Good Girls Don't

Good Girls Don t None

  • Title: Good Girls Don't
  • Author: Claire Hennessy
  • ISBN: 9781842231753
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Paperback
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      261 Claire Hennessy
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      Posted by:Claire Hennessy
      Published :2019-01-04T02:07:15+00:00

    1 thought on “Good Girls Don't”

    1. this author has doxxed a reader for simply asking if her book has problematic content for eating disorders. Let me repeat that again: the author doxxes readers for asking questions about problematic content in her books. I wouldn't touch this author or her books with a ten-foot pole. This absolutely horrific. Threads: twitter/HillaryMonahan/stitter/ElleOnWords/statuitter/heidiheilig/statuitter/heidiheilig/statuitter/Bibliogato/status

    2. This review first appeared on Cornflakegirl's MusingsEmily Keating should probably spend more time doing her homework, but instead she is busy trying to figure out her place in the world. Something that isn't easy for a 17 year-old, especially when you’re trying to help your friends.There is Declan, who is suffering from depression. Lucy, who Emily used to have a crush on, whose current relationship looks like it is getting more serious than anyone expected. Hugh, Emily’s ex-boyfriend who is [...]

    3. When Emily breaks up with Hugh, she kisses Abi and finds herself falling hard for her. Abi self harms and raises the girls suspicions that she's suicidal. Emily also has to take care of her friend Declan who is depressed and tries to commit suicide though they end up sleeping together. The dynamic of the book is split into present day alongside Emily recalling the group's history to us and rehashing it to herself to understand why she is as she see's herself, a date and ditch type of girl ever s [...]

    4. This was a re-read. It was my favourite book before Wuthering Heights came into my life at the age of 15 and I needed to read something to remind me why I love reading. It's a book for teenagers, it's incredibly outdated, but it's still a nice read. It's not soaked in intellectual angst like a John Green book, but considering that writer was a teenager when it was written, you wouldn't expect that. It's such a good read. If you were an awkward, someone alternative teen in 00s Ireland then you wi [...]

    5. I first read this when I was 14, and starting to come to grips with my own sexuality and serial awakening. This book was a huge help to me in that it introduced me to the idea that there can be more than one sexuality in the world, and that one of them could apply to me.I revisited it this year, and wondered would I see the characters and storyline in the same light. It turns out, the world had hardened me so much and turned me so cynical, my thoughts on Lucy and Andrew were flipped completely o [...]

    6. I loved re-reading this. Felt like catching up with old friends. Emily is a school student trying to cope with life's demands including confusion about love and relationships, which I think everyone can relate to in some way. Her difficult friendship with her troubled friend Declan stood out to me too. Claire Hennessy's books always make me think about how I am and how I'd like to be, and the important things in life, but not in any preachy way, just by seeing life through another's eyes.

    7. For me, this tale of sexual confusion and coping with it in such a poisonous environment will always hold a special place in my heart.

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