Coltrain's Proposal - Pinangan Coltrain

Coltrain s Proposal Pinangan Coltrain Dr Louise Blakely tidak ingin mencintai Jeb Coltrain Mereka seharusnya menjadi mitra menjalankan klinik medis Jacobsville bersama sama tapi sebaliknya dia memperlakukannya seperti musuh Namun saat

  • Title: Coltrain's Proposal - Pinangan Coltrain
  • Author: Diana Palmer
  • ISBN: 9789796557967
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dr Louise Blakely tidak ingin mencintai Jeb Coltrain Mereka seharusnya menjadi mitra, menjalankan klinik medis Jacobsville bersama sama, tapi sebaliknya, dia memperlakukannya seperti musuh Namun saat Lou mengatakan pada Jeb bahwa dia akan pergi, dia mengejutkannya dengan mengusulkan Tentu ini bukan perkawinan yang sesungguhnya, setidaknya itu maksud Jeb Lalu dia muDr Louise Blakely tidak ingin mencintai Jeb Coltrain Mereka seharusnya menjadi mitra, menjalankan klinik medis Jacobsville bersama sama, tapi sebaliknya, dia memperlakukannya seperti musuh Namun saat Lou mengatakan pada Jeb bahwa dia akan pergi, dia mengejutkannya dengan mengusulkan Tentu ini bukan perkawinan yang sesungguhnya, setidaknya itu maksud Jeb Lalu dia mulai mengenal Lou, untuk membiarkan penjaga hatinya kehangatan dan perhatiannya, dan semuanya berubah Setelah bertahun tahun mengalami konflik, dapatkah dia membuktikan kepada Lou bahwa cintanya itu nyata

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    1. I'm kind of bummed I didn't like this more, because the characters were a little different for Palmer. Our heroine Lou is not only a doctor, but she's pretty smart and tough. And Palmer was obviously just going crazy with heroes around this time, because the previous title in the series had a blond and this one is a redhead! (Don't worry though, they're still major jerks. With hairy chests. And Stetsons. All is right in the Palmer world.)So I kind of liked the characters and the chemistry was go [...]

    2. Read this book a few times now. It's all about a woman doctor who moves to a small town to set up shop with the town "God" doctor. They can't seem to agree on anything but toy trains which featured in a lot of DP books after. They have a kid at the end and it would seem they would have a lot and maybe take time for it and each other but nope if you keep reading they their story in other books they just have the one and they are just doctors. I liked this book a lot better before I knew how they [...]

    3. I was always curious about this couple's story because they appeared in most DP 's books whenever there were any needs of medical care, and I didn't realize they indeed had a book until today. Really admired h's personality cause she talked back when H treated her badly rather than endured him silently. H totally deserved it.

    4. Doctors in LoveTHE STORY: Dr. Louise "Lou" Blakely and Dr. Jebediah "Copper" Coltrain have been partners in the Jacobsville medical clinic for almost a year. Despite the fact that he hired her, however, Copper has treated Lou as an outcast. She finally has had enough and has decided to leave, but Copper shocks her by refusing to allow her to resign and instead wants them to get married. OPINION: I liked this book especially because of the professional relationship between Lou and Coltrain. The i [...]

    5. Relido em 15 de junho de 2016OGRE with hairy chest and cowboy hat + 2 bitches chasing the hero + in love with another woman + Virgin with family trauma = typical story of authorColtrain's Proposal (Diana Palmer)Most people around Jacobsville knew that Dr. Coltrain had as little use for his partner as he had for alcohol. He’d made it all too evident in the months she’d been sharing his practice.==========was a standing joke in the hospital staff that Louise Blakely ended up talking to hers [...]

    6. Coltrain's ProposalBintang 4.Lou vs Jeb ColtrainLou tidak memahami situasi yang ada hampir 1 tahun menjadi partner di klinik dokter Coltrain. Sikap Coltrain yang sinis, galak dan memusuhinya tak dapat dipahaminya. Sampai pembicaraan yang seharusnya tak didengar oleh Lou. Mengetahui skandal yang pernah terjadi antara ayah Lou dan mantan tunangan Coltrain membuat Lou memahami posisi serta perasaan benci Coltrain pada dirinya. Tapi benarkah kemarahan Coltrain bersumber dari hal tersebut? Lou tidak [...]

    7. Absolutely loved this book!! I love a good hero antagonist because he's a mean grouch. And a good heroine who could hold her own. Such a good book. It was funny in some parts and interesting in others. You get the gist of it in the description of the book. Sidebar: Diana Palmer is one of my go to authors when I want a good light hearted book that will put a smile on my face and have me giggling like a little girl. I absolutely love her. And even though I haven't read a lot of books by her, I kno [...]

    8. Dr. Louise Blakely knows that Dr. Jebediah Coltrain can not stand her. Overhearing him saying just that makes her realize that even though she might love the man, she must leave.Jeb has never understood why Lou always backed away from him. He knew that he had given her a hard time while working with her. But he had a difficult time getting past who her father was, and what he had done. He knows that Lou is keeping secrets from him, but he finds that she loves him, and he refuses to let her go.A [...]

    9. Enjoyable quick read. I have read quite a few of the long tall Texans books and the Doctors Coltrain frequently make an appearance. I have been interested in seeing how they got together. I liked their chemistry together and how much each loved their careers.

    10. La cantidad de tiempo que ahorrarían con simplemente conversar honesta y sinceramente en vez de dar malos entendidos y desperdiciar años de equívocos, que frustrante :C

    11. LovelyGood book. I like the way Diana Palmer brings a story together. All the side plots and feisty dialogue between characters.

    12. Es mi segunda lectura. Tenía ganas de leerla porque la había olvidado.Otro tipo que solo arrastra rencores y la chica debe aguantarse el diluvio. Al menos se hizo un poco la dura al final.

    13. Estoy muy confundida por el orden de los libros a partir de este punto pero ya lograré ubicarme. Paso a ser mi favorito, hasta el momento me parece el más real. Pronto reseña en kathlr95.wix/esquinaliteraria

    14. Homens do Texas 14Primavera de AmorDiana PalmerH. Destino 862008Sou categórica, pra mim Jeb Coltrain é o segundo melhor mocinho da DP, só perde mesmo para, o meu amado, Cash Grier. Como Cash, Jeb está sempre aparecendo nas estórias dos Homens do Texas. E sempre fazendo seu melhor para a população de Jacobsville, pois é o médico mais requisitado da cidade.Também adoro a Lou, ela como Jeb, é uma excelente profissional e provavelmente a mais querida pela população da pequena cidade. Ap [...]

    15. Seperti novel Diana Palmer lainnya, ciri khasnya d tampilkan di novel ini. Lou, tokoh utama wanita, mencintai Coltrain, teman sejawatnya di RS tanpa menyadari kalau Coltrain tdk menyukai dirinya krn Ayah Lou menghamili tunangan Coltrain di masa lalu. Ketika Lou tahu hal itu, dia menyadari kalau cintanya thd Coltrain bertepuk sebelah tangan dan sia-sia.Akhirnya Lou memutuskan utk resign dan memulai hidupnya ditempat lain sehingga ia bs melupakan Coltrain. Tetapi kejadiannya malah diluar dugaan, C [...]

    16. Well, it's quite nice. Jebediah Coltrain or we called him Copper, is a young doctor in Jacobsville. And he kind of hate his partner, Louise Balkeley. Mostly because Lou's father had an affair with Copper's fiancèe long time ago. He hate Lou until Lou find out the reason why and hand him her resignation letter I like the storyline, but there are some parts that bored me. I expect something more angsty but there's nothing more than hateful phonecall. So yeah. Again, typical od Diana Palmer, enjoy [...]

    17. Diana Palmer's books are similar to comfort food for me. I know exactly what to expect when reading them although sometimes I have issues if the hero is too cruel to the heroine. Dr. Coltraine had reasons for being less than nice to Lou so I forgave him when he wised up. One of the ether Long Tall Texans books.

    18. This is the second of the series and the little town of Jacksonville the docare suppose to get along.Louise Blakely came to the town to help with peopleThey were on shaky ground with Jeb she doe her work and he does not like tibut when they fall in love with him but does not tell him . She was going to leave and then Jeb found a way to keep her her trains

    19. Ciri khas nya Diana Palmer tuh heroin2nya lemah sama pesona heronya. Tapi suka banget sama perang mulut antara Jeb sama Lou. Romantis banget, lucu, dan yang pasti heronya sukses bikin aku gerah berkepanjangan :P Love this one! ♡

    20. I would give this book 2 1/2 stars. I started liking it but somewhere in the middle I started disliking the guy. He was too arrogant for my tastes because all he kept saying was I know you love me I know you want me. A bit arrogant for me.

    21. Tadinya sih mau kasi 2 bintang aja, tp krn SAM gw naekin 1 bintang lagi deh Ceritanya cukup simple n tipikal DP bgt dimana co n ce nya sm2 punya porsi nyebelin yg sama di wkt2 yg berbeda :P

    22. Really enjoyed this story. Two hard headed doctors finally let the walls down and learn the deepest sort of admiration and respect.

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