Peace, Be Still

Peace Be Still Twelve year old Keith is left in charge of the lighthouse and his two younger siblings while his dad goes out in the storm to help a ship in distress As the long night passes with waves pounding again

  • Title: Peace, Be Still
  • Author: Amanda Tero
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 352
  • Format: ebook
  • Twelve year old Keith is left in charge of the lighthouse and his two younger siblings while his dad goes out in the storm to help a ship in distress.As the long night passes with waves pounding against the lighthouse, fear threatens to engulf him.Can Keith stay awake and keep the lights burning Will he worry away the night, or will he find comfort and peace in trusting GTwelve year old Keith is left in charge of the lighthouse and his two younger siblings while his dad goes out in the storm to help a ship in distress.As the long night passes with waves pounding against the lighthouse, fear threatens to engulf him.Can Keith stay awake and keep the lights burning Will he worry away the night, or will he find comfort and peace in trusting God s promises

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    • ↠ Peace, Be Still || ¸ PDF Read by ↠ Amanda Tero
      352 Amanda Tero
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    1 thought on “Peace, Be Still”

    1. Age Appropriate For: All AgesBest for Ages: 8 - 10I was reading through a few of the short stories on my Kindle, and this was one of them. While this story isn’t very long, it is very well written and has a good message. This would make a perfect family read-aloud on a stormy evening.While this story could be read in fifteen minutes or less, the characters are well done and the story well told. Tero shows a lot of talent in being able to convey a lot in a very short amount of time.

    2. A sweet short story about a young boy who must trust in God during a storm while he cares for his younger siblings alone in a lighthouse. Very enjoyable with a relatable Christian message.~Kellyn Roth

    3. "Yes, baby girl." Dad smiled at his children. "He protected us again."This is a great story illustrating God's protection in our lives through the story of a boy as he keeps the lighthouse beacon burning during the night. It is a reminder to Christians that we must trust the Lord in situations that are beyond our control and know He is there no matter the circumstance. I want to thank the author for putting so many scripture passages in her stories. The Lord is prominent in this story, and I bel [...]

    4. I was a beta reader for this simple children's story, which is good for ages 8-10 (or maybe 6-8, depending on the individual kids). Even in a small and simple tale like this, there is plenty that can be done wrong, but Tero steers clear and gets it right. The story is set with details that help you feel what the main character is feeling, there is nothing eye-rollingly corny, and the moral is unmistakably clear. The author's writing skill and emphasis on Scripture are to be commended.

    5. Sweet short story of finding peace during turbulent times. God's peace will comfort us. We need only to ask for His peace.

    6. IntroductionThis book is so powerful. I'm amazed how someone can pack so much into a short 2,600 word story. If you ever feel anxious about anything (who hasn't?), get this book and read it. Then read it again when you are anxious again. It's worth it.Characters1/1Despite how short the book is, you really get to understand the three siblings. I could sympathize with each one of them and relate to Keith.Dialogue1/1There wasn't a lot of dialogue, but when there was, it was well done. The interacti [...]

    7. I just had to read this again!! :DThis is such a great short story! We all have fears every once in a while and I know storms can be quite scary - especially if you live by the sea!!A perfect read for young readers!! :)

    8. I really enjoyed this sweet story of a little boy alone with his younger brother and sister in a lighthouse during a storm. Definitely a story I would recommend for younger children. And it was such a pleasure to read a book that only uses Bible verses from the King James version!

    9. It's a sweet story. That reminds us that God is with even at the most scariest of times. Love the story. A constant reminder to me. Thank you, Amanda for writing this story.

    10. Peace, Be Still is the story of 12 year old Keith, who is left in charge of the lighthouse and his two younger siblings when his dad must go out into the stormy night to help a ship. As the storm rages on, and waves pound against the lighthouse, fear threatens to overtake Keith. But he must keep the light burning and his siblings safe. But as time passes and his father has still not returned, will he be overtaken with fear or learn to rely on faith?I normally do not read to many short stories, b [...]

    11. I loved this story! It truly spoke to me and encouraged me spiritually, as I can say with all of Amanda's books.The parallels between this story and the storms we go through in our Christian life are spot on. One of the things Keith struggles with is staying awake to keep the lights burning. In the worst struggles of our Christian life, we may want to just give in and quit fighting, yet that is the time when we have be the most alert or the devil will gain a foothold and cause serious damage. Al [...]

    12. I recently read Peace, Be Still and I really enjoyed it! One that I look forward to reading to my siblings sometime and I'm sure if someday I have children of my own I will read it to them too.It's hard to find stories these days that aren't full of trash. Even Christian ones so this is a very refreshing, sweet story. I highly recommend it!Amanda has really been blessed with the talent to write and I'm sure you will enjoy this story.

    13. This is a rich and atmospheric devotional-type story…read it thoughtfully, because it really gives a lot to think about. It’s one you’ll want to reread. The spiritual lesson woven seamlessly into the tale is something we must take to heart, especially in these troubling times. The writing is strong and though the story is short, enough details about Keith and his family are given to draw you in. I highly recommend it!

    14. This was a lovely story with a timely message to anyone who has known fear and anxiety of the unknown. The main character, twelve-year-old Keith, is believable and sympathetic as the son of a lighthouse keeper. The writing is clean and easy to follow, and the lesson from Scripture is woven in organically and does not feel forced. I'm giving this 4.5 stars rounded up to five only because I wish the ending had more "weight," to resonate with the rest of the story.

    15. Another nice, short story by Amanda Tero. This one is based off of the story when Jesus calmed the storm with the words, "Peace, be still." I enjoyed the read, but I would like to see longer books by the author.

    16. Peace Be Still is another great short story by Amanda Tero! I loved how she used the characters to show the reader how we can remain at peace in the midst of fierce "life" storms.

    17. A fantastic book about a young boy's faith in God's protection during a storm. Perfect to teach your kids!

    18. Though a short story that could have taken one sitting to read, (I took two, but it was supposed to be doing something other than reading :P) I thought it was written exceptionally well. The few characters were developed as well as the could be, and very realistic. I loved the way Keith was scared, but was able to exactly what his father had instructed. The message of this little story was quite clear, and told in a lovely way. I especially liked that Keith prayed from the beginning, but also wa [...]

    19. I really liked how Miss Tero incorporated Bible verses into her story, but the rest of the story didn't have much depth to it. :( I was looking forward to reading this, as I haven't read any of Miss Tero's books before, but I have to say I was a little disappointed with this. I guess my conclusion is that I like longer stories better. ;)

    20. I had more trouble getting into this story than Amanda's other books. However, it probably had more to do with the way I was feeling when I read it than anything else.Overall it was a sweet story of faith through the storms of life. I found the ending especially powerful. :)

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