Big Bad Billionaire

Big Bad Billionaire Blake Woolven is the bad boy CEO of Woolven Industries but he s badder than the luscious BBW Randi Rutger would ve guessed After Woolven took down her father s company and devoured it like a shaking

  • Title: Big Bad Billionaire
  • Author: Saranna DeWylde
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Blake Woolven is the bad boy CEO of Woolven Industries, but he s badder than the luscious, BBW Randi Rutger would ve guessed After Woolven took down her father s company and devoured it like a shaking rabbit, she s determined to get close to him and make all the Woolvens pay for destroying her father Blake knows Randi s agenda, but the wolf inside him will do anything toBlake Woolven is the bad boy CEO of Woolven Industries, but he s badder than the luscious, BBW Randi Rutger would ve guessed After Woolven took down her father s company and devoured it like a shaking rabbit, she s determined to get close to him and make all the Woolvens pay for destroying her father Blake knows Randi s agenda, but the wolf inside him will do anything to have her Even expose the Woolven family secret When Randi sees Blake and his brothers shed their skins beneath the moon, she s terrified But it s just what she needed to bring him low that and the silver nitrate plasma gun her father designed With her loyalties torn, Randi must choose between avenging her father and the big bad wolf who clawed his way into her heart.

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    1 thought on “Big Bad Billionaire”

    1. Nice and fast read.This story consists of something that PNR reader knows too well but also introduce us to something more - science and different forms of werewolves.I will grab next books to get to know better the rest of the series, as characters were really interesting. Especially the next main characters.

    2. It's no secret that Ms. DeWylde is talented. I mean read any of her books, such as Housewives of Olympus. Her tales are always unique and plush. Big Bad Billionaire is no different. Saranna has taken the paranormal werewolf tale, laced it with billionaire and playboy Blake Woolven, and given us a fun, flirty, sexy, and intriguing to series.Blake isn't sure if Randi will be the ONE or the one who brings down his company, family, and pack. It's clear from the start, that though he may struggle wit [...]

    3. The secret is it's big, bad and silly.The story for Big Bad Billionaire (The Woolven Secret, #1) actually sounded pretty interesting and admittedly after reading the first couple of pages of the first chapter, I thought it might be a good read. Though I didn't like the author's style of writing, I continued on even though the story failed to grab my attention and hold it. Like most readers, I'm guilty of reading on hoping the story will pick up or inevitably get better. Didn't happen here. The d [...]

    4. BIG BAD BILLIONAIRE-The Woolven Secret 1; Is the birth of a heart-throbbing enthralling series. (Each book in the series will focus on a Woolven family member) Saranna's talent as an author truly shines as she lures you into a POWERFUL UNFORGETABLE story.The story takes place in Den Hollow, MO, on the Woolven Estate Aphelion. The characters as vividly described are powerful and engaging: Randi Rutger-curvy, sexy, independent, red-headed beauty; David Rutger-scientist, worked for Blake Woolven, [...]

    5. Lots of cliches, romance novel and shifter both. The world-building was virtually nonexistant; facts about the wolves were just dropped in as if things had already been explained. The plot was tired, and the characters undeveloped. The romance was unsupported by the context, and there were gaps/holes in the action. I tried to finish just to find out whodunnit, but I just got to the point where I didn't care enough to push on.

    6. I have wanted this book for while now. Was undecided about getting it. I was a little disappointed in it. I have it built in my mind that it was going be a great read, but it was good not great.

    7. The first book to the Woolven Secret series was overall enjoyable and fun. The story was built on the typical yet different world of paranormal romance. Typical because all the usual species, their strength and weaknesses were not much different than most PNR. Different because Ms. Saranna DeWylde had introduced science to make them into the different species. For world building, I never ceased to be amazed by the author's creativity. I also liked her writing style very much. However, similar to [...]

    8. Who doesn't love a bad boy?!?! I certainly do! Blake and his family were full of passion and loyalty in a super sexy way. A great book full of action and romance.

    9. A LOT of twists and turns in this book. There are many characters that I considered "one off" stories. Stories that were running in parallel with the true story of Blake and his one true mate. Wolves are my favorite shifters.

    10. ***A gifted copy was provided by the author for an honest review***OMG, this book grabs you literally on the first paragraph. Saranna has taken a paranormal tale and thrown a whole ‘nother twist on it. One that involves some kinky hijinks and some intrigue with some flirty , sexy matter.Blake Woolven is the bad boy CEO of Woolven Industries but there is more to him than meets the eye- he’s also Alpha to his pack . BBW Randi Rutger is back at Woolven, determined to take down Blake and his com [...]

    11. Not as good as previous works by this author but still good. Or maybe I'm just being pigheaded because I don't usual care much for wolves. That could be it too. I'm not entirely sure. I can say, however, it's one of my favorite stories with werewolves. I'm not a big fan of "all for the good of the pack" because while I do understand protecting family, I also understand that not all family deserves this kind of devotion either. The overly done "alpha" thing isn't much to my taste either. I usuall [...]

    12. This definitely sounds interesting, fun, and entertaining! It is not the normal paranormal werewolf tale, nor is it a bad boy billionaire tale. It is a combination of both!! The author has taken the typical werewolf tale and fused it with billionaire and playboy Blake Woolven. Or maybe the other way around? It sounds like such a refreshing story. (view spoiler)[It is fun and sexy with an actual plot. The witty banter between Randi and Blake were hilarious!It seems that there is more to Blake tha [...]

    13. Misunderstood Billionaire Blake Woolven has a secret to keep and an image to project to the world until one fiery redhead storms into his office turning his world upside down. Randi Rutger is determined to bring Blake Woolven down no matter the cost to herself, after all, it is his fault her father is dead.Randi is a delicious character who is full of stubbornness and love. She is a bit of all of us and a BBW to boot. I love that she gets the werewolf.Misunderstood Billionaire – Check; Delicio [...]

    14. Good readThis was an entertaining story about the paranormal werewolves. Blake is a billionaire who happens to come across his mate. Randi is set on vengence and not worried about this mating business. Until she is forced to spend more time with Blake. She soon finds out things are not what she has always believed. The author does a good job of telling their story and keeping the reader engaged. It was overall a good story. Highly recommend.

    15. Normally I stay away from the billionaire club of stories. But I adore this author. This was a good read, and I can see it going further. The Wolven have a lot of explaining to do for Randi to even think about helping them. And Randi is going to need what Blake has more than the revenge she wants.

    16. ***** 5 Cranky Stars *****At one time or another we've all feared what goes bump in the night. The monsters under our bed, the ghosts and the beings hiding in our closet. What happens when you find out that all of it was actually true and you had every reason to be scared. This book brings that thought to the forefront in a clever and witty way.Blake Woolven is the alpha of the Woolven Pack. He's big, bad and sexy as sin. He is the Big Bad Wolf.Randi Rutger just lost her father to suicide. She's [...]

    17. It has it all, a Billionaire who is a werewolf, a woman out to destroy his company for her father's death. Randi wanted to destroy Blake Woolven's company, she blamed him personally for her father's suicide. Randi applies for a the job of translating his encrypted notes and tells Blake to his face that he killed her father and she is going to take him down and make him pay. He hires her immediately because he wants the challenge and she is his fated mate.They travel to the Woolven Industries com [...]

    18. I don't think I have ever disliked a leading lady more than I disliked this one. Kept hoping to get more involved into the politics of this world but got none. It's written liked the author assumed that I already knew all about it so no explanations given. I kept reading for the big secret but really it wasn't worth my while. Will definitely not bother with the rest of the series. In short Meh!

    19. Big Bad Wolf meets Big Red Alpha Bitch!This action packed wolf shifter romance completely engages your senses, and keeps you turning the pages. Great characters, sizzle, and surprises.Can't wait to read what happens with the other brothers and their uncle. I loved this book, and highly recommend it to anyone who loves a good shifter romance.

    20. Good read.Very serious story, revolving around supernatural politics and war.Very involved story. The author did a good job of introducing​ readers to the world and explaining butts at a time.And a handful of grammatical and spelling errors.Overall, decent read, but it's only the start of what promises to be a complicated series.

    21. Highly RecommendI really enjoyed this book. It was the first that I have read.I am volunteering my honest review even though I received this book for free.The characters are really flushed out and the story had twists and turns but also has a Happy Ever After

    22. Great readLoved the book. Such an inside feel to the werewolf world and beyond. First time it felt so real and possible. Can't wait to read more of the woolen family stories

    23. Fantastic read.A really great story with allot of excitement to read about. I loved the way the alpha responded to his mate.

    24. This book did not quite pull me in as expected. There were twists that did not flow in my mind. But that is just me. Why don't you read it and tell me what you think.

    25. A good readI enjoyed this book but only gave it four stars because it seemed to rush through certain spots, especially at the end. The story line was decent but, again, seemed to rush through and tried to pack too much in. The hot scenes were good but could have been better.

    26. Win win for the WoolvensI enjoyed this book. Yes of course it was a little far fetched. We're talking about Werewolves, Vampires and witches. But it was entertaining and I will be reading about Drew, Parker and War in the next books in the series.

    27. I liked it - I really liked the writing and for a while there, I was half willing to take longer lunch breaks to get more time with this book because the action was really captivating and well written. But at the same time this one kinda annoyed me in that the characters felt so flat when it was obvious Saranna could do them so much better. Both lead characters felt like they had worlds of space to develop, and while Blake kind-of-sort-of came close to it, Randi didn't appear to really grow. And [...]

    28. Nice Read!I really enjoyed this book! I thought it ended abruptly and I wished it was much longer to explain some things that went on. I think all who reads this book will enjoy it! I will go an read the other books related to this one, in hopes for more action and answers. Happy Reading! :-)

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