The Girl with Two Names

The Girl with Two Names Rock chick Yayoi has it all fame fortune and a movie star husband But the glamor only masks a reality she cannot allow herself to face Until the day she does and events turn deadly Yayoi faces an ab

  • Title: The Girl with Two Names
  • Author: GerardO'Neill
  • ISBN: 9780994365422
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rock chick Yayoi has it all fame, fortune, and a movie star husband But the glamor only masks a reality she cannot allow herself to face Until the day she does and events turn deadly Yayoi faces an abusive husband, an oppressive recording contract with J BIG Corp, controlled by her husband s family, and a haunting past catastrophe After her husband viciously assaultsRock chick Yayoi has it all fame, fortune, and a movie star husband But the glamor only masks a reality she cannot allow herself to face Until the day she does and events turn deadly Yayoi faces an abusive husband, an oppressive recording contract with J BIG Corp, controlled by her husband s family, and a haunting past catastrophe After her husband viciously assaults her in New Zealand where she is doing a film shoot, Yayoi flees with the aid of Bill a young corporate attorney Yayoi s husband is furious and pursues the pair through the wilds of the East coast.Unaware of the nature of the treachery and the threat they face, the two fugitives quickly form a bond that develops into a heated and desperate romance While Bill finds himself embroiled in her battle, Yayoi must come to terms with her past or else be destroyed by it.

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    1 thought on “The Girl with Two Names”

    1. When the author contacted me and asked if I would like to read this in exchange for my honest and open review. I looked at the blurb and it enticed me in.We have a young women here, she is in a marriage that becomes abusive, frightening, she decided to flee, to escape. Get right away from him as far as she can.However, is this going to be as easy as that? You bet not. Men like that do not just let that happen, so he pursues her and she is on the run.She meets Bill in New Zealand. She has a a sho [...]

    2. I received this book in return for a review.With a title like this, I want to know what the two names are and why they are necessary. This is explained between page 1 and page 7 of the Kindle edition. After that, the title is irrelevant and ignored. This book has 55 chapters. This is a very, very slow developing story. After an early portrayal of violence connected to spousal abuse, nothing even remotely interesting happens until Chapter 29 when two strangers, Tama and Noel, appear at a cabin wh [...]

    3. ###Contains a spoiler##Yayoi Shimano hates both her life and herself. A top rock star in Japan, her artistic creatively has been hijacked by the recording company making her little more than a cardboard character making noise rather than music. And that's the good part of her life. Stuck in a loveless marriage with an over-the-hill womanizing actor, she wants to escape. Nori her husband owns her career, his family's corporation has made her and can destroy her. After a beating, she runs away, an [...]

    4. The Girl with Two Names by Gerard O'Neill was an interesting read. The first half of the book was a tad slow for my liking, but still impressed me by the amount of background detail revealed on each of the main characters, who came across like real people, and not cardboard characters that populate so much fiction these days. The second half of the book had enough suspense and action that I found it hard to put down. The book also gives provides an interesting comparison of Japanese and Western [...]

    5. I received this e-arc for an honest review, thank you!This is a place where I admit my fault of delayed review. I was given the book more than a year ago, I think it's nearly 2 years now. Not really acceptable, I am really apologizing. I had issues with opening the file at first and postponing the reading for later and so it was just residing in the folder.So, when I finally did pick up the book and actually started reading it took me a month, oh, yes, I did manage to read other books on the sid [...]

    6. The Girl With Two Names is okay but needs to be edited again. There are number of typos and errors in it. I really wanted to like the main character Yayoi but really found her to be a selfish primadonna. She knows what her husband is like and yet involves a number of innocent people in her plan because it is what she wants. She lies and manipulates them into helping her eventually causing her own “tsunami” to destroy lives just as one did in her past.The first scene of the book really has no [...]

    7. “The Woman with Two Names” is a story of a Popstar, Yaya, who is the public image of a young Japanese woman with an inner turmoil. Yayoi is the young woman behind Yaya. She has grown to hate her persona and her life. She is looking to escape an abusive marriage and feels like she can do so on her visit to New Zealand for a video shoot. She manages to escape in New Zealand with a man named Bill. He begrudgingly takes her in. Yayoi’s husband Nori will stop at nothing to get her and take her [...]

    8. I received this book in exchange for my honest review. This book caught me by surprise. The plotline and characters were impressive. The beginning of the book took awhile to get me intrigued. but after a few chapters, i couldn't put it down.This story follows Yayoi, a young married woman stuck in the horrible marriage that becomes abusive. Yayoi decides its time to get out of this marriage. she leaves but like any abusive husband he wasn't gonna have it so he continues to try to pursue her. This [...]

    9. I freely chose to review this ARC as I won it in a contest. I liked the way YaYa chose to free herself from an abusive husband. YaYa is Yatori Shimano's stage name as she's a rock star, but she hates herself as her contract with J-Big Company dictates her every move. After a night of abuse she quickly decides to run away with a strange man she calls Bill San, and she tastes freedom for the very first time.

    10. Slow but good plotThis was a different type of book. It started slow but it was a very unique twist and plot. This is a book that normally I would not read, but I was given a free copy and I'm doing a voluntary review from ARC. It was a very well-written suspense with characters that were relatable and a plot that kept you guessing. I would definitely look forward to reading more from this author

    11. What can I say about this book? After reading the blurb, I was looking forward to reading this book. Boy was I disappointed. The plot fell flat. The story-line was slow and choppy. I struggled to read this one and it took me a while to finish it. It didn't hold my interest and I was extremely disappointed in the ending. I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book

    12. I volunteered to read an ARC copy of this book. I was not very into this book, it took too long to get to the story. The characters are well written, as is the book, I just didn't like how slow moving it was.

    13. This was a suspenseful book about a woman trying to escape her abusive husband. It was definitely an unusual read. I liked that the story was unpredictable and the end wasn’t what you’d expect. I liked all the information at the end, too, about Japanese culture.

    14. this book was really hard to follow. it was to much all over the place. it was about a woman who needed to get away from her husband he was mean. so she went into hiding. it was just to long sorry!

    15. I received a copy of this book in a giveaway. Yayoi, or Yaya as she is known to her fans, is a Japanese Pop music artist caught in a horribly abusive marriage to her very wealthy husband, Nori. While in New Zealand for work she decides to flee from her husband and marriage. Nori is ruthless in his pursuit of Yaya in New Zealand and violence ensues. Others are drawn into the intense drama that results.It took me awhile to get drawn into this story. The beginning starts off slowly. While it does [...]

    16. “The Girl with Two Names is an interesting book with a different storyline that wavers between strongly appealing and disconcertingly amateurish. There’s no doubt that the author, Gerard O’Neill, is talented but he needs to pay more attention to little details such as creating more realistic dialogue and doing a better job of editing. I received a gratis copy of the book from the author and because it’s marked 2nd edition I’m assuming it’s not a pre-publication proof. That allows me [...]

    17. I was provided with a recently revised copy of this book by the author for my honest opinion.This is a cross between a Psychological and Romantic Suspense novel.Yayoi is a twenty-something Japanese Pop music artist known to her fans as Yaya. In her own words, she describes her descent into a life she no longer wishes to live. The love she once felt for her husband has waned as his abusiveness increases. She wants to be free and endeavors to escape yet the tyrannical man finds ways to thwart her. [...]

    18. Yaya the famous singer in Japan is getting burnt out of her rockstar life and her equally famous movie star husband adds to that feeling. Then she has a great idea to get the quiet she has been craving while in New Zealand filming for her most recent movie. Except things do not go according to plan and her estranged husband shows up and things go completely sideways. "Silently sifting through unstated declarations and conflicting notions". Well written, great insight to the N-Zed and Japanese cu [...]

    19. I received this book as an ARC. I started reading this book without really knowing what to expect of it. We get to now YaYoi who is stuck in a loveless and abusive marriage. When she decides to run away from her marriage it's the start of an actionfilled flight. Her husband just went Mad. The story needed some time to fully captivate me, but after a 100 pages I was fully intrigued by the book. I couldn't put it down. This is a book I loved reading

    20. I enjoyed this book about a Japanese girl trying to escape a bad marriage, although her self absorption annoyed me at times. It is basically a love story with quite a bit of action woven into and around it. Descriptions of the New Zealand bush were interesting. The characters were well rounded and mostly likeable.

    21. This book reminded my of the movie with Jennifer Lopez "Enough". A women getting abused and trying to leave. I enjoyed the book and I am glad she left! I think this book kept me on my toes. * I received this book from LibraryThing in a giveaway in exchange for an honest review*

    22. I received this book in exchange for an honest review. The story of a young performer known to all by her stage name, in an ugly marriage and her coming to terms with who she is and the choices she makes. Great characters and story line.

    23. I received this book in exchange for an honest review on librarythingThis book is a fantastic thriller suspense revolving around a "girl with two names". I found the book extremely well written with a great storyline. The only issue I had was that it was just too long. Also, Japanese jargons with a bit hard to understand. Otherwise it was a good read!

    24. I received this book in a giveaway for my honest review of the book. I have to say it is very slow going, I almost gave up reading it, but decided to give it a fair shot. The second half of the book is far better than the first. The characters are also very likeable and we'll rounded. If the first half was as good as the second I would have given it 5 stars.

    25. I came to the conclusion while reading this story that although the author has very compelling stories, his transitions seemed to be strained to me. I feel like when changes in action or scenery are about to happen, he skips the traditional soft transitions, like turning a corner in a car, and instead jumps to the new scene like someone jumping 180° to face the opposite direction. It is rather jarring. However, the tale was so compelling that I often overlooked the very thing that bothered me. [...]

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