Love, Fishie

Love Fishie A birthday gift for Neil Gaiman s nd birthday from his daughter Maddy Gaiman this charming booklet features poems by Maddy and Neil and provides an intimate glimpse at the author s private life On

  • Title: Love, Fishie
  • Author: Maddy Gaiman Neil Gaiman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Paperback
  • A birthday gift for Neil Gaiman s 42nd birthday from his daughter Maddy Gaiman, this charming booklet features poems by Maddy and Neil, and provides an intimate glimpse at the author s private life Only 100 copies of this chapbook exist.

    • Unlimited [Sports Book] ☆ Love, Fishie - by Maddy Gaiman Neil Gaiman ä
      210 Maddy Gaiman Neil Gaiman
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    1 thought on “Love, Fishie”

    1. One of the stories I got when purchasing Neil Gaiman's Humble Bundle.For those who do not know: these are stories and poems written by Maddy and Neil Gaiman whenever Neil was away and his daughter missed him. Plus some cute drawings. What made this such a treat was not only to see the general love between a father and his daughter (which already is heart-warming) but also what a creative family this is. Full of fun and colour and more fun and more colour. The introduction was also quite wonderfu [...]

    2.    A cute little collection of Maddy Gaiman’s poems, artwork, and even a one act play. It’s fun seeing how an eight-year-old mind works and what she decides to write, and how it fits together. Quiche’s introduction (her editor/typist/ticklemaster) is informative, her daddy’s poems interspersed play off of her works, and she has an impressive “about the author” section all to herself.

    3. Got it as a part of Neil Gaiman's Humble Bundle.I liked the way it shows the relationship of an 8 year old and her dad in the artistic family that encourages expressing yourself from early age. Otherwise it's still an 8 year old and her dad and it could have stayed private - it has much more value to them.

    4. Acquired through Neil Gaiman's Rarities Humble Bundle.I especially loved Neil Gaiman's little inserts. "I wishMy fishThat youWere hereSo ICould hugAnd holdYou near"Memorized the whole thing on the first reading. So simple, yet so endearing! ❤️

    5. Read May 2016Got this as part of Neil Gaiman's 2015 rarities Humble Bundle.I have no idea what kind of star-rating to give to this though, so I’m just going to leave it without.

    6. Got this as part of the 2016 Humble Bundle.I have to be honest on this one. It might have has some value as a Neil Gaiman rarity, and it may have two or three half decent pages by him, but other than that, it has the quality of what any normal eight year old could write for her father. I did not find it in any way charming or entertaining, nor did it "provide an intimate glimpse at the author’s private life". Reading it was just a chore I felt I must do as a fan, and almost a total waste of ti [...]

    7. This was a sweet little book written by an 8 year old girl with a little help from her father. Reading her little stories and seeing imagination at work reminded me of my own childhood. The addition of Neil Gaiman's letters to his daughter helped to show the love a father feels for his daughter and reminded me of my own father/daughter relationship.

    8. This one was extremely cute. It's mostly written by Gaiman's then 8-year-old daughter Maddy. The poems in it were simple and obviously written by a child, but I couldn't help smiling because the whole thing was so cute. Gaiman's own poems in this Collection were only replies to his daughter's poems, that they sent each other as emails when Gaiman was out of town for conventions or signings. So cute :3

    9. A very cute book from my Neil Gaiman's Rarities Humble Bundle, poems, drawings, and short stories shared between Neil and his daughter Maddy. It reminded me of Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling, I think another sort of book like this is Letters from Father Christmas (but I'm not sure as I haven't yet read it). There are very few other kinds of books that look into a author's family life (be that author a mother or father or child), this was both bitter and sweet glimpse.

    10. Another "book" I got as part of Neil Gaiman's Rarities Humble Bundle.This is actually very personal, and I am kind of surprised he chose to share this. It is a collection of letters, short stories, poems and drawings he exchanged with his daughter Maddy when she was little and he was traveling because of work. It is extremely sweet, weird, funny, awkward and beautiful.It's more of a rarity for Neil's fans to enjoy, so that they can have a better picture of Neil, the man and Neil, the father. But [...]

    11. I loved it, and it inspires me, both in regards to what one can do with their own kids, or nephews or nieces, or any young child in your life. It's very cute and makes me happy.

    12. Feels weird to rate something so personal, but honestly this was just so cute and sweet. I'm so glad this got published and I feel so privileged to have read it.

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