A Little Gold Book of Ghastly Stuff

A Little Gold Book of Ghastly Stuff Before You Read This first published as Todd Klein print Featherquest first published in Imagine Jerusalem first broadcast by BBC Radio Feminine Endings first published in Four Letter Word Orange

  • Title: A Little Gold Book of Ghastly Stuff
  • Author: Neil Gaiman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 138
  • Format: ebook
  • Before You Read This first published as Todd Klein print Featherquest first published in Imagine 14 Jerusalem first broadcast by BBC Radio 4 Feminine Endings first published in Four Letter Word Orange first published in The Starry Rift Orphee first published in Orphee CD Ghosts in the Machines first published in The New York Times 3 The Annotated B Before You Read This first published as Todd Klein print Featherquest first published in Imagine 14 Jerusalem first broadcast by BBC Radio 4 Feminine Endings first published in Four Letter Word Orange first published in The Starry Rift Orphee first published in Orphee CD Ghosts in the Machines first published in The New York Times 3 The Annotated Brothers Grimm Grimmer Than You Thought first published in The New York Times 4 Black House first published in The Washington Post Summerland first published in The Washington Post The View from the Cheap Seats first published in The Guardian 5 Once Upon a Time first published in The Guardian 6 Introduction to Hothouse first published in Hothouse Entitlement Issues first published at Neil Gaiman s Blog 7 Freedom of Icky Speech first published at Neil Gaiman s blog 8 Harvey Awards Speech 2004 first published at Neil Gaiman s blog 9 Nebula Award Speech 2005 first published at Neil Gaiman s blog 10 Conjunctions first published in Mythic Delirium 20

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    1 thought on “A Little Gold Book of Ghastly Stuff”

    1. Neil Gaiman describes this as his "b-sides collection" and that's exactly how it feels. It contains a strange collection ranging from his first ever published (and pretty awful) story through to an article about freedom of speech and speeches he's delivered. There are some real gems in here, though, and it gives an insight into the working's of Neil Gaiman's brain in a way that other more sanitized collections don't. Worth reading, but for fans only.

    2. I obtained this through Humble Bundle as part of Neil Gaiman's rare works. It's a real collection of random essays and short stories that any fan would enjoy. You get to delve in to Neil's personal life and thoughts too with his inclusion of the Dresden Dolls essay. A good chunky read it's informative, funny with good story telling. Four stars from me!.

    3. i got this from a humble bundle and was kind of worried it wasn't all going to flow together because at first it just seemed like a really weird random jumble of stuff he threw together. and i guess that IS what it is but it's still really enjoyable and still flows very well somehow. also i got to read the sentence "George R.R. Martin is not your bitch" straight from neil's keyboard to my screen, so that was amazing. also i got a bunch of book recs out of it, which is always a plus.

    4. This is a mix of short stories and exerts from Neil Gaimen I got as part of the humble bundle. Two of the tales were OK but overall it did not impress me. I expect it would appeal to real fans of the author who want to read more by him.

    5. Some of these stories were charming and new to me. Others are old and familiar, like a well-loved warm blanket. All of them carried the spark that so often shines through in Neil's writing. A nice collection for anyone who is a fan of Neil's short stories and essays.

    6. This was really fun. Starts with his first published workwhich is pretty gawd awfulhaha!!! The rest are collections of tales and real life experiences as well as speechesand his blog. it's a must for any Gaiman fan

    7. This is a small collection of short stories, poems, essays, and speeches from Gaiman. Quick thoughts about some of the material:"Featherquest" - in the introduction, Gaiman explains that this is the first story he had published, that he has not edited it since or had it collected in any other work, and that almost none of it sounds like himself. He isn't wrong, and it's pretty much unreadable; I skipped it about halfway through."Feminine Endings" - very creepy. Very much inspired by a story from [...]

    8. So, apparently there's an entire "Little Book" series published by Borderlands Press, each featuring hard-to-find stories and other original content from a variety of authors. I wasn't aware of it until I did a little research into this book, which surprises me, since I used to be an avid follower of Borderlands Press. Now most of them are out of print, which is a shame. I'm glad I was able to read this as an ebook, though, since I doubt I would have spent what the secondary market is asking fo [...]

    9. Odds and ends collection: academic; highly personal; advice and jokes. It's a mixed bag, with early stuff in need of an editor and later trinkets from hard to chase down Gaiman memorabilia. Short, just the right length and quality for a browse when commuting.

    10. There were a couple of really bad editing spots that were pretty jarring but it was over all an interesting little read.

    11. As much as I love Gaiman, I was sadly unimpressed with this one. About half of the book was non-fiction, which I had read before in The View From the Cheap Seats while most of the rest was quite old -- from well before Gaiman had developed the voice I've come to know and love.

    12. Algumas citações marcadas como spoiler, mas antes uma, muito especial, não marcada como spoiler:George R.R. Martin is not your bitch. - pág.84(view spoiler)[One may assume that there is a moral in there somewhere. - pág.29The lost word hovered at the edge of his consciousness like a hole in a dictionary. - pág.32But I’d look back, wouldn’t I? We all would. The ones who can’t look back, who can only stare into the sunrise ahead of them, stare into the glorious future, those people don [...]

    13. I bought a whole bunch of Neil rarities through Humble Bundle, and this was my first pick. I hope the rest is much better from a technical standpoint, this was riddled with typos and one of the nonfiction pieces even cut out mid-sentence. E-book retailers aren't allowed to complain about piracy until paying customers get higher quality books from them than they would from some anonymous fan from the depths of the net who decided to type it up without spell-check.That aside, this was pretty much [...]

    14. A collection of Gaiman errata, some of which I had read elsewhere, The Little Gold Book of Ghastly Stuff was an ebook that I received with a collection after making a donation to the CBLDF. Some of these pieces I was already familiar with after having read them elsewhere (for instance I think I read Orange in a Best American Nonrequired Reading collection, and there are some blog posts from his Q&A blog), but there are other pieces in this collection that are brand new…including his rarely [...]

    15. This is a compilation with mostly short-stories, but also some speeches and an interesting essay about the Brothers Grimm and their storytelling. I only skimmed through the speeches tbh, but the short-stories were as good as usual. I had read Jerusalem, Feminine Endings and Orange before. Feminine Endings was just as creepy as the last time I read it, and Orange is a really cool sci-fi story. Jerusalem still doesn't make sense to me, half the time I don't know where we are in that story or what [...]

    16. After reading this, I fully qualify myself as a Gaiman nerd. A LITTLE GOLD BOOK OF GHASTLY STUFF contains 5 short stories, 8 nonfiction essays, 2 speeches, and one prose-poem, which, instead of being scattered about the internet and literary magazines, are collected in one volume for convenience. While the works are highly varied, they're all united by their author and his classic, topsy humor. I found myself giggling a lot and disturbing my reading partner with paraphrases. That being said, I'm [...]

    17. Some parts were better than others; as he says in the beginning of the book, this is a collection of "B-sides". I'll admit I skimmed a couple of the reviews included. The two blog posts were some of my favorite things in here, even though I'd read them before. For those interested in reading the posts without having to track down this book, here you go:Entitlement Issues, aka "George R.R. Martin is not your bitch."Why defend freedom of icky speech?

    18. Quite the odd collection compared to Neil's other short story collections. This one is a compilation of short stories, blog comments and speeches he's given. It doesn't really flow together but who cares.I love Neil Gaiman from rare texts to award winning novels. My favorites were The View from the Cheap Seats and Once Upon a Time. Also, the answer to the reader complaining how authors take so long to publish the next book in the series was brilliant! I'm looking forward to reading the other wor [...]

    19. Like Neil Gaiman says in the introduction, this is a collection of "B Sides and Rarities", and it lives up to that description. Including a few poems, a couple of short stories, an essay or two, and several book reviews, this small collection is a delight for any Gaiman fan. My personal favorite is the final piece, a poem titled "Conjunctions". ".just them and the moon in a luminous bruise of skyd this was the miracle of the fishes"Adding to my personal joy is the fact that I was fortunate to ge [...]

    20. I buy and listen to a lot of music and this is the equivalent of those albums which collect up bits and pieces from an artist's career and release them to gullible fans, often with no regard to their artistic merit. But in this case, because it is Neil Gaiman, even the shop floor sweepings are worth reading. My daily dose of Gaiman, through his blog, his Facebook postings and other sources have become a bit like a fix; something that stirs my cerebral processes, especially in the early hours of [...]

    21. A Little Gold Book of Ghastly StuffThis collects some of Neil Gaiman’s earlier stories, including Featherquest, his first ever work, as well as some reviews, awards speeches and blog entries. It’s a small book with a hardcover and very nice paper. The stories are great, especially Featherquest which is like a more amusing HP Lovecraft tale, and the other stuff is okay if you’re a fan of Gaiman, which luckily I am – I wouldn’t have bought his book otherwise; it cost over £20 if you add [...]

    22. Not exactly the bright and cheery "golden books" of my young childhood. But a pretty good substitute for my old childhood.This Neil Gaiman collection brings a smile with the occasional shudder. Mostly essays and other work apart from his fiction, which I devour. These were also tasty morsels. I may have to revisit Gaiman after this refresher course. Although I very much enjoyed this, I would not suggest it as an introduction to Gaiman. A collection of his short fiction is a good place to start. [...]

    23. A mishmash collection of speeches, introductions, and autobiographical bits by Neil Gaiman. It's an interesting assortment and reads quickly. I am a fan of much of Gaiman's work and I enjoyed this collection.

    24. Interesting mixture of stories and speeches, some better than others, some of them I'd encountered in Neil Gaiman's other publications. But I liked them all, despite quite a lot of typos. The first story is really weird and I loved reading something that was not yet truly Neil-Gaimanish - but almost. This collection gave me an insight into Neil Gaiman's way of writing and thinking, at least a little bit, so it was totally worth reading.

    25. Well, he did say it was ghastly but that's not quite fair. True, some of the stories, especially his earlier samples, are on the naff side. "Feminine Endings" is by far my favourite of the fictions here because of how beautifully creepy it is.I also really enjoyed the non-fiction works that made up the latter part of the book.

    26. This was a pretty neat little collection. Of course, by their very nature collections are mixed. So naturally I found that I enjoyed some parts more than others. However, throughout it all it was very much Neil Gaiman. And if you like him and like his work, you should like this. It is rather simple. As for me, I fall very much into the liking Neil category.

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