Logan's Need

Logan s Need I feel like I ve been wearing blinders for my entire life and now they ve been ripped off and everything s too bright too harsh Part of me wants them back so I only have to see what s right in front o

  • Title: Logan's Need
  • Author: Sloane Kennedy
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I feel like I ve been wearing blinders for my entire life and now they ve been ripped off and everything s too bright too harsh Part of me wants them back so I only have to see what s right in front of me Logan After Logan Bradshaw s dreams go up in smoke, he s left broken and haunted by a cruel betrayal from his former business partner, a man he once thought of a I feel like I ve been wearing blinders for my entire life and now they ve been ripped off and everything s too bright too harsh Part of me wants them back so I only have to see what s right in front of me Logan After Logan Bradshaw s dreams go up in smoke, he s left broken and haunted by a cruel betrayal from his former business partner, a man he once thought of as a friend His life as a professional escort helped pay for his future once, so maybe a few jobs can give him back what he s lost And if that means being a third for one night for a wealthy couple living out a m nage fantasy, then so be it It might just be the final payout he needs to get his life back on track Dominic Barretti has everything money can buy, but it can t save his beautiful young wife as cancer steals her away from him He also can t deny her one last request a m nage encounter with another man It s the perfect excuse to meet the man who s been haunting his dreams On paper, Logan is the perfect choice to give his wife what she needs, but he doesn t expect his own fierce desires to flare up when the young man enters their lives Dom and Logan don t know it, but Sylvie Barretti has decided to play matchmaker from beyond the grave Unfortunately, getting two broken men to find each other makes dying seem like the easy part Logan can t deny his attraction to Dom, but the surprise desire for another man has left him reeling and questioning everything he s ever known about himself But when a threat from the past surfaces, will Logan be able to let go of the life he knew and embrace the one he needs Note This book contains M M sexual content and is intended for mature audiences.

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      470 Sloane Kennedy
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    1. Well.let me explain how I feelPreparejor ranting and spoilers ahead !!!I've read a couple of books by this author and so far I've liked them all. I even liked this onejust not as much as the others and I will explain why.Logan and Dom (I already knew them from the other series) met because Doms dying wife (Sylvie) arranged for them to have a threesome. She does this because she knows her husband is bi and has a hard-on for Logan. You see Logan is an escort and Dom has saved Logans life not to lo [...]

    2. ***2.75 Stars***The good news: now I know the history between Logan and Dom. The bad news: I wish I didn't. It wasn't as romantic as I wished it to be.I haven't read anything by Sloane Kennedy outside of her Protectors series. After finishing Forsaken, I read the author's note recommending to go back and read certain of her past books if you wanted a bigger and fuller picture of the secondary characters involved in the next book in the Protectors series, Vengeance. I was told to start with this [...]

    3. Man, I should have read this one before reading Forsaken. Not that I felt lost, or anything, when I read that book, but we meet Eli in this one, when he is a scared 15 year old boy living on the streets. We don't see a lot of him, but it's striking just how much he changed from that scared boy to the young man he became in Forsaken. AnywayLogan's Need isn't about Eli. It's about Logan and Dom.I'm pretty used to this author's over the top writing style by now, so I just roll with it. Dom's wife, [...]

    4. 2,5 starsI don't know if it's me, but I couldn't get to love this book. I can't seem to really enjoy the books I've been reading lately. Still looking for one to surprise me. And Logan's Need was not it.I was excited to read this one because it's my first book by Sloane Kennedy and I've heard only good things about her writing. The Protectors series got me curious, but I'm kind of afraid to start it. So many books! And my TBR really doesn't need more adding.This book was good, but not great. Man [...]

    5. Okay, can we just agree that Dom is a FUCKING douche, and that Logan is sort of a doormat? And despite this, I kind of enjoyed this story Kind of.This is a rating that is hovering between 2 and 3 stars, but I'll leave it at 3 for now.I am definitely starting to see a trend here, and I don't know if it's because that I've gobbled up the first 4 books of the 'Protectors'-series and this one in a matter of days, that it is especially clear, BUT the amount of miscommunication and catty remarks that [...]

    6. *** Dominic and Logan are each in need of tender loving care ! I loved these characters and their conflicts and confusion, and wild emotional twists. Logan, 28, has been through so much, so young. His folks died leaving him to care for his younger sister. His business partner, five years later turned out to be a monster, his business burned down, and he's reverted to the escort business once again with a trustworthy firm. He's been hired for a threesome with husband and wife, Dominic and Sylvie. [...]

    7. That was ok, I guess. Just don't know if I buy the whole thing with the wife. And way too insta-lovey for me.But I liked the chemistry between the MCs. Moving on to the Barretti Security Series, in preparation for the next "Protectors" book.

    8. I kinda started this on a whim, as it seems I've been doing that a lot lately LOL, but nevermind, I love when it happnes suddenly and out of the blue, and I end up loving it, even moreAnd that happened with this book, it's not merely MFM and MM romance/sex scenes, nevertheless, they are extremely well written, NOT only are they hawt but the scenes are also sensual, emotional and captivatingd besides, this story is so much more than just "forbidden/unconventional" intercourse, it's a story of fin [...]

    9. Loved Logan and Dom. :)Gonna continue with the next M/M book of the universe, the 2nd book of the Barretti Security series.

    10. Started off great, but I'm seeing a pattern with my experiences with this author's books. I always love the beginning and middle, and then right around 80% they descend into a dramatic, angsty-for-no-good-reason, eye-roll worthy mess. Logan and Dom were already kind of iffy and dramatic and, though the initial sexual tension and storyline was superbly done, the entire premise, so close to Dom's wife's death, was kind of unrealistic even with Sylvie's blessing. Had they been avoiding each other f [...]

    11. REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCE4.75 StarsUntil a couple of days ago I had never heard of Sloane Kennedy. Scrolling through my feed on GR I noticed that a couple of people I tend to have similar reading habits to were praising a book I hadn’t come across so I took the chance and sent a request in to review it. BEST decision this week!Logan’s Need is book 3 in The Escort Series, the first two are MF and I haven’t read them yet, and it’s completely ok to read as a stand-alone. My intention [...]

    12. My gawd the drama!The epilogue goes a long way to making up for all the drama in this book. I'd picked this one up because it has a link to book four in the Protectors series I'm currently reading so I figured I best get with the program.It's not a bad book and a suspension of eye rolling is needed at times as Logan and Dom try to outdo each other on the "say hurtful things to the guy" you're falling in love with front.But, having done that, Sloane Kennedy knows how to write a sex scene and the [...]

    13. Overall book rating: 3.2 Stars Audio book: N/N Book Cover: 3.6 Stars MC1: Logan MC2: DomI loved the plot so much!!! It made me think a lot I am such a sucker for a letter from the dead. A message from the grave - I love it!!!The biggest reason why I stopped reading M/F books was because of the bitch attitude of ex lovers, ex girlfriend, ex wives and then in the heart of an M/M book you get a woman who loved her husband so much. She set a chain reaction in motion to ensure he will not just exist [...]

    14. I found this book on and I thought "hey lets give it a chance" this is the third book in the Escort Series but it can be read as a stand alone. Though it would be better read in order because some things that happen have something to do with the second book. (I understood everything but I guess more context would have been better) Logan is an escort. Dom is married and his wife is dying of cancer. Sylvie asks Dom to have a threesome and Dom of course says yes because it's her bucket list. Dom h [...]

    15. Wow - what a ride!!! This book started in a way I didn't expect, but that I felt added more depth and authenticity to the plot, and didn't take away from the love that grows between the two main characters. The sex scenes were SMOKING hot, but that is in part because the author makes you really care for the characters and feel the connection between them. At one part of the book, I literally had tears rolling down my face because I hurt for the pain one of them was feeling (no worries, it doesn' [...]

    16. Maaan. LISTEN.Your girl is on her sick bed, and she's reading this book. Right? Right? And it's the last book, because she knew this was gon' hurt right? Right? So she waited until the last second to read this book. Right?Um. She's a mess!This book. I was here for it before I e'en read it. M'kay?You heard me.Here. For. EEtt.The emotions. You know your girl loves her some emotions, right? Right? Umphff. Worked for me. It all worked for me. I have to reread, just gotta brace m'self first.

    17. DNF 67%M/M Danielle Steele with drama llamas.I tried, but I can't suspend reality enough to go with this. The characters' emotional states require pharmaceutical assistance, which isn't happening, tongue in cheek, but there are characters that require medical attention and they're not getting it. All over the map like yo-yos.

    18. Re-read - Dec 2017 I thank Sloane for giving us Dom! Dom and Logan steal my heart and would not let go! This book is a awesome story of Two beautiful broken men finding healing, hope and love. Epilog NO!I mean really REALLY?!Reading Order Shattered (m/m) (The Protectors, Book 11) Coming December26. Unbroken (m/m) (The Protectors, Book 12) Coming Early 2018

    19. I've just found my new favorite author. *Sigh* Have you ever just picked a book at random, not knowing anything about the story or even who the author is, and then you read it and wonder how in the world you've never heard of this author before? Well, that's what happened to me after I read Sloane Kennedy's Redeeming Rafe. I was hooked from the minute I read that first chapter. Of course once I finished that book, I had to see what else was out there. I ended up reading both books in her Finding [...]

    20. This book is like a car wreck, you just cant look away. So much shit happens in this book it's like you have no choice but to keep reading. Sounds horrible but I guess I am a weirdo because I enjoyed it. I read this book because I read a book by this author from another series and these two characters intrigued me so I found the book about them to read. This is a long cast of characters and the first book I read was actually a spin off of this series. I mean seriously its all over the place but [...]

    21. It was decent, good writing style, hot scenes, I like the characters. My only complaint is the premise seems unrealistic. A chance encounter, love at first sight, ok, I get it. But, for a heterosexual to magically and suddenly not only begin a homosexual relationship but desperately fantasize and act out explicit acts doesn't jibe. I could see him topping until develops his new sexual identity, but begging to bottom and experimenting with oral seems advanced for such a novice.

    22. 4.5 stars for this one. I really enjoyed this book and it was a close 5 but the big issue in finding the killer was resolved just a bit too quickly for me - there was a real build up and then a quick resolution. The heat between Logan & Dom however was smokin ! They both battled deep issues but managed to overcome those together. Really loved these guys ❤️

    23. If you are in the mood for a soap opera dose (and I presume that the whole A Family Chosen Family Series it is), this book is the right one, soap opera at its best.♫ ♫ Y no me importa nada ♪ ♫ ^__^, Neither the implausibility, nor the convoluted plot, nor the emotional explosions one after the other I'm definitely in the mood for a little more melodrama: Next!

    24. Love hate relationship with this book. First, the narration was good. Enjoyed itSecond, I wanted to love Dom, I wanted to feel his pain with him. But if he through Logans past in his face one more time I was going to cry. Also after all the forgiving Logan did of Don, Dom couldn't forgive Logan his trust issues. REALLY?!?!? Dom knew Logans past and everything that happened to him. This just made me mad.I loved Cade and can't wait for his book

    25. I liked this story, I really did, because GFY, hot older man, murder mystery, stalker and sexy gay bodyguard are all good. What I hated was the letters from Sylvie that were a ridiculous way to move the plot forward. The author could have used so many other ways to do that. That leads to Dom and Logan's first sexual encounter. NO, NO, just icky, squicky, yucky. After that was the way that the things Logan said to Dom were supposed to be so hurtful, when he was only speaking the truth, and was su [...]

    26. Re-read December 2017It's really hard for me to read a story about finding love so quickly after the death of a spouse and have it be believable. But there was pain here, real pain and longing and hating on themselves for wanting to be together after Sylvie's death. So, although this author is hit or miss for meis one sucked me in. And if you want the epilogue to end all epilogues for Logan and Dom, and almost everyone else, it's included in the epilogue for Freeing Zane.

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