Quando o Céu Invade a Terra

Quando o C u Invade a Terra Quando o C u invade a Terra Este livro desafia todo crist o a caminhar em sinais e maravilhas sobrenaturais como parte natural da vida cotidiana verdadeiramente poss vel para os seres humanos caminhar

  • Title: Quando o Céu Invade a Terra
  • Author: Bill Johnson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Paperback
  • Quando o C u invade a Terra Este livro desafia todo crist o a caminhar em sinais e maravilhas sobrenaturais como parte natural da vida cotidiana verdadeiramente poss vel para os seres humanos caminhar no sobrenatural, e Cristo veio para nos mostrar o caminho por interm dio da redescoberta de nossa verdadeira identidade nele que podemos come ar a mover nos nas promesQuando o C u invade a Terra Este livro desafia todo crist o a caminhar em sinais e maravilhas sobrenaturais como parte natural da vida cotidiana verdadeiramente poss vel para os seres humanos caminhar no sobrenatural, e Cristo veio para nos mostrar o caminho por interm dio da redescoberta de nossa verdadeira identidade nele que podemos come ar a mover nos nas promessas de Deus quando o assunto milagres.Partindo de um fundamento b blico, cuidadosamente elaborado, Quando o c u invade a terra fornece todo o equipamento que precisamos para experimentar o milagre de Deus todos os dias._______BILL JOHNSON da quinta gera o de pastores de sua fam lia Ele e a esposa servem juntos um crescente n mero de igrejas que t m feito parcerias em prol do reavivamento Bill pastor s nior da Igreja Betel, em Redding, Calif rnia Todos os tr s filhos e seus respectivos c njuges est o envolvidos com o minist rio em tempo integral O casal tem quatro netos.

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    1 thought on “Quando o Céu Invade a Terra”

    1. This book was so abysmally bad I'm not even sure where to begin. It's not worth one star, but sadly Good Reads doesn't have a "no stars" rating option. When the Introduction begins by stating Johnson's affinity for Aimee McPherson and Smith Wigglesworth it doesn't bode well. I resent wasting time reading trash of this nature, but as a pastor it's sometimes necessary in order to respond to questions raised by church members who are exposed thanks to other churches and pastors that lack an underst [...]

    2. Having been encouraged to read this book by someone who puts a lot of stock in Bill Johnson, I found about 15 significant theological problems in the first 11 chapters. Johnson's errors appear to stem from two main sources. First, he admits that the sole purpose of his life is to perpetuate the blessing he received in Toronto. (page 88) As a result, it is the font of everything he teaches and believes. Second, he states, "The acceptable way of studying Scripture puts the power of revelation into [...]

    3. As if I were a child wandering too close to the road, I had received stern instruction of caution before reading Bill Johnson.  While the instruction may have provided temporary novocain , the shock-factor -approach to Johnson's writing soon exploded past the numbing.  Overall, I found the book refreshing.  Finally, I'm starting to see some conviction within the church to believe in the same Jesus we read about in the Gospels.  Johnson, leading by example in his church in CA, is urging us to [...]

    4. Quite simply a must read. The Western church is divided into two distinct camps. However they are are not 'liberal versus' evangelical', as too many assessments assume. Rather it is 'those who in practice believe the Holy Spirit has come in power among us', versus 'those who in practice believe that was for another time, or another place'.Bill's books clearly fall into the former category. After reading this book and the testimonies of the miraculous he shares, I could not help but agree that th [...]

    5. This book is trash. I'm only three chapters in and I've already marked all over it. Johnson rips scripture out of context, distorts it by either misapplying it or not using the entire verse to prove his point. He uses subtle manipulation and strong language to condemn anyone with a brain. This book will appeal to very spiritual people, because he promises greater spiritual experienceswhich is why this book is so dangerous. I want to know and experience more of God too, but the bible calls us to [...]

    6. Johnson's book is representative of the neo-charismatic movement, full of anecdotes and stories to prove unbiblical doctrines along with badly applied Bible texts. Add to that healthy soil your run of the mill power in positive thinking in spiritualized language and you got yourself a movement. Probably the worst thing about the book as I recall having read it a few years back is that Johnson literally described the gospel (Christ dying for sinners to save them from the wrath they deserve) as bu [...]

    7. Terrible.Verses taken out of context to make points that don't make sense.Plus, it supports the heresy known as “kenosis theory”.Bill Johnson has high respect for Benny Hinn.And associations like that is enough for me not to trust his teachings, judgment and discernment.

    8. This book is very rich spiritually. I am reading it slowly and taking it in a little at a time. The meat of the message is too multifaceted to take in quickly. Also, the read will draw your soul into the fire of the LORD that removes lies, carnality, and anything else hindering your living a life of miracles. This book burns off the carnal. You get into deeper realms of knowing God just opening it up. This book is meat for the hungry soul. I highly recommend it to those who are wondering why the [...]

    9. I am currently reading this book. I first listened to the author speak at a conference. The impact he had on me is affecting my view of the book. What I sense when I see him in person is humility, boldness, confidence in God and honesty. The book reflects his character. If the same words were written by someone with less believability, it would be easy to dismiss. But there is something weighty about the book that challenges me and even makes me feel uncomfortable - in a good way.

    10. This is one of my favorite inspirational, inspiring, instructive Christian life books I have ever read. It was challenging, convicting, and opened my eyes to the kingdom of God. I am not living life the same after reading this book.

    11. My five-part review can be found here:spoiledmilks.wordpress/tadspoiledmilks.wordpress/?sI would prefer giving this book zero stars. Most books I review, if I don't like them, I'll explain why and still give them a decent score. There have been a mere few that I didn't like, but not because of a historical heresy. Saying Jesus set aside His divinity is no small matter. Anything that seems good in this book needs to be placed within the framework of Johnson's twisted theology (as seen in this boo [...]

    12. Just reading the introductions, there were enough comments to throw up a red flag, so I read the first few chapters with my discernment goggles on. He made lots of unusual points that I had never heard before - also a red flag - and brought together several ideas from different passages in the Bible that were interestingbut also kind of iffy as far as being theologically sound. I wanted to like this book, as I am desperate to learn more about the Holy Spirit, but I would prefer to learn about it [...]

    13. This book emphasizes the spiritual war that is going on in this physical world. I considered the emphasis of the book to be on the power we have as believers of God through the Holy Spirit to combat evil. I rate it as amazing because the author gives excellent ideas and examples of when the Holy Spirit is used to produce miracles in this world. The Holy Spirit produces real results. It gave me a new perspective on God's power and how as believers we are called to use it at times.I once heard a s [...]

    14. If you had filled me with random theological/bible/christian vocabularly and then shook me until I vomited, something similar to this book would have come out. This has to be one of the most poorly written and contradictory books I have ever read. Johnson's exegesis is inconsistent and his use of the scriptures is generally abominable. While I appreciate my Charismatic brothers' passion and love for Jesus, I pray that they won't be sucked into this kind of nonsensical chicanery. Hardly a develop [...]

    15. Absolutely one of my favorite books!! Life changing. Since reading this, have now heard Bill Johnson teach in person 10-15 times and have several of his book and many of his CDs. I beleive God chose him as one ot give fresh revelation to.

    16. If everyone could get "on earth as it is in Heaven" then this world would be radically different. Christians would pray with expectation that Heaven will indeed come to earth. One of the best books I've ever read.

    17. Foundational paradigms are outlined in this book, which will help you realize the hopes and desires for this world that are on your heart. And your the only one with your heart, so read this book!

    18. Very encouraging and inspiring! :)Let's sum this up in one of my favourite bibleverses:"For the kingdom of God is demonstrated not in idle talk but with power." ~ 1. Corinthians 4:20Yay baaam

    19. Excellent book! It's really more than a book, it’s a guide for how God is here on earth, and people just need to understand how His blessings and miracles happen around us every day. There are a number of ways to achieve this understanding, but the pivotal, essential, really only one is to know that God was on earth as Jesus Christ—the anointed one—who died to provide salvation for our sins. Therefore, Jesus lives in us who have faith so we must be ready for God to do miraculous things on [...]

    20. this is indeed an interesting and challenging book for us as believer. It gives us a deeper and new meaning as a Christian. apart from the normal conservative and orthodox believers this is truly liberating…and that is what we need, receiving the new revelation to gain the confidence in living for Christ recommendation for reading to a new revivalPraise & thanks the Lord for this godly anointed Pastor/author, Bill Johnson - May God bless him richly and prosper his wonderful work.

    21. This is one of the most challenging books I've ever read. It is definitely a faith builder, although it does go against a lot of what I was taught growing up, or at least what I've always believed. I am anticipating miracles in my life for sure and this book gets me geared up for seeing God's Kingdom come in power. I would suggest this book to anyone, especially if you want a challenge and new things to pray and hope for. I certainly enjoyed this book.

    22. Oh, I will probably read this through the night tonight.How about this: sickness in the body is like sin in the heart. That should tell us all that God desires to heal. Much to ponder about this. Reading this is like having a light shine in dark places of my life I never knew existed.And as I read my heart beats faster and I am longing for all that the pages speak.

    23. I read this when it first came out ten years ago, and it was wonderful then. It is just as good now. Though, I do have to confess, I'm not in to devotionals, which is contained in this volume as well.

    24. Sometimes reading books suggested to you by others proves to be a real blessing and other times it puts you into a predicament because you don't like the book. It's taken me a while to figure out which category this book falls into.I have many friends who are and have been greatly impacted by the ministry of Bill Johnson and Bethel Church in Redding, California. In fact my mother-in-law is currently spending a year at Bethel Church and so I respect them and what God is doing in their lives. So a [...]

    25. One of the most quotable books I have ever read. In this landmark book Bill Johnson pleads his case that christianity is supernatural from beginning to end and that a gospel that isn't accompanied by signs and wonders, should be suspicious from the outset. The lives of christians should be filled with signs and wonders, because the life of our Master was filled with it and He commanded his followers to do what He did!The ministry of Jesus was characterized most by His miracles and He placed so m [...]

    26. When the building block of your theology is a centuries old heresy, the structure built from it necessarily is flawed. Search for the Kenotic Heresy and you'll see immediately where this goes wrong. If Jesus was merely a man living in right obedience to God then I, as a man, can be like Jesus. Of course this attacks the fundamentals of Christian belief, the Trinity and the atonement are crushed just as a starter course.I love Jesus Culture's music but I'd stay far away from this teaching as it w [...]

    27. I gotta be honest, I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone. Why? Several reasons (a) Johnson has an over realized eschatology that is dangerously close to, if not already a prosperity Gospel. (b) He also conveys a low view of Scripture in that he very explicitly communicates that Scripture is not sufficient. (c) There appears to be some un-Biblical views of prophecy, namely a confusion between the Old Testament office of prophecy, the New Testament Apostolic prophecies, and the modern gift of p [...]

    28. Johnson's stories of healings and miracles encouraged me. Yet, I couldn't follow the logic or understand the significance of most of the conclusions he drew. Many of the spiritual insights sounded like extrapolations built on murky premises. I couldn't uncover much of a practical guide to living life. So, while I found some use in his personal experiences, I can't find anything worth recommending in the rest.

    29. I had high hopes for this book. On the surface the things this books says are the greatest thing ever. But with every faith based book it is necessary to check if what is being said lines up with scripture. I found that the author manipulated scripture for his own purposes. And many times he was very hard to follow. I simply could not stand to continue reading this book, and threw it in the trash when I quit reading.

    30. Inspires you to grow your faith, but on rocky theology. At one point he even states that he doesn't read a few books of the bible because of the fate of their author (Solomon). Wouldn't read again, and wouldn't recommend. I read this more out of curiosity than anything.

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