Can I Tell You a Secret?

Can I Tell You a Secret Pssst Yes you I m Monty And I have a BIG secret Do you want to know what it is Are you sure Okay

  • Title: Can I Tell You a Secret?
  • Author: Anna Kang Christopher Weyant
  • ISBN: 9780062396846
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pssst Yes, you.I m Monty.And I have a BIG secret.Do you want to know what it is Are you sure Okay

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    1 thought on “Can I Tell You a Secret?”

    1. An imaginative Children's book to teach them about sharing their feelings, being brave and never be afraid of telling anything to their parents because they love and care for their kids very much. A book for both children and parents! Loved it!

    2. "Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it."More to learn from this frog story!One of the best children's book of year 2015.Small kids will enjoy this truly.

    3. Your child will love reading, or being read to, this picture book. It tells the story of Monty a frog who has a secret. He slowly shares his heartbreaking secret till the problem is resolved at the end. We all wait with bated breath after we share Monty's secret. The pictures add to the text and make for a wonderful combination.

    4. Cute, but the middle felt like it dragged on a bit long. Having said that, I could see kids still enjoying it and the end is rather silly. Adorable drawings, as usual.

    5. Another great Kang/Weyant collaboration. This time they tackle being brave and trying something new.

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    7. the lad says- this was a very funny book that was a good book because the frog was afraid of the water and my mom read it to mee parent says- this is a story about a frog who has a secret and doesn't quite know how to tell his parents. The young frog interacts with the reader- asking decision and opinion questions to the reader which makes the book interactive for the child.This book makes a complicated issue- like telling your parents a secret- into something manageable and talkable with parent [...]

    8. Have you ever heard of a Frog that can not swim. Well it’s time to meet one. That is his big scary secret that he doesn’t want anyone finding out. Turns out it wasn’t much of a secret. With some help from his friend he will finally tell his parents and learn that everything will be alright. This was a fun book with great illustrations.

    9. Monty has a secret, but is unsure of what to do. He asks the reader for help because he wasn't to be able to talk to someone about it. Full of beautiful and colorful illustrations, and simple text that most toddlers can relate to. As soon as Monty tells his secret, he discovers that he is not alone, that it's not so bad, and that he has the friends and family to support him through it all!

    10. A frog shares his secret with the reader: He's been afraid of water ever since he was a tadpole! This sweet story has many tie-ins: swimming lessons, secrets, and of course--writing voice. Wonderful cartoon-like illustrations add to the appeal. A great read aloud for lower elementary.

    11. My Pre-K loved this story. We whispered, moved closer, and responded to the text. It was wonderful!

    12. A fun book that talks right to the reader. Very fun for reading to younger children who find staying quiet a challenge.

    13. Monty is a little frog. He has a big secret. He is really worried about telling someone his secret. He tells the reader his secret. He cannot swim. Monty asks the reader questions as the story moves along. He is a cute and likeable character. The illustrations are bright and colorful. The author does a great job of making the reader feel like they are a part of the story. I would recommend this for any collection looking for titles about children overcoming a fear, at a child’s level.

    14. As educators we hear revelations either told in a group setting or in confidence. When something is spoken to us in trust, we have a responsibility to protect what we have heard. Sometimes though we need to go back and speak with the child, telling them for their well-being this information should not be kept a secret. It's a fine line, a judgment call, wondering whether these details were shared for the sole reason of the need for another to know or as a cry for help.Theodore Seuss Geisel Award [...]

    15. Young Montague has a secret. Can you keep a secret? Good, because Monty really needs to tell someone this secret. Monty is a young frog, who . . . who is . . . who is afraid. Of what? Well, if you can really keep a secret he might tell you. And when he does tell you what he is afraid of, what will you do with his secret? If you have ever been afraid, Can I tell You a Secret is the perfect picture book for you.The illustrations have Monty—a green frog—speaking directly to the reader—and may [...]

    16. Kang, Anna Can I Tell You a Secret? Illustrated by Christopher Weyant. PICTURE BOOK. HarperCollins, 2016. $18. Monty, a young frog, has a secret. He’s afraid of the water. What should he do? With the reader’s encouragement, Monty finds the courage to tell his parents. It takes him a few tries, but when he does confess, he feels much better and gets the help he needs to make the change. The ending is a little simplistic, but Monty’s fear and nervousness shine right through before then. The [...]

    17. Little Tadpole has a big secret that he needs to share with you, he can't swim. He does every thing he can think of to avoid water, even rain but how can he tell his parents? Should he? But you as the reader help him see that admitting to being afraid to try something new isn't anything to be worried about. With his parents understanding help Tadpole gets ready to face his fear and see exactly what he's been missing. This was a big hit with the kids at story time because Tadpole is asking for th [...]

    18. Monty shares a super big secret with the reader he can't swim! He's been afraid since he was a tadpole. When he finally breaks the news to his parents, he finds out that they knew this all along. With mom and dad's help, and the reader's support, Monty isn't as afraid anymore. He finally takes the plunge and finds out how much fun swimming can be! Personally, I love that Monty reaches out and asks for help. It's not safe for young kids to keep secrets, especially from their parents. Monty may he [...]

    19. "Pssst! Could you come here for a sec?"A little frog named Montague has a secret he wants the reader to keep. He can't swim because he's afraid of water. Keeping the secret hidden hasn't been easy, but he has managed through "quick thinking and hard work." Through the encouragement of the reader ("What's that? You think I should tell someone?"), Monty reveals his secret to his parents who help him deal with his fear.Adorable illustrations and a strong message for young readers. Love it.

    20. Loved this title. Read it with my son using voices for the characters. He said he liked it because he got to be part of the story. He said that books that look out to the reader and "talk" to them are fun. Monty the frog lets the reader know of his particular fear (swimming and water) but he is too nervous to tell his parents. After a number of attempts and help from the reader he finally tells them. Funny and well-done. Perfect length too!

    21. Grades PreK-2. A frog talks to the reader to reveal a secret weakness that has been bothering him. Upon the reader's suggestion he tells his parents, who tell them they already know and they will help him. Lots of suspense but a flat ending where the frog now thinks the reader is his best friend.The frog shares all the ways he's hidden his secret, but he never reveals what it is that really scares him-- like worst case scenarios, etc.

    22. A frog lets the reader in on a secret: he can't swim and he's afraid of water. The frog gets good advice from the reader to tell his parents and they work together to help him conquer his fears.A solid story with a good problem, that involves the reader, and comes to a satisfying conclusion much like other classic picture books like The Monster at the End of This Book and Go Away Big Green Monster.PreK-2.

    23. Can I tell you a secret? With a little help, a good friend, and your parents, you can overcome your fears. This book is cute and sweet. The illustrations are fun and Monty is drawn in a way that you can't help but love him and root for him.

    24. Engaging picture book between Monty, the main character and the reader. Monty trusts the reader with his secret. Keeps the reader involved throughout the whole book and may help readers who suffer from the same fear as Monty.Written by Anna Kang, illustrated by Christopher Weyant and published by Harper Collins.#fears #angst #PB #frogs #secret

    25. It gets a bit draggy in the middle, but I think this book could be a good tool for kids. It's important to keep secrets, yes, but it's *also* important to know when a secret should be shared with grown-ups.It's also important to learn that sometimes a secret isn't really a secret, and that your family will be there for you, and your friends will help you, and that trying new things can be fun!

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