A Vida Crucificada

A Vida Crucificada A vida crucificada Fui crucificado com Cristo Assim j n o sou eu quem vive mas Cristo vive em mim A vida que agora vivo no corpo vivo a pela f no filho de Deus que me amou e se entregou por mim G

  • Title: A Vida Crucificada
  • Author: A.W. Tozer
  • ISBN: 8538302477
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Paperback
  • A vida crucificada Fui crucificado com Cristo Assim, j n o sou eu quem vive, mas Cristo vive em mim A vida que agora vivo no corpo, vivo a pela f no filho de Deus, que me amou e se entregou por mim G latas 2.20 O que significa estar crucificado com Cristo A vida inteira, o renomado professor A W Tozer foi convidado com frequ ncia para falar em semin rios, igA vida crucificada Fui crucificado com Cristo Assim, j n o sou eu quem vive, mas Cristo vive em mim A vida que agora vivo no corpo, vivo a pela f no filho de Deus, que me amou e se entregou por mim G latas 2.20 O que significa estar crucificado com Cristo A vida inteira, o renomado professor A W Tozer foi convidado com frequ ncia para falar em semin rios, igrejas e confer ncias b blicas a respeito da cruz e seu significado na vida crist Agora, nesta compila o in dita de seu melhor ensino sobre o assunto, voc obter um entendimento renovado da centralidade da cruz no seu caminhar de f em Cristo.O ap stolo Paulo declarou em sua carta aos g latas que havia sido crucificado com Cristo Mas o que significa isso algo que todo crist o pode e deve afirmar A vida crucificada um exame abrangente dessas quest es, respondidas com o profundo pensamento b blico pelo qual Tozer costuma ser reverenciado Deus h bil em desenvolver cruzes para seus seguidores , ele gostava de dizer No cerne deste livro, voc encontrar um chamado para seguir Cristo at a cruz e ser ressuscitado para uma nova vida um chamado para viver a vida crucificada.A W Tozer iniciou sua busca permanente por Deus aos 17 anos, depois de ouvir uma prega o ao ar livre em Akron, Ohio Te logo autodidata, Tozer tamb m foi pastor, escritor e editor cujo uso poderoso das palavras continua a desafiar o intelecto e revolver a alma dos crist os de hoje Ele autor de mais de 40 livros procura de Deus e O conhecimento do Santo s o considerados cl ssicos devocionais modernos.

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      333 A.W. Tozer
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    1. LOVE THIS BOOK. It's great and really speaks to us in how we are to live a life that is crucified with Christ. I want to make sure I'm a "hundred folder"

    2. "La vida crucificada es una vida absolutamente comprometida a seguir a Cristo Jesús. A ser como Él. A pensar como Él. A actuar como Él. A amar como Él. La esencia de la completa perfección espiritual tiene todo que ver con Jesucristo.No con reglas o reglamentos.No con la forma en que vestimos o con lo que hacemos o no hacemos. No debemos parecernos el uno al otro; más bien debemos parecernos a Cristo."Ya, enserio ha sido una buena opción iniciar el año leyendo algo de A.W. Tozer, ha enf [...]

    3. Wow I didn't realize how long it took me to read this. It is a wonderful book with a lot of deep things to think about. Tozer even addresses that devotional type books should not be rushed through. This book came at the right time in my life. It challenged me, spoke truth into my life, and made me examine myself.

    4. This fantastic modern spiritual classic leaves me exploring my own approach to the life Christ has renewed in me through His gift of grace at the cross. I am left doing soul searching concerning issues of seeking personal praise and issues concerning what media I consume. There are many other points that Tozer makes that leave a person seeking out God's will for this life in expectation of the life to come.

    5. I did a book review on Medium, check it out:“The Crucified Life by A. W. Tozer” medium/@heltonduarte/the-

    6. Tozer has a lot of excellent things to say in this book. One of the strongest points of this book is Tozer's passion for God's glory being God's glory (as opposed to 99% belonging to Him, and 1% belonging to self). It is very easy to desire a little bit of that glory, but this is no good! His comments on living a life completely surrendered to God, no matter what the cost, are very convicting. I was also very much challenged by his prayer that God would orchestrate the events in his life that wo [...]

    7. A great, wise writing of TruthOne of the focuses of my life has been the reality of my death as I was reborn and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit in my new life in the Kingdom. Tozer's wisdom in this book astounds me. What a joy!

    8. The journey continues To obey, to surrender and to be in the revelation. Important steps to live with a unique purpose. The journey continues

    9. This book was for me like a bombIt's one of the best books. Francis Bacon said: "Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested: that is, some books are to be read only in parts, others to be read, but not curiously, and some few to be read wholly, and with diligence and attention." This is one of those books. This book will bring end to self and exalt Christ in the life of the reader. The book is based on Galatians 2:20. I decided to read this book a [...]

    10. I picked up this book because both the topic and the author piqued by interest. Some of my favorite books have been written by Tozer so I began this book hoping that it would be of similar content. I landed on a 3 star rating because I have concerns about Tozer's embracing of mystics and the corresponding mysticism. It's not like everything in the content of the book was bad or wrong, it just fell flat, in my opinion. Various chapters were an encouragement and a challenge to my heart. Others, th [...]

    11. Tozer has a tendency to write in a way that speaks in high-level ideas, rather than specific practices and practical thoughts. "The Crucified Life" is no different. Just as I would start to drift while reading the book, Tozer would start upon some idea that I hadn't considered in the same way he presented it, and I would gain my interest in the book back again. The book is good, but is rather abstract. One of the best gems I got from it was from meditation upon the introduction I believe, when h [...]

    12. Definitivamente uno de los mejores libros que he leído sobre la entrega total de un cristiano. Existen pocos libros que sean relativamente contemporáneos sobre este tema.La vida crucificada una vida a la cual Dios nos ha llamado, pero que como cristianos nos resistimos a llevar. Una vida muy bien descrita por el autor, tocando todos los temas relacionados: que es, cual es el costo, cuales son los peligros, las consecuencias y las recompensas.Hay un buen capítulo para leer a los cristianos "m [...]

    13. Tozer wrote with such spiritual intensity and I am constantly amazed at how prescient his writing still is a half-century later. This book is strong on the appeal to distance ourselves from the world. He pulls from hymns, ancient mystics ("evangelical mystics" he calls them) and his usual treatment of biblical texts.What is most helpful in this work is how he joins a direct appeal for spiritual hunger with practical advice to those desiring a deeper walk with Christ. A good example of this is th [...]

    14. Thought provoking. I never underline books this book has a lot of underlines in it. I'm quite sure this book falls into the category of those books you will read (and need to read) more than once in a lifetime. Tozer pulls no punches in his indictment of the Christian Church in America. More stunning still? His view comes from 50+ years ago, proving once again that there is nothing new under the sun. We are apathetic and lukewarm, but God invites us to join Him, walking the Crucified Life with H [...]

    15. This book will challenge you to put Christ first in everything you do. It is an in depth analysis of how to live an all-out Christian life! This book was a good follow-up to Not a Fan by Kylie Idleman for me. It challenged me to go deeper in my journey of surrendering to Jesus. My only complaint would be that Tozer seems to have a real bias against "fun," and I believe that having fun can still have a place in the Christian's life, even though it shouldn't be our ultimate goal. Overall, a worthw [...]

    16. I struggle to find words to review this book. God speaks through Tozer and cuts straight to my heart with conviction, truth, love, grace, wisdom. I put him in the category with the spiritual guides he treasured and describes in this book. "Only a trustworthy guide can help us along the way and enable us with great victory to live the crucified life." This may be one of the best and most impactful books I have read. His words about true religion vs American church culture cut right to the core an [...]

    17. This is the first book I have read by Tozer. My wife has long been a fan, encouraging me to read his books for many years now. With that said, I don't know why I waited so long to read him! The Crucified Life encourages every Christian to go deeper with Christ, to live entirely surrendered to Him, and to live completely for His glory. This book is a rare gem in light of the majority of Christian books available today, which resemble self-help books more than they should. This book will challenge [...]

    18. I had the audio version of this book and it was very difficult to listen to. The audio of A. W. Tozer himself was of poor quality. The format the book was written made it hard to follow. The narrator was monotone and therefore made the material tedious to keep up with. I found myself constantly turning it off to listen to something else because I got bored or sleepy. I think it best to purchase the book and not the audio, because quite truly, I haven't a clue if the Crucified Life is attainable. [...]

    19. An excellent work on the deeper christian life. One warning I would give, is that a believer should be steeped in the teachings of grace before reading this book. It would be quite easy for someone to turn this teaching into merit based Christian living instead of a guide to seeking more intimacy with God.Tozer is also a bit anti-intellectual, which has no basis in Scripture; rather a Christian ought to lean on God, but use his mind.

    20. I like reading Tozer. This is a compilation of his writings that had not been published before. Tozer's def for a crucified life "is a life wholly given over to The Lord in absolute humility and obedience: a sacrifice pleasing to The Lord. Gal 2:20. Pg 15. Tozer's books are best read slow again.

    21. This book as amazing! A.W. Tozer has taken the subject of living a Christian life, and gone one step further into living a crucified life! His writing is eye opening, honest, and not very difficult to understand. No matter where you are on your Christian journey, I would recommend for you to read this book!

    22. It's been some time since I've read any Tozer, and I'm happy to have stumbled across this one. Although much of what Tozer says in this volume critiques a time and a church culture different from our own, there are still gems to be gleaned. I always appreciate Tozer's passion and sincerity, even when I don't always agree with his doctrine.

    23. I have read many many books, but sadly my experience with Christian heroes, Christian leaders, Christian writings is not deep. It is a great blessing to have come across the works of A. W. Tozer.It is a book I might say not, does it deserve you, but do you deserve it?If you seek to walk with God at all in your heart read this book, and another by him, "Voice of a Prophet".

    24. I really enjoyed this book and the insight that God had given Tozer. However I only rated it 4 stars because I felt he was to critical of the modern church and God's ability to move in the midst of it; its music and its methods. God indeed has not changed and wants us to walk in the crucified life, but He is able to accomplish His purposes even in the modern church.

    25. This book is SO challenging, deep, excellent, and convicting. My copy is chock full of underlining and dog-eared pages. If you are looking to deepen your walk with Christ (and truly have a heart for the Lord, a hunger and thirst) then you must read this book. Even if your spiritual hunger is there but weak, this book will help it grow!

    26. Aiden W. Tozer really show you what it means to live a crucfied life. He strips away all pretense and doesn't beat around the bush. It opens your eyes to the reality of the crucfied life- it's struggles, its victories. Would recommend this book to any real follower of Christ.

    27. I feel that I would have learned a lot from reading this book; however, I'm simply too ADD to get through it. What I did read had a lot of good information, but it was very dry and I found myself having to re-red a page multiple times before it sunk in.

    28. Highly Recommended. There just aren't many authors of this sort today - and by that I mean authors that will deliver the hard message of sin, hope, and the cost of discipleship at the feet of Christ. It's a message that is sorely needed today.

    29. Slowly read because so much to meditate on. Tozer brings his perspective to how to deepen the relationship with God and defines what is meant by the crucified life. It will challenge your own Christian interpretation of being "crucified with Christ".

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