Escorting the Billionaire Part 1

Escorting the Billionaire Part None

  • Title: Escorting the Billionaire Part 1
  • Author: Leigh James
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  • Page: 246
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    1 thought on “Escorting the Billionaire Part 1”

    1. This was an okay book. And okay books are usually only two-star worthy for me. I just, I guess I wasn't convinced much by the whole story. First, there was the fact that James paid the escort agency two hundred thousand dollars for Audrey, the escort who will pretend to be his girlfriend for two weeks. That's a shit ton of money and yeah James is a billionaire but I just can't get my head around the whole thing. (view spoiler)[I just didn't feel any connection to the book the way James and Audre [...]

    2. Billionaire and Escort in the title, yes please. I love me a good hooker book. Escorting the Billionaire was like reading Pretty Woman. And I loved every second of it. James is dreading having to spend two weeks with his family as his brother prepares to get married. He knows that if he shows up alone it will only draw more attention to him so he does what any hot, single billionaire does. He hires a lady of the night.Audrey didn’t dream of growing up and spreading her legs for a living, but h [...]

    3. 5 Escort StarsIt’s a version of Pretty Woman!!! James hires an escort to pose as his date and he receives Audrey who has a troubled past and is trying to make the best of it. You start to connect with Audrey and understand James a bit in this part.They are both growing on eachother from support to having fun. They sound like such a good match with an expiration dateThe last 5% of this book is AMAZING I need part 2 more than I need anything right now! I cant believe I just found this bad boy ra [...]

    4. I bought the last two books after reading the first part, so this review is for the series, not just the first title!I'd say Escorting the Billionaire is a pretty woman type of story with a predictable plot. What I enjoyed the most about the series is the amazing and funny dialogue, plus great secondary characters. I believe the sex scenes could be hotter by building up tension before they actually happen, there was no hurry after all.After reading it all, I didn't understand if really there was [...]

    5. Thank you NetGalley for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review.Surprisingly, I like this one. It is a quick and light read but that cliffhanger just made me want to read more. Just curious how the characters will end up after two weeks of pretending they're dating. The story is good, a hot billionaire and an escort? hmm what an interesting pair. On the other hand, the chemistry between James and Audrey seems like an insta-love. I just find everything too rushed and I wish there's more [...]

    6. Book SummaryPublished by - CMG Publishing LLCRelease Date - 21st April 2015Pages - 100My Rating - 4 StarsReviewI thoroughly enjoyed the first part in this serial, it was funny, heart wrenching and all out sexy. The thing that kills me about it though, is the way that we're cut off when the story just starts to get interesting. Yep, this is one of those serials that makes me hate the fact that there are serials. Just when you're starting to get into the book, when you start to fall for the charac [...]

    7. I received this book as an ARC from Net Galley for my honest reviewJames needs a date for his brothers wedding so he does what any billionaire would dohe buys one!Audrey is down on her luck and needs to be able to support herself and her brother so she does what she has to do to make ends meet. Although this is not her first ride at the rodeo she goes above and beyond to make sure that James is happy.One thing leads to another and one of James hard set rules have been broken. Can James and Audre [...]

    8. ARC received via NetGalleyThis was a great first instalment to this series.The sex scenes between the two main characters I thought was a bit disappointing. Throughout he book there is an obviously stated attraction between the characters so I was expecting there to be quite a steamy scene when they finally got together. In actual fact it was over quickly with hardly any details, so unfortunately rather a let down.You don't fully know the backgrounds of the characters which I liked. There is mor [...]

    9. Best .99p deal EVER! The whole trilogy for that price was fantastic value - so far I've laughed, cried (really reading with tears pouring) had a million book butterflies and been left with a major cliff hanger at the end of book 1. I'm in heaven!!!Straight into book 2!!

    10. ***A gifted copy was provided by NetGalley for an honest review***Audrey Reynolds became a high-end escort to keep her brother in his expensive group home. Billionaire mogul James Preston hires an escort as a date for his brother’s wedding.We get to see why each are wired the way they are. They start to get close to each other and the chemistry is OMG- HAWT! Audrey tells him she is pretty much a whore and why she is what she is. She doesn’t lie, she doesn’t distort who she is. She has chos [...]

    11. I received this book in exchange of a honest review.What can I say? What a damn cliffhanger. This was a book i really enjoyed, a book where I could see the thoughts and the souls from the two characters. Was a refreshing thing because I thought I would see just Audrey's POV. But was something that could give me two perspectives from two minds struggling with their own issues.At some point I was torn between try to find my place in the storyline and try to enjoy the ride. Not in a bad way, becaus [...]

    12. James Preston needs a date to his brothers wedding, now most men would just show up single hoping to score with the maid of honor or one of the brides maids but James is different. James does't get along with his family, in fact that is one of the reasons he moved from Boston to California just so he does't have to see them often and he definitely does't want them nosing into his private life so he decides to hire an escort to spend the two weeks with him that he must endure his family and he ma [...]

    13. This book was alright, it was a strange experience though… Because during certain parts of it I felt such a lack of emotional connection to the book, but by the time I managed to connected to it, it was over. I know there are another two parts but as for my review on this book as a single entity; to short. To fast, scenes came and went abruptly, and a almost insta-love romance. The lack of build up just didn’t do it for me. There were times that I felt a smidge of connection, but then it fiz [...]

    14. First thing's first, I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. This went in a much better direction than I anticipated, a solid 4.5 stars. James is hilarious with his no bull shit attitude, sarcasm, and utter hatred towards his family. Aubrey is so fresh and incredible. Aubrey is an escort, not for herself but for another purpose, and is constantly putting herself down. Her and James together are great. The chemistry is almost instant and they work well together as though they've k [...]

    15. OMG! This is a really great book. Audrey is a high end escort just to be able to keep her brother in a safe group home. James is a billionaire who wants nothing to do with a complicated relationship. When he has to attend his brother's wedding, he decides to hire someone to play the part of his girlfriend. That's when he meets Audrey. That's when the sparks begin to fly. He's trying hard to keep her at a distance, but he's slowly failing. This ends in a shocking cliffhanger! I can't wait to read [...]

    16. Copy from netgalleyI really enjoyed reading this book. It was a well written and the characters likeablewell most of them were! As James would sayme were twats! Was this the most original story ever! Did I kinda know whats was comingah! Will I continue to read the rest of the series.hell yeah!!!! the ending left me open mouthed and the whole story had me smiling while I read. It isn't the most intense story ever but it is a great story, one you can easily pick up and get lost in! Great read!

    17. James is a billionaire who has to attend his brothers wedding and doesn't want to go alone. Since he refuses to be tangled in any emotional commitments at this time he hires a professional escort. Audrey is a professional escort who needs money to provide care for her brother. She is offered this job and can't pass up the money she will make for 2 weeks of work. The minute these two meet the attraction between them is magnetic!! Great story, great character detail, and very hot passion. A great [...]

    18. *Received an ARC from NetGalley.*Wait, what? You can't end it there! I need the next book, NOW! I started this book on my lunch break at work and could not wait to get back to it! You can bet I got back to reading once I stepped inside the house.Loving the storyline, I really liked how their relationship was building over time and what it was turning into. I can't wait to see what happens next with James and Audrey!

    19. ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis is the 1st book in a series. As I started it, I was reminded of watching Pretty Woman based on the story line. Once I got into the story, I found myself enjoying it tremendously. I purchased the remaining books in the series, since book #1 ended so abruptly. I will be watching this author for new books.


    21. Overall, I liked the book. There is not a whole lot of angst or build-up though. The family dynamic is interesting, and I keep wondering if James' secret will get out about Audrey. I want to read the next installments but I am not dying to see what happened next. It's just a good read about two people who need each other falling for each other from different worlds.

    22. when you read this you will definitly recommend this book to your fellow readers i absolutely loved James and Audrey their chemistry and heat between these two characters are amazing and i couldnt ask for a better read this weekend because this one was just that good ~bookhooked~

    23. I received a copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley for a honest review.Great concept and lead male character. I wish there hadn't been such a big age difference. And Audrey acts like a whorish escort too many times.

    24. This book surprised me. I was just expecting the normal escort falls in love with her "date" so does he, they kive happily ever after. But there was some depth to the book and an unexpected mystery in there. The heroine was a bit wish - washy at times but overall a pretty good read.

    25. Great start to a new series. Billionaire James Preston hires and escort to attend his brother’s wedding he realizes he wants more. James and Audrey are sexy together, their chemistry if off the charts. Looking forward to more.

    26. ARC provided in eschange of an honest reviewThe review will come when i get my wits back :p

    27. Suka banget sama bagian-bagian awalnya, biasa & agak menyebalkan ke belakangnya. Sempet kepikiran juga apa ini genrenya ada mystery juga, tapi ternyata enggak juga.Sudut pandang waktu awal-awal baca masih oke karena cerita masih belum terlalu penting, tapi pas mulai seru lama-lama bikin agak kesel juga baru baca beberapa halaman udh ganti sudut pandang lagi. Ya, memang sih ganti sudut pandang itu perlu, tapi enggak tiap beberapa halaman juga kali. Belum terlalu dalam meresapi sakit hatinya A [...]

    28. Audrey Reynolds is a 22 year old escort, she's always been one, she's struggles with that life style to make ends meet and help keep her brother in the assisted living home where he's cared for & looked after. She's on probation from the escort agency she's been working for when she gets a call for the job of a life time to make more money than she's ever made, all she has to do is pose as a billionaire's girlfriend for two weeks! At almost 40 realestate mogul James Preston is not looking fo [...]

    29. absolutely brilliantfirst book ive read from this author. I loved it i wasnt sure at first but story line well written and truly makes you want the best for the main characters. Totally escapism if only real life was like that. I am not one for giving too much away read other reviews and see what you think

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