Babak the Beetle

Babak the Beetle One beetle s trash is another beetle s treasure When Babak the little dung beetle finds an egg he s determined to find the owner But he soon finds that this mysterious egg doesn t belong to the ostri

  • Title: Babak the Beetle
  • Author: Fred Paranuzzi
  • ISBN: 9780735842519
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Hardcover
  • One beetle s trash is another beetle s treasure When Babak the little dung beetle finds an egg, he s determined to find the owner But he soon finds that this mysterious egg doesn t belong to the ostrich, frog, or snake What kind of egg is it Originally published in France, Fred Paronuzzi s humorous tale paired with Andr e Prigent bright, graphic art is sure to bring oOne beetle s trash is another beetle s treasure When Babak the little dung beetle finds an egg, he s determined to find the owner But he soon finds that this mysterious egg doesn t belong to the ostrich, frog, or snake What kind of egg is it Originally published in France, Fred Paronuzzi s humorous tale paired with Andr e Prigent bright, graphic art is sure to bring on a good case of the giggles

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    • [PDF] Download ✓ Babak the Beetle | by ✓ Fred Paranuzzi
      208 Fred Paranuzzi
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    1 thought on “Babak the Beetle”

    1. One morning Babak, the dung beetle, finds an abandoned egg and decides to look for its parents. He asks the ostrich, the cuckoo, and the frog, but nobody knows who the egg belongs to. He finally finds a snake who tells him the egg comes from a large field "over there". Without knowing it, Babak happily carries the egg towards the golf court. When he finally arrives he can see that many other eggs like the one he carries are laying everywhere, and he is absolutely terrified to see how the eggs' p [...]

    2. I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.When i read the description and was tempted to read this, i did not expect such an ending! oh my gods! :))It's really a cute book with beautiful illustrations. We follow the story of Babak the Beetle who finds an egg and is eager to find its owner. With such a humorous ending I'm sure you'll all enjoy this book! :)یعنی من وقتی خلاصه شو خوندم اصلا همچین پایان خنده داری ر [...]

    3. Great Build Up to a Weak EndingI enjoyed this book right up to the ending, which felt like a shrug and apologetic half-smile. I'm not sure how that would go over with the target audience of little readers.EXPLICIT AND DETAILED SPOILER. We start well. Babak the Beetle finds an abandoned egg. Concerned, he starts rolling the egg all over the woods trying to find its parent. He interacts with an ostrich, a frog, birds, a snake and so on. Babak is drawn with great charm and appeal, as are all of the [...]

    4. OK, I love the French. Main character, a dung beetle. Why can't English authors come up with protagonists like that.This is a cute book, though the colors are a little dull, but hey, it is being told by a dung beetle, so perhaps it is appropriate to have the books in shades of brown.The little dung beetle finds a curious egg, and goes from egg bearing animal to egg bearing animal, trying to find whose it is. Through this we learn what ostrich, frogs, birds, and snakes eggs look like.All Babak wa [...]

    5. Babak the Beetle is a picture book written by Fred Paronuzzi and illustrated by Andree Prigent. It was originally published in France. When Babak the little dung beetle finds an egg, he s determined to find the owner. But he soon finds that this mysterious egg does not belong to the ostrich, frog, or snake. What kind of egg is it?! Babak the Beetle is a well done and highly entertaining book. Babak is a good hearted beetle that finds an egg in his travels. Even though the egg is bigger than him, [...]

    6. **2.5 stars**Babak the Beetle, having found (what he believes to be) an egg, sets off to find its parents. Although this book had promise, ultimately it did not deliver. I liked the basics of the story and thought it was a fun and engaging way for children to learn about different animals and their eggs, but the writing itself was not well executed. There were words that seemed too advanced for a young reader, and the writing felt clunky. The prose didn't flow as smoothly as I'd have liked and w [...]

    7. Babak the Dungbeetle has found an unusual lost egg in his travels and he is now determined to find the rightful owner of the egg. Babak the beetle will push the beloved egg all through the savanna trying to find what animal the egg could possibly belong to.Funny and charming, Babak the Beetle will give you a new outlook on the little creature. His determination to return the egg will lead you through the habitats of the African Savanna. Babak asks the ostriches, cuckoos, frogs and snakes if the [...]

    8. This book starts off strong but ended quite quickly. It reminds me of the idea behind Horton Hears a Who. Babak finds an egg in his travels and leaves behind his dung ball to try to find the egg`s mother. He asks the ostrich, other birds, the frog and the snake. When he sees the ``egg`s`` parents hitting other eggs with sticks, he takes the egg home himself to try and hatch it. A cute premise with the idea of one man`s trash is another man`s treasure and saving life etc. The illustrations were d [...]

    9. A reasonable book worth considering if you have a small child to share it with, as a host of animals teach a dung beetle about the variety of the eggs of the world (don't ask). It's pleasant enough, but the twist/joke, as it is, is far too obvious from the artwork. The look is distinctive (a reduction in allowed colours means the snakes are blue with white polka dots (again, don't ask)) and the writing fine, but it's a one-trick slip of a piece. Kudos, though, for getting a translated work out i [...]

    10. (Thank you to Netgalley and North South Books Inc. For a free difital copy of this book.)This is a fun little book about a beetle finding an egg and setting out to find its parents, but not even the cuckoo, who really knows his way his foreign eggs can help!The story is simple but with some humorous moments and a funny outcome. The drawing style is unique, it wasn't really my thing but I appreaciated the style. The colour scheme however was really great and gave it a distinctive look. There is a [...]

    11. This book had good promise,but I feel that it was let down by the colours used and the images. The story is basically one mans trash (or one beetles trash) is anothers treasure and we follow Babak the Beetle as he tries to find the owners of an abandoned egg. The story ends quite quickly and I think there could have been more but its generally ok overall.

    12. BABAK THE BEETLEWritten By Fred ParanuzziMAY 1, 2016; 32 PagesGenre: picture book, children's(I received an ARC from the NETGALLEY in exchange for an honest review.)★★1/2An okay picture book. The pictures - drawing and colours - were not that great and with the story not very exciting brings the rating down a bit.

    13. My son and I downloaded this one from NetGalley and were delighted by the story of Babak, who finds an egg and is determined to find its owner. As he searches for its owner, he learns about other animals' eggs. It is remniscent of ARE YOU MY MOTHER?, and the illustrations popped on the page.

    14. One day a dung beetle named Babak runs into a strange egg. Knowing that an egg must be sat on, Babak bravely sets out to locate the parents of this odd find. With high contrast, color illustrations from Andrée Prigent and a humorous ending, children will enjoy Babak the Beetle.

    15. Simple book with a funny ending. Illustrations and colours could have been better.Thanks to netgalley

    16. 3.5/5 This is a cute story about a dung beetle who finds a golf ball, thinks it's an egg, and sets out to find its parents. It's a fairly simple story with simple illustrations.

    17. I very much enjoyed this story (who knew you could make a dung beetle fun?) and LOVED the surprise ending but the simplistic, limited color illustrations did not excite me.

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