The Broken Hearts Book Club

The Broken Hearts Book Club Secrets never stay buried for long Lucy Harper has always been good at one thing running from her past But when her beloved Nana Lily passes away she has no choice except to return to the one place in

  • Title: The Broken Hearts Book Club
  • Author: Lynsey James
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Secrets never stay buried for long Lucy Harper has always been good at one thing running from her past But when her beloved Nana Lily passes away she has no choice except to return to the one place in the world she most wants to avoid Luna Bay hasn t changed much in the eight years she has spent in London The little Yorkshire village is still just as beautiful, but th Secrets never stay buried for long Lucy Harper has always been good at one thing running from her past But when her beloved Nana Lily passes away she has no choice except to return to the one place in the world she most wants to avoid Luna Bay hasn t changed much in the eight years she has spent in London The little Yorkshire village is still just as beautiful, but the new pub landlord is a gorgeous addition to the scenery Lucy only intended to stay for a day, yet when she discovers that Nana Lily has not only left her a cottage but also The Broken Hearts Book Club , Lucy is intrigued Her Nana never have mentioned the club and Lucy can t wait to get started, but walking into her first meeting she is aware than ever that her past is finally catching up with her.One way or another, Lucy must finally face the past she left behind or spend the rest of her life on the run The Broken Hearts Book Club is the second novel by Lynsey James don t miss her brilliantly funny debut Just the Way You Are Praise for Lynsey James The Broken Hearts Book Club is perfect for these colder, darker nights it s like a big warm comfort blanket in book form Rather Too Fond of Books I adored this book From the gorgeous setting of Luna Bay to the highly likable protagonist, The Broken Hearts Book Club was a total treat Blabbering About Books

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    1. After spending money on this and to paraphrase the main character in this book; well done Emer, you absolute banana!!!I'm in one of those moods where I just want to read fluffy cute books laden with rom-com cliches: a likeable MC, a cute guy to fall for, a quirky best friend, a little personal drama but all tied up with a nice happily ever after! However!!! That does not mean that I don't want a little emotional depth too. Some characters with spunk, passionke them memorable please. Basically al [...]

    2. 5 Words: Family, regret, love, small-town, grief.This was a great little read and it definitely made me smile. Perfect for cheering up on a rainy day.All through the book I couldn't help but wonder what happened to Vicky. And although by the time I finally found out near the end I'd pretty much already guessed, I liked the way it was handled.This story will make you smile and it will make you laugh. And it will also make you want to grab Lucy by the shoulders and give her a good shake.I received [...]

    3. This was an absolutely beautiful read from start to finish- and loved the books chosen for the book club. I felt like I wanted to pop along and join in!Lucy returns to Luna Bay after leaving around 8 years ago after an awful incident that is implied and not explained until the end of the book. Lucy feels responsible and hasn’t felt able to return until her nan leaves her a cottage in her will- with the proviso that she takes over running the book club.It’s a book club with a difference- all [...]

    4. I was so disappointed in this book! I really enjoyed Lynsey's debut but this one just made me sigh and wonder if the Chick Lit genre has run out of ideas. Or maybe I'm just tiring of it? Who knows. While I loved the setting of Luna Bay, I wasn't impressed with anything else. Lucy's hiding a secret, which isn't new, and it actually got to the point where I didn't necessarily care what she'd done that was so horrific, especially as i suspected it was nowhere near as horrific as it would seem. Init [...]

    5. I enjoyed reading this book.The storyline was great and I loved the setting . The only trouble I found was that I could not get to grips with Lucy the main female character.but other than that it was a great little read.

    6. I made a comment on Twitter that the entire time I was reading this book I kept saying, "how cute!" It is entirely true now, a couple days after completion, that I think this book is one cute read. Lucy has been running from her past for 8 years, avoiding her hometown of Luna Bay even during Christmas. Her Nana Lily's passing has brought her home and nothing is keeping Lucy there, not even the new handsome bar owner, Jake. However, things don't ever seem to work how Lucy plans them. Nana Lily's [...]

    7. *Book provided by the publisher on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*This is Lynsey’s second book and I’m really happy and proud of her for that! I loved her debut novel Just The Way You Are and was really excited for her second novel.The story follows 26-year-old Lucy Harper. She is an event organiser and lives in London. The death of her Nana brings her back home to Luna Bay. It’s hard for her to return, because of something that happened eight years ago. The mystery around that [...]

    8. 4.5 StarsAnother pleasurable book from Lynsey James. The Broken Hearts Book Club is easy to read, with a lovely story, about how you shouldn't give up if things don't go your way. Lucy has a habit of running away, the phrase, "when the going gets tough, the tough gets going" could have been written for her alone. She has spent 8 years in self-imposed exile in London, after a horrific event, that she felt noone would forgive her for. She only returns to Luna Bay when her beloved Nana Lily dies, a [...]

    9. "I had the chance to live in the house I'd loved so much growing up. do that, I'd have to confront everything that made me leave Luna Bay behind. I wasn't sure I was ready to do that just yet."As ratings go for chick lit genre, this book fell a little short. I felt all of the ingredients were there, but were not mixed together correctly for a satisfying read. I love the cover of the book and the title is what drew me in. There were some positives: there is romance, great location and of course, [...]

    10. 4 StarsThis was a cute make everybody feel good little romance (sex is only implied for the most part) that has its happy ending. Of course, there are a few rough patches along the way and a couple of hurdles but that just adds to the suspense of will they or won't they.It was well written and basically pretty entertaining. I did get a little tired of hearing about what Vickie did and was finally glad to hear what had happened on that dreadful night that made Lucy such an outcast in the town. Tu [...]

    11. I was kindly given a review copy through Netgalley, with many thanks to the publisher and Jenny Marston for hosting the tour.I completely devoured this story and absolutely loved my time in Luna Bay. Because as some of the characters so perfectly explained: this place gets under your skin and it's impossible to leave afterwards.Lynsey's writing reminded me a little bit about another one of my fave authors out there, and I do think that says a lot about her charming way of creating this story ^^F [...]

    12. 4.5The only thing that knocked this is, I'd have loved if the books in the book club were all listed at the end.

    13. After devouring Lynsey's debut Just The Way You Are I was so excited to start reading her second novel The Broken Hearts Book Club. The title grabbed me immediately and the cover only added to the excitement about picking this book up! Lucy is back home in her childhood village Luna Bay for the funeral of her lovely Nana. For the past eight years she's been living in London and finds it hard to return to Luna Bay after she ran away all those years ago. She's avoided Christmases at home and for t [...]

    14. I received a copy of this via NetGalley and Carina UK in return for a fair and honest review.After loving Lynsey James' debut novel, Just The Way You Are, i was eagerly awaiting the chance to read this and I've not been disappointed!!It is one of those books that grabs you in the first chapter with the awkardness and funny situations - how more awkward can it be starting to sing Big Yellow Taxi at your Nana's funeral!? - and the main character Lucy Harper is so easy to relate to that you can't h [...]

    15. I really enjoyed this book as it was a simple story, but with a few twists along the way. The idea of a book club for people with broken hearts is a great one, as are the books which the group have read in the past. But none of the club members seem to be moving on, they seem stuck in the same place.Along comes Lucy, back for her Nanas funeral, who discovers that one of the clauses in her Nanas will was that Lucy run the book club for at least three months. Easy enough you say? But when her past [...]

    16. Full review on my blog Famous in JapanThank you to Carina UK, Netgalley and Neverland Blog Tours for providing a copy in exchange for review.

    17. A very quick read, took me just under an hour. Not the worst chicklit out there but definitely read better. Some parts were either completely obvious or totally unbelievable. Not as good as her first book sadly.

    18. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review."There are worse things you an do than spontaneously burst into song at your nana's funeral."Right from the first line of this book, the humor had me convinced that this might be right up my alley. I wanted to like it, but as I got about a third of the way through, it became hard for me to want to pick it back up again.Our main character Lucy is not really the train wreck she'd have us believe. In fact, she's mostly just a coward. " [...]

    19. I've read so many great things about Lynsey James's book(s) in the last few months, so naturally I was eager to find out more for myself. Lynsey debut novel ( Just The Way You are) was a great success amongst the book lovers and her second book The Broken Hearts Book Club seems to be heading in the same direction according to all the fantastic blog posts and review out there. I adore the gorgeous book cover with its lace and colour design as well as the little gem of a magical story written with [...]

    20. I love books about book clubs so I couldn’t resist the chance to read The Broken Hearts Book Club! Lucy grew up in the idyllic Luna Bay but something happened eight years ago which caused her to run away and she has never been back. She has managed to avoid all reasons to return but when her beloved Nana dies Lucy finally returns to her childhood home for the funeral. It is her intention to make this a quick visit but when her Nana’s Will is read and Lucy finds out she has been left her gorg [...]

    21. Review from Tea & TitlesI received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Going into The Broken Hearts Book Club I was really excited. I haven’t really been reading much contemporary/cutesy things lately—my TBR has been pretty much dominated by fantasy. I was really looking forward to something lighthearted to distract me from the tough month October is for me. I lost my mum this time last year, so I really felt that this would be a good book to pick up.From the very first [...]

    22. I adored this book!After reading Lynsey's debut novel earlier this year, I was really excited to join the blog tour for her new book THE BROKEN HEARTS BOOK CLUB and I loved every second of this book.Lynsey is a really fantastic writer as this book had me gripped from the very first line and I didn't stop until the book had finish, even then I didn't want it to be over!In this book we follow Lucy, she is back home for her nana's funeral. She finds it hard to return as she hasn't been home in 8 ye [...]

    23. This is the first book I have read of Lynsey's and I wasn't sure what to expect, however I am a sucker for a romantic, chick-lit read and couldn't resist picking it up. I LOVED 'The Broken Hearts Book Club'!! I read it in one sitting, on a rainy day and it was the perfect setting.I've always loved the thought of attending a book club and the fact that this was a club with a twist, helping people deal with their own broken hearts. I fell in love with all the characters and was really rooting for [...]

    24. I enjoyed this simple book. It is the story of facing your fears and getting out of ruts. Lucy is left her Nana's cottage in Luna Bay but in order to inherit it, she has to agree to run the Broken Hearts Book Club for 3 months. 8 years previously a dreadful accident occurred and Lucy blames herself, as does the mother of her friend, Vicky, the accident victim. Lucy doesn't want to return to face the community but has little choice.Jake is the new landlord at the local pub and he and Lucy are att [...]

    25. Wonderful book. I was rooting for Lucy to succeed with the club and Rose Cottage. There were so many themes here - grief, dealing with grief, regrets, moving on, holding on, fighting for what you want, and deciding when or even whether or not to give up. My only problem was Jake. He started of as a really likeable character, but I was really irritated by his wishy-washiness with making decisions towards the second half of the book. And he felt like a wuss who needed the women in his life to make [...]

    26. Lucy returns to Yorkshire for her Nana's funeral, planning to return to London immediately. When the will is read and she inherits a house and leadership of the local book club she stays in town. With her past plaguing her and a new man courting her, Lucy has to decide if she can face the past for a happy future. I enjoyed this book and was happy to see Lucy face her critics and stand up for herself.

    27. This is an awful read. I felt no sympathy for the main character and found the whole thing full of cliches and bad references. It was badly researched, if researched at all. Not the heartwarming tale I was expecting but an eye rolling tirade of inconsistency and badly written characters.

    28. Lucy Harper inherits a cottage from her grandmother on condition that she takes over the Broken Hearts Book Club, which is a club for members of the community who have experienced loss of various kinds.Having spent the past eight years in London running from a tragedy that happened in Luna Bay, her first instinct is to say no and hightail it out of there. However, she has nothing to get back to in London and her heart has always been in Luna Bay. She also meets Jake, a handsome bartender, with s [...]

    29. Lucy has spent all her life on running away from the heartbreak. Maybe now it is the time to stick at the place and try to make things right?When her beloved Nana Lily passes away, Lucy has to return to Luna Bay for the funeral. And then she discovers that Nana Lily has left her in her will the cottage and - a book club. Lucy has to preside the 'The Broken Hearts Book Club' for 3 months to be able to inherit.Intrigued Lucy decides to stay. Helping the members of the book club, who are living wit [...]

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