Fire & Dark

Fire Dark Connor Elliott is Sergeant at Arms of the Night Horde SoCal He was brought up in the MC life and has never wanted anything else But he s found out the hard way that love and the outlaw life don t alwa

  • Title: Fire & Dark
  • Author: Susan Fanetti
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Connor Elliott is Sergeant at Arms of the Night Horde SoCal He was brought up in the MC life and has never wanted anything else But he s found out the hard way that love and the outlaw life don t always mix Now he avoids romantic entanglements.Pilar Cordero is a firefighter in San Bernardino County Her demanding career has taken its toll, so she, too, has decided to liConnor Elliott is Sergeant at Arms of the Night Horde SoCal He was brought up in the MC life and has never wanted anything else But he s found out the hard way that love and the outlaw life don t always mix Now he avoids romantic entanglements.Pilar Cordero is a firefighter in San Bernardino County Her demanding career has taken its toll, so she, too, has decided to live her life without romance She focuses on her friends and her family and takes physical fulfillment when and where she wants it.When Connor and Pilar meet, best laid plans quickly go awry.In the midst of their struggle to understand the power of their connection and reconcile what they thought they wanted with what they know they need, Pilar s family and Connor s club collide The result is explosive, and the aftermath leaves no one unscarred.Can they come through the fire and dark together Note explicit sex and violence.

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    1 thought on “Fire & Dark”

    1. 3.5 stars. Review posted May 11, 2015Due to personal reasons, my review mojo isn't the best. So I'm going to make this very short and not really detailed.Fire & Dark started off very promising. I loved it until the 67% mark but the last 30% practically ruined a highly entertaining read for me. Right off the bat I felt that Connor and Pilar fit each other (not only mentally but also physically) *fans self* Pilar was a great match for Connor because she could keep him in line and then some. I [...]

    2. LIVE -> amzn/1QrFSB5Every time I finish a book in The Night Horde SoCal series I state that it is my new favorite book in this series. It happened againI’m claiming this my new favorite book for the series. I finished this book 2 days ago and I’m still basking in it’s greatness. I haven’t wanted to read anything else because I’m still replaying sections of the book in my mind. Connor is the club badass aka Sergeant at Arms. “He's a problem-solver, a fixer. He tends to be loud and [...]

    3. 4-4.5 StarsThis is book is a perfect example of how fickle my reading moods can be. I started Fire & Dark a few months ago, and struggled with the first 5%, I just wasn't connecting, so I put it aside. On a whim this weekend, I decided to pick it back upd I could not stop reading. I was completely wrapped up in this story.The third book in the Night Horde SoCal series focuses on Connor, the Sergeant at Arms and a local firefighter, Pilar. After sharing a stockroom quickie at the bar one nigh [...]

    4. 4.5 What is a Hero Anyway Stars * * * * 1/2From the moment we are able to understand what is good, what a positive action is as a childwe understand what a Hero is supposed to be. At least, what a mainstream idea of one is. Our first heroes are usually a parent or close relative who stepped in and comforted us, who took the time to listen to us or was there to protect us when we needed it no matter the inconvenience to them. Everyday people are heroes all the timewe just don't always hear about [...]

    5. It's LIVE!!! -> ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Fire & Dark ★ ★ ★ ★ ★There are never enough stars to express my feelings toward a Susan Fanetti book.I just know - from that first page - that I will be sucked into a world full of wonder and meaning and deep seated emotion. A world where the characters are my friends, my lovers, my family. I always feel like her books are a place I can go, not to escape life, but to experience life.Fire & Dark is the third book in The Night Horde SoCal se [...]

    6. 4.5 LOVIN' Stars"I look at you Across those fires and the dark." ~ Weldon Kees, “Late Evening Song”Fire and Dark is the third book in the Nigh Horde SoCal Series. This series has been a tender one. The men in this club love their family, their brothers, their women, and the community they live in. The characters love deeply, play hard, fight to kill, and live to protect.Pilar is a firefighter. She is the only woman in her firehouse. She is fearless and unabashedly takes up with any man she w [...]

    7. 5 anam cara STARSAnother fantastic read! This is Connor Elliot's story, son of Hooj, the President of the Night Horde SoCal MC and also Sergeant-at-Arms. You've got two people that on the surface should have nothing in common and whose worlds should never mesh.Connor Elliot - an enforcer, a killer, a drug runner, an outlaw. Pilar Cordero – a firefighter and every bit the hero.“You be my hero, and I’ll be yours.”Both feel the chemistry, their connection as they do the dance to see if mayb [...]

    8. Reread as part of the entire series - August/September 2017 - Connor and Pilar's story is so easy to devour, just as it was when I first read it. There's so much to each character. Their struggles, pains, and vulnerabilities are precious gems throughout the story because so much of their outward, outgoing personalities wrap around the strength they each hold. When they collide and combust all hell breaks loose in their lives. Watching them navigate their relationship through the rubble is a spec [...]

    9. BravoBravo! Fire & Dark was by far my favorite in the entire series. The dynamics of Pilar and Connor's relationship was shocking! The whole storyline stirred a variety of emotions. Yes I was the angry outraged bitch, cussing up a storm. At one point I wanted to grab Connor by the scruff of his neck and smash his face in. So I guess in all fairness I should move on to the review! Don't get me wrong I love the douchebag. What's not to love, hot as hell, sexy as sin, deadlier than the most tox [...]

    10. Not at all what I've come to expect from Susan Fanetti. I've got a bad taste in my mouth from this book.Not safe At All.

    11. Wow! I think this just moved into the top two books I have read from Fanetti. Powerful and gripping. This is her wheel house and she just keeps getting better and better.

    12. 4.5 stars!!I honestly don't even know what to say about this book right now. It's the fastest I've read a book in a really long time. It's just that I literally could not put this down. I swore to myself I was just going to read the first chapter and then I wouldn't read until I finished my work but somehow I looked up and 3 hours had passed by and I hadn't moved once from my spot. And I took a moment to process thatd then I went right back in.This book isn't easy. These characters are not easy [...]

    13. Connor Elliot is the Horde's SAA and the son of the President. So far, he had been enjoying his life as an outlaw biker, tapping chicks half his age and constantly wearing his devilish smirk. Pilar Cordero is the town firefighter. Her tough woman exterior reminds me of Lilli from Signal Bend. Initially when she was introduced as someone who enjoy fucking stranger at the back of a bar, I'm worried that she is too tough for her own good. Her competitive streak also threw me in a loop. Why does she [...]

    14. Title: Fire & Dark #3Author:Susan FanettiRating:1 absolutely revolting starPOV:DualHEA:(view spoiler)[ .Yes. (hide spoiler)] Heat/Steam who cares Cliffhanger: . No. Intolerable Heroine .Yes. Major doormatÜber Douchebagery s. Taboo Subject Matter.Yes. Cheating: (view spoiler)[ O- yes he fucks a club whore the same morning he leaves the heroines house.(hide spoiler)] Love Triangle (view spoiler)[ .No.(hide spoiler)]Wow. This is the second book in the series that I've had to stop reading. I ha [...]

    15. I think this one is my favorite so far in this series. I was bored out of my mind with the first two books, and it took some effort to read them, but with this one - the story flowed so nicely. It was much harder to put it down. Love the connection between the two main characters, but like in the two previous books I was annoyed with them too, not as much but still. Connor's jealousy didn't make much sense, he should have been appreciating that there is someone always having Pilar's back not thr [...]

    16. First of all, I love Fanetti’s writing. That said, I’ve hesitated to read any of her newer series until they’re complete because I’ve been traumatize by the Signal Bend one. But I couldn’t resist a firefighter heroine and I had to just dive into this book. I liked every obstacle that came up in Pilar and Connor’s relationship. I liked how they started first on a purely sexual relationship, and how they came to realize that there could be more between them. This was where I got frustr [...]

    17. Hmmm. I liked this story, but I didn't LOVE this story. Still, 4 Stars means I liked it a lot. A few things that worked for me:The action picked up! There was a slow simmer in the previous stories, and Fanetti has a way of sneaking things up on you before you even know it and then BAM! I have been cautiously proceeding through this series wondering when the shit is going to hit the fan. I'm not sure that the shit has officially hit the fan, but things were taken to the next level in this one. It [...]

    18. DisappointedThis is a hard one for me to rate. For the most part I loved this book. Like REALLY loved it! Pilar was awesome; she was fun, she knew what she wanted and she went after it. I never quite managed to feel the same for Connor though. Throughout the majority of the book, Pilar is always there for Connor, holding his hand through the tough times and being there. Yes, she had other important people in her life but she stayed by Connor and her first thought was always him.Pity I couldn't s [...]

    19. There is one thing about Susan Fanetti, she can write great stories. Each one different and intriguing. This one is about Connor (Horde's SAA) and Pilar a female firefighter. While each are out for a good time with no strings, the pull is there and they can't fight. Then of course the outside world, Horde MC and Pilar's connection to a Hispanic drug gang that try and pull them apart. Like I said Susan creates a great story to bind these two together.

    20. Well it took me a while to get into this one. I didn't like that while Connor was with Pilar in the beginning he was still hooking up with the club girls. I know he's a biker and that is what they do but I don't like it. Also Connor was stupid jealous all of the time. I just didn't feel them as a couple. I did like the little glimpses in on Faith and Demon and the gang. I really am looking forward to Trick's book though I wish he still had the dreads lol

    21. I'm purposely not rating this book. I haven't really liked Connor in book 1 & 2. Now Demon in book 2 is a raving lunatic but it worked. I think if I had been able to connect with the heroine then I wouldn't have stopped at 39% of the book. So there wasn't the whole talk of being fuck buddies etc. So no harm, no foul, right? For me it is wrong. Ms. Fanetti is a hit or miss author for me. Enjoy to all of you lovely readers.

    22. So So Good, Loved it, I think this might have been the best one yet and I really loved the first two. Going to read the side trip now.After reading this any thoughts on who Trick might end up with, if he gets a book? I have a guess :)

    23. I LOVED this!!! Phew, what a ride!Firstly, the description of Connor is pretty much my perfect man! Tall, built, tatted, bearded, sexy bear of a man. Yum, yum, gimme some! Yes he was a total slut, like most of the other Horde guys, but underneath the sleaze, he was a great guy, and I loved his character. He sometimes went too far (like telling Pilar he was going to get some club pussy when she turned him down - HELL NO!!!), but then he and Pilar were just f*ck buddies, at her request, so what di [...]

    24. I love this series and Susan Fanetti! It was great to finally get to know Conner. I cannot wait for Hoosier and Bibi's book!

    25. 5 Burning Stars At first I totally dislike Connor and Pilar for a lot of reasons:He and Pilar were going at it pretty hot and heavy.He slept with some 19 year girl (Connor is 36 yrs old) when Pilar kicked out of her home.He went back to Pilar again and told him that this more than sexual encounters.Connor holding Pilar at arm distance, slept with more club girlsPilar beats his latest girl and then he said he's all knotted because her. Pilar told him she wants to be exclusive.But they got under m [...]

    26. Connor, son of Hoosier, Horde President is the club SAA and has spent his entire life immersed in the club. It's the only life he knows.Although this H is supposedly in his late thirties, the way he exists, crashing in club dorms and sleeping with a parade of college aged girls wanting a quick walk on the wild side, makes him seem immature and shallow. At this point he didn't appeal at all.Connor meets Pilar and they commence a hot casual hook up or two before Connor decides he's feeling more th [...]

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