a Rock and Roll chick who likes to bake, meeting a VERY hot mechanic who’s good with his hands. Piper is trying to make a living out of her passion for baking and part of the set up is getting her van up to scratch for deliveries. Jake is the owner of Hyde where her van is getting fixed. Their initial meetings weren’t smooth because Jake has trust issues, but he also has a real desire to get to know Piper bett [...]

    3. 2.5 Blame the Reviewer StarsI should start off by saying that while this book most definitely didn’t knock my socks off, I think it’s more a case of “me not the book” syndrome and for a first published work it’s fairly well done. That being said, here’s a couple of things that didn’t work for me. I’m about to get my bitch on so be warned.Let’s start with our gal, Piper. She’s smart, hardworking and delightfully snarky. She’s also one of those mythical women lucky enough to [...]

    4. Check out this and my other reviews at My BlogCopy received in exchange for an honest review★Book Basics★ Genre: - Cont RomanceSeries: - Book 1 in the series.Love triangle? - (view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]Cheating? - (view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]HEA? - (view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]Would I read more by this author/or in this series? - YesRating 4 starsOk, so I have had this on my radar for quite awhile and had been waiting on it.So, I was super pleased to get a R2R copy.I admit to [...]

    5. Re-read 22/11/20154 Sweets starsThis was a really enjoyable read especially for a first-time author. I was actually impressed this was her first book. Yes, it wasn't mind blowing or flawless but it was entertaining, amusing, sweet, no one made me wanna smash my tablet, the scene and the characters sucked me in and made me wanna read more, all the makings of great book!Piper Skye is a rock chick baker.She's twenty, still studying and trying to get her business off the ground. She was more put tog [...]

    6. Reread August 2017**4.5 Stars on Reread**I enjoyed this more this time. Things didn't bother me as much. I really liked Piper and of course LOVED Jake even if he had a few douchecanoe moments. BUT, he had a lot of swoon worthy moments too that kind of negate the bad. I really hope Ms Frost is going to continue this series. There's so many characters who need books pronto!Original review July 2016So, let me begin by saying I teetered between stars this whole damn book. There were parts I loved an [...]

    7. I really liked how grumpy, grunty and domineering Jake was and how strong willed and independent Piper was. Still, it was a struggle to keep reading up to the 25/30% mark. It wasn't awful at that point but it was annoying. Everyone wanted Piper and not just for their usual quick fuck, but to keep because she was so special. But when they actually got together and that over the top shit calmed down it was a much better book. The sex was pretty hot and I didn't guess the bad guy. Even the cheesy e [...]

    8. 10 Mr. Bossy Pants Stars!I LOVED this book! It had everything I could ask for. -Kick ass heroine. check. -Growly, dominant hero. check. -Fun side characters. check. I've always hated heroines that don't stand up for themselves or flip out when other women try to come in between the couple. Piper was awesome. She didn't take shit from Jake or anyone else. She didn't play games or jump to conclusions and always gave Jake the benefit of the doubt when a woman tried to interfere. For once it wasn't [...]

    9. Piper Skye needs some custom work done on her van, which she uses to deliver her specialty cakes. She walks into hot mechanic heaven, aka Hyde’s, and what usually happens? Romance, of course.“Sometimes the road to your happily ever after is on the back of a bike with a badass knight that would kick the prince’s ass if he came near you.”-A really enjoyable custom biker fairy tale: It’s a heightened reality of "hot virgin heroine meeting an entire cavalcade of hot men" (they grow on tree [...]

    10. 2.5 StarsSO someone was drinking the KA kool-aid while writing this bookThis one was just OK for me. I LOVED Piper, she was one of the best heroine's I have ever read. Her inner musings were HILARIOUS. She also didn't take shit from Jake, or go running and crying at the first sign of OW. A refreshing change of pace that. Jake I didn't like as much. He was pretty much an ass, oh and writers, this is now the third book I have read in a short time period where the hero starts to get it on with the [...]

    11. I am the absolute worst at writing reviews for books I do not like. With that being said, I hope you know my intent is not to be malicious or undermine the opinion of those who enjoyed this book. This is the story of Piper, a twenty-year-old business major who's starting up her baking business. She has a chance encounter with Jake Hyde, owner of a prestigious garage. Jake's your standard alpha-male-biker-dude. Their relationship runs hot and cold before heating up all the way. Piper is a virgin, [...]

    12. Ladies and Gentlemen, gather around. I also require you attention for I am about to seriousThis was my review on Hyde and Seek from 3rd April.2 StarsSo when I see the other reviews on this book I think that I'm broken, maybe coldhearted or emotionally detached. Please realise that I'm also in the minority when it comes to this book. I checked I only found one 3 star Review. This is also only my personal opinion. It is a good solid start to the series and there were times where I was invested and [...]

    13. This book is a great start to the series. I first beta read this for the author last year. She sent out ARC copies this past week that were revised from the original version. I liked both, the author improved some scenes for the better in new version. This book was very Laura Elizabeth friendly. ✔️Garage filled with hot guys✔️Hot Alpha male (Jake)✔️Heroine that IS NOT TSTL (Piper)✔️No cliffhangerThe only negative to this story, is I feel the Virgin storyline has been done too man [...]

    14. Coming April 2, 2015!Edited to add: No, I'm not going to rate my own book. That would be like high-fiving myself. Which is technically clapping, I guess Updated 3/26ONE WEEK until release day! Updated 3/31Just a little over a day!!

    15. Piper Skye had no idea her life was about to change when she brought her van into Hyde to get fixed. Meeting Jake, Piper quickly decides he is the most stunning man she has ever met, but he is a total jerk who keeps giving her mixed signals. Piper decides he lost his chance and is ready to move forward, but Jake steps up deciding to give a relationship a try. Jake was worried about wanting Piper as much as he did. He tried to stay away from Piper, believing she was too good to be true, but the m [...]

    16. I give up, this book annoyed me too much to finish reading it. The author borrowed heavily from Kristen Ashely for her writing style but was a very poor imitation of it. Most of the book is in first person from the heroine's point of view which is hard to deal with because she is very immature and her thoughts are very annoying. I am not rating the book because I couldn't make it past 10%.

    17. Well! What a fabulous gem of a read this was. This is the author's first book? Really? It was fan-bloody-tastic!Ms Frost gave me a hot, possessive, tatted, successful alpha that had been burned before so was wary of another relationship. He had major trust issues and until he met Piper was a bit of a man-whore (okay maybe more than just a bit). She also gave me Piper - an "old soul" straight talking rock 'n roll chick that had a very sheltered upbringing. She didn't have the easiest of relations [...]

    18. 4 stars!I liked this story.I found this author's writing, characters, and story-line very similar to Kristen Ashley's early work (ROCK-CHICKS).

    19. *** 3.75 STARS ***Sex isn't dirty"-Piper"It is the way I do it"-JakeYes,another hot,sexy,dirty talking Alpha!!Jake is 34 and the owner of a Garage ( packed full of HOT mechanics! )Piper is 20,still studying and has started her own bakery businessThey meet when she needs work done on her van.Now it's pretty much instant love,something I'm not normally a fan of but it actually works well here.My only niggle was this(view spoiler)[ I know she's hot, but did every man have to fall at her feet?? (hid [...]

    20. I must say I really enjoyed this book and I'm looking forward to reading more from this author. The characters were likable and the plotline well thought out. I don't like a lot of OTT drama and angst in my books and this one hit that note perfectly. There was enough going on not to be boring throughout, but not so much that it had me rolling my eyes in un-believability. Well done Ms. Frost on your debut novel. Keep them coming!

    21. I sure did change my mind about this hero… And, I sure did find another book boyfriend…Okay, about the story, yes I enjoyed it. I found myself laughing at Piper’s thoughts and comments. Although, sometimes she came across as so immature that it bugged. I started off really not liking Jake. All I could think of was this poor girl had two players after her, Ugh! I think our hero’s character was pretty realistic. Because, I say 34 is just about the time a player starts re-evaluating his lif [...]

    22. Wooow, I really loved this one!Kristen Ashley's style bikers with big hearts and madass possessive.Finally a great read for me.

    23. 5 Hilarious stars I was literally laughing out loud from the minute Piper started to talk to herself.Piper Skye 20 years old Rock n Roll chick who loves to bake and gave off that innocent look but deep down a little sex kitten!! Tattoo/Piercing and a Virgin!!! Jake/Jacoby Hyde 34 years old Owner of Hyde is mechanic/biker/Mr. Bossy Pant/Alpha Male/Badass, who has trust issue with women. Piper went into Hyde to get her Bakery van tricked out by Hyde and is literally drooling over Jake. That's how [...]

    24. Looks like I found a brand new author to LOVE; Layla Frost!!!! This book was SO FREAKIN' AWESOME and I LOVED IT!!!! Can't wait for Kase's story next.

    25. I liked this book, but didn't love it. Jake and Piper were interesting characters and I did like their personalities. I didn't like when Jake pushed her away when they were just starting. I also wasn't crazy about the stalker storyline. There were a few inconsistencies about Jakes sexual past. He and others say he only does one nighters except for one sort of girlfriend he had 8 years prior. But when he and Piper are going to have unprotected sex he tells her he was tested after his last "thing" [...]

    26. 5 'Bad-Ass Baker meets even more Bad-Ass Mechanic' Stars!This book was fantastic! I absolutely loved it! Piper is a baker who gets her car fixed at Hyde's repair shop, badabing badaboom one thing leads to another, lots of hemming and hawing a few kisses then BOOM the greatest couple ever is created. Jake and Piper were such likable characters and I thought Piper was so fricken hilarious, her inner dialogues were so fitting to her character and added great humour to the story. Some of her fabulou [...]

    27. Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars ReviewsHyde and Seek begins when Piper is having work done on her van. She needs to make sure it will keep her cakes cool, and get a better sound system in it. But what she didn't expect to find was Jake and a whole garage full of new friends. But that's what happened. Jake on the other hand has no idea what to do with Piper. She's different than most woman, and he's not sure if he can believe her or not.But when feelings get involved, and things start to chang [...]

    28. Sizzling Pages Romance ReviewsNichole's Sizzling ReviewsSizzling Pages @ FacebookSizling Pages on TSU Twitter:@SizzlingpagesEmail: sizzlingpages@gmail

    29. I absolutely loved this book! It is a fantastic start to a new series by a new author, who writes like this is NOT her first book. Both main characters are great. Jake is making the favorite males list. He is so sweet, hot, and bossy with just the perfect amount of vulnerable. Love him. Piper is certainly "sweet" but she is also sassy, smart, and doesn't put up with Jake's crap. Oh, and she is very funny. Especially when she's talking to herself and she is not at all annoying. Together, they are [...]

    30. Rating 4.5 starsI really enjoyed Hyde and Seek. Piper the heroine was awesome. She seemed wiser than her 20 years and I like the fact that she was honest and didn't play games and wouldn't put up with it from the hero either. Jake the hero was definitely an alpha. He reminded me of Kristen Ashley's alphas in the sense he comes off as a jerk at first but is really a sweet guy with the heroine although very bossy. Recommend if you looking for a read similar to Aurora Rose Reynolds or Kristen Ashle [...]

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