His Wicked Highland Ways

His Wicked Highland Ways Widowed following a marriage of convenience Jeannie MacWherter has fled lowland Dumfries Scotland for the highland cottage bequeathed to her late husband by his brother in arms laird of the glen T

  • Title: His Wicked Highland Ways
  • Author: Laura Strickland
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Widowed following a marriage of convenience, Jeannie MacWherter has fled lowland Dumfries, Scotland, for the highland cottage bequeathed to her late husband by his brother in arms, laird of the glen Though she s never met the laird, local rumor labels him both murderer and seducer a wicked, dangerous man who Jeannie learns is determined to chase her from his land FinnanWidowed following a marriage of convenience, Jeannie MacWherter has fled lowland Dumfries, Scotland, for the highland cottage bequeathed to her late husband by his brother in arms, laird of the glen Though she s never met the laird, local rumor labels him both murderer and seducer a wicked, dangerous man who Jeannie learns is determined to chase her from his land Finnan MacAllister has come home to Glen Mhor in order to right past wrongs He doesn t care that Rowan Cottage is the beautiful Widow MacWherter s only refuge He s convinced she s a wanton who deliberately broke the heart of his best friend, Geordie, and he s vowed to get even with her seduction is his weapon of choice But will his own heart betray him

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    1. This review was originally posted on Cocktails and BooksThis was an enjoyable read to pass a summer afternoon. Finnan MacAllister is determined to avenge his deceased friend and his family. Jeannie MacWherter wants a simple life of peace and quiet after the pain of her past. Unfortunately, she doesn’t realize that the laird of Glen Mohr and her late husband’s friend has ill will toward her. He doesn’t realize how strong the attraction to her will be. Both must leave their past behind to fo [...]

    2. Revenge is what this book is centered on. Two families are at war with one another creating pain, murder and mayhem for all who try to thwart them. With Finnan feeling the MacAllister family had been betrayed by the Avries – he wants revenge on those who betrayed him and his family. With the Avrie family also feeling betrayed – they want what they feel is theirs to take from the MacAllisters. Then there is the revenge that Finnan feels his friend Geordie deserves and Finnan has decided to wr [...]

    3. Finnan vows to revenge his father's murder and then his friend and brother in arms Geordie's death. In the last he has the target of Geordie's widow, Jeanie and offers her a wee cottage in his glen along with her servant. Along the way Jeanie touches his heart in ways he is not aware . Family promises and greed, feuds and battle while these two find their paths to peace. This books seeps the reader to the years after Culloden in the Highlands to explore the true nature of love.Ebook from Netgall [...]

    4. I’ve read several Scottish romances over the years that have made men in kilts and the beautiful landscape of Scotland quite appealing: Katharine Ashe’s How to Marry a Highlander, Her Highland Fling by Jennifer McQuiston, the Scandalous Highlander series by Suzanne Enoch, the Brides of Wishmore series by Cathy Maxwell, and the Victorian era MacGregor series by Grace Burrowes. In His Wicked Highland Ways, Laura Strickland spins a rather heavy-hearted tale of darkness and ever present danger.F [...]

    5. 3.5 stars. In "His Wicked Highland Ways" I just couldn't like Finnan. He was a jerk - plain and simple and I don't believe he redeemed himself. Jeannie is a widow - she was in a marriage of convenience, never love, with Finnan's best friend. Finnan gave the friend a cottage and Jeannie moved into the cottage after her husband's death.Finnan had been gone from the valley for a long time, but came back to throw Jeannie out of the cottage. Seems his friend had written to him about how terrible Jean [...]

    6. 'His Wicked Highland Ways' by Laura Strickland is the story of Jeannie MacWherter and Finnan MacAllister. Both Jeannie and Finnan have very sad backgrounds. Finnan is set on revenge whereas Jeannie is trying to live a isolated life. One of the people that Finnan has in his sites to get revenge on is his best friends wifeJeannie. Finnan feels that she was the cause of his death and that she made is life miserable. Jeannie has heard a lot about Finnan and his reputation so she does use caution at [...]

    7. Publisher's Description:Widowed following a marriage of convenience, Jeannie MacWherter has fled lowland Dumfries, Scotland, for the highland cottage bequeathed to her late husband by his brother-in-arms, laird of the glen. Though she’s never met the laird, local rumor labels him both murderer and seducer—a wicked, dangerous man who Jeannie learns is determined to chase her from his land.Finnan MacAllister has come home to Glen Mhor in order to right past wrongs. He doesn’t care that Rowan [...]

    8. A wonderful encompassing read of life. I was totally captured by this authors writing. Her characters, her way of bringing the story to life and each step of the way was superb. It is not often you read a book that just stays with you, this is one of those. I adored the way you go from betrayal and love and passion to life and sharing. Each time I turned the page , I was held by surprises and wondering what next. Stubbornness thy name is humans. What a great read for those who love historical ro [...]

    9. Finnan Macallister thinks he's getting revenge but he's actually getting the love of his life. This is a great read showing that revenge isn't the answer to everything. Jeannie quickly falls for Finnan and it's easy to understand why. The author makes him an instant book boyfriend with her detailed descriptions. The tension between Jeannie and Finnan is there from the start and makes this read so much more interesting because of the revenge Finn is set to serve Jeannie. The story is easy to get [...]

    10. Do you choose love or hate? Your choice will guide your life. Jeannie is a widow who was in a marriage of convenience following the death of her father. She hasn't had the chance to make choices but has had the choices of others guide her life. When her husband dies, the only thing she has left is the land his friend gave him. Finnan has been guided by his hate for the family that killed his family and stole his land. He has finally gotten it back and will let no one take it again. Jeannie was m [...]

    11. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.Wow! If ever there was a book you needed to read, this is it. From the first paragraph to the very last word, this book will keep you enthralled, make you want to grab the characters and shake some sense into them, wish you were there to feel not only the pain, but the love that grows throughout. The author has given us a medieval romance, with many twists and turns that you are never quite certain where they will branch off to and [...]

    12. Finnan MacAllister is a man driven by revenge; revenge for his slain father, stolen ancestral home, and for his beloved brother in arms wronged by a woman. Revenge rules his life and every action he takes, until he comes across Jeannie MacWherter, aforementioned widow to his longtime friend Geordie MacWherter. He is taken with her beauty when she comes upon him communing with the trout (who tell him to choose peace ironically), but on finding her identity he becomes angry toward her. He later de [...]

    13. Finnan MacAlllister has one thing on his mind since his return home to Glen Mhor: Revenge! Revenge on the Avries for stealing his family and lands 10 years ago, and revenge for his good friend & brother in arms, Geordie McWherter, who fell in love with a lowlands woman and left her his cottage upon his death. Finnan wants to destroy the vile woman then take back the home he'd given to his friend.Soon Finnan learns revenge isn't all it's cracked up to be, and when he crushes Jeannie McWherter [...]

    14. I received this book for an honest review.Recently widowed Jeannie MacWherter flees to the cottage bequeathed to her late husband by his friend who happens to be the laird of the lands. Hoping to just find peace she's shocked to receive multiple rude and abrasive letters from said laird telling her she has no claim on the cottage and to vacate immediately. Finnan MacAllister is fighting his own battles from his past and the last thing he needs is the wanton woman who tricked his best friend and [...]

    15. If you are looking for an historical romance - Laura Strickland gives us a stellar one in "His Wicked Highland Ways".Finnan MacAllister, returns home to reclaim the land that his father died for. Finnan, knows fighting, and he has been a mercernary for years. When Finnan's friend dies and leaves his widow on Finn's land he just can't stand for it and attempts to evict her from the small cottage that she lives in with her maid.The widows name is Jeannie and she married her husband to be protected [...]

    16. "Revenge Turns to Love"This is an amazing Historical Romance. The story line is amazing!. The Characters are fantastic!. Jeannie Robertson MacWherter was married to Highland mercenary. When he was killed he had left her Rowan Cottage that his friend Finnan gave him. Only now Finnan sent her a later demanding her to vacate the land!. Finnan believes Jeannie tricked and deceived his friend Geordie plus caused his death. While swimming naked in a pool close to Rowan Cottage Finnan is underwater whe [...]

    17. Laura Strickland's His Wicked Highland Ways kept me captivated from the very first to very last page. The author's detailing was so vivid and fluent, I not only forgot I was even reading, but felt as if I were transported into the world she had created. The story line is perfectly paced and unfolds in perfect timing. Oh, the characters and the scenery *swoons* Why there is even one moment which was so, just so perfect. Every single detail about that scene has made itself at home in my mind What [...]

    18. ★★★★★Finnan MacAllister has returned home to reclaim the land his father was killed over. He has been a mercenary, fighting has been his way of life. His friend and brother in arms died and his widow is living in a cottage on Finn's land. He has written to the widow to remove herself from the cottage because he knows she hurt his friend badly. She is not the only one that needs to be driven off his land, his problem is the others are out to kill him. Jeannie is the widow, her marriage [...]

    19. Jeannie is widowed and struggling to survive and hold on to what little she has, especially a home given to her late husband. She's not looking for anything other than to make this place her home. But, it could all be taken away if the Laird Finnan MacAllister's threatening letters are to be believed.Finnan is a battle scared and tattooed highlander trying to return to the home he was chased from and trying to right a wrong done to his best friend. Convinced hatred and revenge are his best choic [...]

    20. WHEN YOU LOVE YOUR ENEMY, PEACE WILL CONQUER YOUR HEARTThis story kept me captivated and the pages turning. Finnan MacAllister is a man driven by loyalty, heritage, and revenge, not only for his family, but for his brother-in-arms, Geordie MacWherter. Jeannie Robertson MacWherter, was a broken woman, left with nothing but Rowan Cottage left to her late husband Geordie by Finnan. The story is full of twist and turns that kept the story flowing with suspense and mystery. The characters were resour [...]

    21. Absolutely loved it.Could not put it down it was a great read and very well written i really liked Jeannie and in the end Finnan too but i did kinda wish he had learnt the truth about his dead friend he deserved some punishment and he should feel bad about the way he treated Jeannie.I enjoyed this and would read more from this author

    22. (Review request submitted by author for an honest critique) Ladies and gents, be prepared to meet your next book boyfriend. Finnan was described deliciously --- tall, tanned, muscular, tattoos, shoulder-length hair, and sporting a nice package. *winks* Sounds yummy, right? Oh yeah, once Jeannie gets a taste of him, she has to go back for seconds, and thirds, and so forth. She also proved quite addicting for him. His head and heart might've been conflicted due to his vow of revenge but in the end [...]

    23. Really good historical romance. A few surprises on the way. Looking forward to read some more from Ms. Strickland.

    24. This is a very intricate and suspenseful story. There are many twist and turns to hold your interest throughout the entire book. It is set in the highlands of Scotland. Finnan has been a mercenary and has returned home for revenge against the Avrie's and Jeannie the widow of his closest friend. Will the anger in his heart lead him to forego the feeling of love for Jeannie? Will the Avrie's win their quest to destroy Finnan? I enjoyed this story of revenge,love and intrigue.I was given this ARC i [...]

    25. This is more proof of why I love Highlanders and their ways. Finnan was bent on vengance. Vengance for his family and vengance for his brother in arms. The easiest one was for his brother against his widow, Jeannie. Finnan took his time with his revenge against Jeannie all while falling in love with her. Jeannie was a sweet, kind hearted and strong woman that went through some times that no woman should. She made the best of a bad situation and she came out a winner. All it takes to get to a hig [...]

    26. This review is from: His Wicked Highland Ways (Kindle Edition)A good Historical Highlander Romance.Plenty of action,drama,unrest and sweet romance.A easy enjoyable read.Enough story to keep me interested to the end.

    27. Another new author for me and I just feel in love with this book. It held my attention and kept me doing the "just one more chapter" dance. It was a very good smooth read. I love a book that can hold my attention.

    28. I got this in exchange of an honest review, I loved it a lot, nice charming characters, flow, actions, suspense and surprises, I wish there was a book 2 for this lets hope so I so recommend this author to anyone you will enjoy her work.

    29. I really wanted to love this book but I just didn't like the two main characters. He was a jerk and she was boring. That his goal was to get her to fall for him so he could dump her in revenge for his dead friend made him even less appealing. But she still loved him anyway. Meh.

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