Sugar Scars

Sugar Scars Living after the apocalypse really isn t that hard for most of the survivors The virus killed all but in The few remaining people are left in a world of virtually unlimited resources Grocery

  • Title: Sugar Scars
  • Author: Travis Norwood
  • ISBN: 9781513700199
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Paperback
  • Living after the apocalypse really isn t that hard for most of the survivors The virus killed all but 1 in 10,000 The few remaining people are left in a world of virtually unlimited resources Grocery stores overflowing with food and drink Thousands of empty houses to pick from But one survivor, a nineteen year old girl, requires than simple food, water and shelteLiving after the apocalypse really isn t that hard for most of the survivors The virus killed all but 1 in 10,000 The few remaining people are left in a world of virtually unlimited resources Grocery stores overflowing with food and drink Thousands of empty houses to pick from But one survivor, a nineteen year old girl, requires than simple food, water and shelter As a type 1 diabetic her body desperately needs insulin to stay alive With civilization gone, no one manufactures it any She hoards all the insulin she can find, but every day marches toward the end of her stash of vials She has a choice Accept her fate and death, or tackle the almost insurmountable task of extracting and refining the insulin herself Brilliant scientists struggled to make the first insulin What hope does a high school dropout have

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    1. 2.5 StarsReview:I’m going to start by talking about the good things in the book, the best being that the disability representation was fantastic. The premise alone—a girl with Diabetes trying to make her own insulin in a post-apocalyptic world—was great, and, although I can’t be sure, the portrayal of the disability seemed accurate. There were lots of little mentions about living with Diabetes, like how she had to meticulously plan her meals and injections to make sure her blood sugar an [...]

    2. Received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.OY VEY! OK, here's the takeaway: this is a great idea for a story. I actually enjoyed reading it. The pacing is great. It's totally original. The world building is superb. Yet, it made me feel kind of icky. The premise definitely something I haven't encountered before. I have to give the author props for that. Sugar is in her early twenties and one of the few people who are immune to a virus that has killed all but 1 in 9600 people. The pro [...]

    3. Sugar is a type 1 diabetic. When a virus kills most of the world's population, she hoards all the insulin she can find. But insulin can't be stored forever. To survive, she's going to have to make her own.There will be some discussion of sexual assault in this review, though no graphic descriptions.The basic premise is something that appealed to me. It's a different kind of post-apocalyptic survival, as it deals with how to get something that requires a society to produce. This part is handled w [...]

    4. A diabetic in the post virus apocalypse. The type of diabetes that needs injections and constant monitoring. She had plenty of insulin, but it will expire so she tries to make her own. Sounds simple, but it isn't. She has a name, but she doesn't like it. So in the time it takes her to come up with one, people start calling her sugar. Kind of like Courtney Love got her last name. I have heard of this story a thousand times before. What's different this time? Not much, unfortunately. It's written [...]

    5. I very much enjoy reading post apocalyptic and dystopian fiction, and Sugar Scars offered a unique motivation for our protagonist. Our 19 year old protagonist - who hates her name so much she refuses to tell us it and prefers the nickname Sugar - is used to coping. An orphan fresh out of the foster system, she's been managing her Type 1 diabetes all her life, and the biggest problem with a superflu wiping out the majority of the population of the world isn't food, water or electricity. It isn't [...]

    6. I don't like to write a bad review mainly because I respect the author's work, but this book is testing me! Sugar Scars is sold as a post-apocaliptic novel about a nineteen year-old diabetic girl who needs insulin to survive, after a lethal virus killed almost the entire population in the United States. Not too bad if you like the genre, and I do.Unfortunately the main character is almost too dumb to be real and she ruins what could have been a really good book.This nineteen year-old girl names [...]

    7. This is either a three star or a three and a half star. I have not decided. I want to rate it higher, but I have a few nit-picks that don't let me.First, let me say, it did keep me engaged. I did want to know what was going to happen next. Some things I guessed, others I did not. And at times it reminded me of playing a video game, where you had to do things in the right order in order to go on to the next step.Allow me to explain. The world has been nearly wiped out by an illness that travels t [...]

    8. imádtam a könyvet, mégis borzasztó nehéz pontozni. a történet remek volt, (nekem) eredeti, fordulatos, kalandos, magával ragadó. a főszereplő néha egészen megdöbbentő butaságát simán lehet magyarázni a fogyasztói társadalom amerikai szintjével (amiről most nem akarnék értekezni, de nyilván nem dicséretnek szántam a jelzőt), illetve a lány iskolázatlanságával, ami részben az árvasága, részben a képességei meg nem értésének folyománya. szóval ezek mellet [...]

    9. I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I think this book was average at it's best. The apocalyptic genre itself is very in trend right now, however I feel this book was more of a personal story told through the eyes of a type 1 diabetic girl on a quest for more insulin to survive. I would've liked it if the supporting characters were fleshed out a bit more and made more complex instead of just introducing them and then leaving them to go their own ways (I'd say my o [...]

    10. This is one of the most compelling post-apocalypse tales I've read and I absolutely loved it, I found it utterly believable, I loved the characters and the various storylines. Really great read, found myself thinking about this one for quite some time after I finished it.

    11. A fresh take on a post apocalyptic storyI started to read the story because of the diabetic angle. When you think about the end of the world you forget about the modern drugs that keep you alive. I am diabetic and need drugs to manage my blood pressure and cholesterol I loved the main character and her solutions to the problems she encounters. This story is well worth reading.

    12. I was originally a bit skeptical when I picked up this book. It was recommended to me because it was written by one of my dad's friends, and so I mostly picked it up based off of that. But that and the fact that this was semi-self-published made me a bit unsure about what this would be when I began reading it.My concerns with both of those issues vanished pretty quickly.For starters, the premise of this book was just great. The idea of a type 1 diabetic having to survive in a post-apocalyptic wo [...]

    13. Sugar is a diabetic who has lived through the end of the world as we know it. A virus wiped out all but one in every nine thousand, six hundred people in the world. Entire populations decimated and brought down to a scant handful of adults and even fewer children. The diabetic bit is crucial because Sugar has to find insulin. But more importantly still, she has to figure out what to do when the expiration dates run out. It's an incredibly specific premise and to pull it off this would have to be [...]

    14. I received a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinion.A virus has wiped out the world and only a ratio of 1 in 10,000 has survived. One of those survivors doesn’t have much of a problem of being alone. She has been alone or a loner most of her life so being by herself now is really not a problem for her. She is not worried about surviving and living on her own. I mean she is not going to starve the stores have lots of food to last her for a very long time. There are lots and [...]

    15. Sugar Scars by Travis Norwood is a book that caught my attention on NetGalley because of the basic premise: diabetic girl trying to survive the apocalypse. It's very Defying Doomsday-themed. I hesitated a bit because it appeared to be self-published and from an author I'd never heard of before. (Turns out it's not quite self-published, but it's close enough and as you'll see, I was right to hesitate.)I'm going to start with the negatives. This book wasn't all bad, though, so be sure to at least [...]

    16. So I began reading this book because the premise truly grabbed my attention and by the time I got through the sample I wanted more…immediately! This story is a unique way of looking at this kind of dystopian society. Someone who needs their daily injection of insulin, period. No evil society or social class that defines the good against the bad. It truly began in a perfect way…I was totally hooked. Good character building, good visual, good storytelling…loved it coming from the pov of the [...]

    17. I received this book free from netgalley on the basis I would provide a fair and honest review. I wanted to read this for two reasons: I identified with the female lead because I, too, have Type 1 Diabetes and I wanted something for my first netgalley request that, because of the topic, probably wasn’t going to be so inundated with requests that I wouldn’t get a look in. Those reasons led me to a book that was beautiful in its calmness and understatement. I can still feel its effects as I wr [...]

    18. Life is over, at least for all but one in every ten thousand people. Sugar, a young adult fresh out of the foster system, is left alone to fend for herself. The end has come, and it's not zombies she needs to fear, it's her own body. Sugar suffers from diabetes and without insulin, though she survived the plague that killed most of the world's population, she will still die.Sugar Scars chronicles Sugar's quest to first find insulin to survive and then, when the realization hits that it will inev [...]

    19. I was given an electronic copy of this book by Booktrope and NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.After a virus kills most of the world's population, survivor Sugar has an immediate concern: where to get the insulin she desperately needs to live and how to stockpile enough. On her trips out for the medicine and for supplies, Sugar meets some of the other survivors in Tallahassee and starts to form some lasting friendships. Meeting Kyle was not part of the plan, nor was running out of usab [...]

    20. I am a huge "what-if" fan, but one of the questions I've never really thought about is "What if the world ends but you still need your meds?" Most post-apocalyptic TV shows and movies talk about the need for emergency meds, but I never noticed the lack of maintenance medicine, even though my niece is on daily seizure meds and also is type-1 diabetic. Apparently Travis Norwood has considered this though. Otherwise we wouldn't have a book whose main character is type-1 diabetic and requires insuli [...]

    21. What a beautiful book! Let's put this in context: I'm jaded from reading too many dystopias. I recite tropes as I roll my eyes with most stories. And I wanted to dislike this teen narrator, with her moments of amazing stupidity (she'd never seen an index to a book? Been in a library? Recognize a sarong?) and forgetfulness (f you're a fragile diabetic in a world with no more insulin, why not carry an insulated fanny pack of vials and, hey, a powerbar or two?). But I kept reading. I liked this fau [...]

    22. I give this book 3 and half stars I really wanted to give it more as I did really enjoy the story line and it kept me hooked but there was just something about it that just didn't wow me,I've read hundreds of these apocalyptic type books and I love them they are my favourite books. I love how everything that every one nos as normal ends and everything changes and people have to live through adventures and heartache to get to the other side this story was no exception I love the story line I just [...]

    23. Featuring Type 1 Diabetes as a Primary Plot Line is ApplaudedThis is the only fiction book I've ever read that features the minutia of living with type 1 diabetes so prominently in the central storyline. I recommend it to anyone who is curious about all the things that a person with type 1 diabetes has to think about to survive, even without an apocalypse. Some details are difficult to explain, so the author modifies the sequence of events to keep the plot moving, but the story and day-to-day re [...]

    24. I was so eager to read Sugar Scars that I was afraid I would be disappointed. Not to worry. Travis Norwood blew me away. If you love character driven stories, this is a MUST READ. The characters wrapped me in their arms and never let me go. Sure, we have some bad guys, but the good ones filled me with hope and the belief that there are more good people than bad in the world. Just like real life. I couldn’t wait to get to the end to find out what happens, yet I hated the thought of losing my ne [...]

    25. I'm giving this book two stars because somehow it kept me reading until the end, despite all the problems I had with it. In a post-apocalyptic world, "Sugar" is a Type 1 diabetic who will die without insulin. Learning how to make it becomes her quest. The answer to whether she did or did not was what kept me reading. Other than that? The characters were flat, stock characters who existed only to enhance Sugar, who was not a super well-developed character herself, but one who relied upon her illn [...]

    26. I recieved this novel from NetGalley.This novel is different to any other dystopian novel I have ever read. Yes it focuses on a sickness that wipes out nintey-percent of the world's population but it deals with diabetes within that world. It makes the novel interesting, but after a while it makes it boring. I lost my interest in the protagonist surviving, halfway through the novel and feel like her death would have sent the book further than not.There were so many twists and turns along the way, [...]

    27. I started reading this one thinking it was like the many other dystopian novels, but while it was an after the "end" story the focus is more on the human condition the good and the bad.  I think the author did a great job with all of the what if and world building it had to take a lot of thought and skill to come up with the premise especially since it is scary to think about, but the way the world is going you never know it could be possible.This review was originally posted on Books In [...]

    28. Fast paced post apocalypse adventure in survival. I don't know that I could have kept it together through all of the changes especially since I relate to the main character's need for time away from people. Predictable ending - SPOILER ALERT - I think it should have ended when Sugar faded and then start the next book with her awakening. Look forward to the sequel to see what changes will occur as society reasserts itself in Sugar's world. Full disclosure - I was given an electronic copy of the b [...]

    29. [TRIGGER WARNING: Mention of rape, abuse, child molestation]I skipped a lot during the last parts. This book is for religious, biased towards south America people that believe our gender roles are imprinted. The promise is great, the main character flakey and some turning points feel like they were a spontaneous idea the author did not further think about. All in all it's not for me, but I see the appeal for people who don't share my world views.I got this book from net-galley in exchange for a [...]

    30. It was an interesting take on the post-apocalyptic theme. It had a quick tempo and was difficult to put down! Some of it was predictable, notably the ending. I felt like it had a few to many references to God, but it did fit in with what many would be debating in a time like this. Some of the dialogue was sarcastic and witty, which is something I love to read. Overall I enjoyed it and am looking forward Travis's next book!

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