Deadly Lover

Deadly Lover Love can get you killed Security contractor Lily Rowan is clawing her way back to normalcy after a training mission gone horrifically wrong left her physically and emotionally broken She s returned to

  • Title: Deadly Lover
  • Author: Charlee Allden
  • ISBN: 9780996179836
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Paperback
  • Love can get you killed Security contractor Lily Rowan is clawing her way back to normalcy after a training mission gone horrifically wrong left her physically and emotionally broken She s returned to the city she grew up in, but not to hide from her nightmares, to face them Living alongside the Ormney genetically altered refugees who ve settled in The Zone is a daily rLove can get you killed Security contractor Lily Rowan is clawing her way back to normalcy after a training mission gone horrifically wrong left her physically and emotionally broken She s returned to the city she grew up in, but not to hide from her nightmares, to face them Living alongside the Ormney genetically altered refugees who ve settled in The Zone is a daily reminder of the Ormney trainee who nearly took her life Lily knew it would be tough, but she couldn t have known coming home would drop her straight into a madman s deadly game Someone is drugging Ormney men and turning them into mindless killers, reenacting the attack Lily barely survived To stop the killing spree and put her own demons behind her, Lily must overcome her fear and work with Jolaj, a refugee Law Keeper with dangerous secrets and hidden motives of his own Jolaj long ago dedicated his life to his people, risking everything to find them a new home But working with Lily could prove to be the most difficult task he s ever faced Despite the Council s decree making relationships with the outsiders forbidden, he s finding it hard to keep the courageous Lily at a distance With the fragile peace between their people on the line, Lily and Jolaj must stop the horrific crimes before their growing attraction makes them the killer s next targets In the near future, the world is forever altered when the existence of the Ormney is made known But two things remain the same serial killers still walk among us and murder is still as ugly and terrifying as ever.

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      233 Charlee Allden
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    1 thought on “Deadly Lover”

    1. What a wonderful wonderful book!!!It reminded me of the series Star-Crossed, but much, much better!We have a human woman and an alien man, a cospiracy, friend and foes, murders and hatred. It's a pefect blend of murder/mystery and SF. The characters are great, the story is great - what else could you want?! :)

    2. An author to keep an eye on. I've read her first two books, and I liked them both. They are far from problem-free, but really good as first indi tries.Deadly lover's main nit for me was the villain, but otherwise I enjoyed the book fully. Note that there are some editing mistakes.

    3. 10 days ago: Here is the situation. New book. New author to me. The blurb sounds intriguing, but I've been fooled before. There is nothing to do but jump in and start reading Deadly Lover! 5 days ago: Finished Deadly Lover. It's over? All ready? Will there be more? This morning: Time to finish this reviewSci Fi. The Ormney. They came to Earth from another dimension, looking for a new home. In exchange for technology, they were allowed to stay on Earth. So, they found their new home, but they are [...]

    4. Suit up, we are heading across time to a future where Inter-planetary travel is possible, but it would seem that prejudice and hate can still be just as barbaric and twisted as any time in history. Genetically altered to be warriors and feared, the Ormney are looking for a safe haven to live in peace. What they have is a place called The Zone and a world full of people who offer friendship on one hand while keeping their fingers crossed behind their backs. Now they are being targeted for extermi [...]

    5. I received a copy of this book for my honest review. Lily Rowan is broken. She is recovering from an accident with an Ormney that nearly took her life, forcing herself to face her nightmares. Soon she finds herself in a game with most of the players turning up dead. Lily must work with the family she fled from years ago, along with the Ormney and a sleezy ex-boyfriend, to try to find the psycho in change of the killings. Partial clues and many secrets keep Lily constantly searching, but she is a [...]

    6. Somewhere between 2.5 and a low 3 stars from me. I liked reading this at the time and the general outline was interesting, but it had some noticeable issues that I found personally annoying.The plot telegraphed where it was going from a mile away and made it obvious who the murderer and who the red herring was from before the half way mark, yet kept the intelligent and well connected protagonists from following the breadcrumbs and making that connection. This was even after they'd narrowed down [...]

    7. In a world where two species coexist in an uneasy truce, a series of murders takes place, implicating the Ormney, a near human-like race with claw appendages. The Earthers had the place first, and they outnumber the Ormney. Even so, the Ormney are a fierce, secretive race who are trying their hardest to survive in the Zone.Agent Lily Rowan, a special tactics officer for a private security firm who is on leave to recover from an Ormney attack, tries to stop another Ormney attacking a woman, but t [...]

    8. Lily and Jolag. I thoroughly enjoyed this, even if it was a bit more 'messy' than I like in a romance. People die and sometimes they are ones that matter. But i guess that's what happens when there's a home grown maniac on the loose. Whoever the crazed psycho is, they are smart and determined and their focus is on Lily. Set in the near future, 20 years after a large group of aliens, the Ormney arrive on Earth by means, other than a spaceship. The Ormney live in a society segregated from Humans. [...]

    9. Deadly Love by Charlee Allden is a great read for anyone who likes Sci Fi, Mysteries and/or Romance. It is fascinating tale of dangerous relationships with a solid who-done-it at its core that left me guessing until the end of the book. If you’ve ever been interested in dipping your toe into Sci-Fi Romance, this is a great book to do it with. The mystery aspect in particular makes for a great plot and the story line following a culture of refugees inside another land. It is very well thought o [...]

    10. This is the type of book that you have to read at least twice, because you get so involved in wanting to know what happens next that you read too quickly. I loved it! Loved Lily, loved Jolaj, loved how Lily slowly let herself trust again and be trusted in return. Great book to lose yourself in.

    11. Originally published at Sci-Fi Romance QuarterlyThe setting of Deadly Lover reminds me a lot of Sonya Clark’s Trancehack. Both are set in a near future where people who can practice “magic” are locked up in ghettos to keep they away from the rest of the population. When I say “magic”, I’m using the Arthur C. Clarke definition of “any technology sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable from” and not spellcasting.There’s also a resemblance to the near-future setting of J.D. Rob [...]

    12. I found Deadly Lover to be fun but predictable. It did not keep me for enjoying the book but it could have been stronger if there had been a twist that added additional surprise to the story. I could anticipate the action and knew who the villain was as soon as he appeared in the story. Changing either of those would have added strength to the story.The aliens coming to Earth and being kept in a compound was not a new concept but the way they arrived was. That part was a surprise. The plot moved [...]

    13. The story is so good, engaging and original! The main character, Lily, is the most well-rounded of the crew, a sympathetic and likable woman of remarkable courage and honor. The male lead, an alien named Jolaj, is an intriguing Ormney man, perhaps a little too good to be true. Lily's recent past includes terrible injuries from a different Ormney male, one whom she trusted and liked, but who was drugged into a murderous state forcing Lily to kill him in self-defense. That trauma has left her unde [...]

    14. I read Stealing Mercury by this author and fell in love with her voice. Even though Deadly Lover is "down to Earth" and Stealing Mercury is worlds away, I was right to trust she wouldn't disappoint me. The futuristic Earth the author created was so compelling and the alien Ormeny very interesting. I wanted to know everything about them. The way the characters moved through the world and space, both Earthers and Ormney, was super cool! I loved Lily and Jolaj's story, hated the villain, and loved [...]

    15. A slow burner but wowAliens are going insane and killing women and then themselves. After working for a black ops company Lily was injured working with one of the aliens. She returns h one to heal and try to gain control over her panice lands in the middle of The alien case and finds an alien she does not fear. Betrayal by her twin sister and mother add bite to the story. Excellent.

    16. Not as good as Stealing Mercury but the world/alien culture was interesting.It's a murder mystery though and the author kind of beat us over the head with all possible clues while the characters willfully ignored them. For once I want to have my socks knocked off by the who dunnit.

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