Manuscript Found in a Milk Bottle

Manuscript Found in a Milk Bottle Congratulations Neil Gaiman writes in his introduction to this story prepared exclusively for this bundle You are about to read my worst short story This early lighthearted piece of humorous scienc

  • Title: Manuscript Found in a Milk Bottle
  • Author: Neil Gaiman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 398
  • Format: ebook
  • Congratulations, Neil Gaiman writes in his introduction to this story prepared exclusively for this bundle, You are about to read my worst short story This early, lighthearted piece of humorous science fiction originally appeared in the UK men s magazine Knave and has never been reprinted anywhere We ll let you be the judge about whether Neil is being too hard on him Congratulations, Neil Gaiman writes in his introduction to this story prepared exclusively for this bundle, You are about to read my worst short story This early, lighthearted piece of humorous science fiction originally appeared in the UK men s magazine Knave and has never been reprinted anywhere We ll let you be the judge about whether Neil is being too hard on himself

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    1 thought on “Manuscript Found in a Milk Bottle”

    1. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!Can't. Stop. Laughing.This is SO bad. Seriously, I understand why Neil Gaiman would never want that in any book. But then again, it gave me this great laughing fit that every person should have at least once in a while. So thanks for that Neil!(This was also one of the books I got for my Humble Bundle donation.)

    2. On the first page of this short story Neil Gaiman makes the statement that he believes this to be his "Worst short story". It's a very lighthearted fun piece of writing that has only once been printed in a magazine and now released again for Humble Bundle labelled "Gaiman's rarities". As a fan I could obviously see it's not his best work but I did not dislike it as I thought it showed the humorous side to the authors writing which I enjoyed. I could not help thinking this had a bit of a Terry Pr [...]

    3. Last night I bought the Gaiman rarities Humble Bundle. Today, I read this. Neil describes it as his worst short story ever but, honestly, I quite enjoyed it. It's very silly and made me laugh; that's good enough for me. Maybe this is Neil at his worst, but that's still a lot better than some things I've read.

    4. A well-written bad story, if that makes sense. Anything Gaiman writes could never be flat-out terrible on all counts, but this is, objectively, a rather silly piece of poppycock. And of course Gaiman knows it too!

    5. Gaiman's first published story. Not very good, but within one can see the wit and imagination and things to come.

    6. Mr. Gaiman proclaims (disclaims?) in the Humble Bundle edition's intro that this is his worst short story. He ain't wrong.

    7. Neil says in the foreword that this is the worst story he has ever written.Gutsy.James Pond is sent to investigate odd milk shenanigans.Twenty years of civil service discipline was hard to break, but break it I did. Valour won out over discretion. I marched up to Transportation and demanded the money for a train ticket to East Grinstead. (Kindle Locations 63-65). He doesn’t have a driver’s license either. A few Londoners don’t; they don’t need one.(view spoiler)[omfg… time travel by he [...]

    8. Like everyone else, I got this as part of Neil Gaiman's Rarities Humble Bundle.I salute Gaiman for publishing this. While it may not be the worst short story ever published it is certainly bad and certainly Gaiman's worst. The best thing I got from this is the understanding that every one needs to start somewhere, and a bad start does not mean there is no greatness to be found. If only for this, I give it two stars out of five.

    9. Neil Gaiman no quiso publicar esto porque según él, es su peor relato corto. Madre mía, cuánta razón. Aunque muy original.

    10. I got this from Neil Gaiman's Humble Bundle. Gaiman describes it as his "worst short story" but this was even better than some I've read, heh. A silly delight.

    11. El primer cuento publicado de alguien nunca es bueno, y este no es una excepción. Pero vaya, te echas unas risas

    12. This was far from his best work, but still charming. There are glimpses of Future Gaiman in there, and I couldn't help but wonder Fortunately, The Milk(man) story made me laugh.

    13. I don't know why Gaiman dubs this story to be his worst short story ever. I actually found it quite funny, though clearly ridiculous and possibly not up to the standards of his later gems. If judged solely on its own, this story acts as an amusing romp through a world where milkmen are out to take over the world, but I can see how the story would not quite stand up when compared to the mythic and intuitive qualities of other stories. That being said, I think that this short story could have been [...]

    14. Gaiman says in the introduction of this short story that it's his worst one. I can't really disagree. It was hilarious in its badness and it felt like something a high schooler would've written. I'm not gonna bash it completely though, because a part of me enjoyed it in its simpleness and glorious badness. The milkmen taking over the world with the help of telepathic milk microbes? Even the premise sounds bad, but I'll take it. Also, I have the nagging feeling that I've read this at some point b [...]

    15. Neil Gaiman released a Humble Bumble with some of his rarer works, and this, he claims, is the worst short story ever written. It's not the worst ever, but it certainly is a junior piece! It reminds me a lot of what I would write as a teenager. So, fantastically silly, but very immaturely put together. However, given the fact that Gaiman refuses to reprint this piece and presents it as some of his worst work, it's fun to read specifically for the silliness! I don't think you can take a story abo [...]

    16. Read May 2016Got this as part of Neil Gaiman's 2015 rarities Humble Bundle.In the intro Neil describes this as his worst story, since I haven’t read all of his work, I can’t be the judge of that, but yeah, it’s kinda bad, but also in a fun way? It’s still recognizable as his writing and it’s funny and a bit quirky, but you can definitely tell it’s from his earlier work and he has since grown a lot as a writer. I have no idea what kind of star-rating to give to this though, so I’m j [...]

    17. Legendarily terrible early Neil Gaiman story, finally released into the wild again for charity (as part of a Humble Bundle). Inevitably, it is nothing like as bad as the author has always made out; yes, it's basically one and a half jokes, executed without much finesse, but the main joke is entertaining enough. Certainly I've read plenty worse perpetrated without shame by experienced professional writers.

    18. This might be the most valuable piece Neil Gaiman’s published (and he’s published plenty of fine and valuable work in his time). Not for any intrinsic merit in the story, a slight piece with some terrible jokes that’s redeemed by a certain joie de vivre; but for exposing his very early efforts as a writer. It shows that every writer, no matter how good or great they end up, has to work at their craft. Read and be encouraged.

    19. I got this as part of Neil Gaiman's rarities Humble Bundle, and it is self-advertised as his worst story.So Neil Gaiman's worst story is actually pretty well written. It's just plain dumb.This is one of those "so bad, it's good" kind of things. Like that film, Snakes on a Plane. But without a Plane. No Samuel L. Jackson. And no snakes. Just milk, aliens and faster than light travel. It is so dumb it becomes hilarious, half way through.

    20. This "mis-fires a lot", says Gaiman, and it's bad, bad, badly written, also conceded in the introduction. The nine pager has a lot of clever ideas though which are in among the tosh. Only nine pages, it's charming somehow. A good example that writers like Gaiman don't come fully formed. Firstly, they write shit.

    21. Hahahaha what?! I think Gaiman was right, this is definitely not his best story but it was so preposterous that it was funny and I ended up liking it. It was super short, so everyone could read it quite quickly and see what I mean. Very odd. You can see the precursors of his stories in this. Neat and entertaining in an odd way.

    22. Algumas citações marcadas como spoiler.(view spoiler)[“What I am telling you now is perhaps the oldest secret that we milkmen possess. And it is this. Milk boils only when you are not watching it.”But there is one substance which can travel faster than light — boiling milk, when it thinks you’re not looking! (hide spoiler)]

    23. The worst short story Neil Gaiman ever wrote, as described by Gaiman himself in the introduction. Originally ran in Knave magazine and was never collected, on purpose, but Gaiman allowed it to be published as an ebook for the Humble Bundle sale.And yes, it's pretty bad.

    24. Oh, wow. Gaiman said this is his worst short story, I may agree. It has some elements of his 'crazy' imagination, but, well, yeah, surprisingly I still like it, because gives me the secret to travel beyond the speed of light. Ridiculously funny. The milk!

    25. nwhytevejournal/2535311mlGaiman describes it as "my worst short story ever It misfires in so many ways." It really isn't very good.

    26. Kind of torn on how to rate this. Neil advertised it as his worst story ever and it is really, really bad. The conundrum is that I found it so bad it's good. I'm torn between 1 and 5 stars, so I'll go with 3.

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